Commencement Summer 2021:
50th SUNY Empire State College Commencement

A Message from Officer in Charge Nathan Gonyea

To the Graduating Class of 2021,

When you started your educational journey at SUNY Empire State College, you put into motion a powerful force: determination. You dug deep to find it within yourself, and then you used it to soar higher and go farther — despite all obstacles and, for some of you, despite all odds.

And here you are at commencement — a college graduate, a role model, a change maker. You did it. You knew your degree was within reach, and you grabbed it with both hands.

What you didn’t know when you started your journey was that you would complete your degree in the midst of a global pandemic. Collectively, you juggled work, school, family, financial challenges, health challenges, and personal losses. Yet you rose above. You persevered. And you even found time to help those less fortunate. You are an inspiration to us all.

Today you join more than 91,000 SUNY Empire alumni who live in every state in the nation and more than 96 countries around the globe. We hope you stay connected to one another and to SUNY Empire as you move forward in your careers and in your communities.

On behalf of SUNY Empire, I wish you success, happiness, and good health in the years to come. Congratulations!


Signature of Nathan Gonyea

Nathan Gonyea
Officer in Charge

Traditions in Higher Education

Fifty years ago, then SUNY Chancellor Ernest L. Boyer envisioned a new model for higher education, one to serve the state’s growing population of working adults and nontraditional students. In collaboration with other like-minded, forward-thinking academics, the idea of a personalized and flexible education came to life as SUNY Empire State College.

Today, the college continues its commitment to flexible, accessible education with more than 110 online degrees and certificates and locations in every region of the state and seven international sites so SUNY Empire students can pursue their education around the demands of a busy life — whether online, face-to-face, or a blend of both. SUNY Empire provides motivated students at every stage of life with innovative, flexible, quality academic programs that build upon students’ diversity, work and life experience, and personal and professional goals.

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary, SUNY Empire is proud to be a premier public college in New York state and around the world. We remain committed to relevant, affordable education that is responsive to the needs of society by continually improving and reinventing the higher-education experience.

By The

Alumni by Age Group


Alumni age
39 and under


Alumni between
age 40 and 60


age 60+




College Council

John Maggiore, Chairman
Arlene González-Sánchez
Colleen West Hay
Donna Luh
Sheila Poole
Roberta Reardon
Molly Reilly
Patricia E. Salkin
Mark Schroeder ’82

State University of New York Board of Trustees

Jim Malatras, SUNY Chancellor
Merryl H. Tisch, Chairman
Cesar A. Perales, Vice Chairman
Joseph W. Belluck
Courtney E. Burke
Eric Corngold
Marcos Crespo
Robert J. Duffy
Christy Fogal
James Haddon
Bradley Hershenson
Gwen Kay
Eunice A. Lewin
Stanley Litow
Richard Socarides
Edward Spiro
Cary F. Staller
Camille Joseph Varlack

Foundation Board

Sue Epstein, Interim Executive Director
Marian Conway ’01, ’04, Chair
David A. Fullard, Secretary
Lexie Bonitatibus, Treasurer
Theodore Bunch ’94
Phillip B. Catchings
Dora Cervantes ’19
John J. Corrou ’94
Susan L. Dake
Tina L. Evans, ’97
Christopher J. Feeley ’86
Nathan Gonyea
Scott T. Johnson
James G. Karcher ’79
Althea Luehrsen ’02, ’10
David J. Mazzetti ’10
Colonel (Ret.) James D. McDonough
Susan H. Turben, ’72, H’05
Ann S. Turner ’86
Dora Cervantes ’19

Alumni Student Federation Board of Governors

Kelly DiCarmine ’18, President
Lori Jiava ’12, ’13, ’16, Vice President
Jawana Richardson ’16, ’18, Secretary
Lainie Kitt ’03, Parliamentarian
John Corrou ’94
Christopher Duffy Jr. ’19
John Kane ’17
Sammie Maitland
Ada Martinez ’14
Eleni Moraites ’16, ’18
Anthony Paganucci ’16
Jennifer Pettis ’12, ’17
Jan Gajdusek ’19
Catherine Roberts ’16

College Leadership

Nathan Gonyea, Officer in Charge
Tai Arnold, Interim Vice Provost for Student Success
Meg Benke, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
Lexie Bonitatibus, Chief Financial Officer, Interim Chief Operating Officer
Frances Boyce, Presidential Fellow
Elliot Dawes, Chief Diversity Officer for Institutional Equity and Inclusion
Sue Epstein, Interim Assistant Vice President for Advancement
Andrea Hennessy, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management
Leigh Yanuzzi, Acting Chief of Staff
Lindsay Holcomb, Interim Assistant Vice President for Human Resources
Kim Stote, Dean, School of Nursing and Allied Health
Anastasia Pratt, Interim Dean, School for Graduate Studies and Harry Van Arsdale Jr. School of Labor Studies
Nikki Shrimpton, Interim Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Solomon Syed, Assistant Vice President for Communications, Marketing and Government Relations
Nicola Allain, Dean, School of Arts and Humanities
Desalyn De-Souza, Dean, School of Human Services
Julie Gedro, Dean, School of Business
Mary Mawn, Dean, School of Science, Mathematics and Technology
Frank Vander Valk, Dean, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Francesca Cichello, Executive Director, International Education

Student Leadership Institute

Susan Alvarado
Ramzi Butler-Kelly
Elaine Caruso-Roberts
Evelyse Fung
Heather Gaebel
Emmanuel Gbogboade
Tracey King
Gabrielle Lerner
Kimberly Marigh
Julie Miller
Dianna Ortiz
Liza Rochelson
Shawn Wallace
Tricia Wilson

