SUNY Empire Summer Commencement 2020

A Message from President Jim Malatras

To the Graduating Class of 2020,

This is not likely how you expected to finish your last semester, but it is an incredible achievement that I doubt you will forget – because not only did you earn your degree, but you earned your degree in the middle of a historic pandemic. This moment will be recorded in history books. And despite all the challenges thrown at you over the past several months, you persevered to achieve your goals. 

You made it happen. 

Today, you get to turn your tassel and officially call yourself a SUNY Empire alum. You join the ranks of more than 87,000 proud alumni all across this nation and world. 

While I am disappointed that I'm not able to celebrate with you in person (yet), there was an unexpected benefit to this virtual format: We asked you to send your stories to us, and they poured in from every corner of the SUNY Empire community: 

"I did it! I earned my bachelor's degree just in time for my 60th birthday!" 

"My first degree in the books!" 

"Thank you to my husband and my two amazing children for showing me continuous love and support throughout this journey in achieving my Bachelor's In Nursing. I could not have done this without you!" 

"It's never too late to go back to school!" 

Every tweet, email, video, and Facebook post was a window into a bigger story of resilience, of hard work, of commitment to family, community, and to your goals. This is your story. And this is your time to celebrate. 

On behalf of everyone at SUNY Empire, congratulations. You make us proud. 



Jim Malatras

Traditions in Higher Education

Forty-nine years ago, then SUNY Chancellor Ernest L. Boyer envisioned a new model for higher education, one to serve the state’s growing population of working adults and nontraditional students. In collaboration with other like-minded, forward-thinking academics, the idea of a personalized and flexible education came to life as SUNY Empire State College.

Today, SUNY Empire is SUNY’s leading online college, with campuses and learning hubs in more than 30 communities across New York state where students can learn and collaborate in person. SUNY Empire provides motivated students at every stage of life with innovative, flexible, quality academic programs that build upon students’ diversity, work and life experience, and personal and professional goals.

As the 50th anniversary of its founding approaches, SUNY Empire is proud to be a premier public college in New York state and around the world. We remain committed to relevant, affordable education that is responsive to the needs of society by continually improving and reinventing the higher-education experience.

By The

Alumni by Age Group


Alumni age
39 and under


Alumni between
age 40 and 60


age 60+




College Council

John Maggiore, Chairman
Arlene González-Sánchez
Colleen West Hay
Donna Luh
James W. Lytle
Sheila Poole
Roberta Reardon
Molly Reilly
Patricia E. Salkin
Mark Schroeder ’82

State University of New York Board of Trustees

Kristina M. Johnson, SUNY Chancellor
Merryl H. Tisch, Chairman
Cesar A. Perales, Vice Chairman
Joseph W. Belluck
Courtney E. Burke
Eric Corngold
Robert J. Duffy
Christy Fogal
Gwen Kay
Eunice A. Lewin
Stanley S. Litow
Austin W. Ostro
Richard Socarides
Carl Spielvogel
Edward M. Spiro
Cary F. Staller

Foundation Board

Sue Epstein, Interim Assistant Vice President Advancement, Interim Executive Director, Foundation
Lexie Bonitatibus, Treasurer of the Foundation
Theodore Bunch ‘94
Phillip B. Catchings
Marian Conway ’01, ‘04
John J. Corrou ‘94
Susan L. Dake
Kristen Delaney ‘12
Tina L. Evans ’97
Christopher J. Feeley ‘86
David A. Fullard
Scott T. Johnson
James G. Karcher ‘79
Althea Luehrsen ’02, ‘10
David J. Mazzetti ‘10
Colonel (Ret.) James D. McDonough
Robert J. Roach ‘96
Susan H. Turben ’72, ’05 H
Ann S. Turner ‘86

Alumni Student Federation Board of Governors

Kelly DiCarmine ’18, President
Lori Jiava ’12, ’13, ’16, Vice President
Jawana Richardson ’16, ’18, Secretary
Lainie Kitt ’03, Parliamentarian
Keith Amparado ’88, Past President
John Corrou ’94
Christopher Duffy Jr. ’19
John Kane ’17
Ada Martinez ’14
Eleni Moraites ’16, ’18
Anthony Paganucci ’16
Jennifer Pettis ’12, ’17
Kevin Slattery ’13
Colleen West Hay
Nakesha Vines

College Leadership

Jim Malatras, President
Meg Benke, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
Beth Berlin, Executive Vice President for Administration and Chief Operating Officer
Aaron Gladd, Chief of Staff
Kyle Adams, Assistant Vice President for Communications and Marketing
Elliot Dawes, Chief Diversity Officer for Institutional Equity and Inclusion
Lexie Bonitatibus, Chief Financial Officer
Frances Boyce, Presidential Fellow
Nikki Shrimpton, Interim Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Tai Arnold, Interim Vice Provost for Student Success
Andrea Hennessy, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management
Bridget Nettleton, Dean, School of Nursing and Allied Health
Nathan Gonyea, Dean, School of Graduate Studies
Lynne Dodson, Associate Dean, Harry Van Arsdale Jr. School of Labor Studies
Nicola Allain, Dean, School of Arts and Humanities
Frank Vander Valk, Dean, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Mary Mawn, Dean, School of Science, Math and Technology
Desalyn De-Souza, Dean, School of Human Services
Julie Gedro, Dean, School of Business

Student Leadership Institute

Nicole Agnello
Chris Besozzi
LaToya Caesar
Sammie Maitland
Laura Major-Roberts
Nicolette Mazzarella
Taryn Michalak
Bethany Patterson
Lynn Saum '18 & '19
Britta Wallace
Donna Yage

Student Affairs Committee (SAC)

Nakesha Vines, Co-chair
Kimberly Demchak '17
Sheri Foster
Patricia Kessler
Shermane Azania Maitland
Taryn Michalak
Ibtisam Omar
Laurie Santino '20
Lynn Saum '18
Yuan Zhao

Degree Candidates

✝ = Cum Laude
✝✝ = Magna Cum Laude
✝✝✝ = Summa Cum Laude

** = 2020 Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence Winners

School of Arts and Humanities

Associate in Arts

S Bates
Melissa Bruno
Iveta Buck
Angelica Centeno
Kyna Eleazer
Jessica Fitzgerald-Mahler
Millissa Giannico
Steven G. Harsch
Suzanna Hendrax
Tiffany Howard
Deborah A. Kearns
Kathryn U. Makin
Mary McGarrity
Ellyn Okvist
Hayley Ossont
Kathleen PaiceFroio
Joshua David Rodriguez
Amber M. Venning
Daryn Vlad
Jaysona Williams
Kevin Winter
Rebekah Ann Wyckoff
Ziemia Young

Associate in Science

Carmen Keane
Donald Ray Self

Bachelor of Arts

Mackenzie Elizabeth Aderman
Stephanie Ali
Jay-Michael Salgado Alivia
Julie Allen ✝
Karen Anderson
Renee M. Andrews ✝✝
John Andrucci ✝✝✝
Pamela Araya
Devon Bannister
S Bates ✝✝✝
Anna Bazhenova
Joanne Beck ✝✝✝
Terrell D. Bembry
Winston Benons
Morgan Leigh Bovair ✝✝✝
Aaron Brendze-Brownlie
Margaret Brown
Iveta Buck ✝✝
Jeffrey Caldwell
Heather Calla ✝
Catherine A. Calle
Christopher Alexander Canty
Mario Carcaterro
MacKenzie Carl
Brittany Catlin
Karen M. Christensen
Elizabeth Michelle Clampet
Ian P. Corbett
Catherine CorreaMunera
Heather Cortright
Madison Crandall
William Crawford ✝✝✝
Brian M. Czaja
Alexandra Davidson
Amber Dean ✝✝✝
Christopher P. Detora
Sarah Digirolomo
Lisa Dominique ✝✝
Padric Drahushuk
Bernadette Drayton
Lina Elnagdy
Suzanne Erickson
Raymond Ernest
Cassandra Ernst
Joshua Feldhousen
Rhea-Annea Elizabeth Ferguson
Vittoria Finelli
Avraham Fisgus ✝✝✝
Jacob Fox
Jean Freebury
Tuvia Friedman
Emily J. Gagnier ✝
Christine Gardinski
Sarah Jane Gates
Todd Gdula
Jada Geary
Joseph E. George ✝✝
Max Glatt ✝✝
Rodney Golden
George Grace
Giovana Gutierrez-Arauz
Juan Guzman
Joseph Hall
Skyler Halloran
Yvonne Harden
Bernice R. Harris
Malissa Harrison ✝✝
Marla B. Hawkins
MacKinley Hawthorne
Shantol Haye
Dusa Heller
Christopher Hill
Joseph Hollander
Parker Hunstiger
Tessa C. Jones
Matthew Kalwara
Brandon Kane
Hannah Katz ✝
David Kene
Cayce Irene Kennedy-Brabson
Kathryn A. Krucenski ✝
Amanda LaPell
Jean Lataillade
Matthew Lavalle ✝✝✝
Nicholas Lemen ✝✝✝
Isabelle Lent
Thomas Lenz
Michael Lewis
Salvatore J. Locascio
Milka Lowinger
Margaret Madigan
Emily Maffei ✝
Hang MyThi Mai
Patricia Marasco
Luis E. Martinez ✝✝✝
Takako Martinez ✝✝
Nikolaos Mavroudis
Andrew L. McGourty
Jacqueline McIntyre
Renee Meadows
Rebecca Mehan
Enmanuel Mejia Burbano
Jaimi Miller-Sutton
Darlene Marie Mohlmann
Sean Mooney
Michael P. Moran
Tammy Morgan
Nicole A. Moricca
Martina Muller
Janice S. Murphy
Janey Murray
Joseph Allen Noto Sr.
Dagmar Nunez
Kathleen O'Bryan
Russell Oliver
Colleen O'Reilly
Mya Amanda Orosco
Laiken Ovitt
Athanasios Papadimitriou
Joseph J. Paszko
Holly Patrone
Ricardo Paul
Shaun Peabody
Eric Person
Glenn Philie
Cristina Pichardo Liriano
Elizabeth Pinckney
Carlos Manuel Pineda
Amanda R. Quackenbush
Susan Rassekh
Ethan Reddick ✝
Peter Reid ✝✝
Patrick Riordan
Anne S. Ross
Melody Josephine Rothstein
Desiree Roundtree ✝✝
Karen Ruiz
Rosemarie Elba Ruiz
Rosa Rule
Samantha Russo ✝✝
Teresa Hallahan Rutan
Fatima K. Sadeghi Mohamad ✝✝✝
Arman B. Safa
Douglas Santiago Pomales
Lynn Saum
Emily Schilling
Melissa See
Tanisha Selden
Ania Sepulveda ✝
Runn Shayo
Christina Sheehan
Lesley A. Shiner ✝✝✝
Anita Sillery
Kayla Simeone
Nadezhda Sinutkina
Rebekah L. Solar
Christopher Sorrentino ✝✝✝
Lisa Soto
Joshua Spagnola
Rachel Renee Sparks ✝✝✝
Maria Spathi
Gregg Francis Starring Jr.
Rachael Stickle
Mary Studdert
Anastasia Sukhodolskaya
Giavanna Sylvester
Manoella Taunton
Anne Taylor
Emily Thompson
Lindsay Tiller
Taylor Tobias
Arpad Toth
Tess Tousley
Cornelia Trombley
Meir Vegh ✝✝✝
Steven Vicino
John Vincent ✝✝✝
Christine Viola
Lisa A. Ward
Molly Watson
Florence Westergard
Ryan Whalen
Dale Whitehead ✝✝✝
Desmond R. Whitt
Jeffrey Wilber
Skye L. Wilson
Charles Gary Wolford
Virginia Woodruff
JinYi Yang ✝✝✝
Valerie Young
Brianne Zink

Bachelor of Science

Jonathan Appell ✝✝✝
YisraelB. Bitton
Thomas Cadley ✝✝✝
Kristian Comer
Autumn Rae Crouse
Amber S. Cruz
Youssef Hassan Dia
Melissa Diaz ✝
Daniel Vincent Donadio Jr.
Ernest Flagler-Mitchell
Frank D. Fortino
ValleriRenee Fredrickson
Edwin Geadah
Alice M. Gilbert ✝✝✝
Scott M. Helgert
Lawrence Henderson
Danielle Johnson
Mireille Yeghig Kavdjian
Ralph A. Kounitsos
Andrew Kovac
James Kravchuk
Jeremy W. Laforest
Amelie Lamont
Kenny L. Lewis
Maria Maurio
Gerald L. Messier
Sean M. Muroski ✝✝
Edward Nevarez
Michael A. O'Brien
Matthew Philie
Thomas J. Philie III
Astrid Poulton ✝✝✝
Anaya Price
Tabitha A. Pujol-Mitchell
Scott Richards
Joseph Sadusky
Natalie Santiago ✝✝
John Sawan
Adam Schmidt
Teresa A. Schopfer
Carolyn Stark
Dimitrea Tokunbo ✝✝✝
Jennifer VanTassel
Eric Yapalater

