2019 Empire State College Commencement

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Class of 2019

To the Graduating Class of 2019,

On behalf of Empire State College of the State University of New York, it is my privilege to congratulate you on reaching this joyful and meaningful milestone, your graduation.

Commencement ceremonies mark both an endpoint and a beginning in your life journey. We are honored to have been a part of yours and, with you, look forward to your ongoing success. To reach this moment, you have persevered in your dedication to study, investing time, energy, thought and funds to further your education. Your return on this investment will reward you, your family and your community for years to come, as new personal and professional doors open on a bright future. We are excited to learn what you choose to do next and, with you, anticipate your journey will be imbued with accomplishments and fulfillment.

A true education is more than a degree earned during a finite period of time, it is a lifelong commitment to continuously explore, challenge, enrich and appreciate your own aspirations and the world around you. I encourage you to build on your academic and personal achievements and keep your enduring quest for learning alive.

In addition to your diploma, you will be awarded the Empire State College medallion, which signifies your successful efforts in earning your degree, and join a large and proud community of more than 84,000 Empire State College alumni who were inspired by their experiences as students and now serve across New York and around the world as ambassadors for a SUNY Empire education. Going forward, you, too, will represent your alma mater in your personal and civic life and career. We ask that you share your news with the Office of Alumni and Student Relations, wherever your path leads, so we can join in your triumphs and delight.

Again, congratulations and we look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,

Mitchell S. Nesler, Ph.D.
Officer in Charge

Creating New Traditions in Higher Education

We started with a vision of offering a college education to a growing population of adults who were working, who had started school and never finished, or who had family and other responsibilities.

An early visionary for Empire State College was SUNY Chancellor Ernest L. Boyer, whose wife, Kathryn, a nurse and mother, dreamed of earning a bachelor’s degree. Working with other academic thinkers, he helped create an alternative model for higher education, patterned after such unconventional colleges as Goddard, Hampshire and the British Open University.

James W. Hall was charged by Boyer with bringing to life this new vision of higher education that would be accessible, affordable and offer academic rigor. In 1971, SUNY Empire State College was born. From the beginning, we offered academic “mentors” rather than professors lecturing at the front of a classroom. Students collaborated with their mentors to devise a program of study uniquely their own that fulfilled their needs. Their education was individualized as they studied independently and worked one-to-one with their faculty mentors.

Empire State College was a forerunner in recognizing the value of the knowledge adult learners acquire outside of the classroom. The college grants credit for this prior learning, following a rigorous evaluative regimen. From the beginning, we attracted serious adult learners who, by choice or circumstance, had postponed their formal studies.

Throughout the last 48 years, the college has continued to be a leader in providing a high-quality education for adults. With more than 30 locations across New York state, we provide mentoring communities, where our students can study near to where they live and work.

We continue to develop groundbreaking, online degree programs for students across the state and nation, and around the globe. The college offers undergraduate degrees in 12 areas of study, plus a new Bachelor of Science in Accounting. The School for Graduate Studies offers a wide range of programs including master’s degrees, combined undergraduate/graduate programs, and more than 20 graduate-level advanced certificates.

Our Office of Veteran and Military Education eases the transition for veterans and the military into educational pursuits. International Education enables students abroad, in places such as Prague, Athens and the Dominican Republic, to earn valued SUNY degrees. The college’s School of Nursing and Allied Health gives RNs the opportunity to advance to B.S.N. degrees, helping address the nation’s nursing shortage, and offers a Bachelor of Science in Allied Health for certified or licensed healthcare professionals. The School of Nursing and Allied Health also offers a Master of Science in Nursing Administration and a Master of Science in Nursing Education.

The Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Center for Labor Studies provides associate and bachelor degrees in labor studies for union members. The Van Arsdale Center maintains partnerships with various unions in the construction trades who value a liberal arts education as integral to their apprenticeship

With more than 84,000 alumni and more than 17,500 students, SUNY Empire State College continues to be a leader in adult education with its flexible and innovative faculty, staff and programs that serve the ever-changing needs of its learners.

Ernest L. Boyer

Academic Attire and Ceremonial Objects

Academic Attire

Academic regalia has a long and esteemed history, dating back to medieval Europe. A statute written in 1321 required that all “Doctors, Licentiates and Bachelors” of the University of Coimbra wear gowns. Whether the origin of regalia is in ecclesiastical or civilian dress is still not known. However, gowns may have been considered necessary for warmth in the unheated buildings frequented by medieval scholars.

The color and even the shape and material of academic regalia denote the degree and position of the wearer. The American Academy adopted a system standardizing academic apparel at Columbia University in May 1895, when a conference of representatives of the governing boards of various institutions established regulations for colleges and universities in the United States.

Specific academic subjects determine the color of the trimmings of doctoral gowns, edging of hoods and tassels of caps. For example, arts, letters and humanities call for white; commerce, accounting and business, olive brown; and education, light blue.

Red, white and blue braids are worn by our students who are serving, or have served, in the U.S. armed forces.

Ceremonial Objects

SUNY Empire State College has a tradition of presenting an academic medallion with the college’s orange-colored ribbon to graduates. These medals provide a way for colleges to celebrate their unique history, and to recognize their graduates in a personal and meaningful way, while adding prestige to the ceremony. Medallions for accomplishments have a long history. The first medals were awarded by the Hebrew high priest Jonathan to soldiers in the fourth century BCE for assistance to Alexander the Great. Medallions have since been awarded for military, sport, academic and other achievements.

The mace has its roots in the Middle Ages as a weapon used to protect processions of eminent personages, such as kings and religious leaders. Over time, the mace came to symbolize authority and, today, is carried at the head of ceremonial academic processions, such as commencements. While many are ornate, Empire State College’s mace is a simple, classic design that features a wood staff and head, and a metal inset of the college seal. State of New York artisans designed the mace in the mid-1980s and its holder in 2001.

By The Numbers

Alumni by Age Group

27% Alumni age 39 and under
44% Alumni between the ages of 40 and 60
29% Alumni age 60+

more than

more than

The Alumni Community


Dear Graduate,

On behalf of the office of Alumni and Student Relations, we would like to welcome you to the alumni ranks at SUNY Empire State College. You have joined a very special group of lifelong learners who understand the value of commitment toward an ideal.

Our alumni number more than 84,000, and we are pleased to count you among this elite membership. You will find Empire State College graduates all across the state of New York, the United States and throughout the world.

Now as an alumna/us, you may wonder what’s next. Each major location of the college and many of our smaller locations have alumni student groups that host various activities and events for our local alumni and students. We encourage you to attend these events and think about staying involved as a volunteer. We also are pleased to be able to offer alumni a robust program of benefits and services, including career services and various social media platforms for professional networking. For more information on all of our alumni programs and events, please visit our award-winning website, www.esc.edu/Alumni. Your association with SUNY Empire does not end with graduation; it is only the beginning.

Warmest congratulations to you and your families on your graduation day.

Maureen Winney
Director of Alumni and Student Relations
Keith Amparado '88
President of the Alumni Student Federation Board of Governors


Alumni House
28 Union Ave.
Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

The SUNY Empire State College Alumni House has a long and storied history. Originally designed in 1896 by R. Newton Brezee in the Queen Anne Victorian style, it had three prior owners before being purchased by SUNY Empire State College in the early ’70s. The house was renovated, maintaining its look and charm, while adding state-of-the-art, energy-efficient systems. The Office of Advancement moved into the house in March 2007.

The house is open to all alumni and students. Receptions are held here on a regular basis, to bring alumni together for friendship and networking.


Empire State College Council

James W. Lytle, Chairman
Anthony S. Esposito
Colleen West Hay
Donna Luh
Patricia E. Salkin
Daniel E. Wall
Linda W. Weiss ’83

State University of New York Board of Trustees

H. Carl McCall, Chairman
Merryl Tisch, Vice Chairman
Joseph W. Belluck
Courtney Burke
Michael Braun
Eric Corngold
Robert Duffy
Angelo M. Fatta
Gwen Kay
Eunice A. Lewin
Stanley S. Litow
Richard Socarides
Carl Spielvogel
Edward Spiro
Cary F. Staller
Nina Tamrowski

Empire State College Foundation Board

Walter C. Williams, Executive Director
Marian Conway ’01, ’04, Chairwoman
Joseph L. Garcia, Treasurer
Guy Bassini ’11
Phillip B. Catchings
John J. Corrou ’94
Susan Law Dake
Kristen Delaney ’12
Tina L. Evans ’97
Christopher J. Feeley ’86
David A. Fullard
Scott T. Johnson
James G. Karcher ’79
David J. Mazzetti ’10
Mitchell S. Nesler
Robert J. Roach ’96
Susan H. Turben ’72, H’05
Ann S. Turner ’86
Althea Luehrsen '02, '10

Student Affairs Committee (SAC)

Justice Favor ’18
Ian Grugan
Bridget Hilton
Lynn Ann Hinds-McCoy
Norm Izard ’16
Patricia Kessler
Darlene Lewis
Allison Quinn
Melinda Wilson

Alumni Student Federation Board of Governors

Keith Amparado ’88, President
Lori Jiava ’12, ’13, ’16, Secretary
Kelly DiCarmine, Treasurer
John J. Corrou ’94
Caleen Davis ’17
Norm Izard ’16
John Kane ’17
Elaine Kitt ’03
Ada Martinez ’14
Kim Neher
Patrice Perkins
Jennifer Pettis ’12, ’17
Jawana Richardson ’16, ’18
Kevin Slattery ’13
Lindsay Valenti
Colleen West Hay
Maureen Winney

State University of New York and
Empire State College Administration

Kristina M. Johnson, SUNY Chancellor

Mitchell S. Nesler, Officer in Charge

Meg Benke Interim Provost

Joseph Garcia, Executive Vice President for Administration

Walter C. Williams, Vice President for Advancement

Clayton Steen, Vice President for Enrollment Management

Christopher Markham, Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer for Information Technology Services

Nikki Shrimpton, Interim Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

John Lawless, Interim Vice Provost for Academic Administration

Tai Arnold, Interim Chief of Staff

Student Leadership Institute

Margaret Chatterton
Christina Deyo
Lynn Ann Hinds-McCoy
Amanda Jemison
Christine Jensen
Patricia Kessler
Eva LaMay
Heather Mautz
Natalia Smith
Damita SyA’yre
Gina Vogler


Degree Candidates

The Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Center for Labor Studies

Associate in Science
International Brotherhood of the Electrical Workers Local 3 - Apprentices

Kevin Alvear
Dj Andersen
Nicholas Andersen
Richard Aronategui
Carlos Aviles
Juan Barron
Mark Benedetto
Shauntae Benjamin
Travis Bodo
Bruce Bombara
Andrew Bossick
Timothy Braine
Brendan Bratkowsky
Joseph Clifford Jr.
Markim Corbett
Rebecca Dallalio
Shikinkiran Delos Santos
Angel Diaz
Malcolm Doles
Ryan Donohue
Franklin Escoto
Rene Fernandez
Angela Fertitta
Christian Gemellaro
Michael Gillen
Fausto Gomez
Alex Gonzalez
Carmelo Graci
Mary Haynes
Mike Hernandez
Kevin Holland
Meagan Hollingsworth
Peter Horsham
William Howard
Virgilio Jimenez Jr.
Kashawn John
Kendra Jurist
Pantelis Katsaros
Garry Knott
Daniel Kohlman
Xavier Kourkoumelis
Andriy Kudryavtsev
Vincent Licastro
Joseph Maiorana
Craig Marshall
Kimberly McBride
Taariq McField
Kenneth Meehan
Danibal Ortega
Jacqueline Peralta
Marc Prepetit
Andrew Reid
Caleb Reynolds
Joy Robinson
Christopher Saldana
Nicholas Samuel
Marcin Sanik
Steven Santana
Brian Sevilla
Rezar Sheri
Christopher Sherman
Francesco Spatola
Conray Spence
Dennis Sullivan
Alfred Tavarez
William Tuthill
Roman Verhnyak
Monique Williams
Daniel Wong