Student Affairs Committee

Liza Rochelson
Taryn Michalak
Nan Eileen Mead
Patricia Kessler
Sammie Maitland
Nayury Farber
Sheri Foster
Lynn Saum
Richard Martinez

Student Government Association

Ann Sconiers, Acting President
Ronald Freeman, Secretary

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Degree Candidates

✝ = Cum Laude
✝✝ = Magna Cum Laude
✝✝✝ = Summa Cum Laude

** = 2021 Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence Winners

School of Arts and Humanities

Associate in Arts

Michael Donnan
Tessa Georgoulakos
James Robert Grecco
Michael Hawsey
Naybell Hernandez
Sarah Jordan
Mehreen Khan
Amanda Leaseburge
Kathryn Makin
Tara Michaels
Zahraa Mohamad
Rebecca Nealon
Rylee Peacock
David Peters
Kandi Ritton
Jacqueline Gabriel Riutort
Kathryn Stevens
Nathaniel Stufano

Associate in Science

John M Manzi
Donald Self

Bachelor of Arts

Andrea Abagnale
Jennifer Adames
Jay-Michael Salgado Alivia
James H Allen ††
Sandra Antognazzi †††
Diego Avendano Morineau
Amanda Nicole Ayala
Tricia Ann Balsan ††
Quran J Bell
Kevin Bergdorf
Durga Yael Bernard †††
Shannon Betters
Bonnie Bredes
Michelle Bremner †††
Melissa Ann Brimacomb ††
Alexis Bruno
Brandon Cabassa †††
Barbara Cacciapuoti
Catherine Anne Calle †††
Spencer Carr
Brittany Catlin †††
Alexandra Cifu
Thomas Coe †††
Jeanette Perez Colby
Sentina Collichio
Belinda Colón
Ian Patrick Corbett ††
Benjamin Covello
Dennis Daniels
Yehuda Davis
Heather Jean Debiew †††
Katherine Demarco
Maureen Patricia Ellis
Kerry Anne Dickinson †
Tara Ann Drumm
Avraham Eliezer Egert †††
Sara Erde
Suzanne Marie Erickson †††
Joseph Faas
Suzanne Emma Federico
Jessica Fitzgerald-Mahler
Matthew Fixler
Chaim Florans †††
Suleidys Mary Fonteboa
Sheldon Friedland †††
Kathleen Froio †††
Ariel Gioia †††
Kurt Godigkeit
Karen Goldfeder Goemans ††
Danny Goltsfarb ††
Marcio Edimir Goncalves †††
Nadine Regina Grant
Lyndsay Gray †††
Linda Greenberg †††
Laura Griffin
Yvonne P Harden
Evern Harvey
Dusa Louise Frisken Heller
Christine Hernandez
Tyler Heyd
Kathryn Hook
Brittany Houchin †††
Carl John Iacona ††
Tika Isaacs
Infinee Jacobs
Tia Jade Johnson ††
Matthew Anthony Kalwara ††
Patricia Kantzos †††
Kevon Kirton
Mariel Konowitz
Lisa Kosek
Isabelle Laifer
Richard Lapo
Erin Logan ††
Walkiria Roxanna Luis-Aleksis
Lynn Marie Ruvio-Malanga †††
Vincia A Maloney
Megan Marie McCartan †††
Robert McGarrity †††
Kaleen McKeeman
Enmanuel S Mejia Burbano ††
Kathleen Miller
Teresa Minutolo
Joseph Miranda
Richard Bernard Mitchell †††
Reburta A Moffitt
Liliana Mojica
Tammy Morgan †††
Gillian A Mowrey †††
Rosannie Murillo Acevedo
Elisabeth Newell
Alison Nixon
Bailey Nicole Nunez
Maria O'Brien
Mya Amanda Orosco
Diane Owens
Essra Paddock
Ashley Pangaro
Joseph Paszko
William Patterson †
Shaun M Peabody †
Casey Perhamus ††
David Peters
Lauren Petruzzelli
Jenna Ponte
Sylvia Porter-Hall †
Emily Ann Putzke ††
Kathleen Quinn
Stephanie Rawling
Emma Olivia Reagan †††
Christian Reeve †††
Simcha Reich
Elizabeth Rodriguez
Rosa Nuñez-Rule
Jeanne Sager †††
Isabelle M. Salamone-Lent
Jenna Lynn Scardino †††
Emma Grace Schneider †††
Joseph Schuerch
Danielle Caroline Scott
Gianna Scuderi
Melissa Shannon See †
Tanisha R Selden
Jennifer Brianna Sepulveda
Hajra Bibi Shahid †††
Ahmad Shellah ††
Michael Shields †††
Kayla M Simeone
Julianna Louise Sloat ††
Evan Smith
Samuel Smith
Aidan Matthew Sordjan
Andisha C Steele
Emily E Strong ††
Katelyn Rose Sullivan
Vanessa Marie Teamoh
Hannah Townsend
Kei Tsuruharatani
Gladys Vasquez
Lesia Stefania Vincent †††
Randolph Welch
Kenneth Wilson
Katrina Wright †††
Valerie M Young