School of Business

Undergraduate Certificate

David Clayton
Deja Funderburk
Eric Gates
Harpreet Kaur
Craig Schmeiser

Associate in Arts

Zalika Deberry

Associate in Science

Brandy Adamczyk
Tina Agard
Thomas Amato
Carlos E. Araujo
Timothy Augustine
Jose G. Basora
Damaris Battaglia
Deborah Beisiegel
Ivorie Bell
Dena Ann Bellamy
Mario Bellantoni
Yanitza Bellido
Ann Lee Berryann
Jessica Betker
Glen Bingham
Kathryn Boardman
Dera Boodhoo
Patricia Ann Boorman
Nicole Bouck
Valesquez Bowen
Jennifer Brock
Sylvia Buccieri-Cromwell
Lisanne Buynoch
Catharine Campbell
Tina Chapman
Laura Diane Chermak
Jennifer Cogliando
Elizabeth Cole
Jeffrey Charles Conklin
Sara Cook
Shaun Cook
Lori Dambrosio
Daquan Davis
Jordana Dawkins
Ola Dawodu
Tristan D'Emic
Jian Deng
Victoria Didrich
Joseph Distefano
Elaine Ditommaso
Jamie Elmore
Anthony Faicco
Anastasia C. Fielitz
Scott Flugel
Debra J. Fox
Katie Fuentes
Charles Michael Geraci
Giavanna Giamatti
Karen Gould
Steven Graziano
Cheryl Haskins
James Haw
Jeremy Troy Hayworth
Eric Hewitt
Carin Hogans
Dallal Husein
Sheila Ann Inboune
Norman E. Izard
Angela L. Jones
Pushpa Joseph
Frank Kolbmann
ReinaDanice Kottler
Sean Kremer
David Kuhns
Lauren Margaret Kulpowsky
Tracey Kwiecien
Richard Lamark
Grisselle Latorre-Vazquez
Bryan Leonard
Karen P. Lord
Paige Luton
Tracy Magie
Shermane Maitland
Sean Major
Kuerstin Markley
Jasmine Marks
Melissa Martinez
Shaneya Mauldin
Meghan May
Francis Mazzilli
Nicole McBride
Mary McGarrity
Susan McGuckian
Noah McGuire
Latonia Merricks
Melissa Jean Miles
Sarah Moline
Guadalupe Montalvo
Alexandria R. Moore
Tracy Morse
Michelle Moyer
Gregory Napier
Stephanie Nugent
Jennifer O'Keefe
Michelle S. Omrow
Richard Ortiz
Amanda Pellow
Abica Percival
Iris Perez
Anthony Petrarca
Claire V. Plummer
Safiya Price
Natalie Ann Reid
Alexander Riva
John Rosati
Andrea Ryan
Ryan Schneider
Joanne Scott
Tarrah Seaver
Leah Shammah
Casey Jared Siegel
Erica Sinkevitch
Charles E. Smack
JhanelleE. Smith
Brittany Smythe
Emmanuel Sorrento
Sophia Spero
Kaliena Stanley
Kelley Anne Stier
Max Clifford Szemkow
Robert Tackman
Jamie Ann Taggart
Tayrin Tapia
Sheila T. Thompson
Tabitha Travis
Jessica Marie Trzybinski
Jose Vazquez
Carmenlydia Viruet
Gary Wagner
Camelia Walker
Dorothy Wells
Lee Ann Wells
Shannon Wheelock
Vincent Zaloom