Associate in Science
International Brotherhood of the Electrical Workers Westchester-Fairfield - Apprentices

Joseph Aceto
Anthony Arena Jr.
Nicholas Cirillo
Tariq Dhanraj
Agazio Fiorenza
Michael Gilmore
Keith Goldberg
Siaka Kone
Roger Manley
John Maron
Bobbie Peck
Anthony Sanfilippo
Erik Schmidt
Christine Lynn St. Jacques

Associate in Science
United Association of Plumbers Local 1 - Apprentices

Stephen Abramo
Edward Adamo
Antonio Agnello
James Albert Jr.
Jessica Arce
Brandon Archilla
Jorge Baez
Nicholas Barsalona
John Boffoli
Russell Brown
Michael Cambi
Christopher Caruso
Joseph Caruso
Robert Colombi
Anthony Cuomo
Michael Dileo Jr.
Frank Dolengewicz
Nelson Dovale
Jason Fernandez
James Fuschetto
Dardan Gashi
John Giallorenzi
Justin Goldsmith
Brenden Gonzalez
Joseph Hansen
Christopher Kane
Joseph Kelly
Michael Lobifaro
Damian Lopez
Christopher Lotti
Joseph Malandro
George Maldarelli IV
Michael Maloney
Eamon Mansfield
Michael Meany
Henry Montero
Daniel Moore
Stephen Mulvihill
Vincent O’Brien
Kevin O’Donnell
Gary Pace
Frankie Pangallo
Peter Perpepaj
Moises Ramos
Daniel Rencricca
Gavin Riley
Jeremy Rivera
Christopher Rodriguez
Kevin Rodriguez
Kevin Rojas
Frankie Rossomango
Nicholas Ruggiero
Gretson Russell
Selim Samarneh
Rocco Sforza
Corey Shaw
Mackey Sosna
Shaquana Spencer
Charles Stuart
Matthew Sullivan
Dominic Tufaro
Justin Vazquez
Adonna Walcott
Daniel Walsh
Patrick Washington
Michael Waszkiewicz
Travis Williams

Associate in Arts United Federation of Teachers Paraprofessionals
Dawn Marie Acri
Valerie Cottone
Cynthia Crescenzi
Lisa Decicco
Sandra Fanelli
Alicia Golson
Lambrina Gournelos
Toni Kaminsky
Chandra Knight
Katherine Llaneras
Marlene Milton
Lana Nastari
Dana Quinzi
Arlene Riccio
Denise Ryan
Caragh Spring
Roslyn Truitt

Bachelor of Arts International Brotherhood of the Electrical Workers Local 3 - Apprentices
Anthony J. Bertelle
Amaliarosa Cepero
Andrew Chicoine
Ryan Cooke
Christopher Duffy Jr.
Rovna-lyn Tamara Joseph
Jonathan Klutch
Fei Li
Adam Mahmoud
Gilberto Rivera
Michael Won

Bachelor of Arts United Federation of Teachers Paraprofessionals
Dena Campanella
Pamela Hudson-Jones
Nora Lavardera
Velveda Springer

Bachelor of Science Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Center General Membership
Stacey Tabor-Mentor

Bachelor of Science International Association of Machinits and Aerospace Workers
Edmundo Osorio

Bachelor of Science International Brotherhood of the Electrical Workers Local 3 - Apprentices
Nacorra Bradley
Charles Gildersleeve Jr.
Steven M. Israel
Jasmine M. Lucero
Erika Navia
Rahimberdi Orazkuliyev
Patrick Rutherford
Ana-Milena Segura

Bachelor of Science International Brotherhood of the Electrical Workers Local 3 - General Membership
Scott Pullman

20-Credit Program International Brotherhood of the Electrical Workers Local 3 - Apprentices
Gaston Acevedo
Michael Amberger
Drayton Berger
James Biordi
Denis Bradley
Kevin Brittan
Paul Byrne
Jacqueline Chea
Christopher Collins
Thomas D’Angelo Jr.
Luke Donegan
William Edwards
Casey Fucella
Ryan Galasso
Christopher Graff
Keith Hadnagy
Kevin Hartery
Michael Imbornoni
Ryan Kerr
Sebastian Kmiec
Christopher Leon-Wales
Dominick Lopedote
Phillip Lynch III
Brian Mann
Kevin Mann
Salvatore Mannino
Felipe Martinez
James Mcloone
Nicholas Meinsen
Joseph Mole
Thomas Mulligan
Danny Ngai
Christopher Pagni
John Parente
Christos Raikos
Michael Saft Jr.
Robert Smith
Panagiotis Vasiliadis
Zachary Wetzel
Golan Wolkowitz

20-Credit Program International Brotherhood of the Electrical Workers Local 3 - Westchester-Fairfield Apprentices
Lexer Bedon
Timothy Dadarria
Sean Foley
Daniel Gonzalez
Isaiah Liburd
Sean Martin
Erin McAteer
Sean Miller
Christopher Powers
Scott Saladino
Matthew San Felippo
Marco Tejeda

School for Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate Certificates

Abdul Alamin
David Clayton
David Peters

School for Undergraduate Studies

Associate in Arts

Andreanna Abbate
Christopher Amodei
Amanda Baldwin
Jenarae Beaudin
Jennifer Bellows
James Borrero
Sylvia Brown
Melissa Bruno
Iveta Malerova Buck
Cherida Burke
Rhason Burke
Michael Caesar
Raquel Castellanos
Sheryl Clark
Taylor Cohen
Tara Coles
Rochelle Collins
Kim Cook
Bernadette Crerhan
Amber Curtis
Tracy Davenport
Jessica Defeo
Theodosia Dempster
Arlene Dominguez
Cassandra Donato
Kaerisa Donnahie
Richard C. Douglas
Regina Dudley
Stacey Fischer
Gregory Flowers
MacRina Foster
Maryanne Fraleigh
Lori Grinnell
Pearl Gross
Sara Gross
Anissa Guadagno
Caroline Hirsch
Zachary Horowitz
Stephanie Howard
Renee Johnson
Jakiyyah Jones
Joseph Keenan
Kyle Kelly
Mary Ellen Kennedy
ShannaKay Knight
Clara Kolpakas
Mariel Konowitz
Mary Kralovic
Ingrid Layne
Krystl Lenz
M. Judith Lewis
Douglas Lockwood
Ashley Maio
Lauren Maldonado
Ashley Marley
Sarah Martin
Kristina Martinez
Omar McConicoShabazz
Savannah McLean
Susan Meza
David Miles
Shawn Moran
Naina Morgan
Monica Movtady
Joseph Alexander Mungin
Sheryl Nelson
William Nicholson
William Nunez
Evelyn Perez
Thomas Phenix
Shante Pierson
William Ponder
Mandell Pratt
Aurelio Rapp-Jimenez
Doreen Rose Remekie
Aisha Roberts-Grant
Andre Robinson
Deanne Roebuck-Jones
Amanda Ruiz
Weena Delma Sanchez
Jennifer Sepulveda
Emily Serrano
Lisa Soto
Kayla Spencer
Nikkota Spoonhower
Miranda Thomas
John Kriz Travis
Scarlet Tripp
Deidre Tubman
Carly Tucker
Gladys Vasquez
Amber Venning
Douglas Volpe
Britta Wallace
Amanda White
Edgar Williams
Jaysona Williams
Charlene Willis
Kevin Winter
Claire Wrazin
Rebekah Wyckoff
Ziemia Young
Angela Zarrilli

School for Undergraduate Studies

Associate in Science

Jaclyn Aboussleman
Barry Ackerman
Peter Alvarez
Chelsea Dee Andersen
Anthony Antunovic
Brooke Armstrong
Olivia Atkinson
Misty Augustin
Timothy Augustine
Isabelle Baball Khan
Allison Bagshaw
Michael Balitser
Lindsey Baranyk
Herman Barnes
Jessica Barreto
John Batch
Damaris Battaglia
Brandon Beaupre
Salvador Becerra
Ivorie Bell
Kariluz Belliard
Ezekiel Bey-Rentas
Christopher Bivona
Bryce Bixler
Kathryn Boardman
Melissa Bonilla
Mikayla Bonville
Chantelle Borum
Sherry Brantigan
Jennifer Brock
Maria Brown
Patricia Brown
Goldie Brunner
Claire Buglion-Mullady
Kory Burnett
Joanna Carbonaro
Jennifer Cartolano
Sonja Cassidy
Barbara Castle
Domenique Ann Catello
Joseph Cavalotti
Noelle Chaploney
Laura Chermak
Ichia Cho
Kristen Church
Stefanie Cimei
Emilie Clark
David Clegg Jr.
Kimberly Codd
Jessica Colon
David Connors
Michele Conrad
James Cooke
Taylor Costello
Martha M. Darby
Melanie Victoria Demchuk
Anna Demski
Cindy Di Cintio
Lauren Dimaio
Justin Dolinger
Jessica Dominic
Barbara Dougherty
Paige Eganski
Jamaal Emerson
Cody Emmond
Carolina Encarnacion
Rachel Fettman
Anastasia Fielitz
Cala Finley
Stefania Fiorenza
Olivia Flagg
Sarah Follman
Joseph R. Foster
Nicholas Frangoulis
Laurel Fry
Katie Fuentes
Dior-Lawrence Funn
John J. Garcia
Maegen Garcia
Charles Geraci
Giavanna Giamatti
Joy Gooch
Michael Goodrich
Amanda Gozdziak
Jordan Grant
Tevin Carlton Guadeloupe
Margaret Gubbins
Maureen Hagen
Jessica Hagenbuch
Angela Hallmark
Nicole Hambric
William Hand
Kylie Hanley
Maureen Harney
Cheryl Haskins
Courtney Hatter
Erin Heindl
Summer Henry
Gina Hobika
Carin Hogans
John Hollenbeck
Shammi Hossain
Sheila Inboune
Nicholas Ingram
Jessica Isaman
Yarin Jaen
Mohammed Jawad
Melania Jean-Louis
Seneyda Jimenez
Terry-Sue John
Angela Jones
Catanese Karen
Zachary Kay
Carmen Keane
Dana Marie Kelley
Mieko Kito
Eric Kittles
Robert Knudsen
Frank Kolbmann
Anton Kotov
Zena Kouros
Maria Krajnakova
Shirley Krause
Sean Kremer
Rachel Kremidas
Richard Lamark
Patrick Lauerman
Cory Law
Nicole Lawyer
Cara-Anne Lee
Anna Lieser
Tonya Lockhart
Carl Loerzel
Ashley Long
Karen Lord
Andrew Loughlin
Unique Lovett
Luis Lozada
Diana Lucas
Julia Lucchese
Paige Luton
Vincent Lutz
Carrie Ann MacCue
Tracy Magie
Carol Maimone
Tiffany Malabet
Tammy Malanowski
Debra Malone
Sarah Malone
Joann Mannetti
Mamady Mansare
Joseph A. Maresca
Gabrielle Marlor
Francisco Martinez
Victoria Mattera
Lucybelle Maughn
Shaneya Mauldin
Francis Mazzilli
Brooke McAllister
Nicole McBride
Megan McCabe
Irene McCarty
Meaghan Elizabeth
Amanda McPolin
Shannon Meminger
Insha Mendis
Melanie Mendoza
Dejzane Mercer
Latonia Merricks
Julie Mike
Maryann Miller
Amy Lauren Modafferi
James Mojica
Rogelio Antonio Molina
Sarah Moline
Guadalupe Montalvo
Amber Montanez
Alexandria Moore
Gary Moraco
Cassandra Morse
Haider Munir
Ellen Murgia
Barbara Nejeidi
Ruth Nieves
Jodi Nocerino
Ken Nowak
Briselly Nunez
Michelle Omrow
Richard Ortiz
Heather Owens
Cynthia Panaro
Stephon Parker
Zanise Parker
Tammy Parsons
Ebony Patterson-White
Lance Payne
Bryan Peguero
Amanda Pellow
Regina Pensabene
Abica Percival
Dellquan Peters
Dax Phillips
David Pierre
Sandra Pietrowski
Anthony M. Pino
Nelson Plasencia
Camilo Poveda
Vivian Pozo
Ginger Preuss
Safiya Price
Alexis Elaine Ragusa
Alicia Rainey
Maria Ramirez
Janet Reid
Paola Restrepo
John Ricks
Chealsea Rivera
Lizarelis Rivera Fonseca
Yngrid Rodriguez
Debra Rogers
Steve Romero
Matthew Root
Doris Ruiz
Dawn Russiello
Mohammad Safavizadeh
Melissa Salado
Moshe Samekhov
Abbie Sample
Karen Sanchez
Linza Sanchez
Brooke Santamaria
Kathleen Sauve
Shari Savlick
Alyssa Schmitt
Justin Scott
Tarrah Seaver
Jhon Serrano
Arthur Shaw
Andrea Simeone
Andrew Simmons
Daniel Smith
Heather Michelle Smith
Jhanelle E. Smith
Natalia Francine Smith
April Smith-Little
Tina Snyder
Ashley Solomon
Joann Spinelli
Kristin St. Louis
Nicholas Stanise
Kevin Patrick Steigert
Sadie Straight
Paola Strand
Zachary Sussman
Robert Tackman
Iryna Tafiychuk
Jenifer Tanis
Melissa Terry
Maudie Thomas
Shaun Thompson
Ramon Trigo
Jessica Trzybinski
Aggeliki Tsetsakos
Amy Tyler
Leonid Utkin
Laura Vega
George Velez
Jason Velez
Ian Vidal
Jennifer Vigliotti
Michael Wage
Aislinn Walsh
Cole Warner
Crystel Welker
Lee Ann Wells
Nicole White
Tricia White
Dale Whitehead
Timothy Williams
Christopher Wolpert
Liam Woods
Allysa Yonnas
Cheryl Yost
Michelle Zilak