Bachelor of Science

Mary Jo Inglis Bonin
Robert Harry Clarke †††
Emerson Daly
Carolyn A Eaton †††
Herbert Edwards
Valleri Renee Fredrickson ††
Margery McCrystal
Clayton Paul McIntosh †††
Alan Morreale
Angela Murray
Ellyn Okvist †††
Andres Posada
Scott Richards ††
Catharine A Schmidt
John Tierney
Dimitrea Tokunbo †††
Steven W Vail †††

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School of Business

Undergraduate Certificate

David Blackman
Nathan Davis
Deja D Funderburk
Michael Mario Giannico II
Harpreet Kaur
Michelle Krieger
Paula L. Lucas
Shaneya D Mauldin
Kristen I McDevitt
Sabrina Pehlic
Soukhaphet Souannavong
Anthony Michael Turchetti

Associate in Science

Jessica Adams
Abiola Nancy Adenuga
Tara Banks
Joseph Baranello
Kashaka Kimalia Bedeau
Aaron C Behr
Deborah Beisiegel
Mario Bellantoni
Yanitza Bellido
George K Boger
Adriana Bonilla
Kimberley Brown
Palmira Brown
Rachael Brown
Lisanne Buynoch
Wendy Cobbe
Elizabeth Cole
Salena Dabbs
Jordana Dawkins
Paul Del Favero
Tidiani Diallo
Ryan Dischner
William Faber
Bradley Feeney
Stephanie Frantz
Dior-Lawrence Funn
Olivia M Gordineer
Karen Gould
Christopher Grioli
Victoria Hansen
Darwin Haughton
Stephanie Hayes
Jordin Herrera
Deirdre Ann Hoger-Bonsu
Leah Hults
Dallal Husein
David Innamorato
Ashleigh Kiezel
Sheryl King
Jeffrey Kotzen
Charles Lamberti
Gabrielle Lerner
Kathleen Fraser Lowe
Shermane Maitland
Suzanne M Mascle
Christina Massa
Amy Matyjasik
Meghan Nicole May
Mary McGarrity
Matthew R McSpedon
Samuel Levy Miller
Guadalupe Montalvo
Marisa Brody Moriarty †
Gregory Napier
Jacqueline Nicoletto
Robert Olszewski
Nicole Prince
Alicia Puerile
Jona Quiles
David D Reed
Neikeba S Robinson
Kareen Rostant
Erica Sands
Elizabeth A Schmeltz
Courtney Nicole Schneider
JoAnne Scott
Lynn Elizabeth Sinsebox
Kaliena Stanley
Debra Stuart
Max Szemkow
Jamie Ann Taggart
Tiffany Chareese Taylor
Courtney Temple
Nickolas Tulp
Fred Vasaturo
Jose Anthony Vazquez
Carsandra Walker
Eric Weibel
Stacie L Wells
Malachi Williams
Susan Zimmerman

Bachelor of Arts

Taramattie Bachan
Elizabeth Gigler
Paseon R Jones
William Offerman
Ronald Presti
Eric Taub