Bachelor of Arts

Caitlin Cook
Taylor Paige Mazzarella
Arjeta Saljaj Gjenashi ✝✝✝

Bachelor of Science

Shurlene K. Aberdeen
Anthony Ackerley
Richard Acosta
Edward Kojo Adade
Stephannie Addo
Victor Adepoju
Nicole Agnello
Aleshia Akers
Josiah Alade
Sandra Y. Alemany ✝
EvanaE. Alexander
Isabelle-Stephanie Alexander
Ahmed H. Ali
Christy Joy Alia
Mukades Alijoski
Romel Alladin
Jefferson Almonte
Luca Amarca
Amy Anastasas
Alicia Anderson
Marian Lynn Anderson
Donnette Sherry-Ann Andrews
Joshua Anthony
Bryan G. Archer
Ashley A. Arena ✝
Anya Hollister Asamoah-Wade
Adrian A. Ashby
Vladimir Atanackovic
Justin Michael Athans
John Augustyn
Nicole Ayala
Julie Azierski-Dickson
Allen Bailey
Caroline E. Bailey
Dmitry Bakal
Alistar Baker
Jeremy Kevin Baker
Laura Sue Baker
Gabriella Grace Baldascini
Kelsey Baldascini
Darelle Banks
Yongning Bao
Danielle Baranowski ✝✝✝
Carlina Barbero
Joaquina Baret
Rosa Barker
Samantha Lynn Barnaby
Leah Barnett
Norma Baron
Tisha Barraco ✝✝
Victoria Marie Barretta
Dannel Bartholomew
Dilshad Basheer ✝✝✝
Timothy Baumgartner
Sheila D. Beach
Jesus Becerra
Xhulja Bejleri
Susan L. Belak
Brandon J. Bellino
Juanita Belmar
Mariano Beltran
Craig Benson
Elizabeth K. Benson
Kirstin Benwitz
Bryan M. Betts
Ezekiel M. Bey-Rentas
Farshad Bhuiyan
Grace A. Bianchi-Dyjak ✝
Crystal A. Black
Justin Black
Alexander Blake
Karen Blake
Paul Blanford
Michele Blaustein
Christopher Bloome
Fahimullah Bokhari
SanarRochelle Bolds
Crystal Bolling
Paul Bonelli
Kenneth Michael BoserII
Susan M. Boss
Desiree Bouchard ✝✝
Joseph Bourgeois
Kristen Bourgeois ✝
Heather Boyce
Erik Boyd
Rebekah Boyd
Russell L. Boynton
Derrick Bradley
Shante Branch
Cecilia Brand
Sherry Brantigan
Michelle Braswell
Kelly Breslin
Amanda Brinkerhoff
Elda Brito
Tiffany Brock
Marie Lynn Brooks
Ellen Brown
JaquanMarkesse Brown
Jennifer Brown
Tashana Bruce
Sylvia Buccieri-Cromwell
Alex Bucciferro
KrystalCorin Budnik
Scott Burroughs
Lakshmi Byagari
Ebony P. Byfield
MargaruiteAurrora Bynum
LaToya Caesar
Eduardo Calderon
Charlye Calizare
Karen Call
Camisha Callis
Jennifer E. Cambridge
Samantha Storm Cameron
Lashawna Cannon
NyishaK. Canty
Gregory Robert CapeceSr.
Joanna Carbonaro
Barbara Cardoso
Carlecia Carney
Shannon Carpenter
Catrinea Carr
Matthew Carrozza
Francis R. Caruana
Camrie Caruso
Marissa Casale-Barcello ✝
Jennifer Casella ✝✝✝
Tammy Casey ✝✝
Michael Anthony Catalano
Corinne Marie Cauchi
Tisha Causeway
Xhensila Caushi
Stephen Chamot ✝✝✝
SaeHwan Chang
Noelle R. Chaploney
Michael Chase
Kristine B. Chauncey
Yudiledi Chavez
Minhua Chen
Kenneth Chizuk
Haemi Cho
Hafiza Choudhry
David Christopher
Gregory Churchill
Megan Cianfarani ✝
Elisabeth Cime
Jessica L. Ciotuszynski ✝✝
Richard Clark ✝
Renee Clivilles
Matthew Clute
Leeann Coates
Josephine Coco ✝✝✝
Sharon Coggins
Elizabeth Cohen
Michael Colangelo
Theresa Cole
Brian Collins
Samantha Christine Collins
Deborah Colombo
Robert L. Compton
Kimberly Conigliaro
AbraLynn Conklin
Gail J. Connor ✝✝✝
Elizabeth Contreras-Cabrera
Michelle A. Cook
Morgan Cooper
William Edward Cooper
Laura Coppola
Jill R. Cordts
Wendy Correa
Teresa Anne Crane
Ashley Crawford
Amanda F. Cretaro
Bonnie Cristo ✝
Saterra Cumberbatch
Mark Daniel Cummings
Melda Dafa
Jingyi Dai
Chorouk Dakir
MoriaRose D'Ambro
Angela D'Atena
Danielle Daugherty
Sydney Daurio
Adrianna Davis
Kaylee Victoria Davis
Maria Davis
Tenesha J. Davis
Emily Dayter ✝
Mary De Rosa ✝
Scott F. Dean
Marion Decker
Bisham Deena
Sarah C. Defanti
Sarah Mercedes DeFreitas
Darrel Degiule
Matthew Dellavalle
Desireah Delucca
Robert Joseph DelVicario
Joseph Michael Demarco Jr.
Joanna Marie Deneke
Christopher J. Denfeld
Revel Deng
Peggy N. Denis
KatrenaB. Dennard
Michael DeVito
Riman Dhar
Brigitte Diaz
Lorainne Diaz
Noelia Diaz
Christopher Dickman
Gudelca Dijol
Caitlin Dimola
Amber Lee Dinatale
Valbona Dizdari
Megan Dobbin
Diana Dobbins
Caitline Ashley Dones
Nihada Donohew
Gina Dowd
Raymond Drechsel
Joel Dresner
Andrea Terry Marie Drummond
Philip Dudek
Julia Dumont
Chad Dupray
Jonathan Durning
Laura Ellen Dwyer
Patrick Eckborg
Sarah Edinger
Alissa Elghazi
Robert Enright
Daniel Ermisch
Jennifer K. Esau
Raymond Espinal
Marco Esposito
William Essrow
Emily Estep
Dorothy Mae Eudell
Desiree Karen Evans
Dylan James Evans
Christian James Facchin ✝
Eric Farahani
Brian Farfaglia
Nour-Stephanie Farhat Farhat
Ann Farkas ✝✝✝
James R. Faughnan
Maria Angelina Favata
Matthew J. Feinberg
John A. Felicello Jr.
Miguel Feliciano
Abril Marie Felix Tejada
Brittany Felton
Teresa Fergus
Pasquale Ferraioli
Tiffany A. Fields
Jill Figarella
John R. Finnegan
Diane Finocchio
Mark James Fiorella Jr.
Lauri Fisch
Jake Warren Flading
Latoya B. Flood
Wilfredo Flores
Danelle Florio
Gregory Flowers
Lucie Fojtova
Krystle Fontanez
Alexandra Foreman
Charles Fosmire
Lisa Ann Foster ✝✝✝
Suzanna Margaretlynn Fotusky
Lottie Fox
Donald W. Fraser
Miriam Frawley
Arnetta Frazier
Alexa Freed
Dorothy Freije
Elizabeth French
Jon Edward Frys
Deja Funderburk
Anna Gajdosova
Gina Galansky
Max S. Galens
Melanie Ganter
Nicolette Garbarino
John Garcia ✝✝
Paula Garcia
Carrie Lynn Gardner-Winecoff ✝
Heather Gates ✝✝
Charles Michael Geraci
Dionisios Giakoumelos
Michael Mario GiannicoII
Justine Giarrusso ✝
Rebecca Gillis
Dalia Giron
Gullola Gismondi
Latrica Gissendanner
Karen Glomb
Elisha Gohl
Morris Goldberg
Marisa Gomez
Rosa Goncalves-Justo
Lisbel Gonzalez
Roxanne Gonzalez
Susan Goon
Beth A. Gorman ✝
Susan Gould
Elizabeth A. Grabinsky
Lashawnda Graham
Jordan Grant
Olivia Grant
Kathleen Theresa Grealy
Jennifer Grech
Jessica Green
Wilonda Green
Roseanna Grega
Aaron Richard Gregory
Thomas Gregory
Davaugn Griffin
Katie A. Grillo
Chad D. Grindel
Christopher G. Grisanti
Felicia Gross
Seth Grupa
Isis Gruver
Rachael A. Guarnieri
Daniel Gugino
Danielle Guglielmo ✝✝✝
Luke Allen Gumaer
Pranvera Guxho ✝✝✝
Christina Guzi
Crystal May Haarmeyer
George Haddad
Frank Haden ✝
Deja Hakeem
Baylee Hall
Katlyn Marie Hall ✝
Leigh Hamilton
Kasey Mae Hammond
Melissa Hampton
Youssef George Hanna Al Kass
Wendy Harbour ✝✝✝
Roy Hardgrove
Stanley Hardter
Joseph Harmon
Michael Reilly Harrigan
Katie J. Harrington
Rachel Harrington
Starisha Harris
Kathleen Mary Harrison
Brianna R. Harvey
Jenna Harvey
Laurie J. Harvey
Merrill Harvey
Bilal Hasan
Stephanie A. Hastings
LayKisha N. Hawkins
Colleen Hay
Chelsea Hayden ✝✝
John Heckman
Brittney Heimes
Dana Helbig
Philip Hemstreet
Michael Hendricks ✝
Michael Henriquez
Jeremy Herbst
William Paul Hermanek Jr. ✝✝
Diana Hernandez
Jennifer M. Hinh
Jessica Lyn Hinkal
Chanel Hollingsworth ✝✝
Maribel Holness
Sandra R. Honor
Tracy-Ann Hopkins
Abul Hoque ✝
Trevor Hough
Chantel D. Houston
Amber Howser
Fiona Hoxha ✝✝
Livia Hoxha ✝✝✝
Jessica Hulihan
Allison V. Hummer
Dawn Hunt
Christopher G. Hurley
Christina Iadanza
Keila Idelfonso
Deborah Ingles
Jessica L. Isaman
George Ivakhnik
Garret Jacklitch
Cheyenne Jackson
Alicia June Jamison
Ismat Jehan
William Alonzo Jenkins
Jeffrey A. Jensen
Justin Jerzak ✝✝✝
Samantha Beth Jimenez
Cynthia Johnson ✝✝✝
Dakeeta Johnson
Lauree Johnson
Ransford Ray Johnson
Sarah J. Johnson
Eileen Johnston
Kristin Johnston
Katherine Joiner
Brenda Joly
Pamela Jones
RainettaT. Jones
RoryLateice Jones
Shawn M. Jones
Michole Jones-Smalls
Allison Jordan
Jivin Joseph
Sherry Joseph
Christine Julian
Begzodakhon Juraboeva
Karan Kamara
Xheni Kapidani
Anna Maria Katz
Amy E. Kaufmann
Harpreet Kaur
AsaHakansson Kazerouni
Stephan Keech
Amy Hughes Keegan
Taylor Rae Kelly
Ethan Kern
Brian Kerrigan ✝✝✝ **
Shelbey Kerwin
Sarah Khalil
Carolyn R. Kimball
Helene Kinlan
Nicole Kinsey
Rhoda D. Kirk
Lauren Kisselstein ✝✝
Paul Kleinau
Mary Jane Kleinhammer
Lynnette Ann Klingensmith
Daniel Knutti
Jason Kocot
Eleni Kotsifis
Alexander Kovacs
Sarah Kozina
Kelly-Anne Kratz
Kate Marie Krebs
Sean Kremer
Casey A. Krenek
Kristyna Kudrnova ✝
Andrew S. Kulas
Melissa Kunes
Kelsey Kuon
Brandon E. Kuras ✝✝✝
Michael Kurucz ✝✝✝
Christopher Kwilas
Daphnee Labidou
Jessica Lackie
Melvin J. Lafontaine
Brandon Lagoe
Lisa Lakeraj
Pinelopi Lampropoulou
Tracey Landahl
Andrew Lee Lane
Francis Joseph Larkin III ✝✝✝
Antonios Laskoudis
Casey Lathers
Cory Law
Debra Lawrence
Kellianne Lawyer
Jennifer Lebaron
Arthur Lee
Jamie Lee
Michele Lee
Caleb Lehman
Carleena Lendt
Kelly Leonard
Gianfranco Leone
Brittany Lepage
Michael Lerch
Laura Levonne
Dana Lewis
Marlana Catherine Lewis
Susan A. Lewis
Tamela D. Lewis
Wei Li Liang
Jessica Francis Liepke
Anna Juliane Lieser ✝✝
Lurdanys Linares
Joanna Lipiro
Janel Little
Vanessa Lobosco ✝✝
Mauricio Londono
Sandra Lopata
Jason Lorden ✝✝
Heather Lott
Heather Loucks
Lana Lovell
Sue Lowe
Nathan K. Luce
Robert C. Lynn
John Lysek
Darcy MacHia
Michelle MacIoch
Samantha Mackay
Kathleen Madison
Nathan Maeske
Kristin Mahoney
Veronica Major
Tiffany Malabet
Vivian Maldonando-Monsanto ✝✝✝
Alyssa Mammano
Matthew Charles Maneri
Linda Mantagas
Philanta Manuel
Patricia D. Marano ✝
Juliann Marchant
Mary Marcy ✝
Francesca Maresca
Heidi Marsh
Debra Jolene Martin
Rebecca Martinez
Candice Masesie
Detra L. Mason
Jeff Massett ✝✝
Maria Mastropasqua
Tevia Mastykarz
Edward Maturo ✝
Noah Maziejka ✝✝
Irene McCarty
Cheryl McConnon
Karen McCray
Jeffrey C. McCullagh
Shaun M. McCurdy
Timothy Wayne McDaniel
Kristen I. McDevitt
Taj Aiden McDonald
Aubrey McGuire
Elizabeth McGurk
Eric M. McIlhenny
Emma McIlwaine
Elizabeth Marie McLane
Sarah McLasky ✝
Alannah McLaughlin
Clifton McLaughlin
Savannah Daree McLean
Quianna McNair
Maria Medina
Ninoska Sherril Medrano
Eleni Mehmetaj
Klodi Mehmeti
Nelson Melendez
Stephania Merola
Leona Mestankova ✝
Heather Micha
Kevin Michelitch
Lisa A. Miles
Gabrielle Miller ✝✝✝
Garrett Miller
Kimberly Miller
Marianne Mattia Miller ✝✝
Rachel Miller-Bourgeois
Jessica Lynn Mills
Andria Rose Milone
Ana Mingeli
Deborah Misetich
Shaleema Mitchell
Kurt Mohammed
Harry Moliere
Alicia Molloy ✝✝
Tyrone K. Monroe
Phillip Monte
Jennifer Montes
Jessica Montgomery
Tiffane Moody
Alexandria R. Moore
Duval Moore
Gabrielle Marie Moore ✝✝
Vanessa F. Moore
John Moran
Sherry Morcos
Jillisa Morehouse ✝✝
Edna Moreland
Jacqueline Morillo
Laura Morin
Michael Robert Morris
Tristan Mortensen
Penny Muir
Mark Mullen
Ronald Mumblo
David Muncy
Michele Mundie
Richard Michael Murray Sr.
Joshua R. Murtagh
Kayla N. Myhand
Mary Elizabeth Napolitano
Samantha Nash
Nicholas Natoli
Christa Nellis
Michele Marie Nendza
Marie Neubert
Kaytlyn Nevelizer
Heidi L. Nevgloski
Julia Nevodcikova
Shermain E. Newell
Toan NguyenManh
Amanda Nicholas
Ruth Nieves ✝
Vivian Nieves
Kim Nixon
Mark Noonan
Ezeukwu Nwanganga
Paul Joseph Obrien
Frankie A. O'Brien ✝✝
Kimberly A. O'Halloran
Jesse Oleet
Alisha Oliver
Morgan Orlando
Susan Orman ✝✝
Daniel Osroff
Susan Jennifer Owen ✝✝✝
Michele Anita Pagan
Kathleen E. Pagani
Jessica J. Paglia
Christina Palermo
Heather Jo Palmer
Yan Pan
Glen Papadhima ✝✝✝
Katarina Pappova
Keshia Parker
Maureen Ava Parrish
Motaza Parrish
Danielle Parsons
Dalton Passmore
William Patterson
Susanna Payano
Jessica Lee Peck
Kristyna Pekarkova
Derek L. Penney ✝
Samantha Hannah Penso
Sugey Peralta
Carlos Pereira
Elaina Perez
Isolina Perez ✝✝
Laura Perfetti
Eileen M. Pericak
Heather Lynn Perry
Regan Persaud
Mary Pfeiffer
James Phelps
Sarah M. Phillips
Joseph M. Piazza
Sindy Pichardo
Timothy Pierce
Brian Plouffe
Paul Harlan Poretsky
Kerri Marie Potter
Timothy James Potts ✝
Matthew Poulsen
Deborah Powell-Lapi ✝
Enkela Preci
Dean R. Prentice
Lilah J. Prestia
Christine Priore
James F. Pritt
Endi Prodani
Michelle Provenzano ✝✝✝
Jessica Prue
Alex J. Przytulski
Anthony Puglisi
Bassel Ali Raad
Elena Ragozina ✝
Hope Rainbow
Aben Ramadhan
Darya Ramaniuk
Ashton Rampersad
Isha Rana
Mark J. Randazzo
Brian Rashbaum
Francis Razzano
Haley A. Read
Janel D. Reardon
Jennifer Marie Regan
Sharon Reid
Megan L. Rhodes
Christopher Ricci ✝
Paul Richardson ✝✝
Evelyn Rivera
Heubert H. Rivera
Shannon M. Rivera
Adina Santos Rivera-Towell
Jody Roberts
Susan Diane Robillard
Gregory Robinson
Kathryn Ann Robinson
Marilyn Robinson
Aleathea Rodriguez ✝✝
Donny Rodriguez
Elsie Rodriguez
Tiffany Rodriguez
Christopher Rohde
Maria Roman
David Ropell
Robertcarlo Suspine Roque
Karen Rosen
Brian Ross
Stephen Rossler
Mary Ann DeRicco Rothstein
Jennifer Lynn Rowe
Jennifer Rucci
Jonathan Ruiz Rivera
Jason Rundle ✝✝✝
Mashelle Russell ✝✝
Emmalee Russo
Kestrina Sadikaj
Christopher Safori
Mark Sailer
Angelo SaladinoJr.
David Salerius ✝✝
LaDonna Sanders ✝
Joseph Santangelo
Christina Marie Sargent
Angelica B. Savoie
Kacey Sawicki
Ashoka Sayroo
Ashlea Lyn Scarpelli
Jacob Benjamin Schacker
Eric M. Schaeffer
Elizabeth Schatz
Renny Scheibel
Christine Schlicht
Laurie Ann Schlossberg
Caitlin M. Schlottman
Alyssa Schmitt
Donna Schmitz
Andrea Schneider
Elisabeth C. Schnitzer ✝✝✝
Lynnell Susan Schreiber
Barbara Schuck
Lisa Schultz ✝✝
Thomas Schwartz
Katrina Schweigard
Alessia Scolaro
Tarrah Seaver
Mariia Semashkina ✝
Emily Serrano
Ann M. Setter
Deborah Sewell
Connor Seweryn
George Arthur Shannon ✝
Kathryn M. Sharp
Kelly A. Shaw-Hewes
John Sheaffer
Joseph Shelters ✝✝
Ryne Shelton
Mary Sheppard
Miranda L. Sherry
James Harvey Sherwood
Michael Siano ✝✝✝
Casey Siegel
Steven Silverman
Calvin A. Simmons
Hermin Simmons
Krysia Anna Simons
Seyon L. Sinclair
Angandai Singh
Baljinder Singh
Rachel Singh
Stephanie Sheron Singh
Susan Sittniewski
George Skaros
Samantha Skelly
Andrew Skrobanski
Nellian Slowley
Robert Small
Conant Smith
Lloyd Smith
Malcolm B. Smith
Megan Elizabeth Smith
Susan Smith
April Denise Smith-Little
Steven Joseph Smolarek
Megan Sorrell ✝✝
Jason Spivak
Steven St Clair ✝✝
Leslyn T. St. Hill
Sarah Staib
Caitlin Statler
Alexander J. Steciuk
Ray Stennett
Jeffrey Stevens
Justin Michael Steward ✝
Christopher Stewart
Scott Stewart
Oleg Stirba
Terra L. Stone
Jeffrey S. Stork
Samantha String
Henry Sufran
Admir Sulejmanovic ✝✝✝
Suzanne Sully-Pniewski
Chaohan Sun
Joseph Sweeney
Paul Leroy Sweeney
Travis Sweet
Jeanine Syska
Miklos A. Szabo
Shawn Szakaly ✝✝
Kamilia Taam
Tracy A. Tadt
Jaimie J. Tai Oy Yong Sampson
Sara Tamer
Arisild Tanaj
Jacqueline Tapp
Christopher Tarbell
Brianna Marie Tator
Melissa Tatti
Annie Taylor
Brittney Taylor
Richard Tener
Anthony J. Terranova Jr.
Kristin Tetlack
Christina Joanne Tewes
Chrysalis Thibodeau ✝✝✝
Alexus R. Thompson
Takisha Thompson
Sabbir Tipu
Egor Tiutenkov
Derek P. Tombs
Edison Torres
Tanisha Torres
Thomas Towle
Chelsey Trombley
Judith Truesdell
Rosemary Trusso
Samantha Tseng
Alexandra Tsigka ✝✝
Diana Tull
Caitlin Tyneway
Jeffrey Urich
Samantha Vacchio
Migdalia Valenzuela
Jean Vales
Ryan Vance ✝✝
Nancy L. VanWormer
Raven Varela
Steven Vassallo
Estelle Mercedes Vega
Katherine Velez
Jared Frederick Vibert
Ian Vidal
Monika Vidlickova ✝✝
Elizabeth Viele
Victoria Vigliotti
Rachelle L. Vitale
Lynn Waicul
Jillian Walczyk
Cherelle Walker
Lashauna Walker
Walea Walker-Valentin
Risela Walls ✝✝✝
Petra Wanka ✝✝
JodiLorin Wasserman
Tara Lynn Waterman
Thomas Waterman
Alyssa Watson ✝
Adam Watts
Sherman Alexander Watts
Jessica Waydelis
Angela Webber
Laura Ann Weiner
Christine M. Weller
Abby Werth
Shannon Wheelock
Daniel Lewis White
James L. White
Tracie White
Monica Whitney
Shamilla Wiley
Tami Wilkinson ✝✝✝
Andrea Williams
Barry Williams
Bruce Williams
Christine Williams
Lori Williams
Martin Williams
Ryan Williams
Tiffany Simone Williams
Brian R. Wilson
Roy Delbert Wilson Jr.
Sarah Wilson
Susan Wlazlak
Allison Wood
Jennifer Wright
Mark Wright
Meredith Yakut
Denise Yarsiah
Melissa Young
Stacey Elaine Young
Jennifer Youngman
Haiqin Yu
Jian Jun Yuan
Patricia Yusaitis
Sharifa Zaban
Michelle Lynn Zglinicki
Jing Zhang
Pan Zhao
William Zizzo
Frank William Zochol
Caitlin Zuk-Pafumi
Ross Zuk-Pafumi

Bachelor of Professional Studies

Tameeka Blunte
Elizabeth Brown ✝
Gary Cohen
Gerard Collins
Jeffrey Davis ✝✝✝
Jasmin Gonzalez
Eddy Jourdan
Imran Khan
Joseph Landers
Deborah Lester
Bryan Liebener
Irene Lomurno
Anne Lyons
Lisa Marcellus
Paula D. Mauro
Ryan D. O'Donovan
Fred J. Ohayon
Kory Rawleigh ✝✝
Carol Rivera
Daniel Gerard Rodecker
Addison Schmidt
Kelly Smith
Cathleen M. Stanton
David Treneer
Tina L. Trybalski

School of Human Services

Associate in Arts

Oluwakemi O. Awolana
Darcy Buza
Deanna Nicole Costanzo
Jessica Defeo
Cassandra Donato
Kaerisa Donnahie
Nia Garcia
Caroline Hirsch
Samantha Hojnacki
Shanna-Kay Knight
Claire MacKason
Ashley Marley
Chavin McDonald
Tressie Meredith
Brian Potvin
Aurelio Rapp-Jimenez
Johnathan Robinson
Carla Rogers
Steven Taylor