School for Undergraduate Studies

Bachelor of Arts

Naseema Abdul-Aziz
Whitney Agyekum
Mukades Alijoski
Abigail Allen
Kamaria Alleyne-Lewis
Renee Andrews
Pamela Araya
Ashley Arnts-Siciliano
Dawn Aron-Horncastle
Veronica Baiamonte
Devon Bannister
Shelly Barnwell
Teresa Bates
Claritza Belliard
Terrell Bembry
Erica Bemiss
Sherri Bensley
Michele Bergeron
Sarah Boris
Chantelle Borum
Morgan Bovair
Alyssa Brown
Amanda Brown
Anthony Brown
Margaret Brown
Iveta Malerova Buck
Krista Buono
Cynthia Burgos
Heidi Burke
Nicole Canady
Rhonda Canary
Deanna Carbone
Aurelie Cardona
MacKenzie Carl
Nilda Carrasco
Jocelyn Carrera
Amanda Carroll
Andrew Carroll
Michele Castro
Victoria Cavaliere
Laurie Cawley
Shantelle Charles
Demetria Chestnut
Elizabeth Clampet
Sheryl Clark
Joseph Cochran
Joy Cohen
Chris Colantuono
Kimberly Collier
Stephanie Concha
Shannon Concra
Courtney Coombs
Samantha Cooney
Catherine Correa Munera
Heather Cortright
Destiny Corwise
Nora Coyle
Priscilla Crocco
Morgan Crump
Amber Cruz
Shawna Daniels
Jennifer Dapice
Sarah Davies
Jessica Davis
Shakima Davis
Emily Dayter
Shamalia Deans
Kristen Deboy
Michelle DeGarmo
Steve Delbene
Maria Delgado
Bettylou Delong
Lisa Desimone
Arnetta Diarra
Meredith Dickinson
Geralyn Didonna
Sarah DiGirolomo
Carmine DiNatale
Anna Dingwell
Irene Dombeck
Kenneth Donovan
Bernedette Drayton
Theodore Druckman
Danielle Duke
Nanette Dukes
Leah Ekstein
Scott Elliott
Jessica Ellsworth
Lina Elnagdy
Raymond Ernest
Cassandra Ernst
Said Farah
Irina Farrell
Joshua Feldhousen
Gabriel Fequiere
Zoe Finn
Christina Fiorino
Dawn Forte
Michele Fountain
Ashley Fuller
Cindy Gardner
Maxine Gayle
Gina Kay Rosa Gemelli
Jill Gensler
Joseph George
Jasmyn Gervais-Cierniak
Lindsay Gibbens
Nancy Gildersleeve
Ebony Girard
Rodney Golden
Jose Gomez
Evan David Gonzalez
Jessica Gonzalez
George Grace
Cheyanna Grant
Nikia Graves
Holly Green
Heather Greenberg
Angie Greenfield
Tamara Gregorian
Kasey Grisanti
Janelle Aneaka Grizzle
Thomasa Guity-Rhett
Tracey Hainsworth
Joseph Hall
Wyatt Halm
Alyssa Hamilton
Melissa Hampton
Lashan Hardy
Cralynne Hart
Damien Hartl
Shantol Haye
Brooke Hayes
Lawrence Henderson
Johanna Henretta
Claudia Hernandez
Adela Hesounova-Cojaniz
Felicia Higgs
Ian Hill
Zachary Horowitz
Sarah Hunter
Kelsey A. Hyatt
Laura Iancu
Maiko Ito
Aerielle Jasper
Michele Jenco
Gene Jeter
Ryan Johnson
Tessa Jones
Alicia Judd
Lisa Kalivas
Kristen Karastury
Maxim Kaspi
Amy Keister
Sabrina Kelly
David Kene
Anna Kielkucki
Jennifer Kilburn
Erica Kishpaugh
Michelle Knowles
Benjamin Komor
Nicholas Kozatek
Kathryn Krucenski
Allyson Kuhn
Deborah Kujawski
Judith Lalonde
Adrienne Lang
JeanPierre Lataillade
Kaitlyn Lathrop
Matthew Lavalle
Thomas Lenz
Michael Lewis
Mohammed Lewis
Serina Lewis-Galla
Dymphna Lio
Mavis Littlejohn
Assana Lloyd
Salvatore Locascio
Ashley Lopez
Mariah Lopez
Ben Lutz
Shawn Mack
Bianca MacMillan
Margaret Madigan
Antoinette Maggiore
Elaina Manley
Caelan Manning
Weiwei Mao
Venette Marshall
Luis E. Martinez
Taylor Mazzarella
Barbara McByrne
Roisin McCarty
Andrew McCoy
Jeffrey McCullagh
Stephon McGee
Andrew McGourty
Jeanmac McKenzie
Renee Meadows
Megan Meany
Nikki Mercado
Laurence Mercedes
Carolyn Miele
Ana Miguel
Jaimi Miller-Sutton
Clinton Millhouse
Christine Molloy
Sean Mooney
Nicole Moricca
Kindra Mosher
Martina Muller
Thomas Murdolo
Jeremy Myers
Cassie Nadaner
Brianna Nelson
Amber Nezezon
Kathleen O’Bryan
Nicole Oconnor
Russell Oliver
Steven Oneill
Andrii Onysko
Laiken Ovitt
Sione Owen
Dylan Pakkala
Krista Pantaline
Rachel Paradis
Katie Parisi
Holly Patrone
Chelsea Penta
Paulette Penzvalto
Robert Persaud
Eric Person
Ariana Petroff
Emmanuele Phuon
Cristina Pichardo Liriano
Johanna Pillsbury
Elizabeth Pinckney
Shannel Pinkard
Barbara Plumley
Christina Pratt
Laquaja Price
Jenny Puello
Amanda Quackenbush
Vanessa Quiroga
Barney Radford
Angela Ralston
Jackie Ray
Faith Reed
Leila Rekic
Digna Remache
Simone Richardson
Patrick Riordan
Madeline Rivera
Alicija Roberts
Erin Roberts
Leonardo Rodriguez
Ryan Rogers
Ashlie Rorick
Ashley Rose
Jamie Rosenberg
Melody Rothstein
Annette Ruiz
Rosemarie Ruiz
Leah Ruiz-Gauger
Agenta Russo
Samantha Russo
Jason Rutherford
David Sabino
John Sage
Shannon Salgado
Margaret Santana
Felix Santiago
Douglas Santiago Pomales
Lynn Saum
Jennifer Scarcella
Jessica Schafer
Mackayla Schmidt
Reyna Schwarha
Tanisha Selden
Andrew Shaw
Claire Sheley
Lesley Shiner
Anita Sillery
Michelle Slaughter
Dinesha Smith
Rebekah Solar
Paula Sorci
Isaac Souchak
Amanda Sova
Alexa Spears
Gregg Starring
Peter Stika
Chaohan Sun
Lisa Tacktill
Victoria Tanner
Fana Tareke
Machaela Thalhammer
Carol Todes Holub
Tess Tousley
Meredith Trotter
Rebecca Truesdell
Erik VanGaasbeek
Samantha Vanlieshout
AnnaMaria VanNatten
Gabriella Vardai-Davidson
Caleb Varney
Jill Vossler
Ebony Walker
Michael Christopher Ware
Karl Warner
Kathleen Washa
Ashley Westfall
Ryan Whalen
Adrienne White
Jessica White
Desmond Whitt
Lynitha Whitted
Patrick Williams
Ana Willis
Skye Wilson
Antonella Wilson
Sapphire Wintle
Jennifer Wisner
Lana Wolcott
Abigail Wolf
Deana Wolf
Sarah Wolstencroft
Virginia Woodruff
Tresha Wright
Kimberley Wurster
Kenneth Yellen
Brigitte Yohe
Lucas Young