Bachelor of Science

Jennifer Abaunza
Reno Achmad Domenech †††
Melissa Acker
Anthony Robert Ackerley
Ethan Addison ††
Raksha Adhikari
Evana Alexander
Mark Allison
Donnette Sherry-Ann Andrews
Christopher Aprea ††
Jessica Archard ††
Adrian A Ashby
Alithea Athans
Timothy Augustine †
John Augustyn
Hope Austin
Dora Ines Ayala
Julie Ann Azierski
Isabelle Baball Khan ††
Jamie Lea Ballard
Lucinda Ballard
Brittany Leigh Banks
Shelley M. Barnhart †
Lee Baxter
Stephen Michael Bayers
Tracy Bearse
Chenda Ree Beers
Alicia Ann Bell †
Ivorie D Bell †
Kariluz Belliard
Daniel Lehman Bellinger
Amy Bennett
Justin Bennett
Elizabeth Kelly Benson †
Tanner Berkey
Bryan M Betts
Debbie A Biggs
Christopher Bivona
Corey Alan Blackler
Benjamin Blackwelder
Karen Blake
Lewellyne Blanchard
Dylan Victor Boccardo
Tiffany Bolduc
Dera Boodhoo ††
Lisa Bors
Joseph Bourgeois
Cecilia Norbert
Michelle Braswell
Lara Marie Brehm †
Marie L Brito †††
Leah Marie Brockmyre
Jeffrey Brothers
Tosha M Brownell
Amber Buck
Fallon Buckley
Kristin Bugbee
Sarah Burdick
Rachael A Burke ††
Sarah Jean Burns
September Bush †
Andrew Butler
Sandra Buxton
Brian Calcara
Michelle Call
Catharine O Campbell
Jennifer Campbell
Mario Cancassi
Kate Ashley Canipe
Ramon Anthony Cannon
Caroline Nicole Capece ††
Joanna Carbonaro
Ashley Castro
Melissa Ann Cerpa
Justin Chamberlain †††
Alan Chan
Sae Hwan Chang
Jun Ji Chen
Kenneth Charles Chizuk †
Riza Cioku
James Cirigliano
Joseph Clement
Renee Clivilles
Matthew John Clute
Leeann Coates
Stephen Patrick Coates †
Nicolette Inez Cody ††
Sharon Coggins †
Brian Collupy
Deborah Colombo ††
Faith-Ann Colvin †††
Rachel Anne Constable ††
Damian Constantine
Samuel C Cook ††
Morgan J Cooper
Lisa Corbett
Lori Corradino
Tatiana Coulthrust
Israel Covey
Ashley A Crawford
Julian S Cunningham
Skylar Cunningham
Valerie Darling †
Derelle Nicole Davis
Nathan Davis
Victoria Bernadette Davis
Ola Olalekan Dawodu
Bisham Deena
Chandra Yvette Deloach
Stephen Deltuva
Kacie DeLuca
Joseph Michael DeMarco II
Chantelle Demauro
Alexander A. D'Emic †
Tristan P. D'Emic
Nicole Denaro
Noelle H Derbyshire †††
Richard Destasio
Mary Deveny
Ileana Diaz
Christopher Dickman
Victoria Didrich
Johnna DiFazio Bonelli
Vanessa Dinitto
Brandon Angelo DiSimone
Brandon Dolan
Cynthia Marie Domenico
Wendy Linda Donatien †††
Raymond Joseph Drechsel Jr.
Julia A Dumont †††
Paul Dungey
Alexander R. Durning ††
Kenneth Duttinger Jr.
Andrea Dawn Dyer
Careena Eggleston
Alissa M. F. Elghazi
Maurice Kamell Ellis
Eriston Eloi
Erica Ervin
Dorothy Mae Eudell
Katril Ann February Evans
Jean Junior Fabien
Amber Face †
Cristal Renee Farrington †††
Victor Fascio †
James Rawlins Faughnan
Maria Angelina Favata
John Felicello
Pasquale Ferraioli
Karen Ferrari
Nancy Ferraro
Lisa Field
Lauri Lynn Fisch †††
Tyler Fitch
Stacy L. Flaherty ††
Zachary Flanders
Lenita Fletcher
Rachel Jean Flynn ††
Melissa May Fone †
Venice Forbes
David Franze †††
Denise Frederick
Christine Joyce Frye
Morgan Brittany Frye
Anthony Ross Funaro IV
Joseph Fusco
Paul Gabner
Daniel Gaffney
Rafael Garcia
Michael Garrison
Arian Gaxherri
Jamie Genovese
Ajesh George
Christie George
Charles Michael Geraci ††
Joseph Ghotra
Dylan Gilbert †††
Gullola Gismondi
Paula Glover
Jennifer Goins
Andrae Goldson †
Robert Golkowski
Jaclyn Gonzalez
Jasmine L. Gonzalez
Justin Michael Gottlieb
Sandra Gould
Susan J. Gould ††
Jackquelin Marie Grant
Karel Griffith
Christopher G Grisanti ††
Isis Gruver
Peter Guastella
Margaret Gubbins
Daniel Gugino
Devika Guptar
Christina Lynn Guzi †
Alexzandra Hackett
Levar Haffoney
Jessica Leigh Wood Hagenbuch
Zachary Mullen Halter
Amanda Nichole Hannan
Edward Harbes
Joseph Richard Harmon
Mark Harrison
Jenna Harvey
Bilal Hasan
LayKisha N Hawkins
Colleen West Hay †††
Michelle Oakman Hayes
Jeremy Troy Hayworth †††
Cheyenne Autumn Hebb
Erin Elizabeth Heindl
Julie M Heller
Trevor Hemstreet
Rebecca Lyn Henry
Marina Hicks
Tania Marie Hill
Destinie Hilliard
Jessica Lyn Hinkal
Robert Hodge
Christopher Louis Holley
Gregory John Hopper
Megan S Hosley
Trevor J Hough ††
Tina Hover
Claudia Irene Huber
Allison V Hummer
Tiffany L Hund
Kimberly Hunkapiller
Nevina Hurley
Colleen S Hurteau †
Md Hussain †
Danielle Iaccarino
Lawrence Michael Iacona †
Paula Anne Iacono †††
Rion Incramona
Shannon L Iwan
Danielle A Jack
Anna Julie Jenkins
Michael Patrick Jerkowski
Brenda L Johnson †††
Dakeeta Johnson
Kathy Johnson
Eileen B Johnston ††
Wilhelmine Jolicoeur
Corine Jones
Lissette Joza
Emma Kahn
Yaakov Kammer
David Kanner †††
Angela Kasse
Anabel Katsnelson
Tawnee Kawski
Andrew J Kaye †
Amy Hughes Keegan ††
Larry-James John Kelley
Melisa M Kellogg
Brian D. Kelly
Coleen Kern †††
Shelbey F. K Kerwin
Ashley Marie Ketterer
Tonya Lee Key †
Ishmam Rabbi Khan
Rhoda Kirk
Jacob Kislowski
Andrew Kistner
Erik Klapp
Christopher Klein
Tehilla Klein
Asia Knight
Janel Nicole Knight