Associate in Science

John Abraham
Annamarie Aigotti
Tahmina Akter
Susan Alvarado
Misty Augustin
Amanda Avis
Jessica Barreto
Salvador Becerra
Omar Black
Jamie Bonner
Goldie Brunner
Diane Burchhardt
Victor Chambers
Jessie Charles
Brittany Childs
Travis Correa
Amy Marie Ditta
Jason T. Eganski
Kelly Falkner
James Farrell
Christine Garcia
Cassandra Gentile
Michael J. Goodrich
Amanda R. Gozdziak
Berlinda Gregoire
Lori Grinnell
Phillip A. Gubish
Maureen Hagen
Kathleen Harrington
Steven Herrera
Jane Hirsch
Melanie Hlapatsos
Dedrick J. Hutley
Marie Hyden
Qumarah Jackson
Shavonte Jennings
Terry-Sue John
Jessica Johnson
Monique Jones
Harpreet Kaur
Maria Kresa
Lisa S. Kretz
Christine Langworthy
Cara-Anne Lee
Inez Marie Libruk
Carl Loerzel
Nerissa Lopez
Unique Lovett
Francisco Martinez
Brooke McAllister
Megan McCabe
Shannon Meminger
Melanie Mendoza
Tabitha S. Mims
Jessica Moser
Martin Brian Murphy
Courtney Myers
Stephen Nurse
Kathleen O'Connor
Shannon O'Malley
Karin Pataky
Camilo E. Poveda
Steven L. Reece
John F. Ricks
Amanda Rigby
Suzanna Ritchey
Brianna Rivera
Deborah-Ann Robinson
Andrea Rodolico
Debra Rogers
Shakala Royal
Kyette Royster
Callie Saddlemire
Ana Santiago
Mary Schwanke
Justin Scott
Marilyn Sepulveda
Danielle Skelly
John Smith
Gianna Sorrentino
Robert Talay
Christopher Tassa
Toni Taylor
Stephanie Tejada
Veronica Tejada
Shaun Thompson
Michelle Torres
Ramon Trigo
Jennifer Vigliotti
Dawn Vilord
Takyma Wegley
Michelle Weiler
Sherise Welch
Francine Wilbur
Cassandra Wilson

Bachelor of Arts

Mary F. Abaied ✝
Whitney Agyekum
Larrieux Aladin
Jennifer Ambridge ✝
Julia Baggiano
Misty Becker
Megan Beeley
Erica Bensky
Holley Boots
Nicole Canady
Aurelie Cardona
Emily Chege
Katelyn Clancy ✝✝
Louise Clark
Monique Clother
Joy Cohen
Colleen Cook
Destiny Corwise
Jessica Lauren Davis
Sarah Delapp ✝✝
Maria Delgado
Issa Diarra
Anna Dimatteo
BethanniAndrea Donaldson
Jennifer L. Durbano
Martha Freese
Stephanie Frickenstein
Cindy I. Gardner
Tiffany Gilbert
Joanne Giuliano
Thomas James Golden
Samantha Hague
Rocco Hollenbeck
Alice Hughes
Sarah Hunter
Rebecca Nadia Kalicharan ✝✝✝
Leigh Anne Maria Kealy ✝
Anna Kielkucki
Krista E. Knoblich
Adrienne Lang
Bernadine Leonard-Sampson
Caelan Manning
Gladys Marchese
Laurence Mercedes ✝
Christine Moore
Lisa Nuzzi
Kim Powers
Alexarae Quintigliano
Angela Ralston
Phyllis Rifkin
Rodina Roberts
Tashena Rochester
David Sabino
Daniel Santiago
Jessica Lynn Schafer
Zianna Lee Schmidt
Timothy Smith
Wendi G. Spence ✝✝
Velveda Springer
Jennifer Taub
Lisa M. Thrash
Lavonda Michelle Tubbs
Anna Marie VanNatten
Kyle Wagner
Tyrone Watson
Allisha Sheniqua Webber
Richard Wexler ✝
Tina White
Tresha Wright
RocharaC. Wynn
Paulette Young

Bachelor of Science

Kristin Abdella
NurahJ. Abdul-Fattah
Kojo Addai
Melinda Agnew-Robinson
Bassa Agouda
Naamah Aisenbaum
Brittany Albronda ✝✝
Crystal Lynn Alesio ✝
Amanda A. Allen
Nicole Allen
Symphonie Allen
Jacob Anderton
Katie Andrews ✝✝✝
Anthony Antunovic
Mohit Arora
Elisabeth Arp
Stephanie Arrant
Carol Atehortua
Falon E. Austin
Samantha Ann Marie Badillo
Lesli Baker ✝✝✝
Michelle Baker
Deirdre Barca ✝✝✝
Antoinette Barkley
William Barnes
Tracey Baron
Annemarie Barrett
Michael Barton ✝✝
Marquette M. Bascom
Laurie A. Basnight
Briahna Batchelor
John Baudendistel ✝✝
April Beardsley
Brandon Beaupre
Marjorie Belizaire
Beth Ann Benson
Michelle Benson
Kyle McKenzie Bentley
Tamara Berkeley
Joshua Berman ✝✝✝
Taleesha Bland
Chelsea M. Booth
Loretta Borders
Daquan Boykin
Ussiriya Braimah
Penny Brand
Sandra N. Braswell
Elizabeth Bray
Eliza Jane Brewer
Christine S. Briggs
Sharon Brookes ✝✝
Sarah Brown
Shadell Brown
Tara Brown
Ryan Buckley ✝✝✝
Gwendolyn Burden
Steven Burgess
Ashlee Bush
Lindsey Bushey
David Bushnell
Kelly Ann Butler
Danielle Button
Brianna M. Byas
Denise Cahill
Christina Calantone
Cameron Felipe Calderon
Jennifer Cammarata ✝✝✝
Jacqueline Campbell
Rebecca Canfield
Jeffrey Ryan Capitummino
Barbara Capwell ✝✝✝
Harlie Carey
Kimberley Caruso
Kathleen Cash
Alison Ashley Castellar
Nelson Castilla
Steven J. Catti ✝
Shanna Cayea
Megan L. Chaple
Randall Cheeseborough
Jason Chen ✝✝
Eve Cher
Emilie Clark
Kimberly Clark
Melanie G. Clarke
Fabienne Clermont
Kelly Clookey
Audrey Coady ✝✝
Daval A. Coleman
Daniel Coles
Alexis Collado ✝✝
Jenifer Colleton
Toneisha Colson
Kerry Connors
Aedan Cool
Audrey Cooper
JaceeA. Cooper
Lori Corcoran ✝✝✝
Jose R. Cordero
Patricia E. Cosgrave
Melissa Cosman
Kathryn Cossu
Kristen Couse ✝✝
Jessica Covell
Michelle Cowan
Tamara Crane
Amber Crapo
Melinda Crist
Amanda Marie Cronk
Colette Adeline Crosby ✝
Jared Croy
Katherine Cruz
Thomas Culkin
Ann-Marie Cutter
Miranda Damiano
Taylor A. D'Angelo
Tracy Davenport
Tanika Davidson
Crystal Lynn Davis
Deborah Davis
Lydia Delores Davis
Mark P. Davis
Cynthia De la Rosa
Crista De la Torre
Christine De Mel ✝✝✝
Heaven H. Decker
Jennifer M. Decook
Brandi Dejesus
Heather Ursula Demorris
Gregg Densley ✝✝
William Dentrone
Kelly Devine
Daniel Dewolf
Regina Marie Dicecco
Joanne Marie DiGuiseppe ✝✝✝
Fawn Dix
Diana Domingo
Robert Doss
Ann Dowsey
Michelle Dunham
Sarah Dunham
Nicole Durkin
Kayla Dye
Paul Eagleston
Ashley Earle
Veronica East
Francesca Ebanks
Amanda Eggleston
Bradley Eisner
Amanda L. Elshahawi
Jean Emmons
Michele M. Esparza
Thomas Ewing ✝✝
Lisa Fascio
Mary Fay ✝✝✝
Oleg Farniev
Ashley Felice
Kelly Christine Feuer
Anastasia Fielitz
Rose M. Finocchio ✝✝
Yolanda Flack
Chaise Flaherty
Dana Flores ✝
Dione L. Fluitt
Heather K. Fogarty
Dawn Foreman
Jasmine Fork
Carole Forsmith
Christina Foster
Michele Fountain
Lisa Fox
Christina Foy
Jonelle Holly Francis
Penny S. Frank
Jessica Fraser
Heather Fredericks
Kayleigh Fuller
Shannon Fusco ✝
Stephanie Gadsden
Jaycee Nicole Galdamez
Elizabeth Galle ✝✝✝
Juanita Gamble
Sherry Garcia
Virginia L. Geller
HaiLee Gennings
David George
Tina Giardono
Sara Giarratano
Nancy Gildersleeve
Stephanie Gillette
Caress Gilyard
Sylvia Givans
Justin B. Glasser
Linda Gonia
Kimberly Gordon
Janice Grace
Robert Graham
Christopher M. Grandy
Brian Greening
Bobbi Jo Grignon
Destiny Groleau
Angela Hadfield
Maureen Hagen
Dean Hale
JasmineTifany Hall
Jennifer Hall
Jennifer L. Hall
Nicholas Hall
Carrie Hallnan
Raven Hanes
Kylie Jordan Hanley ✝✝✝
Karinne Harney
Donna Harris
Bibi Narifa Hassan
Tierra Hastings
Sandy Hay
Tyrone Hayes
Shabrea Heartfield
Ryan Heinrich ✝✝
Nicole A. Helmer
Antwan Henry
Jennifer Hess
Kym High
Chelsea Hill
Gina Hobika
Samantha Hoen
MacKenzieElizabeth Hofmann
Ashley Hojnacki
Anthony Holden
Dawn Houghtaling
River Howell
Susan Huffman
Lynne Infantino
Saba Iqbal
Garrett N. Jackson
Robin Jackson
Terrell Jackson
Tjesa Jacobs
Dawn T. Jacoby
Corine Elizabeth James
David Januszewski
Henry Jaworski
Erin Jeffords
Mercedes Jerzak
Bincy D. John
Darren J. Johnson
Kito Johnson
Myisha Johnson
Lisa Johnson-Hodges
Zakiya Nailah-Grace Johnx
Rita M. Jolicoeur-Apap
Najae Jones
Nancy Jones
Lauren Marie Joyce
Tabitha Isabelle Judkins
Pamela Kablack
Bianca Kadrmas
Heidi Kazmark
Karen Keenan
Jeannine Kelley
Patrick Dennis Kelly
Carin L. Kent
Mary Kent ✝✝
Narcissa Kilgore
Elizabeth Klein
Kaycee Knipes
Clara Kolpakas
Olaiya Korede
Jacquelyn Kotary
Jainai Kranwinkle
Christine Ann Krause
Colleen Krempl
Eva Kubiak
Monika Kwasnicka
Jine Labrake
Frank Lapocca
Miranda Law
Cristy M. Lee
Keith Lekar
Steven Lerner
Cassidy A. Lewis
Margaret M. Licari ✝✝✝
Randi Lieberman
Laura Lincourt
Miranda Leah Lindsay
Nelly Liranzo
Lynette Marie Litts
Jodi Lee Lo Cascio ✝
Angelina Lopez
Steven Joseph Lopez ✝
Tyler Loschke
Ashley Lowe
Sanita Lumpkin
Elizabeth Luparelli
Priscilla Maciel
Patricia MacLeod
Natasha Maguina
Jenna Majka
Rodney Martin Malloy
Carrie Mangino
Charmaine J. Maragh
Kristine Martino
Ashley Matrassi ✝✝✝
Lucybelle Maughn
Peter A. Mazler
Kelly Mazzio
Kyle McAfee
Megan McCabe
Amanda McCaffrey
Sinead McCarthy
Heather McCollum
Meaghan McDonell
Emily McFadden
Katie McKasty
Sharyn McKenzie
Jenna McNally
Matthew Meier ✝✝✝
Marie Merisier
Victoria Metz
Ana Miguel
Ashlee Miller
Nichole Mitchell
Gina Modafferi-Capucilli
Talia Mondesir
Jacob Monkelbaan
Hilda Montalvo-Santiago
Ramon Monteiro
Donna Montesano
Jaclyn Moore
Domenico Morbidini ✝✝✝
Amory Mowrey ✝✝✝
Jessica Mozo
Erynn Colleen Murphy
Faith Murphy ✝✝
Susan Murray
Katarina Myers
Brittany Neff
Lucy Nelson
Sharon Newman
Dai Nguyen ✝✝
Christy Nier ✝
Christopher Nohejl
Briselly Nunez
Jacqueline O'Brady
Sara Offen
William Olszewski ✝
Heather Marie Overholt
Heather Owens
Franklin Padilla
MassielC. Pages
Nicole Pallone
Dillon Palmer
Vincenzo Panico ✝
Tara L. Pantalone ✝✝✝
Jocelyne Papacharalambous
Judy Parsons
Amy M. Pattison
Merlyn Paulino
Lisa Payne
Amanda L. Peck
Julie Perec
Jennifer Perez
Leanna Perez
Angela M. Perrotti-Sousis
Terri Perry ✝
Jenelle Pierre
Louisa Pierre
Brian Pilholski
Scott J. Pitt
Margaret Plaza
Diana Polanco
Rachel Pool
Tylica S. Pope
Kristen Porter
Kayla Powers
Sarah Pray
Alexandra Primus
Hazel F. Proper
Jade Purdy ✝
Joseph Quaranto
Richard Quenzer ✝✝✝
Malissa QuinlanMaurizzio
Yamaira Quinones ✝
Juana Quintero
Melissa Rankin
Lester D. Reid
Elizabeth Relosky
JoyelH. Richardson
Aswala Rigaud
Dawn Rivera
Kimberly Rivera
Marisol Rivera
Ashley Robellard ✝✝✝
Erica Robinson
Natasha Rocke
Terrence Rodgers
Emma R. Rodriguez
Stefanie Rogers
Roberta Romano
Amanda M. Rosario
Ashley Rose
Lisa Ross ✝
Michele Roth
Pamela Roulhac ✝✝✝
Marisa Russo
Jessica A. Sailor
Phillip Salinardi
Alyssa Salvesen
Karen Sanchez
Weena Sanchez
Jill E. Sanders ✝✝
Kelly Sanford
Phoebe Sanft
Steven Sansone
Debra Santiago
Tara Schneider
Lori S. Schweitzer-Amato
Belinda Scott
Doreene Scott
Bryan Senecal
Saba L. Shuler
Denise J. Simcick
Devika Singh
Frances C. Sitter
Danielle Skelly
Ashley Smith
Khadijah Smith
Meghan Smith
Natalia Smith
Pauline D. Smith
Sandi Smith
Tanya K. Smith
Candice Smith-Jones
Richard St Hilaire
Jeffrey Stevens
Lyndsay Stevens
Nicole Stewart
Shannon Stockwell
Tonya Stokes ✝✝
Emily Stringham
Cyriac Stvil
Christine Summers
Teresa A. Taft
John Tait
Lisa Taylor
Dearline Theodule ✝
Veronica Mae Thompson
Debra Thompson Rosenberg
Eric S. Tobkes
Courtney Tortora
Heidi Y. Troche
Kristopher Trombley
Tammie Trombley
Michael Tuggey ✝✝✝
Samantha Turman
Christopher Tytler
Marissa Valastro
Jessica L. Valcik
Fernando Valentin
Anne VanOrden ✝✝✝
Paul VanSlyke
Luis M. Vasquez III
Ahmed Veknach
Carolyn Vella
Alexis Venezia
Julie Vilinsky
Angela Wager ✝✝
Matthew Charles Wagner
Jennifer Marie Waite
Ted Walker
Esther Wallace
Monique Warren
Myleka Warren
Barbara Warters
Rebecca Weiss
Nicholas Westcott
Heather Wheeler
Nicole M. White ✝✝✝
Stephanie White ✝✝
Talisa White
Jamaal Williams
Kameo Williams
Kari Williams
Laure Williams
Melvin Williams
Phillip Williams
Sherika Renee Willis
Carin M. Witherell
Sarah Wittrock ✝✝
Sharon Woolery
Erica Yanowiak
Haley Youngs