School for Undergraduate Studies

Bachelor of Science

Tracy Abbate
Melanie Abdelazim
Kirolos Abdelsayed
LaShauna Accampo
Rhonda Ackley
Richard D. Acosta
Edward Adade
Bryanne Adler
Nicholas Aimetti
Silka Aird
Naamah Aisenbaum
Aleshia Akers
Alexis Akers
Olushola Akinwale
Holli Albert
Brittany Albronda
Sandra Alemany
Isabelle Alexander
Nabeela Ali
Christy Joy Alia
Amanda Allen
Sonya Allen
Symphonie Allen
Jefferson Almonte
Stacy Amash
Brianna Amos
Amy Anastasas
Kristina Anatriello
Patricia Anchea
Alicia Anderson
Marian Anderson
Monique Anderson
Shannen Andrews
Ashley Andujar
Onyemaechi Aneke
Nicole Angeleri
Kayla Ankelman
Kwesi Antobam-Ntekudzi
Ishrat Ara
Isaac Aracena
Bryan Archer
Sandra Armatys-Meith
Micaela Armenia
Elisabeth Arp
Stephanie Arrant
Reyna Arriaza
Anita Arthur-Johnson
Donald Ashley
Jacqueline Asquino
John Attianese
Darren Augi
Jery Augustin
Lionel Augustin
Nicole Augustine
Barbara Avena
Jeannie Babcock
Matthew Babich
Christy Bachman
Caroline Bailey
Chanel Bailey
Brittany Baker
Jeremy Baker
Lesli Baker
Gabriella Baldascini
Kelsey Baldascini
Katie Ballard
Shriveta Balram
Miranda Banks
Paula Barber
Franco Barberio
Carlina Barbero
Joaquina Baret
Samantha Barnaby
Felicia Barnes
Jameelah Barnes
William Barnes
Rashonda Barnett
Michal Barszczewski
Michael Barton
Elizabeth Bartsch
Katharina Basta
Nicole Beard
Darren Beardsley
Richard Beaudoin
Kimberly Bechtold
Marc F. Becker
Crystal Beesley
Susan Belak
Taleesha Beland
Marjorie Belizaire
Zenzele Bell
Rachelle Belloit
Juanita Belmar
Mariano Beltran
Amy Benacquista
Christine Bennett
Arielle Benoit
Kirstin Benwitz
Kirk Bernard
Anna Bertrand
Kristina Betancourt
Amy Betz
Nichole Beyer
Ezekiel Bey-Rentas
Farshad Bhuiyan
Cassandra Bianchi
Dania Bianchi
Jaclyn Bianchi
Marc Bicknell
Rachel Bieron
Robert Billings
Robert Blair
Nomi Blanco
Christopher Bloome
Patricia Blunt
Lindsay Boccardi
Gregg Bodin
Weldon Bogardus III
Shelby Bogle
Zelda Bogomilsky
Aaron Bonham
Jessica Bonjukian
Chelsea Booth
Loretta Borders
Edyta Borowka-Kutok
Kenneth Boser
Susan Boss
Harvey Bostic
Kristen Bourgeois
Kristy Bowen
Rayon Boxx
Erik Boyd
Derrick Bradley
Patrick Brady
Penny Brand
Rebecca Braun
Carl Breazzano
Ashley Brewer
Jordan Briggs
Khadija Brikate
Nadine Brisson
Gerard Brock
Marc Brodfuehrer
Sharon Brookes
Lorenzo Brooks
Marie Brooks
Brian Brostowicz
JoAnne Brown
Kory Brown
Shelbie Brown
Terri Brown
Florence Bryan
Lindy Buchalski
Alexa Buckley
Gwendolyn Burden
Michael Burgess
Joyce Burk
Larina Burris
Scott Burroughs
Ashlee Bush
Valarie Bushey
Danielle Bushnell
Danielle Button
Ingrid Buuck
Ebony Byfield
Margaruite Aurrora Bynum
Niko Cacic
Rosalie Cacioppo
Stefanie Cadogan
Morgan Cady
Kelly Jeanne Caemmerer
Julie Cagliostro
Denise Cahill
Christopher Calabrese
Danielle Callahan
Camisha Callis
Jennifer Cambridge
Jennifer Cammarata
Jacqueline Campbell
Rebecca Canfield
Lashawna Cannon
Nyisha Canty
John Capone
Olympia Cardaci
Barbara Cardoso
Harlie Carey
John Cargin
Bridget Cariello
Ivory Carolina
Felisha Carpenter
Matthew Carrozza
Danielle Carter
Kimberley Caruso
Domenica Casale
Taylor Casamassima
Kathleen Danielle Cash
Priscilla Cassarino
Melanie Catalfano
Frank Catalina
Danielle Catanese
Tisha Causeway
Melissa Cavaco
Stephanie Cesareo Graves
Amy Chaffee
Max Chaiet
Danielle Chaitkin
Megan Chaple
Noelle Chaploney
Emily Chappell
Michael Chase
Yudiledi Chavez
Matthew Cheevers
Emily Chege
Frederick Cheng
Eve Cher
Matthew Cherson
Nancy Chintsu Hong
Victoria Chipman
Kenneth Chizuk
Michelle Christofilakes
David Christopher
Karen Chung
Ruth Church
Michael Ciani
Elisabeth Cime
Lauren Clark
Richard Clark
Annmarie Clarke
David Clayton
Corey Cochrane
Andrew Cole
Evan Cole
Theresa Cole
Christine Coleman
Wanda Collins
Toneisha Colson
Samantha Comanda
Robert Compton
Chantal Condo
Jaclyn Connell
Gail Connor
Michael Connor
Kerry Connors
David Constantine
Cindy Contreras
Michelle Cook
James Cooke
Anamaria Corbett
Sandra Corde
Jose Cordero
Michael Coreno
Derek Cornelius
Wendy Correa
April Corvin
Jared Cory
Samantha Costa
Christopher Coughlin
Keith Cowan
Michelle Cowan
Chelsea Cox
Rose Cox
Heather Cramer
Regina Crawford
April Crenshaw
Amanda Cretaro
Vincent Crisano
Melinda Crist
Howard Crockett III
Amanda Cronk
James Cross
Jared Croy
Christopher Crucitt
Kerstin Cruger
Daniel Cruz
Jose A. Cruz
Joseph Cruz
Katherine Cruz
Lauren Cubitt
Thomas Culkin
Saterra Cumberbatch
Debbie Cunningham
Brian Curtis
Theresa Cusmano
Nadine Cuzzolino
Brocha Cytryn
Samantha Czworka
Moria D’Ambro
Christine Darrah
Tanika Davidson
Cindy Davis
Crystal Davis
Deborah Davis
Kaylee Davis
Lydia Davis
Maria Davis
Mark Davis
Veda Davis-Jones
Luis De la Cruz
Christine De Mel
Marilyn DeArment
Lisa Deasey
Heaven Decker
Marion Decker
Jennifer Decook
Darrel Degiule
Sharon Degristina
Fernande Deguenon
Brandi Dejesus
Carlos Del Anastasio
Anthony Delaglio
Nicole Della Rocco
Sarah Dellarocco
Javier Delrio
Riston Denaux
Joanna Deneke
Revel Deng
Katrena Dennard
Heather Elizabeth Deuel
Kelly Devine
Keshia Devito
Esther Remi Dewale
Michelle Dewey
Daniel Dewolf
Kayla Dewolf
Rafaella Dewsbury
Christina Deyo
Riman Dhar
Gavriella Diamond
Johanna Diaz
Nilka Diaz
Brittney Dibello
Gabrielle Didomenico
Christian DiMatteo
Laurabeth Dintrone
Salvatore Michael Diperi
Marion Dipippo
Megan Dobbin
Gerianne Dobmeier
Francis D. Doherty
Daniel Donadio
Gloria Bethoild Donaii
Caitline Dones
Lynn Donnelly
Nihada Donohew
Brendan Albert Donohue
Michael Donovan
Owen Dopp
Yakira Dorfman
Joseph Dorfmeister
Ludnie Dorime
Britton Dougherty
Erin Dougherty
James Dowd
Elizabeth Downie
Ann Dowsey
Necia Doyon
Drew Drasser
Ellaina Dreifach
Stephanie Driscoll
Kristen Duff
Kevin Dugan
Cynthia Dunderdale
Michelle Dunham
Ryan Dunn
Valerie Dunton
Victoria Rose Duran
Nicole Durkin
Jonathan Durning
Keisha Dutton
Laura Ellen Dwyer
Kayla Dye
Jaime Dyke
Andrew Dysard
Ashley Earle
Ellen Earley
Jonathan Easton
Betsy Eaton
Melissa Eaton
Francesca Ebanks
Katie Eberhardt
Alyssa Eckhard
Torres Edison
Amanda Eggleston
Marcia Ehret
Rudin Emborsky
Jean Emmons
Kayla Emory
Robert Enright
Dorothy Esposito
Terry Esposito
William Essrow
Emily Estep
Stella Estevez
Thomas Ewing
Christian Facchin
Amanda Faiola-Mikkelsen
Anthony Falbo
Debbie Falcone
Amy Fantacone
Rogerio Faria
Oleg Farniev
Omar Faruq
Shannon Faulkner
Matthew J. Feinberg
Ashley Felice
Miguel Feliciano
Gale Felix
Neaildell Felix
Julia Fergerson
Patricia Fergus
Morgan Ferraraccio
Christina Feye
Rafael Field-Hernandez
Tiffany Fields
Jill Figarella
Amber Finocchi
Stacey Fiore
Mark Fiorella
Daniel Firth
Kayleigh Fischer
Amanda Fisher
Tyler Fisher
Jake Flading
Zachary Fleischer
Joshua Fleming
Ryan Fleming
Wilfredo Flores
Danelle Florio
Dawn Flower
Carley Foland
Margaret Foley
Susan Foley
Krystle Fontanez
Alexandra Foreman
Keri Forster
Frank Fortino
Brett Fortner
Charles Fosmire
Suzanna Fotusky
Christina Foy
Nicole France
Jaimie Franco
Monica Franco
Philip Franco
Mary Francz
Lilliam K. Franklin
Miriam Frawley
Dwayne Frazer-Clarke
David Freedman
Susan Fries
Steven Fusco
Loyed Gabriel
Kendra Gaillard
Gina Galansky
Justine Galbraith
Max Galens
Elizabeth Gallardo
Elizabeth Galle
Amanda Gallipeau
Jennifer Gallo
Krista Gallup
Hollie Galusha
Juanita Gamble
William Gannon
Alyssa Garcia
Gabrielle Garcia
Joanna Garcia
Jose Garcia
Joseph Garcia
Torrey Garcia
Justina Garner
Shana Garwood
Eric Gates
Edith Gaylord
Jennifer Geer
Tova Gelb
David Gelsomino
David George
Nathan George
Christopher Georgia
George Getson