Michael Dayne Kofod
Scott Kolarz
Hadiza Koulibaly
Ashlee A Krebs
Michelle Krieger
David Kuhns
Melissa A Kunes
Jaime A Ladouceur
Brandon Lagoe
Donna Lamay-Wilson
Althea B. Lamb
CarolBeth Lambert
Earl James LaMora
Matthew Lauricella
Cory James Law
Kimberly Lawlor
Kellianne Lawyer
Matthew G Lehman †
Renee Mary Lehner
Mary Ellen Leo
Brittany Lepage
Michael Lerch
Gabrielle Lerner
Susan A Lewis
Yujun Liang
Daniella Rosaria Licari
Joshua Licciardo
William Lill
Leanne K Lindhurst
Michelle Lonkey
Adeline J Lopes
Rosemarie Margaret Lorenti
Heather Lynn Loucks †
Michelle Rose Macioch ††
Charlesetta Magby-Peace
Waqas Mahmood ††
Lorna Maria Mahoney
Robert L Mainor II
Krystal Maisonet
Vivian Maldonado-Monsanto †††
Shawn Mangan
Caylee Christine Mangroo
Amanda Mariano
Susan Marino
Joseph Walter Marmet
Annette Marshall †††
Jeffrey Martin
Annetty Martinez
Kayla Martinez
Lessy Rosalia Martinez †
Tevia Mastykarz
Valerie Mathews
Samantha Elizabeth Mattera
Tyler E. Mattoon
Nicolette Mazzarella ††
Jennifer A. McCallum †††
Stephanie Lynn McDonald
Meaghan McEntee
Barbara McFarland
Susan McGreevy ††
Noah Nickel McGuire
Cameron McKenzie Blackwood
Gizelle Elizabeth Marie McLane
Erica Marie McLeod
Michael Christopher McNamara
Tyler Jonathon McNeil
Tracy Mead †††
Shelby Mendelzon
Andrea Rose Mendes
Meredith Anne Mercier
Lisa Merto ††
Kerri Mertz
Rebecca Marie Messore
Michael Robert Middleton ††
Markese J Miller
Morgan Jade Miller
Jessica Mills
Margaret Miner
Jozef Moderacki ††
Michael Mokay ††
Rebecca Molaro
Stephanie Monaco
Suhayla Monroe
Christopher A. Montgomery
Edna Mae Moreland
Joseph Moriarty
Marisa Brody Moriarty †
Melinda D Morris
Keith Daniel Mott
Noureldin Saber Muhamed
Emily May Mullen †††
Mark Mullen
Sean Munns ††
Jocelynn Murphy
Mendel Nachfolger
Liwayway Namit
Beth A Zvanovec
Tasha Neaton
Marlyne Nelson
Tanya Mae Norton ††
Ezeukwu Nwanganga
Regina Olivieri
Migdalia M. Otero
Frederick Oneil Overall
Michele Anita Pagan
Kathleen E Pagani
Roxana Pagnini †
Yan Pan
Amber Parker
Danielle Parsons
Bryan Isaac Peguero
Rachel Pekarthy
Heather Lynn Smith
Nathaniel Pickett
Ashley Pierre
Sandra Pietrowski
Vincent J Pinela
Theresa Marie Piraino
Robert Ponzo
Kerri M Potter
Patricia Anne Pritchard
Jennifer Prudenti
Alex Przytulski
Samantha Quayle
Jona Quiles
Hope Rainbow ††
Aziz Raji
Devon Ramdan
Antonio Ramirez
Dawn Ramos
Ashton Rampersad ††
Dawn Randall ††
Casey Irene Raymond
Francis M Razzano ††
Haley A Read †
Chanel M. Records
Francine Rosemary Reffell
Jason John Reilly ††
Levi Ribacoff
Jonathan Robert Riegel
Liza Rieger
Jillian Rinaldi
Malinda Allyn Riquelme
Heubert Haniel Rivera
Matthew Saxon Rivera
Nathasha Rivera
Shannon Margaret Rivera †††
Sonja Rivera
Joanna Rizzo ††
Sandy Dawn Robs †
Marion Rodgers
Samuel Rodrigues
Donny Rodriguez
Lesliebeth Rodriguez
Sharlee Rodriguez
Alexander Rosicke
Brittany T Rubel
Mark C Sailer ††
Melissa Leilani Salado
Ahmet Salkic
Jeffrey Roche Samy
Wendy Santiago ††
Salvatore J Santorelli
Joanna Sanzo
Matilde Saravia
Marcella Marie Sarkozy ††
Alexzandra Restauro Sarmiento ††
David Sawicz
Ashoka B. Sayroo †
Courtney Sboro
Taylar Scarpelli
Eric Schaeffer
Deborah Schaufelberger
Renny Andrew Scheibel ††
Julien Schraml-Kiernan
Nicholas J Schultz
Valentina Semkin
Nikki C Seneca
Justin Paul Shade
Joshua Matthew Shail
Kathryn M. Sharp ††
Dinesh Sheonath
Kathryn Shetler †††
Kathryn Louise Shisler
Alexii Shook
Ebony Silas
Manda Silva
Calvin Simmons
Seyon L Sinclair
George E. Skaros ††
Alexandria Smith
Debra Ann Smith
Scott Donald Smith
Susan Smith
Steven Smolarek
Valerie Sobolewski
Nicole Spencer
Sophia Valentina Spero
Zachary James Stanco ††
Judi Steckler ††
Suzanne Steffen
Bethany Stewart
Penina Eliana Strauss
Sandra Sturtevant
Katherine Sullivan
Michael Anthony Sullivan Jr.
Suzanne Sully-Pniewski
Shadia Sultana
Julie Swan
Zackary Swartfiguer
Jeanine Cara Beedenbender Syska †
Lynzi Talmadge
Ellen Tam
Aubrey L Tanner †††
Jacqueline Tapp ††
Richard Tener
Jewelia Tennant †††
Christina Joanne Tewes
Kara Jean Thompson
Sheila T Thompson
Michaela Torre
Maximilian Triebel
Kim Tucker
Heidi Turner
Margaret Twitchell
Jeffrey Richard Urich
Nancy L. VanWormer ††
Alan Varlack
Katherine Velez
Elisabetta Angela Veltri †
Jared Vibert
Elizabeth Viele
Cecile Vielle-Cherry ††
Oksana Vovna
Maeleatha F Waddell
Michael Wage
Robin Waite
Alicea Walker
Bernadette Camille Walker
Ernesto Wallmark Duran
Connor Francis Walraven
Olgah Washington
Joseph Ryan Weislocher
Sarah Welch
Ashley Westfall †
Barbara Weston
Kevin A. Weyrauch
Christa Wheeler
LiReesa Kay Wheeler
Michael James Whelan
Maha White
Christopher Wilcox
Amber Williams
Barry Williams
Jennifer Renee Williams ††
Brian Richard Wilson
Chamika Wilson
Laura Wilson
Arianna Rachal Wolf
Jeannie Wright ††
Ashley Marie Yacobucci
Robert Yasso
Gordon Abram Youngman III
Angela U Zakers †
Devorah Judith Zakon
Pan Zhao †