Bachelor of Professional Studies

Tika Albek
Derick Bentley
Vincent Anthony Fasano ✝✝
Tekeysha Hendricks
Ronda Migliore ✝✝
James M. Thomsen

School of Science, Mathematics, and Technology

Associate in Science

Naileth Abreu
Victoria Addison-Witsell
Nicholas Allman
Peter Nicholas Alvarez
Lance Arduini
Brooke Hailey Armstrong
Connor Joseph Ashline
Ariana Barranco
Fabiola Bastien
Julie Beharovic
Kevin Alexander Berger
Morris Bonhon
Kimberly Butler
Joseph Cavalotti
Mary Chaia
David T. Clegg Jr.
Jessica Colon
James Cooke
Tea Cunningham
Yunisse Darouich
Marjorie Delaney
Justin Dolinger
Brittney Ferrari
Steven Gokey
Amanda Grau
Bracha Grunfeld
Stefanie Maria Guercio
Kylie Jordan Hanley
Gurvinder Kaur
James King
Chelsea Lattanzio
JaeHoon Lee
Sara Ann Lemos
Omar K. Lindsay
Erika Lombardi
Diondra Lotito
Nina MacRi
Ruth Mahpari
Oksana Maksimiyk
Sarah Nasson
Stephon Parker
DeNasha Patterson
Erik Petersen
Vanessa Piedrahita
Anthony M. Pino
Yekaterina Potashnik
Eiline Restituyo
Donny Rodriguez
Dawn Marie Russiello
Anna Russo
John Salamone
Kelly Salerno
Jennifer Santori
Kathleen Ann Sauve
Kaitlyn Schaeffer
Yongke Shi
Nikkeya Spence
Dayanara Torres
Santos Torres
Michael J. Varnam
Amanda C. Villegas
Jonathan Ward
Christopher Wolpert
Liam Woods
Shoshana Yaffe
Baoying Zhang
Devora Ziman

Bachelor of Arts

Harry J. Correa
Britni Peden
Marie Prince
Christopher Schmitt
Peter T. Stika ✝
Eva Vizcarra

Bachelor of Science

SabeehaW. Alayan
Aida Alicea ✝✝✝
Christopher Armitage ✝✝✝
Michael Thomas Asencio
Darren Augi
Matthew Babich
Shriveta Balram ✝✝
Iason Bampounis
Sarah Townsend Barber
Mason Batchelder
Erica Batterson
Richard Beaudoin
ZenzeleTanya Bell
Nahomi Beltran
James Beltrani
Alexis Benitez ✝
Jamie Billig
Bryce Lane Bixler ✝✝✝
Alexis Blatcher
Dan Borczynski
Michael Francis Brinkerhoff II
Tiffany Brooks
Nathaniel Burke III
Jessica Marie Burry
Derek Cacciotti
Domenica Casale
Diana M. Cassulis ✝✝
Melissa Cavaco
Danielle Marie Chaitkin ✝✝
Shahin Reza Choudhury
Michelle Christofilakes
McKenzie K. Coleman
Kylie E. Conley ✝✝✝
Jasmin Contreras ✝✝
Austin Cook
James Cooke
Carla Cunningham
Meghann Cunningham
Brian J. Curtis
Edison Cyci
Luis Andres De la Cruz
James DeLong
Amanda Devitt
Salvatore Michael Diperi
Kristal Divitku
Cory Domer
Kenneth Draper
Benjamin Driscoll
Andrew Drozd
Ryan Christopher Dunn
Gary Dwyer
Vanessa Elias
Jamaal A. Emerson
Stephen Richard Emmons
Zachary D. Fabiano
Claudia Fisher ✝✝✝
Stephanie Folk
Matthew C. Fraley
Annette Lavern Franklin
Laurel Fry ✝✝✝
Sarah Fuhrer
Christopher Gallello
Thomas Gardner
Paul Gilbert Gedeon
Darren Geliebter
Nathan George
Antzelo Gkertsos
David Gobeo
Rochelle Gold ✝✝
Daniel Gomez
Jeremy Grabbe
Melissa Greco
Michael Anthony Gross ✝✝
Christopher G. Guenther
Gina Gugliuzza
Jeffrey Guzewicz
Aaron Hagstrom
Romin Halltari ✝✝
Zachary Caleb Hamilton
Charles Hanby
Jordan Harris
Timothy Peter Hatch
Mark J. Haughie
Brett Henderson ✝
Rowe Hessler
Stephen Hoffer
Sean Hollett
Shakir Hossain
Brandon Hoyt
Tim Huang
Patrick Hughes
Steven Hunt
Pamela Huret
A K M Kamrul H. Imam
Courtney Lynn James
Tanya Jasewicz
Eunsoo Jee
Nicole Lynn Jenkins
Blas Jimenez Reyes
Chrystelle Juste
Ranjit Kaur
Serkan Aziz Kaya
Fawad Khan
Jaafir Khan
Adam Klyczek
Andrew Kopacki
Dylan Lambros ✝✝
Michon Lanaro
Tyler Lasorsa
Andrew Lauro
Ashley Leemans
Emily Lifs
Kyle Little
Michelle J. Little ✝✝
David Lombardi
Kelly Elizabeth Lopane
Diana Lucas
John Lugo
Michael Lutz ✝✝
Robert Lynn
Antonios Maniatis
Makenzie Manning
Stavros Mantzos
Kristi Marga
Nelson Mason
Marc-Andre Massena
Heather Mausehardt
Zachary A. Mayer
Vicki Mayton
Maksim Mayzus
Marissa A. McElligott
Erin McKernon
Salman Mirza
Puok Moon
Christopher Moore
Tiffany Marie Mui ✝✝✝
William Murray
Rajiv Nair
Tehreem Naz
Robert Orleski
Aimee K. Pebworth
Kevin Michael Pelc
Darren F. Perez
Lena M. Phillips ✝✝✝
Linda Plutino ✝✝✝
William J. Polakowski
Adam Porter
Aveaun Powell
Fritzgerald Prophete
Rodolfo Puertoreal
Michael C. Pyzikiewicz
Stephen Christopher Rich
Denise Lynn Richards
David Rivera
Harmony Rocourt
Steve Romero
Carl Edward Root
Christopher Rownd
ShneurZ. Rubinson
Ahmad Salah Safieddine
Christopher Salony
Lukas Henrik Sammler
Jose Luis SanchezSanchez
Annapoorna Satyanarayana
John Sauer
Douglas Scheck
Abraham E. Schwartz
Mark Schwendinger
Cory Sgambato
Blain Smith
Rebekah Smith
William Smith
Jason William Spatz
Jennifer Stalter ✝✝✝
Brett Stanavich ✝✝
Rhiannon Starks ✝✝
Steven Stein
Laura Storms
Hannah Swick ✝✝
Samantha Thompson
Jennifer Torres
Travis Anthony Torres
Lauren Trifone
Labros Tzakis
Brandon Valois
Jorge Valverde
Steven Vazquez
Vy Vu
Amanda Wallace
Casey M. Walsh
Hannah Christine Walter
Marshall Winters
Amanda L. Zaleski
Elias Zehr
Tyler Zehr ✝✝✝
Matthew Zenkar ✝✝✝

Bachelor of Professional Studies

Sheik Mohamad ✝✝
Edward Smith Jr.

School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Associate in Arts

Andreanna Abbate
Andrea Althiser
Victoria Arcaro
Mariah Baker
Richard Joseph Balkonis
Jenarae Beaudin
Mary Lou Blocho
James Borrero
Clinton Brown
Stacey Brown
Rhason Burke
Jennifer Marie Carley
Raquel Castellanos
Taylor Cohen
Barbara Colacurto
Milagros Colon
Lisa Convery
Kim Cook
Gianna Costanza
Elissa D'Angelo
Calvin Daniel
Louise Daniels
Allison DeLeo
Kimberley Theresa Deputron
Joella DiLemme
Sabrina Diaz
Tayloe Barth Dines
Carmine Dispigna
Arlene Dominguez
Richard Douglas
Alyssa Driesbaugh
Alisia Eichwald
Sandra Fanelli
Lisa Felix-Williams
Amber Ferguson
MacRina Foster
Maryanne Fraleigh
Chevar Francis
Rena Lillit Freedman-Marker
Shmuel E. Friedman
Evelyse Fung
Dellon Garraway
Barbara Good
Lambrina Gournelos
Casandra Hambright
Amanda Heckle
Mykell Holloway
Shaniqua Precious Holloway
Natasha Honore
Zachary Horowitz
Richard Isaacs
Mandy Maria Ives
Deanna Johnson
Jamila Johnson
Lawrence Johnson
Toni M Kaminsky
Mary Ellen Kennedy
Deborah L. Kivisalu
David Land
Ingrid Layne
Kathryn Lee
Marlena Lieberman
Douglas Holmes Lockwood Jr.
Dylan Thomas Long
Niamarie Magliocco
Lauren Maldonado
Ashley Margillo
Dina Marks
Kristina Martinez
Marcella Martinez
Roberta Massarini
Janine M. Mayer
John Thomas Mazzaro
Susan Meza
David Miles
Lynette Mills
Naina Morgan
Lana Nastari
Herbert Oelschlagel
Amma Oloriwaa
Emmanuel Osei
Ramel Page
Sarah E. Peacock
Antoinette Pecere
Evelyn D. Perez
Stacey Perrone
Victoria Petrocelli
William Ponder
Mandell Pratt
Dianne Proscia
Patrice H. Ratcliff
Christopher Regina
Wendy Reynoso
Katelin Rhodes
Arlene Riccio
Michael Anderson Rock
Wilson Rodriguez
Yamilet Roman
Lynette Ronchaquira
Lashawanda M. Rosser
Amanda Ruiz
Jonathan Chester Russell
Denise Ryan
Paul Sanders
Faoziyat Sanusi
Maria Scherello
Juliana Schumacher
Christopher Joseph Scott
Susan M. Scott
Isabel Sepulveda
Jennifer Sepulveda
Omar Shabazz
Arthur Shaw
Madinah Shuail
Tonya A. Smith
Caragh Spring
Bradley Squires
Paul Steinhauser
Claudine Straub
Scarlet Tripp
Deidre Tubman
Manuel P. Wade
Michael Waglione
Rachel Ward
Ashley Westfall
Amanda L. White
Charlene Willis
Elvira Wilson
Claire Wrazin
Angela Zarrilli