Giavanna Giamatti
Sara Giarratano
Chad Gillette
Justin Glasser
Karen Glomb
Latoya Glover
Christopher Godson
Daniel Goerss
Matthew Gokay
Morris Goldberg
Liann Goldmann
Harold Goldstein
Diana Gomez
Marisa Gomez
Rosa Goncalves-Justo
Linda Gonia
Erik Gonzalez
Louis Gonzalez
Cathy Goodsell
Alexander Gordon
Beth Gorman
Nicole Gorra
Karen Gould
Susan Gould
Donna Gourdine-Henry
Jeremy Grabbe
Faith Graham
Lashawnda Graham
Robin Grandusky
Anthony Grant
Shandra Grantham-Powell
Jody Gray
Melissa Greco
Wilonda Green
Stacey Greene Stowell
Roseanna Grega
Cecelia Grenga
Kacie Grieco
Bobbi Jo Grignon
Destiny Groleau
Joshua Grome
Bentzion Gruber
Christopher Guenther
Carla Guerrero
Tayron Guevara
Rachel Guglielmo
Knikia Gumbs
Lance Gundersen
Adam Gutierrez
Cisely Gutierrez
Paula Guy
Jeffrey Guzewicz
Crystal Haarmeyer
Julia Hacker
George Haddad
Lukes Hadjioannou
Aaron Hagstrom
Dean Hale
Melissa Hale
Michael Peter Hallahan Jr.
AnnMarie Hallings
Jennifer Halstrom
Alexis Hamilton
Leigh Hamilton
Charles Hanby
Raven Hanes
Susan Haney
Kylie Hanley
Alisa Hansen
Shelby Hansen
Christopher Hardgrove
William Harding
Shane Harrington
Annette Harris
Athena Harris
Edward Harrison
Michael Harshberger
Barry Hart
Jamie Hart
Ryan Hart
Ashley Hartford
Alice Hartsell
Laurie Harvey
Merrill Harvey
Stephanie Hastings
Courtney Hatter
Sandy Hay
Chelsea Hayden
David Hayes
Tyrone Hayes
Brittney Heimes
Ileya Heins
Katerina Hencova
Alexandria Henricksen
Lisa Herider
William P. Hermanek Jr.
Susan Hernandez
Benjamin Herrick
Kristin Hess
Jeremy Hewitt
Chelsea Hill
Denise Hill
Lenise Hill
Tiffany Hillock
Sara Hillyard
Jeremy Hilton
Danielle Hinchliff
Jessica Hinkal
Jason Hirschy
Anne Hodgins
Ashley Hojnacki
Sean Hollett
Christopher Holley
Qurana Holloman
Shane Holmes
Maribel Holness
Jason Holt
Melissa Horne
Susan Horvatits
Michele Hotaling
Dawn Houghtaling
Carrie Houser
Kinetria Howard
Serena Howard
Tiffany Howard
Yolanda Howell
Amber Howser
Christian Hughes
Patrick Hughes
Gregory Humphrey
Thomas Hundley
Kylie Hunt
Steven Hunt
Debbie Hunter
Pamela Huret
Kayla Hurlburt
Martha Hutchines
Shantia Hylton
Michael Idi
Lynne Infantino
Andrew Inorio
Daniel Irizarry
Clarance Jackson
Garrett Jackson
Lisa Marie Jackson
Michele Jackson
Monique Jackson
Terrell Jackson
Whitney Jackson
Vireta Jackson-Arthur
Alisha Jacobs
Kenneth Jacobs
James Jacus
Corine Elizabeth James
Courtney James
Mark Jankowski
Stalin Jaquez
Tanya Jasewicz
Ismat Jehan
Sarah Jensen
Blas Jimenez
Allen Joel
Amanda Johnson
Amanda Johnson
Danielle Johnson
Darren Johnson
Jessica Johnson
Kito Johnson
Nicole Johnson
Nikki Johnson
Tanarra Johnson
Jeffrey Johnston
Katherine Joiner
Rita Jolicoeur-Apap
Brenda Joly
Ashlee Jones
Christopher Jones
Deborah Jones
Heather Jones
Lauren Jones
LeMar Jones
Najae Jones
Nancy Jones
Shawn Jones
Sheila Jones
Tamia Jones
Jivin Joseph
Eddy Jourdan
Lauren Joyce
Chrystelle Juste
Stephania Juste
Pamela Kablack
Bianca Kadrmas
Falone Kako
Karan Kamara
David Kaminski
Shawn Kammerdiener
Jared Kampel
Candice Kane
Zoo Kang
Diane Kankiewicz
Erin Kay
Serkan Kaya
Erin Kazanjian
Asa Kazerouni
Heidi Kazmark
Eileen Keck
Karen Keenan
Wayne Kegley
Seth Kehr
Jess Kelly
Karen Jean Kelly
Ethan Kern
Jennifer Ketchum
Sarah Khalil
Fawad Khan
Sharon Khuu
Rachel Kind
Leslie King
Helene Kinlan
Nicole Kinsey
Michael Kirkham II
Alex Kisel
Lauren Kisselstein
Molly Klepinski
Matthew Klick
Lynnette Klingensmith
Adam Klyczek
Jeanette Knotts
Daniel Knutti
Edward Kochersberger
Valeriy Kolomoiets
Rejina Koshy
Jacquelyn Kotary
Eleni Kotsifis
Vanessa Kovarovic
Nicholas Kowtun
James Kravchuk
Casey Krenek
Michell Krossber
Bonnielyn Krull
Eva Kubiak
Melissa Kunes
Kelsey Kuon
Ishmael Kwawununu
Christina La Serra
Daphnee Labidou
Brandy Laboy-Marcus
Jine Labrake
Catherine Lacivita
Jeremy Laforest
Shaniqua Laguerre
Lisa Lakeraj
Katrina Lalonde
Brittany Laman
Christine Lamb
Mary Lamica
Tracey Landahl
Stephanie Lanfair
Kristen Langr
Kristen Lanigan
Elizabeth Lanzo
Paul Lapasota
Robert Lapoint
Imna Laporte
Carine Lareau
Casey Lathers
Tiffany Latshaw
Lisa Lauritsen
Stephanie Lavalley
Brenda Law
Miranda Law
Daniel Lawrence
Arthur Lee
Ashley Leemans
Alphonse Legene
Averie LeGrand-Rivera
Basya Leichtag
Adao Leite
Kristi Lemorta
Carleena Lendt
Gianfranco Leone
Desiree Leone-Stoll
Timothy Lever
Adam Levine
Cassidy Lewis
Dana Lewis
Deborah Lewis
Juli Lewis
Kenny Lewis
Susan Lewis
Emily Lifs
Evette Linendoll
Chelsea Lipp
Joey Liszewski
Kyle Little
Arlene Llorens-Sosa
David Lombardi
Sandra Lopata
Kevin Lopez
Michele Lopez
Ramon Lopez
Jason Lorden
Heather Lott
Peter Louison
Lana Lovell
Derek Lowe
Annalisa Lucido
Cassandra Lucien
Aashis Luitel
Matt Luzunaris
Jessica Lynn
Robert Lynn
Andrea Macie
Priscilla Maciel
Alan Mack
William James Madden
Nicholas Madonia
Nathan Maeske
Pedro Magalhaes
Christopher Magras
Sakil Mahbub
Brian Maher
Kelley Mahoney
Kristin Mahoney
Patricia Mahoney
Nicole Maiorana
Christine Mair
Allyssa Maison
Veronica Major
Lori Malachowsky
Aaron Maldonado
Ilia Maldonado-Castro
Christine Mallory
Rodney Malloy
Matthew Maneri
Carrie Mangino
Rebecca Manning
Courtney Mannix
Linda Mantagas
Philanta Manuel
Charmaine Maragh
Heidi Marsh
CaitlynMarie Martin
Derek Martin
Kaili Martin
Kelly Martin
Rebecca Martinez
Kristine Martino
Vincent Martino
Scott Maryniak
Jessica Mascolino
Jason Michael Maselli
Alessandro Masiello
Detra Mason
Amy Massey
Ashlee Mastromano
Janice Mastropiero
Jenna Matthews
Marissa Matthews
Heather Mausehardt
Sabrina May
Zachary Mayer
Vicki Mayton
Peter A. Mazler
Lauren Mazzaro
Louise McAndrew
Robert McBride
Jeannine McCanney
Heather McCollum
David McCoy
Andre McCray
Shaun McCurdy
Timothy McDaniel
Marissa McElligott
Emily McFadden
Deborah Tameka McFarlane
Mary McGarrity
Tereasa McGinnity
Ryan McGrath
Eric McIlhenny
Destiny McIntosh
Lisa McKeen
Elizabeth McLane
Sarah McLasky
Alannah McLaughlin
Zahir McNeil
Tina McQuillen
Kaitlyn Medina
Ninoska Medrano
Sitara Mehar
Araseli Melendez
Michael Mendez
Michael Mendez Sr.
Rajitha Prabath Mendis
Christopher Mensah
Felisha Mention
Jerzak Mercedes
Michelle Mercer
Kadidra Merchant
Stephania Merola
Jessica Merrill
Timothy Merritt
Marset Messam
Gerald Messier
Madison Messina
Teresa Metzger
Megan Metzler
Amanda Meyers
Leslie Meyers
Johanna Miele
Anylza Mignano
Alicia Miller
Marianne Miller
Heather Milligan
Rebecca Milligan
Zahava Milstein
Casey Miner
Deborah Misetich
Lori Mistretta
Jason Mitrani
Tyler Mix
Yuko Mizuguchi
Gina Modafferi-Capucilli
Nadia Molinari
Julia Monolopolus
Gabriella Montalti
Alvin Montana II
Phillip Monte
Jessica Montgomery
Christine Moore
Duval Moore
Gabrielle Moore
Jennifer Moore
Karleen Moore
Sharon Moore
Vanessa Moore
Rubisela Morales-Cano
Rebecca Moran
Sherry Morcos
Elaine Morgan
Jordan Morgan
Stephanie Morgan
Jacqueline Morillo
Cinnamon Moroney
Cayelan Morris
Michael Morris
Wendy Morse
Ryan Mosher
Corey Mossow
Patrick Motimaya
Monica Movtady
Jessica Mozo
Penny Muir
Justin Mulcahy
Lakedia Mullen
Sean Mullins
Melanie Munzer
Dylan Murphy
Mary Murphy
Patrick Murphy
Joshua Murtagh
Kyle Myers
Mary Elizabeth Napolitano
Samantha Nash
Eugene Nebocat
Jashica Negron
Christa Nellis
Lucy Nelson
Steven Nelson
Tamara Ann Nelson-Farrell
Michele Nendza
Joy Neri
Edward Nevarez
Jordan Neves
Clifford Newport
My Nguyen
Mary Nickolauk
Shanna Nigro
Kim Nixon
Jaclyn Nocera
Mark Noonan
Lori-Ann Novello
Rosa Nunes
Catherine Nunez
Thomas Nunn
Jaqueline O’Brady
Liam O’Brien
Michael O’Brien
Shannon Oby
Katherine O’Connor