Bachelor of Professional Studies

Kelly A Andolina ††
Ronda Bronson
Jessica Burhans
Gary Cohen
Gerard Anthony Collins
George Derbyshire
Vickie L Eberth
Paul Giraldi
Adam J. Grinvalsky
Robert Patrick Keane
Anita Marie Lanier
Jill A O'Hare ††
Frederik J Ohayon
Kendra Laurel Pry
Joseph Putnam
Danielle Rickard †
Carol Rivera
Raychael Ross
Sharon Schie
Edward William Seger †††
Jacob Socha ††
Stephanie Stuff
Cathleen Marie Taber ††

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School of Human Services

Associate in Arts

Manette Easlyn Becker
Courtney Danielle Black
Mindy Browne
Stephanie Ann Clack
Taylor Eleanor Clark
Jennifer Marie Decker
Jazmyne Giraud
Adana Harley
Shirelle Jackson
Patricia Jerge
Shakeima Johnson
Laure Lachaud
Sofia Pagalis
Michael Ribis
Carla Denise Rogers
Lisa Speranza
Thomas Franklin Sulzman

Associate in Science

Annamarie Aigotti
Amanda Avis
Courtney Bennett
Sheri Amber Brown
Shavon Davis
Pamela Jill Denson
Hunter Katheryn-Lee DeSantis
Lynnell Donnelly
Danalynn Doyle
Odina Dureland
Heather Green
Michele Holcomb
Felicity Holman
Richard Hurtado
Marie Hyden
Cristian Johnston
Monique Jones
Michael Kenific
Kristen Lamberty
Catrina Lasher
Nicolyn F Layne
Cara-Anne E Lee
Jennifer Mathis
Eleize Miller
Maryellen Miner
Richard Montalbano
Krystal Morales
Jessica Mae Morton
Martin Brian Murphy
Christopher William Oliver
Shannon O'Malley
Brian Owens
Louise Petersen
Christopher P. Porta Jr.
Steven Leon Reece
Lintanya Reid
John Ricks
Cherie Rivera
Nicole Belinda Robinson
Thalia Sansspree
Marilyn Sepulveda
Marie Shanley
Sheryce Stewart
Terri Still
Katelin Stonge
Toni Lee Taylor
Veronica Tejada
Steven Torbert
Francine Wilbur
Cheryl Manigault-Wray

Bachelor of Arts

David G Adam †††
Aneesa Nicole Baskerville †††
Kevin Michael Berta †††
Donna Biuso
Holley Boots
Gabrielle Elizabeth Brecker ††
Michele E Buono †
Tiffany Etheridge †
Tomika Campbell
Ana Jessica Castillo
Monique Clother
Josephine L Cockfield
Danielle Condron
Aundrea Cyrus
Sabrina Damato
Kwasi Deitutu
Anna DiMatteo †
Richard Curtis Douglas
Josy Ann Dussek ††
Sarah Faber
Sandra Fanelli
Larry Franke ††
Melvin Nyezee Gaye
Joanne Giuliano
Stephanie Gould
Lambrina Gournelos
Opal Gowan
Eva Graham †††
Samantha Christine Hague
Petra Hale
Tamein Haynes
Jakiyyah Lynel Jones
Julie LaBarbera
Tonya E. Lacey
Nicole Lecuit
Wykenna Legare
Jamie Lynn LeGrand †††
Caren Linea
Tadeusz Loarca
Lisa Monique Mack
Margaret E Mackey †††
Loretta Lynn Mann
Kristen McCormack
Natasha Mooney
Vannessa Mowatt
Ibtisam Omar
Jeannine Omara
Derrick Penn
Katherine Rose Picciotti ††
Lindsay Ann Polinski
Ashley Marissa Pusey
Patrice H Ratcliff
Renita Reid
Phyllis Rifkin †††
Daniel Gabriel Santiago
JoVon M. Saunders
Lori Schneider
Colleen Marie Sheridan
Chelsea Gabrielle Boyd Soyring
Aiyala Tate
Penny Katherine Walker
Anne Waterhouse †
Sherrie Wright
Yu Wen Wu