Associate in Science

Rahkiah S. Abdullah
Brittany Abtey
Jodie Amato
Lisa Anderson
Kristi Anzalone
Samantha Arciero
Lionel Augustin
Jacqueline Lee Avery
Allison Bagshaw
Patricia Ball
Luz Bayter
Zachary Berg
Gina Boro
Patricia Brown
Joanna Carbonaro
Sonja Cassidy
Kayla Castellano
Barbara Castle
Karen Catanese
Ichia Cho
Stefanie Cimei
Ronald Claude
Ingrid Connor
Michele Conrad
Shirley U. Cumberbatch
Skylar Cunningham
Casey Deleon
Gardy Delgadillo
Nicholas Deluca
Lauren Dimaio
Wendy Donatien
Dierdre Farrell
Raizel Fettman
Donna Fleming
Karen Fusco
Salverina Gallo
Suzanne Gardner
Pina Gigante
Amanda Gozdziak
Jessica Grant
Caroline Ann Grasso
Tevin Guadeloupe
Zachary Hamilton
Allison Hansen
Erin Heindl
Franscesca Hidalgo
Eric Hillman
Carin S. Hogans
Shammi Hossain
Christian Daniel Hughes
Kaeyla Hyatt
Rachael James
Myra Jawdoszyn
Seneyda Jimenez
Erin Kay
Janet A. Keeler
Eric Kittles
Maria Krajnakova
Shirley Krause
Erik John Kubis
David Lang
Geneva Lang
Ariana Larosa
Rashida Latney
Patrick Lauerman
Brandon Lee
Carianne Lewandowski
Dante Love
Julia Lucchese
Vincent James Lutz
Debra Malone
Sarah Malone
Joseph Maresca
Maureen Martin
Detra L. Mason
Victoria Mattera
Lucybelle Maughn
Lizzy Medrano
Valerie Millard
Amy Lauren Modafferi
Christine Molloy
Darwin Mondesir
Patrick Stephen Moore Sr.
Sara Munoz
Ellen Murgia
Samantha Murray
Leyla Mustafoski
Barbara Ann Nejeidi
Briselly Nunez
William Ortiz
Bryan Peguero
Regina Pensabene
Margaret Perricone
Alexis Elaine Ragusa
Adalberto Ramos
Alissa R. Rivaloro
Qua Tara Robinson
Kristofer Rockwell
Ramon Rodriguez
YngridKarina Rodriguez
Edwin Romero
Karol Ross
Patricia Ruggirello
Dylan Domenic Sands
Frank John Santanastaso
Enza Scala
Christian Selsor
Andrea Simeone
Jana Smalls
Joann Spinelli
Paula Stewart
Zachary Sussman
Sharon Twersky
Leonid Utkin
Laura Hilda Vega
Samantha Velazquez
Kathryn Verbitsky
Vanessa C. Vitadamo
Aislinn Walsh
Shawnna Elizabeth Washington
Keron Watson
Michelle Zilak

Bachelor of Arts

Kimberly Adams
Chelsea Ahearn-feketa
Sofiya Akhmedova
Tessa Albert
Yasmin S. Ali
Tanita Allen
KamariaN. Alleyne-Lewis
Vicki-Ann Aman
Angelo Amato
Andrea Dionicia Asilvera Gibbons
Christine Baker Marriage
Genevieve M. Ball
Jonathan Bang ✝✝
Saltanat Bekbanova
David Bendayan
Jacqueline Bennett
Lakshan Bibi
Catherine Boehme
Elena S. Bologna
Sarah Boris ✝✝
Marissa Breault
Karen Breslin
Calla Brewster
Kelly Briem ✝✝
Chaim Bronstein
Abby Brown
Alyssa Brown ✝✝✝
Stacy G. Brown
Krista Buono
Kaitlin Burachalk
Cynthia Burgos
Heidi Burke
Michael Calderon
Noreen Cameron
Naomi A. Campbell
Yessica Campos
Margaret Stewart Capers
Deanna M. Carbone
Carla A. Cardona ✝
Kerri Carpenter
Yleana Cascio
Edward Cassandro
Anthony Causi
Allan Chapman ✝✝✝
Tara Charles
Melody Chase ✝
Sheryl Lee Clark ✝✝✝
Stephanie Concha
Pamela J. Cosser ✝✝✝
Taylor Costello
Alicia Marie Creager
Dominique Curry
Lisa Cusick
Miranda Leigh Damiano
Shawna Daniels
Michael Davids
Melissa Dawkins
Michelle DeGarmo
Krystal Delluomo
Amrit Deol
Jillian Devries
Sabrina Diaz
Meredith R. Dickinson ✝✝✝
Carmine Dinatale
Shane Dinet
Raina Dipace-Silkowski
Irene Dombeck
Brennan Doxtater
Chaya Dubrawsky ✝✝✝
Latasha Dudley
Nanette Dukes
Anna Dvorakova
Jacqueline Eckelmann ✝✝✝
Francine Olina Edmonds
Jennifer Edwards **
Jessica Ellsworth
Jeanette Espinal
Said Farah
Ticia Fareed-Cole
Christina J. Fernandez
Elizabeth Figueroa
Christina L. Fiorino
Jaime Fisher
Alec Frampton
Natalie Francis
Paul Fuller
Jasmine Galarza
Gabrielle Dior Garcia
Jazmin Garcia ✝✝
Maxine Gayle
Jared Geisenheimer ✝✝
Ilish Glann
Kendra Dee Goff
Jose Gomez
William Goncalves
Cheyanna Grant
Angie Greenfield
Tamara Gregorian
Jacob W. Gundersen
Claudia Hernandez
Stephanie Heuser
James Hobbs
Zachary Horowitz ✝
Kelly Maureen Horton
Kelly A. Hubbard
Svetlana Ince
Richard Isaacs
Ariel Nicole Jones
Ashlee M. Jones
Alicia Judd
Elizabeth Kamola
Betty J. Kanoff
Maxim Tal Kaspi
Dana Keddy
Amy Keister
Amy Marie Keister
Jennifer Lynn Kilburn
Samuel Kille
Erica Kishpaugh ✝
Artur Klamm
Roman KostyniukJr.
Nicholas Kozatek
Eli Nathan Kraiem
Mary Kralovic
Veronika Krizova
Alyssa Kruppenbacher ✝✝✝
Robert Kulka
Maria Kyriazi
Sabrina L. Lambros
Melissa Lamere
Michele Lardou
Jaclyn Lawler ✝✝
Jenna Lepage ✝✝
Erin Lloyd
Robert J. Lockhart ✝
Jeanmarie Lombardi
Ashley Lopez
Mariah Lopez
Sarah Lopez
Kristen Lory
Ellena Ludtke
Shawn Mack
Bianca Rae MacMillan
Ashley Maiorana
John Maldonado
Erin Elizabeth Maloney
Justine Mangino
Courtney Mannix
Jennifer Manns
Katherine Maria
Zev Mark
Rachael Markow
VenetteNichol Marshall
Melissa Martinez
Robert Matoney
Julisa Matos Soriano
Marilyn B. McAvoy
Hailey McBride
Barbara McByrne
Jordan McKay
Jeanmac McKenzie
Mysti McNeill
Megan Meany
Leonard L. Merritt
Susan Meza
Carolyn Miele
Christine Molloy
Victoria F. Morales
Shawn Moran
Naina Morgan
Adeliya Nasipova
Katema Nelson
William J. Nicholson
Patrick Noecker
Richard Nogueira
Orezi Obahor
Maria Obrien
Nicole Oconnor
Steven ONeill
Andrii Onysko
Angelique Ortiz
Dylan Pakkala
Krista Barbara Pantaline
Cassandra Paone ✝
Michael Parks
Aimee Pauquette
Sabrina Pehlic
Frenchetta Perez ✝✝✝
Mordechai Perlman
Claire E. Post
Laquaja Price
Tomer J. Raanan
Barney Radford
Jean E. Rakoske
April S. Ramadhan
Angela Delberta Ramil ✝✝
Regina Ramirez
Kenny Ramos ✝✝
Paulo M. Ramos
Faith E. Reed ✝
Kaitlyn Taylor Reed
Digna Remache
Kylie Reno ✝✝✝
Diana Reyes
Samantha Reyes
Fannie Riccobono
Erika M. Riggs ✝✝✝
Milyssen Rivera
Lizarelis Rivera Fonseca
Alicija Roberts
Justin S. Rodland
Barbara Rodriguez
Odanys Rodriguez Ramos
Maria Romagnano
Ashley Rose
Megan Saile
Shannon Marie Salgado
Margaret Santana
Reyna Schwarha
Aizhan Serik
Warda Asad Sheikh
Malgorzata Siatkowska
Alyssa Sikora ✝✝
Kelly Sixt
Michelle S. Slaughter
Maranda Sloan
Amanda A. Sova ✝
Melissa Spence
Anastassiya Taisumova
FanaM. Tareke
Diana Tarnovschi ✝✝
Ashley Thompson
Renee Thompson
Carol Lenore TodesHolub
Quan Anh Tran
Michael Turecamo
Lorissa Urtz
Stefanie Vaccaro
Carla Valenti
Angelica Valle
Caleb C. Varney
Monique Vaughn
Ebony Walker
Britta Wallace
Michael Ware
Janine Elise Weed
Deana Wolf
Kimberley Wurster
Adina Zhantykeyeva
Rafael Zucker ✝✝✝

Bachelor of Science

Tracy Abbate
Melanie Abdelazim
Jaclyn Aboussleman ✝
Holli Nicole Albert ✝✝✝
Joel Allen
Matthew Amato
Kristina M. Anatriello
ShannenLashon-Marie Andrews
Onyemaechi Aneke
Aikaterini Aranitou
Jose Arrunategui ✝✝✝
Ashley Ashford ✝✝
Arlene M. Bader
Paula J. Barber ✝✝✝
Teresa J. Bates
Tiziana Bellusci ✝✝
Brandy Berdeaux
Kristina Betancourt
Cassandra Ann Bianchi ✝✝✝
Jennifer Blamowski
Kelvin Blasse
William Edward Blendermann Jr.
Natasha Bleyl
Gregg Bodin
Miriam Bogomilsky
Antoinette Borriello
Harvey M. Bostic
Dan Bowser
Victoria Bozydaj ✝✝
Ashley Elizabeth Brewer
Rachel Briffa
Gerard Brock
Sandy Brooker ✝
TelethiaRenea Brower
Samantha Burke-Thomas
Molly Butts
Morgan Cady
Danielle Callahan ✝✝✝
Courtney Cammarata
Jennifer Cartolano ✝✝✝
Desiree Caruso
Trevor Caruso
Cheryl Castro
Danielle Catanese
Kari Cayton
Emily Chappell
Shantelle Charles
Sarah Chertok
Kristen Church
ShandiaK. Clarke
Cara Clouthier
Taylor Cohen
Elaina Coley
Beth A. Collins
Samantha Comanda
Michelle Condello
David Phillip Constantine Jr.
Christopher Coughlin
Michael John Cronin
Terence Cumberbatch
Theresa Cusmano ✝✝
Nadine Cuzzolino
CaryolLynn Daley
Nicole Della Rocco
James Deutcsh
Siudith Diaz
Charlotte Disotell-Rusch
Jennifer Dixon
Dorothy Dobrowolski ✝✝✝
Nicholas Dovi
James Dowd
Ewan S. Duncan
Victoria Duran ✝✝
Jason P. Durkin
Ellen Earley
Martha Echols
Alyssa Rosa Eckhard
Marie C. Elliott
Theresa Evers
William Fajen
Marianne Falcone
Mary Anne Ferrigno
Katherine Finnerty
Stacey Fiore
Maria Christina Fitzgerald
Giana Flocco
TomyraL. Flood
Dawn Forte
Joseph Fortunato
Nicolina Foti
Rachael Franco ✝✝✝
Ronald S. Freeman ✝
Matthew Galano-Kennedy
Erin Galligan ✝✝✝
Suzanne Ganam
Alexandra Garcia ✝✝✝
Calvin Garvey
Dena Gittens
Brytnee Glover
Erik Gonzalez
Nicole Gorra ✝
Denise Gravitte
Larell M. Green ✝
Cecelia J. Grenga
Richard Grimaldi
Nicole Gudselak
Jessica Hagadorn
William Hand
Jill J. Hannah-Vega
Allison Hansen
Tiffany Harris
Tanya Hartman
Simone Harvard
Alan Harvey
Steven Robert Hatchell II
Isaiah Hawkins
Rosemarie Ann Hayes
IleyaNiccole Heins
Catherine M. Hoblin
Erin Honan
Melissa A. Horne
Susan Horvatits
Dante Hristu
Jason Hunt
Kylie A. Hunt
Nancy Iglesias-Gillen
Wendy Innes
Debra Jackson
Tiniqueka Jackson ✝
Rachael James
Brittany Marie Janes
Mark Jankowski
Christina M. Jewart ✝✝
Nikki Johnson
Patrick Alexander Johnson
Sharon Johnson ✝✝
Tamia Jones
Malika Kabene
Alanna Kaminski ✝
Erin Kazanjian
Laura D. Keelan
Ashley D. Kent
Rachel Kind
Edna Kinney
Kimberly D. Kiriluk
Michelle V. Kiszka
Michael A. Kless
Alethea Kohilakis
ValeriyO. Kolomoiets
Ishmael Kwawununu
Mary E. LaCreta
Wendy Ladd
Katrina Lalonde ✝✝✝
Kathryn Grace Langdon
Ashlee Victoria Lasher
Brittany Law
Julie Legare
Adam Levine
AnnMarie Loboccetta
Nancy Long
Michele Christine Lopez
Dante Love
Diane Lubrano ✝✝
William James Madden Jr. ✝
Christopher Magras
Kathleen Mahan
Brian M. Maher
Ilia Marie Maldonado-Castro
Lauren Mazzaro
Sherman Mc Donald
Barbara E. McCarrick
Deborah Tameka McFarlane
Tina May McQuillen
Norma McVey
Madison Messina
Alicia Miller
Kerri Lynn Miller
Heather Anne Milligan
PhyllisAnne Millus ✝✝✝
Zahava Milstein ✝✝
Tara Miskovsky
Bryan Monacelli
Mary Ann Monaghan
Jennifer A. Moore
Chandler Moran
Kelly R. Moranz
Patricia Morris
Dylan Murphy ✝✝
Kyle L. Myers
Erica Nicholson
Mary Nickolauk ✝✝✝
John Nimmo ✝✝✝
Jasmine Norville
Christiana Ntena
Michael O'Connor
Bani L. Oconnor Bobb
Joanna Ojada
Uchechukwu Onwubalili
August Orlando
Adam Ortiz
Hannah M. Paddock
Sara Panico
Christina Parietti
Tzar Parson
Samantha Patterson
Judiann Paz
Hermin Annette Lystra Perry
Cherrilan Perryman
Rachel A. Petroccitto
Assad Pharr
Rosanna Piccolo
Margaret M. Pochcron ✝✝✝
Karen Pohorecki
Jillyn Pottle
Shane Preheim
Abby Priolo
Gregory D. Psoinos
Siran Purter
Matthew J. Pysnack
Shane Race
Kelly Redden
Tzvi Reifer
Aldo Remice
Janetlynn Remy-Hall
Hafsah Rhodes
Taneisha Richey
David Rick
Alexander Riva
Angela Rizzi
Stacy Roberts
Liza Rochelson
Yamilet Roman
Heather Angela Rosplock
Nicole Ross
Hannah Ruiz
Christina Russo
Harish Sager
Iliana Saltou
Ciara Sanders
Tanya Santiago
Mikayla Schneiter
Jennifer Scro
Randi Searles
Ofelia Seminario
Jacqueline Serena
Paul Sheirer
Allison Shimonski
Robin M. Siminovsky ✝✝✝
Christina Singh
Audrianna Skarbek
Alexis Smith
Heidi Smith
Lucy B. Smith
Kyle Solis
Natasha Sookhoo
Jessica Soto ✝✝
Shannon Spencer
Joann Spinelli ✝✝
Steven Spinicchia
Michelle E. Spong
Chance Steele
Avishai Steinhart ✝✝✝
Richard Stevens
Samantha Stretz
Jessica Styers
Carrie Sullivan
Jonathon Swisher
Ashley Tallarida
Mark Taylor
Julie Teneyck
Andrea D. Thompson
Aurora Thornton ✝✝
David Tobia
Kimberly Torregrossa
Charity Towsley
Christine Marie Tripp
Stephen Udice ✝✝
Alison Ugarte
Joseph Vallone ✝✝✝
Collins VanGorden
Julie Vilinsky
Maryann Viola ✝
Elvis Vukelj
Laura Wait
Brittany L. Walters
Rachel Ward
Danielle Waryas
Kathleen Washa
Bronwen Weger
Passion T. Whylie
Ambrosia Christiana Williams ✝✝
Kami Woodhall
Igor Yentis
Shawn Ziel
Matthew Zita