Michael O’Connor
Sara Offen
Kimberly O’Halloran
Jesse Oleet
Jesus Olivera
Bernard Onguta
Linda M. Oristano
Mariana Ortega
Adam Ortiz
Jacqueline Ortiz-Campos
Arny Osei
Jerred Osick
Daniel Osroff
Jesse Ostrowski
Maryann Otuwa
Susan Owen
Lyndsay Oxenberg
Darren Padgett
Joseph Padilla
Massiel Pages
Lindy Pagliaroni
Joann Pagnini
Yan Pan
Vincenzo Panico
Tara Pantalone
Berjolette Pardo
Cecilia Pardo-Pap
Ken Parkin
Maureen Parrish
Nicole Partin
Sheetal Patel
Kelly Patterson
Samantha Jo Patterson
William Patterson
Amy Pattison
Lana Pavlick
Alyssa Paz
Michael Pearson
Jessica Peck
Aiyesha Pendleton
Julie Perec
Carlos Pereira
Darren Perez
Isolina Perez
Jennifer Perez
Leanna Perez
Pauline Perez
Rob Perrino
Lisa Perry
Terri Perry
Kayla Persaud
Victoria Persico
Francis Peruzzi
Sara Peterson
Robert Peting
Shambo Pfaff
Assad Pharr
James Phelps
Marie Philipps
Sarah Phillips
Susan Phillips
Kashana Phillips-Whidby
Melissa Piatkowski
Joseph Piazza
Jenelle Pierre
Louisa Pierre
Amanda Piersma
Brian Pilholski
Sreekumar Pillai
Odessa Pinkney
Michael Pitts
Brian Plouffe
Margaret Pochron
Jane Policastro
Tylica Pope
Daran Porter
Malisa Porter
Kori Post
Kerri Potter
Aveaun Powell
Anaya Price
Miralema Prijic
Gina Procopio
Sarah Promutico
Scott Propeack
Alex Przytulski
Gregory Ptak
Rodolfo Puertoreal
Tiago Puglisi
Tabitha Pujol-Mitchell
Connie Purdom
Jessica Pure
Kasandra Quednau
Malissa Quinlan Maurizzio
Allison Quinn
Yamaira Quinones
Juana Quintero
Michael Quirk
Rabale Qureshi
Mason Rainey
Rita Raio
Kyle Ramage
Darya Ramaniuk
Kenneth Ramirez
Isha Rana
Michael Ranieri
Michelle Ratchford
Amy Rathbun
Wendy Razzano
Janel Reardon
Jennifer Regan
Jennifer Reifke
Kristen Rendel
Edgar Rentas
Megan Rhodes
David Ribeiro
Mindy Ribis
Christopher Ricci
Stephen Rich
Joyel Richardson
David Rick
Wendy Riechers
Aswala Rigaud
Sophia Ritson
Diana Rivera
Kimberly Rivera
Patricia Robbins
Jody Roberts
Stacy Roberts
Jennifer Robinson
Kathryn Robinson
Marilyn Robinson
Sabrina Robinson
Aida Rodriguez
Emma Rodriguez
Tiffany Rodriguez
Yngrid Rodriguez
Milagros Rodriguez-Vazquez
Michael Roes
Stefanie Rogers
Terrence Rogers
Christopher Rohde
Jason Romeyn
Kimberly Romig
Eric Roosevelt
Nicholas Root
Genine Rose
James Rose
Karen Rosen
Sarah Roslonowski
Heather Rosplock
Nicole Ross
Nikki Rosso
Mary Ann Rothstein
Karen Royce
Sabrina Ruckes
Lisa Rudolph
Hannah Ruiz
Shayley Russell
Thomas Russell
Kelli Russo
Marisa Russo
Michael Ryan
Joseph Sadusky
Mohammad Safavizadeh
Matthew Sagendorf
Jessica Sailor
Angelo Saladino Jr.
Shais Salahuddin
Rachel Salajka
Danielle Salamone
Lori Salamone
David Salerius
Christopher Salony
Eliza Saltsman
Polly Saltsman
Lukas Sammler
Shireen Sampson
Robert Samuel
Christopher Sanchez
Jose Sanchez Sanchez
Jill Sanders
Kelly Sanford
Steven Sansone
Danielle Sasson
Denise Saunders
Elaine Saunders
Angelica Savoie
Ashlea Scarpelli
Mallary Scheepsma
Barbara Schermerhorn
Jacqueline Schiller
Christine Schlicht
Adam Schmidt
Andrea Schneider
Daphne Schneider
Elisabeth Schnitzer
Michele Schofell
Lidiah Scholtes
Teresa Schopfer
Lindsay Schott
Lynnell Schreiber
Robert Schuster
Renee Schwab
Abraham Schwartz
Andrea Sciubba
Alessia Scolaro
Mollybea Scott
Jennifer Scro
Ricardo Sealy
Tarrah Seaver
Michelle Seecoomar
Michael Seiler
Ralph Sentell
Emily Serrano
Ann Setter
Connor Seweryn
Cory Sgambato
Leah Shammah
Nicole Sharpe
Sarah Shattuck
Olivia Shaut
Courtney Shea
John Sheaffer
Megan Sheehy
Paul Sheirer
Ashley Sheldon
Ryne Shelton
Gail Shepey
Sicily Shepherd
Mary Sheppard
Donna Sherwood
Taquiah Shorter
Denise Simcick
Ashley Simon
Angamdao Singh
Baljinder Singh
Christina Singh
Stephanie Singh
Christine Single
Andrew Skrobanski
Robert Slane
Nellian Slowley
Christopher Smalls
Barbara Jean Smith
David Smith
Germain L. Smith
Heather Michelle Smith
Jeffrey Smith
Khadijah Smith
Kirk Smith
Malcolm B. Smith
Megan Smith
Rachel Smith
Racquel Smith
Rebekah Smith
Ryan Smith
Samantha Smith
Timothy Smith
Tyrone Smith
David Snow
Kayla Snyder
Kimberly Snyder
Angela Sorace Maresca
Oltjana Sorid
Jessica Soto
Ivonne Soto Alicea
LisaMarie Soudelier
Roberta Sparkman
Zachary Spaulding
John Spaw
Marianne Squazzo
Leslyn St. Hill
Tracey Stalker
Chance Steele
Ungelo Steen
Karlie Stefanowicz
Chelsea Steffens
Steven Stein
Risa Steinberg
Avishai Steinhart
Ray Stennett
Jeffrey Stevens
Jeffrey Stevens
Richard Stevens
Christopher Stewart
Melissa Stewart
Melissa Stockton-Brown
Ryan Stoliker
Daniel Stone
Kelsey Storm
Samantha Stretz
Samantha String
Jesse Stutz
Cyriac Stvil
Joseph Suman
Christine Summers
Chaohan Sun
Kimberly Sunick
Deborah Sutliff
Abigail Sutton
Travis Sweet
Hannah Swick
Miklos Szabo
Tracy Tadt
Iryna Tafiychuk
Teresa Taft
Jaimie Tai Oy Yong
Adewale Taiwo
Caitlin Taliercio
Joseph Tanzi
Robert Tarnoczy
Brianna Tator
Andrew Tavares
Fanecha Taylor
Katie Taylor
Angelice Tearney
Joanna Teeter
Carlos Tejeda
Julie Teneyck
Heather Tenny
Gray Terri
Edwin A. Then
Lynden Thomas
Shannon Thomas
Alexus Thompson
Andrea Thompson
Samantha Thompson
Veronica Mae Thompson
Sabbir Tipu
Elizabeth Tobier
Eric Tobkes
Leonardo Todaro
Thomas Tomassi
Derek Tombs
Christina Tompkins
Muamer Torlak
Marie Torres
Travis Torres
Courtney Tortora
Thomas Towle
Joann Toye
Matthew Traynor
Kathleen Tricarick
Paige Tricomi
Kristopher Trombley
John Michael Troy
Rosemary Trusso
Samantha Tseng
Suzanne Tudico
Kevin M. Turcios
Philip Tyler
Katelyn Tymczyszyn
Caitlin Tyneway
Christopher Tytler
Alison Ugarte
Samantha Vacchio
Toniann Vaiano
Randall Vair
Marissa Valastro
Edison Valderrama
Joseph Vallone
Teresa Van Aeman
Tonya VanCamp
Nikki VanDenbogaard
Jennifer VanTassel
Sharece VanTerpool
Tara VanVolkenburg
Cynthia Vargas
Luis M. Vasquez
Michele Vasquez
Becky Vater
Kimberly Vavra
Estelle Vega
Samantha Velazquez
Carolyn Vella
Alexis Venezia
Andrea Veno
Sharon Vergeli
Dawn Vernon
Linda Vilardi
Maria Violi
Gina Vogler
Paul Voutsinas
Andrew Vujnovic
Elvis Vukelj
Lynn Waicul
Jennifer Waite
Christopher Walczak
Jillian Walczyk
Abigail Walker
Cherelle Walker
Lashauna Walker
Ted Walker
Walea Walker-Valentin
Amanda Wallace
Najme Walli
Olympia Walls
Risela Walls
Matthew Walrath
Casey Walsh
Jasan Ward
Brittany Rose Warf
Rebecca Warner
George Warren
John Warren
Danielle Waryas
Elmira Washington
Jodi Lorin Wasserman
Tara Waterman
Alyssa Watson
Jesse S. Watson
Samantha Watson
Jessica Waydelis
Johnna Webb
Angela Webber
Joseph Weber
Laura Weiner
Ramzialzaki Weir
Simantha Weiss
Angele Welch
Colleen Welch
Christine Weller
Dorothy Wells
Elana Wells
Nicholas Westcott
Skylar Westcott
Dale Wester
Michelle Weston
Shannon Wheelock
Daniel White
Joseph White
Nicole White
Stephanie White
Talisa White
Ashley Whittier
Stacy Wielgosz
Brian Wilcox
Lisa Willard
Aishah Williams
Alex Williams
Ambrosia Christiana Williams
Andrea Williams
Bruce Williams
Christine Williams
Gregory Williams
Jamaal Williams
James Williams
Jaysona Williams
Lori Williams
Martin Williams
Quanasia Williams
Regina Williams
Ryan Williams
Jeffrey Willis
Sherika Willis
Damian Wilson
Nicole M. Wilson
Roy Wilson
Alexandra Winqvist
Erica Wolfe
Heather Wood
Janine Woodard
Rebecca Woods
Sharon Rose Woolery
Jennifer Wright
Robbin Wright-Paraison
Joanne Wurst
Meredith Yakut
Jessica Yandun
Eric Yapalater
Denise Yarsiah
Igor Yentis
Melissa Young
Haiqin Yu
Nicole Yuschak
Sharifa Zaban
Danielle Zaccagnino
Aliza Zakheim
Amanda Zaleski
Arianna Zapata
Janet Zaremba
Kristi Zborovszky
Matthew Zenkar
Kara Zesky
Leah Ziccarelli
Caitlin ZukPafumi
Ross ZukPafumi