Bachelor of Science

Sumayyah Abdullah-Charles
Jokatery Abreu
Caryle Ackermann
Tairla Ackley
Dawnmarie Acri
Natalie Allen
Nicole Alecia Allen
Susan Tanick Allen
Chinelle L Antoine
Anthony Joseph Antunovic
George N Aprigliano
Carline Aspervil
Carol Atehortua
Michelle Baker
Jamie Ball
Brittany Leigh Banks
Sandra Barlow
Adam Joesph Bartholomew
Salvador Becerra
Deja Monique Bell ††
Alexandrea Brittnie Berenguer
Erik Beresnoy †††
Dorothy Bies
Dorothy Bligh †††
Simmone Bombard
Melissa Boni
Rebecca Bowman
Donnamarie J Bracey
Caitlin Braine ††
Diane Brewer
Eliza Jane Brewer
Christine S Briggs †††
Stephanie Brooks
Kimberly A. Brown †††
Goldie Brunner
Beverly Burke †††
Katrina M Burpee
Denise Marie Cahill
Christina Marie Calantone
Mirtha Carmela Candiotti
Samantha A Cappelli
Meghan A Carroll †††
Claribel Castillo †
Marjorie Catalano
Randall J Cheeseborough
Barbara Jeannette Christian
Victor Cipriano
Emilie Clark †††
Coleen M Clarke ††
Chenell L Coleman
GayAnn RoseMarie Collash
Rachel Jane Collier
Sherry M Connelly
Mark Christopher Conroy †††
Eileen Catherine Corcoran †††
Lori Lynne Corcoran †††
Patricia Cosgrave
Sarah Couture
Darrell Cox
Karen B Crane †††
Amanda Crawford †
Migdalia M. Crego ††
Amanda Cronk
Deborah D'Addio
Anthony D'Amato
Verna Denise Darby
Brieanda Davis ††
Cassandra Davis
Crista De la Torre
Jennifer M Decook †
Krysten Annelaine Delaney
Emilee Delutis
Gerard Desantis †††
Michael Destefano
Michelle Lynne DeYoe †
Elva Diaz
Robert Diehl
Christianna Dineen †††
Melissa Dinsmore
Lakeitha A. Dodoo
Diana Domingo
Lynnell Donnelly
Robert Doss †††
Nina Douglas
Brittany Downs
William Drew
Regina Dudley
Veronica Shavon East
Paige Eganski
Natasha Marie Eldridge ††
Amanda Lynn Elshahawi †††
Julio Escalera
Kelly Anne Falkner ††
Shari Finn
Taliah Floyd
Jessica Lee Foskolos †
Anthony Foto
Shaniquah Gabino
Heather Sharon Gaebel †
Alvin Gallardo
Nicole Gallimore
Sherry Garcia
Robert Gatto
Virginia L Geller
Alicia Marie Genovese ††
Alina Genovese
Paula Michele Giammarino
Frank Thomas Giglio
Caress Gilyard
Savanna Gonyea
Barbara Good ††
Janice Grace
Alexis Grennan
Kwantia M Griffin
Robert Grimaldi
Deborah Grose
Zachary Luke Guthrie
Maureen Hagen
Erin Nicole Hall
Jennifer Hall
Nicole C Hambric
Angelisa Hannon
Miranda Harms
Donna Harris
Julie L. Hartfield
Heidi L Hayes
Cindy L Henriquez
Carol Hermosilla
Seanan Mary Herrick ††
Denisha A Hill
Melanie Alexandra Hlapatsos †††
Nicole Hodges †††
Timothy Hoffman †
Christina Hoke
Kris Hollenbeck †††
Leticia Hooks
Jaicianne Michelle Howard
River Kai Howell
Susan Denise Huffman
Sonia Hutchins
Katharina Imor
Desdamona N Ivey
Grace Jacklitch †††
Cashmire Jackson Jenkins
Tonya Renee' Jasper
Alexis Jinks ††
Octavia Johnson
Andre J Jones
Aneisha Kimberly Jones
Tina Marie Jones
Stephanie T Jones-Myles
Heidi Jordan
Jessica Lynn Joseph
Amy Eileen Kabel †
McKenzie Kaiser
Whitney Kalin
Arly Kamholtz
Arielle Karlstrom
Karen Keenan
Mary Keith
Jeannine Kelley
Rebecca Kelly
Sherika Renee Kimble
Stephanie Rene King
Cynthia Klemann
Heather Kraemer
Alishia Margaret LaClair
Marjorie Lafond
Taylor Lee Lambertson
Frank Lapocca
Jacarra Larkin
Jessica Laveroni ††
Cristy Lee
Steven Lerner
Eleni Liff
Anastasia Konstantine Limniatis ††
Miranda L Lindsay
Gina Marie Lombardo †††
Lateisha London-Rivers
Michael Robert Lorenz
Andrew Loughlin
Ashley Elle Lowe †††
Taylor Loy
Rebeca Lucret
Patricia D MacLeod
Penelope Mailander
Jessica Main
Cornelia Major
Daniela Maniscalchi
John M Manzi
Roxanne Marie Marin ††
Cristin Marshall
Emily Marshall
Cassandra Ann Martell ††
Yelena Martinez Melendez
Renae T Mascol
Alexandra Maxon
Megan Lynn McCabe
Sean McCarthy ††
Ronnie McCaughey
Janice McGrath
Andrea McIntosh
Heather McKenzie
Priscilla McKenzie
Shannon Meminger
Carmen Mena
Julius Mercer
Marset J Messam
Samantha J Messina †
Victoria Ann Metz ††
Amy Michael †††
Johane Michel
Ashlee Miller †
Kasam Mohammad
Jose Moncayo
Jenna L. E. Monroe
Hilda Montalvo-Santiago
Amber R Montanez †
Cassandra Krisann Montanez ††
Jordyn Moon
Amber L Moore
Thomas Morgan
Christopher Morganelli
Gary Daniel Mosher
April Mott
Bethany Elizabeth Muha ††
Lakedia Mullen
Sara Lindsey Munoz ††
Racheal Ann Murray
Delores Myers
Lana Nastari
Anthony Neary †††
Magnolia J Neild
Sean Niles
Andrew Joseph Nobles
Christopher Michael Nohejl
Briselly Nunez
Alexis Ochs ††
Jessica Lynne Ogden
Hilton Ray Ortiz
Jahan Ortiz
Shane Oshea
Nicole Ostroski
Samantha Paulus ††
Julie Anne Peck
Johanna Peralta †
Michael Perez
Abbigail Janelle Perkett ††
Amanda Danielle Hennard
Nakia Peterson-Recai
Deborah Lynn Phillips †
Janice Marie Phillips ††
Chris Pietrangolare †††
Brian Pilholski
Lindsay Marie Plymel
Jessica Leeann Poore
Stacey Porter
Chenai Pugliese
Heidi Quider Bradt
Belynda Raminger
Maria G Ramirez
Ana Ramirez-Polischuk
Alicia Beth Randall
Laverne Randolph
Melissa June Rankin
Lindsey Ratigan
Steven Leon Reece
Teri Lynn Reed
Jessica L Regg
Timothy A Restani ††
Amber Richardson-Iannotti
Amanda Rigby
Leilani D Rivera
Shanele Rivera
Leah Roberts
Tammy L Rocque
January Rodriguez
Paige Madison Rodriquez
Debra Rogers
Stephanie E Rogers
Chad Riley Roose ††
Christopher Ross †
Michele A. Roth
Samantha Jo Ruggles
Jenna Ruth
Denise Ryan
Kyle Ryan †††
Stephan Patrick Saint
Victoria Salatino
Peter Sallie ††
Anthony Curtis Samuel †††
Jennifer Santiago
Tara Schneider ††
Nancy Schwartz
Lori S Schweitzer-Amato
Karen K. Senior
Carole Joy Sheehan
Kasey Ann-Marie Slater Burch †††
Erin B Slomka
David Smith
Elizabeth Smith ††
Meghan Marie Smith
Robin Smith
Trish Danielle Smith †††
Diana Smith-Polanco
Tammie Sokolowski †††
Amauris Soler
Bhagyashree Sood
Soukhaphet Souannavong
Mirna I. Soury ††
Alexandra Spearman
Asha A Stephen
Kimberly Stephens †
Jeffrey Orval Stevens
Lyndsay K Stevens
Leah Stevenson
Shannon Stockwell
Kelly E Stumper
Karen Susino
Anna Szczepanski
Alicia Teal
Latisha Nicole Terry ††
April R Tracy
Kelly Ann Trickey
Roslyn Truitt
Deidre Tubman
Andrea Lynn Tufano ††
Jennie Tyler
Cherisse Vailes
Rachel Van Avery
Carolyn Vella
Patricia Villani
Farida Virji
Kathleen Vitale
Darion Vogt †
Jessica Waite
Barbara Ann Warters †††
Kelsey Webber
Darius White
Andreu Wichard
Briana Williams
Leona Vernessia Williams
Sharena Williams
Audriana Wilson
Crystal Elaine Wilson ††
Tricia Tanya Wilson
Patricia Wright
Delishia M. Yantin
Hailey Ye
Edward Young
Kaily Marie Zenquiz Santiago †
Kimberly Zesky