Bachelor of Professional Studies

Douglas R. Campbell
Alan Harvey
Darrell Allan Honkala
Jonathan Moritz ✝✝
William Rivera ✝

School of Nursing and Allied Health

Bachelor of Science in Allied Health

Alicia Millhouse
Matthew Ocasio
Shlomo Rosenfeld ✝
Melissa Wirth

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Kathryn G. Aiken
Meredith Joscelyn Albert
Yitzchok Amsel ✝✝
Ishrat Ara ✝✝✝
Oliver Ata
Sabine Babmatee
Tamara Bainton
Sandra Barrios Reyes
Waynette Bather-Wilson
Allan Batoy ✝✝✝
Jennifer Benedict
Gail Bernard ✝✝✝
Daisy Berrios-Hernandez ✝✝✝
Antoniette Bizzarro
Victoria Boldi
Stacey Bovee ✝✝
Robin Ann Brady
Amanda Burgan
T. Michele Caliva
Meaghan Cantelmo
Catherine Casani ✝✝✝
Alison Cato-Lee
Melody Cerminaro ✝✝
Laya Chakraborty
Riley Chavarria
Jeannine Chillino
Amanda Cruz
Ouida Curtis-Johnson
Adrian Cyman ✝✝
Rochelle DAmico ✝✝
Cynthia L. D'Andrea
Evgeniya Daugiala ✝✝
Osana Decastro-Hellmann
Paige Deitz
Nicholas John Deluca
Michele Ann Dendera
Marc Di Leo
Robert Dobski
Marie-Elena Dowling
Natalia Duffy
Louisena Dufleurant
Samira Rose Egloff ✝✝✝
Veronica Ellithorpe
Amannda Erato
PrimaSalisi Evangelista
Gary Jon Evans Jr.
Laura A. Farrell ✝✝✝
Lauren Feeney
Kris Finn ✝
Angela Fixler
DoriaA. Flaharty
Samantha Frankmano
Jennie Frenette ✝✝✝
Michelle Fuhrmann
Jenna Gagliano
Sharon Gainsburg
Dorene Galvin ✝
Glendaliz Garcia
Sadhana Gayadin ✝
Jill N. Gilman
Michelle Gordon
Julie Gotreau
Alaina M. Graziano
BrinaA. Gredzinski
Pearl Gross ✝✝
Diane Gualtieri ✝✝✝
Patricia Guter ✝
Angela Guzzo
Raeven Harkness
Theodora H. Harvey
Angelique C. Haughney
William Haupt
Dawne Michele Helligrass
Laura A. Herd Cunningham
Linda M Herron
Nina M. Heugas
Kristine Hilsmann
Alexandria E. Holmes
Diana C. Immel ✝✝
Daisy Inojosa
Susan Iuliano
Katherine Jayne ✝✝
Cara Johnson
Peter Griffith Jones
Lisa Karalazarides
Laura Kellogg ✝✝✝
Mosammat Khatun
Christine Kilkenny ✝✝
Jaime Kilmer ✝✝✝
Shannon L. King ✝✝✝
Carmella Kistner
Linda Klang ✝✝
Doreen Korniewicz
Brittney Kromer
Michelle Lynn LaFramboise
Ashley Laidlaw
Sarah Lambert
Brenda Lavan
Mary Lawler
Theresa Legnard ✝✝✝
Anne Lenox ✝✝✝
Sophie Li ✝✝✝
Kathryn A. Lia
Natalia Losi ✝✝
Natalia Lucena
Kerline Lucien
Sarah Luckette
Meghan Lulas
Mary Lynch
Lisa Lyng
Kelley Mahoney
Tamzyn Malley
Nicolle Mallinson
Patricia Louise Maloney
Kara E. Margillo ✝✝✝
Carol A. Marquart
Wendy Martinez ✝✝
VeneshaK. Maxwell-Williams
Lucas McDermott
Andrea McFarlane
Samantha McFarlane
Amy Meyer
Patricia Miranda ✝
Alexandria N. Mitchell
Elizabeth Monsalve ✝
MiezraJ. Moore ✝
Samantha Moore
Toni - Anne Morel
Kimberly Morrissey
Amanda Nandlal ✝✝✝
Mary Nanos ✝
Amy Nappi
Thomas F. Nemeth ✝
Joan Noel
Amy Novak
Sarah Obregon ✝✝✝
Bernice Ofosu-Amankwah
Bukola Osikoya
Lyudmyla Ostroumova
Katarina Maria Paley
Anthony Papaleo
Irene Pappas ✝✝✝
Shelly Parker
Jean Pendergast
Velvet Philippe
Josh J. Picard
April Plummer
Tara Polilla ✝✝✝
Angela Quirino
Naomi Ramsey-Stewart
Lindsay Ricci ✝✝✝
Patricia Rolston
Tara Ronan
Brian Rothstein
Marisa Ruiz ✝
Maura Russo
Emily Rynd ✝
Charles Saikum
Christopher Sailsman
Joann Santoro
Jana-Rose Savit ✝
Lawrence S. Schieber
Jillian Michele Scholl ✝✝✝
Laurence Scott
Daniel Selin
Adam Senecal
Merry Sheets
Patrick Simon
Stephanie Singleman
Carrie L. Skiff
Brittney Marie Slater
Sarah Sleight
Richard Sniffen
Trisha L. South
Peggy A. Spano
Jone Steverson
Ana Suarez ✝
Nicole Taylor ✝✝
Sara Templin ✝✝✝
Lyette Thibault
Shannon Thomas
Molly M. Tozier
Kara Traver
Julie Tresco
Lori A. Trimble
Virginia Ann VanDenbergh
Jennifer Vasserman
Nakesha Vines
Kylie E. Visser
Marcela Vlack
Rebecca Vonharringa
Janna Walter ✝✝✝
Cheryl Whitlock
Ronette Wolcott
Tina Woode
Kathleen M. Wyckoff
Cynthia Zimmelman
Philip Zwingelberg

Master of Science

Nikki Alcala
Deon Bird
Judith Brown
Helen Brugger
Jessica Butler
Suzanne Caligiuri
Rebecca Conigliaro
Stefanie Daino
Anisa Davis
Kristina Donaldson
Michelle Drysdale
Natasha Evans-Singletary
Mallory Felvus
Melissa Graham
Monique Graham
Megan Hanys
Melissa Johnson
Christine Kropf
Rhonda Kutey
Dana London
Di Luo
Kayla McCormick
Mary McGovern
Nicole Mello
Tanya Mercurio
Lorita Mitchell
Sally Montano
Azra Muminovic
Kenichea Nichols
Carol Nivens
Meliza Nuesi
Courtney Peloso
Maria Richardson
Jessica Schwartzman
Kimberly Seabolt
Benjamin Springer
Ecki Stern
Scott Stevens
Kelly Takemura
Cristine Tesoriero
Deborah Torres
Robin White
Amy Wilkinson
Jenifer Wygant
Jennifer Zelezniak

School for Graduate Studies

* Dean's Medal Recipient

Advanced Graduate Certificate

Katie Adams
Benedicta Adewunmi
Aimee Bacher Privitera*
Leslyann Baptiste
Erin Beahan
Kimberly Bobb
Jahne Bolden
Beverly Browne
Samantha Calandrino
Stacey Lea Cannizzo
Jeri Castelluccio
Michael Castelluccio
Jessica Ann Childs
Richard Connors
Elizabeth Contreras-Cabrera
Beth Daconta
Fredyn Danso
Salie Davis
Cindy De La Cruz
Kimberly Demchak
Jakari Diaz
Brenda Dickinson
Lawren Dolland
Casey Eckler
Elizabeth Ellsbury
Samir Farhat
Mary Jane Fisher
Jason Fishner
Laura Franzen
Ruth Garland
Rose Geer-Robbins
Lisa Giordano
Douglas Gulotty
David Haig-Nicol
William Herrera
Dawn Hine
Donovan Hines
Constance Holland
Allison Howell
Jeremiah Kahler
Robin Kenny
Holly Laubenheimer
Leilani Lockett
Kelsey Lowth
Jessica Marrone
Evita Marrow
Keith Maurer
Jacqueline McDonald
Karoll Melendez
Angela Melton-Taylor
Katie Nelson
Elizabeth Noselli
James OBrien
David O'Callaghan-Leue
Paula Ohlhous
Gabrielle Olszewski
Tania Ortiz-Ashby
Katie Oursler
Michael Ovadia
Emily Perryman **
Jason Persan
Mark Phillips
Melissa Phillips
Natalie Pitts
Robert Piurowski
Todd Plymale
Thomas Porter
Timothy Postulka
Ivaylo Rachev
Thosman Robinson
Kali Ruel
Annette Bettina Schediwy Mackrel
Daryl Schermerhorn
Laura Schoen
Christopher Scribner
Vera Sheehan*
David Sogunro-Pitan
Jessica Sosa
Joelle Spencer
Emeline Swanson
Emmanuel Tabones
Monica Thi
Todd Thompson
Donna Trainor
Ashley Vanderhall
Michelle Vasta
Emily Vieyra-Haley
Erin Walling
Devin Welkley
Ryan Willard
Willard Williams
Roy Wilms
Norma Wilson
Daniele Young
Carmaletta Zandi

Master of Arts

Erica Abbott
Katie Adams
Edwin Aponte
Cheryl Argyle
Lauren Arsenault*
Aimee Bacher Privitera*
Cortney Ballou
Erin Beahan
Juliene Bell-Smith
Jennifer Bentivegna
Jahne Bolden
Laticha Brown
Timothy Burke
Stephanie Buto
Michael Castelluccio
Roberto Colangelo
Richard Connors
Steven Cutting
Fredyn Danso
Salie Davis
Lawren Dolland
Scott Dolphin* **
Casey Eckler
Robert Epp
Gail GaLusha
Gurjinder Grewal
Marissa Guarino
David Haig-Nicol
Andrea Heroux
William Herrera
Regina Innocente
Derek Jefferson
Precious Kaliku
Michael Kerwin
Saundra Kozlowski
Edward Lacinski
Leilani Lockett
Coralyn Loomis
Kelsey Lowth
Evita Marrow
Miles Marsh
Jessica Mayo
John McDonald
Nathalie Mendez
Vincent Menten
Katie Nelson
Mark Ness
James OBrien
Paula Ohlhous
Alan Ohms
Tania Ortiz-Ashby
Debra Pangrazio
Liza Perez
Emily Perryman
Melissa Phillips
Shaquanna Pierson
Todd Plymale
Jaquanna Preville
Urban Reininger
Kim Russell
Kevin Sapere
Annette Bettina Schediwy Mackrel
Emma Schmitt
Samantha Seeley
MacKenzie Shannon
Gregory Sharpe
Vera Sheehan*
Rosemarie Shufelt
Richard Simmons
Toi Smith
Eugenio Solis deOvando
Jessica Sosa
Joelle Spencer
Stacie Stuart
Emmanuel Tabones
Robin Thornton
Kathleen Twist
Willard Williams
Roy Wilms
Jeremy Wong
Donna Yager
Angela Zona

Master of Arts in Teaching

Brian Anderson
Hillary Anderson
Jonathan Augi
Joshua Briner
Jacob Brode
Susan Casey
Danielle Clements
Brandon Dust
Colleen EL-Bejjani
Erica Falcone
Jessica Foley
Stephanie Giesselmann
Heather Gorman
Megan Gray
Shauna-Rae Haley
Darlene Hapka
Jamie Herman
Kelley Howard
Fatima Hussain
Jacqueline Kahman*
Andrea Kouroupos
Kelsey Lair
Deborah Lee
Heather Mautz
Jacqueline Mazariegos
Roderick Perry
Ashley Phillips
Melissa Prevet
Lisa Quinn
McKenzie Regan
Melissa Robbins
Louis Rosato
Caitlin Sanford
Lucas Santiago
Jhimly Sarkar
Megan Smith
Jennifer Spitalnic
Jeffrey Spradlin
Susan Svereika
Amanda Tallcot
Lauren Tomlin
Gianna Valiante
Kathryn Wentworth
Andrew Winkler
Taylor Yerrick
Nathanaelle Yoshimura

