New Academic Program Development - SUNY Forms

SUNY Forms

All of the following forms can be found at SUNY Forms for Academic Program Planning 

Concept Phase:

  • SUNY Form 1A - Program Announcement (Undergrad)
  • SUNY Form 1B - Letter of Intent (Grad)

Proposal Phase:

  • SUNY Form 2A - New Program Proposal (Undergrad)
  • SUNY Form 2B - New Program Proposal (Grad)
  • SUNY Form 2C - New Certificate Proposal
  • SUNY Form 3A - Program Revision (Changes to an Existing Program)
  • SUNY Form 3B - Program Revision (New Program from an Existing Program)

Other Forms:

  • SUNY Form 2D - External Evaluation Report
  • SUNY Form 2F - Transfer Course Equivalency Table

If you have any questions about these forms, contact Dr. Patricia Pillsworth, Director of Academic Program Development, at