School for Undergraduate Studies

Bachelor of Professional Studies

Tika Albek
Tameeka Blunte
David Bruno
Douglas Campbell
Gregory Coker
Michael D’Antuono
Jeffrey Davis
John Dellaera
Theresa Dion
Jacqueline Flandreau
Charles Hammon
Tekeysha Hendricks
Vijay Kumar
Daniel Laboy
Jeffrey Lavelle
Cory Law
Michael Marner
Melissa Morse
Ryan O’Donovan
Donna Reddock
Thomas Ruffing
Addison Schmidt
Edward Smith Jr.
Hugh Stephens
James Thomsen
Elizabeth Torres
David Treneer
Shakira Tyrell
Benjamin Winkler

School of Nursing and Allied Health

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Chaya Abel
Kathryn Aiken
Menekse Aktan
Linda Amarante
Shawna Ames
Kelli Amundson
Barbara Annunziata
Vanessa Aquino
Ishrat Ara
Sayda Areizaga
Stephanie Arroyo
Oliver Ata
Antoinette Aubourg
Sabine Babmatee
Erin Baker
Teresa Bellaire
Tamara Benedetti
Jodi Bergman
Gail Bernard
Daisy Berrios-Hernandez
Jeanine Bielecky
Antoniette Bizzarro
Michele Bonafede
Kenneth Bott
Stacey Bovee
Erin Brackett
Yvrose Brevil Joseph
Gina Bruno
Jill Burzynski
Lauren Calderone
Tanya Camacho
Alexis Cameron
Meaghan Cantelmo
Laya Chakraborty
Jeannine Chillino
Kelly Clarke
Shannon Cleary
Christine Coddington
Kathleen Commins
Stephanie Connolly
Dawn Cook
Karen Cordoves
Ana Corona-Hall
Melissa Couse
Amanda Cruz
Maria Cristina De Silva
Osana Decastro-Hellman
Michele Dendera
Robert Dobski
Ann Dolan
Natalia Duffy
Kachina Eates
Katherine Eberhardt
Julie Ann Esposito
Alyssa Eustice
Prima Evangelista
Yvette Falzarine
Theresa Farrell
Lauren Feeney
Kathryn Fernandez
Kris Finn
Angela Fixler
Samantha Frankmano
Jennie Frenette
Michael Frentzel
Michelle Fuhrmann
Glendaliz Garcia
Karen Gatz
Kimberly Geffers
Kathryn George
Maha Ghorayeb
Linda Giardino
Rebecca Gijanto
Jill Gilman
Scott Giordano
Nina Gish
Jeraldine Giusto
Cruz Gonzalez
Martha Gonzalez
Julie Gotreau
Arley Grajales-Alzata
Andrea Graybill
Alejandro Grillo
Jeanne Grunauer
Christina Haggarty
Theodora Harvey
Margaret Hatta-Geraghty
Elena Heck
Carolyn Herold
Elizabeth Hershkowitz
Holly Hesse
Melissa Hetzler
Maria Hofbauer
Alexandria Holmes
Johanna Huse
Susan Iuliano
Michaela Iveson
Rebekah Izzo
Christine Jensen
Peter Jones
Nadine Kabeya-Mputu
Laura Keane
Lisa Keegan
Dodie Killock
Lindsey Kinniard
Leigh Ann Kissinger
Carmella Kistner
Brittney Kromer
Sarah Lambert
Susan Law
Mary Lawler
Tiffany Lawson
Caitlin Lee
Anne Lenox
Kathryn Lia
Jamie Locke
Natalia Losi
Natalia Lucena
Sarah Luckette
Melissa Mabie
Mary Maher
Kelley Mahoney
Kelly Majewski
Kara Margillo
Sharon Marino
Christine Marrone
Tasha Marsh
Karen Martin
Elaine Masi
Frantz Mathieu
Nancy Matzelle
Eileen Mausler
Venesha Maxwell-Williams
Dwayne May
Kimberly Mercado-Reid
Elektra Milatos
Patricia Millard
Kimberly Morrissey
Kimberlee Mosqueda
Maria Muller
Catherine Murphy
Mary Nanos
Kathrina Napisa
Amy Nappi
Tiffany Natel
Melissa Natoli
Thomas Nemeth
Patricia Neumann
Matthew Norris
Paula O’Donnell
Cynthia O’Halloran
Jeremiah O’Malley
Viviana Ortiz
Amanda Pahlad
Kristina Parisi
Lindsay Parker
Shelly Parker
Armenuhi Parzyan
Dawn Pease
Sarah Pohl
Courtney Quackenbush
Katherine Quiles
Jessica Ramos
Kendra Rector
Michael Reed
Stacey Reeve
Tara Ronan
Joselyne Roth
Patrecia Rowe
Dawn Russ
Maura Russo
Adrienne Saleh
Jeanine Salvaggio
Dornet Samuels-Griffiths
Shannon Santo
Victoria Scanlon
Theresa Schenck
Lena Schuler
Laurence Scott
Elizabeth Scozzafava
Mary Anne Segal
Courtney Shea
Brenda Shore
Diana Siguas
Beverly Singh
Janelle Singh
Carrie Skiff
Laura Sorrentino
Peggy Spano
Elizabeth Spencer
Ana Suarez
Glenn Tabada
Syed Tahir
Lyette Thibault
Diane Tompkins
Laurie Torres
Lori Trimble
April Tyler
Sarah Ukpere
Julie Vaughan
Courtney Vedder
Rebecca Vergare
Kylie Visser
Marcela Vlack
Briana Vogel
Rebecca Vonharringa
Amanda Wagner
Eileen Walker
Qianqian Wang
Joslyn Weber
Robert Wilson
Ronette Wolcott
Jenna Young
Philip Zwingelberg

School of Nursing and Allied Health

Master of Science

Jessica Aboagye
Gina Ayvazian
Beth Baust
Kathleen Berardi
Jonathan Blank
Meshele Bourdeau
Jenny Brandt
Kyle Choquette
Janine Dallio
Katelyn Dwon
Mary Eggers
Charla Engel
Ross Feinman
James Fitzgerald
Linda Fox
Denise France
Patrice-Lou Gibson
Mary Ann Goodman
Kimberly Hannigan
Holly Hannon
Donna Hardwicke
Dianna Harvey
Kathleen Hena
Bridget Hilton
Judith Holtzman
Darra Hotopp
Torri Janis
Heidi Kelley
Jaime Keyser
Michelle Klimpt
Salih Kocer
Maryann Lashombe
Brooke Ludden
Benjamin Malbouf
Allison Maliszewski
Julie Marshall
Nichole McDermott
Tracey McKay
Shirlee McKenna
Lissette McNulty
Jillian Michlovitch
Mahwish Mirza
Pamela Morgan-Martin
Julie Mosher
Miatta Musah
Nnenna Onuoha-Jackson
Sybil Oommen
Tolulope Orafidiya
Karen Parker Morris
Justin Pascucci
Lisa Perry
Karen Ramsdell
Christine Rao
Zainab Robley
Tonilynn Romolo
Shannon Saville
Daidre Scaria
Samantha Serrone
Marijo Smith
Justyna Soldinger
Anant Sookdeo
Brynne Stockton
Andrea Vega
Blosome Whyte
Miki Williams
Deborah Worth
Kimberly Wrase
Meghan Wyman

School for Graduate Studies

Advanced Graduate Certificates

Tonya Addy
Ashley Ahola
Olubukola Akindeinde
Jamie Albrecht
Clarence Austin
Donna Bailey
Elhadj Barry
Humera Bashir
Natalie Bashkin
Erin Bassegio
Holly Baumgartner
Chris Becker
Sarah Becker
Sofia Bender
Attila Bercz
Alison Berrios-Murray
Shelly Bessey
Loueda Bleiler
Fiona Bouloute
Jeremy Brogan
Kelley Brown
Wales Brown (Posthumous)*
Sarah Buell
Timothy Burke
Pamela Butscher
Ashley Byas
Sarah Callen
Jonathan Campano
Stacey Cannizzo
Brian Cannon
Sara Castillo
Amy Cereo
Dora Cervantes
Alexis Chacon
Jessica Childs
Aimee Ciarimboli
Wanda Clark
Bart Cohen
Robert Collins
Daniel Cooper
Trae Cooper
Cyan Corwine
Sim Covington Jr.
Heather Cummings
Michelle Dallhoff
Nicole Shantel Daly
Imani Darden
Michael Davoli
Daniel Delaney
Rickardo Dobson
Aaron Dritz
Angel DuBose
Gwendolyn Eichorn
Michael Falzarano
Graig Frank
Donna Frazier
Julie Frietchen
Karen Fu
Jonathan Gahan
Mark Garcia
Melissa Garrido
Patricia Garvin
Jeanne Gatto
Rose Geer-Robbins
Emily Elise Gibson
Tamera Gilmartin
Marina Gilpatrick
Whitney Glass
Christopher Glynn
Dora Gorman
Rebecca Gould
Gurjinder Grewal
Ian Grugan
Elaine Guppy
Ihtisham Hadi
Jason Hall
Andrew Heffner
Christine Henderson
Samvia Henry
Dana Hernandez
Tina Higgins
Constance Holland
Jamie Hornsby
Erick Hunt
Amanda Irizarry
Jason Jacobs
Zachary Jensen
Nicole Jeup
Karishma Johnson
William Jojo
Alexander Jones
Kimberly Kahan
Arthur Kappel
Gabrielle Kolo
KareLin LaBar
Roy Lahdo
Martha Lawson
Bernard Leavitt
Henri-Robert Lefevre
Mayna Le Goute
Elenora Levin
Darlene Lewis
Marie Lingat
Joanna Long
Jason Lord
Ashley Lostritto
Dorothy Lovelace
Meghan Lozier
Maria Lupo-Grimaldi
Suresh Mangal
Stephen Marchand
Mary Marconi
Alize Margulis
Kimberly Marigh
Dan Mason
Patrick Massa
Lauren Masset
Paula McConnell
Roberta McCulloch-Dews
Alicia McGrath
Danita McRae
Angela Melton-Taylor
Eamon Millar
Virginia Miller **
James Thomas Moore
Arlene Motley
Patrick Murphy
Toni-Ann Nhotsoubanh
Thomas Nimineh
Tania Ortiz-Ashby
Brian Osgood
Nicolle Otty
Achieng Owako
Tatiana Parker *
Nikki Parlato
Thomas Patterson
Melissa Phillips
Lilian Pitts
Beth Plummer
Vivian Prera
Matthew Prouty
Angela Przybysz
Frederick Puchta
Sarah Race
Lindsay Regan
Jonathan Rich
Bennie Robinson
Rhonda Rogers
Miriam Romais
James Rounds
Reginald Rousseau
Robert Roy
Kali Ruel
Lisa Ryan
Tyler Daniel Schultz
Vera Sheehan
Josephine Siano
Mackenzie Sikora
David Skinner
Andrew Smith
Jessica Sosa
James Spalo
Frinee Stanley
Rebecca Stoner LaFountain
Adam Strizak
Susan Szymanski
Christopher Talbot
Eduardo Teixeira
Marsha Thomas
Julia Tucker
Marissa Urkevich
Osmar Valdez
Judith Lach Veeck
Scott Wackenheim
Amber Waffle
James Warrington Jr.
Lauren Wetzel
Willard Williams
Louis Wilson
Norma Wilson
Kayla Winters
Tarik Zecevic
Angela Zona

* 2019 Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence Recipient
** Dean’s Medal Recipient

School for Graduate Studies

Master of Arts

Yael Acher
Ashley Ahrens
Jamie Albrecht
Lorraine Andrews
Erin Bassegio
Holly Baumgartner
Attila Bercz
Alison Berrios-Murray
Sarah Buell
Lastar Bunch
Antoinette Callistro
Brian Cannon
Nicholas Case
Dora Cervantes
Terry Cirillo
Claudia Congemi
Steven Cutting
Michele Czornij
Carolyn DeJohn
Angel DuBose
Frank Dudas
Tessa Fennell-Swaby
Scott Fisher
Kristen Ford
Euella Francis
Bernell Frank Jr.
Donna Frazier
Lenore Friend
Julie Frietchen
Lea M. Fulton
Patricia Garvin
Courtney Lynn Gfroerer
Tamera Gilmartin **
Jennifer Grace
Jason Hall
Alice Haskins
Gwen Henry
Samvia Henry
Patrícia Heredia
Lynn Ann
Hinds-McCoy * **
Tamla Htoo
Erick Hunt
Lakia Jarvis
William Jojo
Hilary Kellogg-Hurley
Michael Kerwin
Catia Klick
Nicholas Ladd
Steven Lawton
Tonnie Logan
Maria Lupo-Grimaldi
Jacquelyn Mallett
Kathryn Maloney
Janea Kira Manfredi
Melinda McAuliff
Roberta McCulloch-Dews
Ian McDermott
Alicia McGrath
Danita McRae
Hiroko Miyashita
Cheryl Moore
John G. Mortimer
Keri Jo Mortimer
Patrick Murphy
Mark Ness
Thomas Nimineh
Tania Ortiz-Ashby
Nicolle Otty
Yvette Paez
Loretta Palmer
Cosimina Panetti
Tatiana Parker *
Nikki Parlato
Lisa Pearson
Melissa Phillips
Jamie Raucci
Marian Read
Lindsay Regan
Bennie Robinson
Kimberly Rofrano
Rhonda Rogers
Lakia Rucker-Jarvis
Lisa Ryan
Deborah Shaw
Vera Sheehan
Kristen Skobla
Andrew Smith
Sean Smith
Jessica Sosa
Rebecca Stoner LaFountain
James Szakmary
Sharon Taylor
Kristi Truesdell
Julia Tucker
Marissa Urkevich
Patrick George Van Dewater
Judith Lach Veeck
Karen Wray