Master of Business Administration

Kathryn Amodeo
Leslyann Baptiste
Todd Barton*
Kim Betances*
Omar A. Blagrove
Krystal Brown
Davide Cabibbo
Stacey Lea Cannizzo
Patrick Clark
Greg Colella
Elizabeth Contreras-Cabrera
Rene Dantona
Cindy De La Cruz
Lavern Dean-Moulton
Kimberly Demchak
William Dennis*
Jakari Diaz
Robert Dodoo
Shilpa Dudi
Shannon Dunn
Elizabeth Ellsbury
Samir Farhat
Donovan Hines
Allison Howell
Jeremiah Kahler
Laurie Katz
Robin Kenny
Karen Kline
Jenna Kowalski
Darlene Lewis
Sin Man Li
Jessica Marrone
Amanda Mathey
Keith Maurer
Abra Mays
Jacqueline McDonald
Nichole Meier
Karoll Melendez
Arlene Motley
David O'Callaghan-Leue
Anne O'Keefe
Gabrielle Olszewski
Katie Oursler
Janelle Pagan
Juan Patino
Mark Phillips
Natalie Pitts
Angela Przybysz
Ivaylo Rachev
Maria Reed
Thosman Robinson
Angel Rosario
Daryl Schermerhorn
Christopher Scribner
Valerie Sinclair
David Sogunro-Pitan
John Stucko
Bill Tshimanga
Ashley Vanderhall
Gina Velez
Devin Welkley
Ryan Willard
Tracy Wimmer
Samantha Woodhams
Daniele Young*

Master of Education in Teaching and Learning

Josh Behar
Christine Bischoff
Deborah Bobian
Stacie Bowen
Phillip Bystry
Danielle Carter
Kimberly Chamberlain
Jessica Ann Childs
Dena Coacci
Oscar Cockburn
Natasha Cucinella
Camara Destine
Kelly Furgison
Annibel Garcia
John Garcia
Alexander Glebe
Padraic Kennedy
Richard Kenny
Kaitlin Langdon
Mary Losito
Amy Malo
Dawn McBride
Jessica McCormack*
Kevin Meyer
Eric Posey
Kimberly Remington
Ashley-Beth Rodriguez
Evan Rosenberg
Kali Ruel
Kristen Sanford
Juliet Soricelli
Kezia Stephen
Todd Thompson
Alyssa Tremblay
Judy Weakley
Sandra Werny

Master of Science

Shuaib Bhamji
Maria Mora
Norma Wilson

Harry Van Arsdale Jr. School of Labor Studies

International Brotherhood of the Electrical Workers Local 3

20-Credit Program

Steven Agro
Matthew Avnyin
Dylan Baggetta
Jennifer Behagg
Kyle Carroccio
Robert Cavazzini
Patrick Cena
Karriem Cyrus
Edmond Deng
Ryan Dennis
Andrew Derby
James D'esposito
Nicholas Ellis
Anthony Ervin
Robert Fappiano
Rafael Germoso
Frank Giordano Jr.
Ross Goldberg
Kevin Haney
Thomas Hartnett
Brian Huestis
Joseph Jones
Anthony Juravich
Craig Keelty
Daniel Kneuer
Michael Kunis
John Lin
Joseph Magel
Daniel Mcmahon
Ryan Mcpartland
Michael Mcquillan Jr.
Pedro Mendez
Thomas Moricone
Louis Nieves
Matthew O'connell
Christopher Palladino
Tiana Phillips
Louis Pia
Jason Pinzon
Samantha Reilly
Frederick Romer
Meghan Rooney
James Sauer
Jessica Tapia
Christopher Tierney
Sindy Villanueva
Ryan Ward
Sang Yoo

International Brotherhood of the Electrical Workers Local 3 - Westchester-Fairfield Apprentices

20-Credit Program

Bruce Micoo
Daniel Pezanowski
David Ricci
Thomas Roberts
James Takatsch
Kevin Wright

United Federation of Teachers Paraprofessionals

Associate in Arts

Cheryl Bonafanete-Attardo
Bernadette Crehan
Calvin Daniel
Toni Kaminsky
Monique Morris
Stacey Perrone
Dana Quinz
Deanne Roebuck-Jones
Grace Tartamella

United Federation of Teachers Paraprofessionals

Associate in Science

Cherida Burke
Sylvia Cooper-Brown
Anissa Guadagno
Jeannine Omara
Tonya Smith

International Brotherhood of the Electrical Workers Local 3 - Apprentices

Associate in Science

James Adamson
Ricky Alvarez
Jaclyn Amoriello
Nicholas Aromando
Leslie Arthur
Andrew Ashley
Michael Avallone
Damian Bagarozza
Frankie Barreto
Juan Barron
Jimmy Barton
Shanay Bedgood
Gary Berthod
Royalhiness Brown
Joseph Bruno
James Bua Jr.
Conor Burke
Patrick Burke
Ruben Cancel III
Jorge Ceballos
Andrew Chicoine
Steven Concordia
Miguel Contreras
Matthew Crespo
Brian Dailey
John D'auria
Robert D'auria
Michael Davitt
Nikolas Denicola
Desiree Depay
Connor Dibble
Patrick Donegan
Nicole Duvigneaud
Michael Filomeno
Vincent Fiorello Jr.
Joseph Fricker
William Garcia Jr.
Joshua Gilbert
Konstantinos Gioulis
William Graff
Thomas Hansen
Sean Harrigan
Sean Higgins
Sebastian Holguin
Christopher Hoops
William Howard
Joseph Hurbanjr
Stephen Imbasciani
Anthony Jannotti
Thomas Joyce
Bumkyu Jung
Brian Kellaher
Jason Kelly
Christopher Kunis
Michael Lanovara
John Lerch
Eric Lewis
Vincent Licastro
Daniel Linnemeyer
Peter Lora
Desmond Mackesy
Michael Mangan
Bryan Martin
Michael Martucci
Jason Meehan
John Millsaps
Gregory Mitchell
Ryan Mohan
Sean Monaghan
Ajani Nyabingi
Mark Olman
Justin Perez
Vincent Perno
Kent Perreira
Daniel Plonski
Daniel Proscia
Nicholas Quiney
John Ricci
Ricky Richard
Michael Rooney
Lee El Samuels
Daniel Santangelo
Sean Santiago
Alfred Sauchelli III
Kyle Schweizer
Edward Sears Jr.
Muhammad Shamsiddeen
Michael Smith
Michael Smith
Justin Stich
Christian Terino
Joseph Tolan
Michael Topaltzas
Sean Troy
John Tuck
Anthony Urkonis
Nicholas Villafane
Omari Wilson
Eric Wolinetz
Cosmo Zingaropoli

International Brotherhood of the Electrical Workers Westchester-Fairfield -- Apprentices

Associate in Science

Michael Altieri
James Arnau
Andrew Becerril
Daniel Brown
John Clifford
Anthony Dinotte
Dominick Guastella
Richard Kraemer
Thomas Manz
Shomica Martinez
Andrew Randazzo
Jonathan Recchia
Anthony Ricci
Jourdan Sheppard

United Association of Plumbers Local 1 -- Apprentices

Associate in Science

Christopher Barbera
Iam Beck
Orlando Beckford
Peter Botsaris
Evan Duarte
Jose Fernandez
Jesus Flores
Mauricio Gomez-Lopez
Tremayne Jenkins
Shakim Jones
Zachary Khan
Michael Kinney
Robert Loffredo
Dennis McCloskey
Christian Murphy
James Murphy
Anthony Nucci
James Nuns
Felicia Oakley
Richard Pullum
Brandon Ramirez
Dylan Riley
Janna Rojas
Joseph Romano
Charles Streeter
Patrick Tehan

International Brotherhood of the Electrical Workers Local 3 -- Apprentices

Bachelor of Arts

Stanley Kenneth Adecla
Ryan Cooke
Connor Ryan

United Federation of Teachers Paraprofessionals

Bachelor of Arts

Donna Beaman
Marcia Bowes
Denise Butts-Chapman
Elaine Devine
Mildred Esquilin
Stephanie Frickenstein
Helene Giacona
Lisa Marinaro
Jaclyn Montana
Lori Tanzi

United Federation of Teachers Paraprofessionals

Bachelor of Arts

Stacey Convery
Lissette Perez

International Brotherhood of the Electrical Workers Local 3 -- Apprentices

Ryan Connolly
Maximilian Decker
Richard Dipietro Jr.
Brian Joseph Dooley
Daniel Drasby
Angelica Freire
Steven Fusco
Herbert Lofton
Oliver Maksa
Steven Mascia
Corey Miller
Matthew Morrisey
Erika Navia
Javier PasarinRodriguez
Gilberto Rivera
Connor Ryan
Charles Spano

Center for International Education

Bachelor of Arts

Mohammad Aboshi
Rafael Ahajanian
Amarlan Amgalan
Yelyzaveta Andreyuk
Paulinus Anyaegbu
Aisha Arsalieva
Lesanka Barbuščáková
Valentina Bergerova
Daniel Bialožyt
Jan Bína
Nur Farizah Binte Mohd Sedek
Judith Mary Bradley
Matěj Brož
Jaroslav Brtek
Alexandra Bubnova
Hozan Chomani
Antria Constantinou
Ioannis Dimoulinos
Anna Dvořáková
Eduard Elshani
Daniel Frídel
Ani Gabidzashvili
Ilija Gajič
Šárka Hajnová
Dominika Janáčová
Markéta Jirovská
Asliyakhon Khodjakbarova
SeongDae Kim
Arthur Klamm
Karin Klimentová
Kosovare Krasniqi
Yassin Madi
Alina Maisigova
Martina Malárová
Foteini Mangina
Diego Fernando Mendoza Estrada
Adil Merzlov
Natalija Molodcova
Jana Murmaková
Anastasia Nagaytseva
Batyr-Zhantai Narbekov
Danel Nurlybekova
Era Osmani
Anastasiia Peleshenko
Danilo Vincenzo Pellegrini
Piotr Podstolski
Mikhail Popkov
Joana Prifti
Panagiotis Alexandros Riniotis
Petr Růžička
Nurul Farhanny Binte Salim
Zuzana Starustková
Antonios Stouraites
Mária Štupáková
Yuliia Tabachenko
Ioannis Vlachou
Maria Volchikhina
Josef Vostrý
Iva Vukovojac
Anxhela Yzeiri
Nina Záhorová
Kseniia Zhuikova

Bachelor of Science

Ali Mamdouh Abdallah
Zeina AbdulHak
Fadwa Abou Zaher
Adelia Adamhar
Daniel Akl
Berkay Aksan
Dimitrios Anastasiou
Panagiotis Angelopoulos
Gaby Aoudi
Nicole Arias Peña
Iosifina Aslanopoulou
Simon Azar
Sofia Balali
Monika Banis
Alia Fatma Belaoura
Luboš Beseda
Ileana Borunova
Eleni Bosinakos
Maria Broulidaki
Anthony Busulegas
Kleandros Chatzisavvas
Diana Sthefany Chocos Rosales
Noha Constantine
Zuzana Dančová
Nikoleta Demčáková
Megi Domi
Leila Edde
Tedi Elmas
Nidal Farhat
Tarek Fawaz
Elizaveta Fedorova
Abril Marie Feli Tejada
Albjon Fezollari
Sara Frasheri
Edwin Geadah
Charbel Geha
Theodora Giannopoulou
Anxhela Gjini
Naiim Greige
Liudmila Guttakovskaia
Ghida Haffouda
Nevro Halo
Konstandino Hasankolli
Matej Hlavoň
Jurgen Hodo
Klejdi Hoxha
Alepous Dimitrios Ioannou
Naveen Koshy Jacob Tharakan
Samuel Jahoda
Nicholas Jarjoura
Franny Esther Jerez Morales
Yigit Kasapoglu
Georgios Katsinoulas
Polyxeni Kefalloniti
Ali Reda Kesserwani
Ermioni Kiafzezi
Paraskevi Kiousi
Floranda Kola
Albina Koliqi
Edward Koukou
Ralph Kounitsos
Kyriaki Revekka Kourakou
Recep Emre Koyuncu
Adam Krbec
Ermand Kuqo
Takhmina Latypova
Nathan James Lord
Anastasia Loula
Ana Carolina Macanhan
Martin Mansour
Nikol Mata
Roger Mejia
Joseph Mekhdessian
Ejona Merko
Hicham Bahige Nakhle
Robert Nalevanko
Mariam Negron
Justin Timothy Nixon
Entzi Ntouro
Emmy Alexandria Ogbuehi
Jonathan Pano
Chrysovalantou Papadopoulou
Artemisa Pilkati
Apostolos Pittis
Eliška Popová
Varvara Qendrothanasi
Dimitrios Rizas
Lamiya Rizvanova
Luis José Rodriguez Soto
Maria Saad
Maria Sakellariou
Alaa Salman
Franklin Cervante Sanchez
Atalay Seckin
Rachid Seif
Sara Serjani
Tawfik Shadafna
Anas Shehab
Kemal Sigan
Davis Soto
Andreas Soumas
Suzana Stanaj
Elona Suci
Daniel Tamayo
Inga Tandini
Ani Elizabeth Tavarez Lopez
Stylianos Thomas
Maria Nefeli Tolia
Eirini Tougli
Thanh Tung Tran
Umut Tutar
Alci Vadenja
Daniela Valsová
Diana Villa Mata
Rikard Xhindoli
Drita Ymeri
Kaltra Zyka

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