* 2019 Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence Recipient
** Dean’s Medal Recipient

School For Graduate Studies

Master of Arts in Teaching

Laura Brown
Vito Caricati
Susan Casey
Danielle Clements
Caton Conde
Justin Frederick
Stephanie Anne Marie Giesselmann
Matthew Glaub
Elizabeth Goodwin
Matthew Gregory
Glenda Guevara
Jennifer Ellyn Hightower
Bryan Kendall Hill
James Hoffman
Roberta Kirkland
Renee Kleiner
Kelsey Krause
Lauren Lewis
Samantha Nicole Marnon
Nicole Merritt-Quiles
Elizabeth Mitro
Cristin Murphy
Christopher Phillips
Matthew Pidel
Jennifer Marie Reardon
Roger Risch
Brett Rosenthal
Chelsea Schloss
Jennifer Spitlanic
Susan Svereika
Ariel Tranchell
Tiffany Vinette
Danielle Wood
Christine Zemsky

School For Graduate Studies

Master of Science

Melissa Badgley
Trudy-Kay Ganpatt
Norma Marilu Wilson

School for Graduate Studies

Master of Business Administration

Olubukola Akindeinde
Jacqueline Archer **
Shahla Bahmani
Donna Bailey
Elhadj Barry
Natalie Bashkin
Vincent Basile
Sarah Becker
Sofia Bender
Fiona Bouloute
James Bryant
Sarah Callen **
Stacey Cannizzo
Kelly Castro
Amy Cereo
Robert Collins
Trae Cooper
Twanna Coor
Nicole Shantel Daly
Michael Davoli
Danny DeGrie
Eric Dentler
Aaron T. Dritz
Cassandra Duncan
Gwendolyn Eichorn
Michael Falzarano
Carl Feren
Sharleen Flowers-Storey
Jonathan Gahan
Mark Garcia
Melissa Garrido
Jeanne Gatto
Emily Elise Gibson
Aleena Gilani
Marina Gilpatrick
Christopher Glynn **
Michele Golding
William Golembo
Rebecca Gould
Todd Griffin **
Yosef Gross
Erica Heim
Dana Hernandez
Tina Higgins
Jason Jacobs
Alexander Jones
Arthur Kappel
Brittney Keyes
Michelle Kowack
Roy Lahdo
Huan Le
Mayna Le Goute
Zachary Lemcke
Barbara Lewis
Zudith Lopez
Jason Lord
Suresh Mangal
Alize Margulis
Dan Mason
Daniel May
Abra Mays
Paula McConnell
Jeffrey Oliver
Brian Osgood
Aubrey Pitzi
Vivian M. Prera
Scott Prietti
Angela Dorothy Przybysz
Frederick Puchta
Sarah Race
Reginald Rousseau
Tyler Daniel Schultz
Maura S. Shovlin
Mackenzie Sikora
Nancy Slauson
Bryant Smith
Frinee Stanley
Marsha Thomas
Myron Thurston III
Carmen Vega
Scott Wackenheim
Jennifer Wagner
James Warrington Jr.
Tamiika White
Julian Wyllie *
Tarik Zecevic

* 2019 Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence Recipient
** Dean’s Medal Recipient

School for Graduate Studies

Master of Education

Amanda Alderfer
Kelly Anderson
Michelle Borgh
Carmen Braun
Dana Caruolo Tur
Steve Erick Castro
Jessica Childs
Christian Coscio
Heather Diane Cummings
Clair Delanty
Emily Dunn
Samantha Durkee **
Michael Faulter
Noreen Foster
Maureen Fox
Derrick Frost
Steven Gallagher
Tessa Giammarino
Joshua Heidke
Chelsea Hill
Tanya Holland
Natalie Keller
Jessica Kody
Steven La Haine
Amy Louis
Thomas Magrino
Stephen David Marquat
Amy McClave
Virginia Miller **
Michelle Minnoe
Michelle Moklebust
Bradley Montroy
Brooke Prislupsky
Shawn Razzore
Ted Remington
Kali Ruel
Melanie Schott
Joseph Siriotis
Megan Stanton
Trenisse Sutton
Joan Wienckowski
Crystal Winter
Sylvia Zaretsky

** Dean’s Medal Recipient

International Education

Bachelor of Arts

Sofiya Akhmedova
Paulína Árendášová
Anna Bazhenova
Saltanat Bekbanova
Aratrika Bose
Anjeza Deda
Zeynep Deniztoker
Lojain Elsaie
Eduard Elshani
Milena Ferenčíková
Ksenia Frantsiyants
Jan Gajdušek
Anastasia Galanakou
Michail Georgiadis
Jana Gondzsalová
Rebeka Honsová
Daniel Houser
Hannalina Kalonji
Nikita Korneev
Veronika Křížová
Maria Kyriazi
Kolbey Travis Lamb
Mitchell Leffler
Hang My Thi Mai
Jakub-Josef Malhocký
Nikolaos Mavroudis
Ivaylo Valentinov Miladinov
Adeliya Nasipova
Aneta Nevrlá
Nina Nikoličová
Lucie Novotná
Carla Pinna
Nataliya Saburova
Tereza Schwarzová
Aizhan Serik
Nadezhda Sinutkina
Aleksandra Soludanova
Anastasia Sukhodolskaya
Anastassiya Taisumova
Diana Tarnovschi
Arpád Tóth
Anh Quan Tran
Juljana Vela
Ioannis Vlachou
Eliška Vojáková
Charles Gary Wolford
Adina Zhantykeyeva

International Education

Bachelor of Science

Zeina Abdul Hak
Alain Abou Samra
Daniel Akl
Gaby Aoudi
Rebecca Aoun
Aikaterini Aranitou
Ece Sena Arslan
Fatih Arslan
Gerta Asllani
Mohamad Najib Atie
Nabi Caner Aybas
Mohammed Bamehrez
Iason Bampounis
Dannel Bartholomew
Bassel Bawab
Kejvis Bejko
Geri Bidaj
Christina Botsi
Hamza Bouhlal
Tomáš Burián
Daysi Castillo
Xhensila Caushi
Duygu Cekin
Anxhela Cela
Mehmet Gürkan Celtin
Afif Chamas
Hanna Chidiac Al
Nadeem Chlela
Maciej Chmielewski
Edison Cyci
Melda Dafa
Evangelos Dafoulis
Perla Daher Abou Khalil
Katerina Delijorgji
Hind Dennaoui
Youssef Dia
Kristal Divitku
Valbona Dizdari
Maria Dostourian
Vahit Duruay
Yasemin Eginligil
Sally Elias
Ogulcan Eyuboglu
Nour-Stephanie Farhat
Karl Feghali
Abril Felix
Albjon Fezollari
Anna Gajdošová
Jon Gajo
Paul Gedeon
Dionysios Giakoumelos
Antzelo Gkertsos
Nensi Golgota
George Gratsias
Pranvera Guxho
Friederike Jennifer Haag
Romin Halltari
Nevro Halo
Hassan Halwany
Youssef Hanna Al Kass
Dana Hariri Al
Eni Hatellari
Emanuelle Hatzimarkou
Burak Hazir
Majd Hussein Hijazi
Sanad Hnaity Al
Fiona Hoxha
Livia Hoxha
Sviatlana Hurskaya
Maria Iliaki
Jad Jawhar
Carlos Jimenez
Paola Jose
Begzodakhon Juraboeva
Vanda Kábrtová
Ina Kadi
Alisher Kalibaev
Christos Kalogeropoulos
Nazlican Kasikci
Mireille Kavdjian
Claude Keyrouz
Stavros Klironomos
Yassemin Koleilat
Sofia Kontolazou
Kristýna Kudrnová
Havva Cagla Kutlu
Ester Lala
Pinelopi Lampropoulou
Antonios Laskoudis
Aleksander Kajetan Madej
Christine Madi
Sara Mahmood
Ahlam Majdoub
Antonios Maniatis
Stavros Mantzos
Kristi Marga
Katherine Marlin
Jessica Mattar
Dorcas Mbuyi Tshitala
Eleni Mehmetaj
Klodi Mehmeti
Roger Mejia
Leona Měšťánková
Apostolos Mokas
Joey Moujahed
Mhd Talal Mousli Al
Biori Muca
Minh Le Nguyen
Christiana Ntena
Ismail Oguz
Georgios Opsimos
Rayan Oueini
Fotini Pantou
Glen Papadhima
Athanasios Papadimitriou
Katarína Pappová
Steven Paulino
Kristýna Pekárková
Olga Pexídrová
Tea Pinari
Rigels Pllumaj
Enkela Preci
Endi Prodani
Bassel Raad
Elena Ragozina
Luis Rodriguez
Franc Rusha
Kestrina Sadikaj
Ahmad Safieddine
Rafca Saliba
Iliana Saltou
Irakli Samanishvili
Franklin Sanchez
Ignis Seitaj
Andi Shahini
Rei Shehu
Syrja Shehu
Krysia Anna Simons
Mária Sobčáková
Spyridon Sourmelis
Oleg Stirba
Shalhar Suimaliev
Erida Sulo
Kamilia Taam
Zannoubia Tadmouri Al
Arisild Tanaj
Ani Tavarez
Ayse Nimet Tayfur
Egor Tiutenkov
Ingrida Topalli
Tzevaire Troka
Alexandra Tsigka
Mehmet Oguzhan Tuna
Labros Tzakis
Alexia Marina Tzelepis
Ogun Ungun
Garen Varakian
Evangelia Vasilopoulou
Monika Vidličková
Diana Villamata
Jad Wehbe
Ghena Yamout
Melis Yildiz
Kristýna Zahradníčková
Athina Zikou
Ervina Zinxhirija
Dejvi Zyberi

All degrees subject to completion of requirements

Commencement Map

When we say that SUNY Empire is a college built around our students’ lives, we mean it. And commencement is no exception. We bring ceremonies to our students across New York state and around the globe.

New York Ceremonies

   June 2, 2019

Brookville, Long Island
   June 15, 2019

  June 12, 2019

The Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Center for Labor Studies
  June 14, 2019

  June 14, 2019

  June 3, 2019

   June 11, 2019

   June 13, 2019

International Ceremonies

Athens, Greece
  July 3, 2019

Beirut, Lebanon
  July 11, 2019

Eskişehir, Turkey
  June 13, 2019

Halat, Lebanon
  September 12, 2019

Prague, Czech Republic
  June 21, 2019

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  August 3, 2019, October 19, 2019

Tirana, Albania
  July 5, 2019


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