Bachelor of Professional Studies

David Chabak
Christopher Jantzen ††

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School of Science, Mathematics, and Technology

Associate in Science

Leon Alston
Nicolette Ashkenazie
Connor Ashline
Shemika S Barker
Fatima Zohra Boudaa
Kimberly Butler
Darryl Blake Dangerfield
Brian Adam Guasaquillo
Andrew Hasselberg
Leah Jacobson
Amanda Isabelle Konsky
Omar Lindsay
Christopher Lundwall
Steven Mangione
Michelle Martuscello
Leonard Mercedes
Mia Navarro
Erik Petersen
Tod Ruthven
Angela Santiago
David Simpfenderfer
Antoine Swanson
Joseph Foy Tempone
Celinez Valenzuela
Sharen L Whitley Privette

Bachelor of Arts

Marissa Baker
John Evenson
Britni Peden

Bachelor of Science

Oluwaseyi Adegbenro Adegoke
Sabeeha Wardi Alayan
Matthew Alfonso
Amanda Arevalo
Charles Lawrence Arnold †
Kianoush Attarian
Nathalie Barnwell
Louis Barone
Kashaka Kimalia Bedeau
Zenzele Tanya Bell
James J Beltrani
Alexis M Blatcher
Nderim Bllata
Daniel Wayne Borczynski †††
William Edward Buzzell
Colin Canfield
Lorraine Cannavale
Juan Diego Carvajal Ramirez †††
Kayla Causey
Jenna Chase
James Childress
Kate Connolly
Enrique Abimael Cota ††
Carli Courville
Cameron M Cowan ††
Heather Cox
Carla Cunningham
Patricia Curthoys
Naomi Dancona †††
James Christopher DeLong †††
Peter DeRuvo
Katelyn Christine Dibble
Paul Diskin
Cory Domer
Amy Elliott
Fran Faiber
Adriana Franks
Michael Freiler
Dominic Galletta
Jenny Garcia-Espinosa
Darren M Geliebter †
Masarath Ghiasuddin
Alena Giardino
Steven Gokey
Christopher Green
Matthew Greenwood
Kelsie Rae Hawkins
David Herman
Rowe Hessler
John Michael Hollenbeck †††
Johnathan C. Horner
Jennifer Huber ††
Noel Capri Johnson-Carter
Zane Kelton
Mahmudur Khan
Mei Kimura
William Carl Knobloch
Andrew Kopacki
Catherine Krause
Michon Leah Lanaro
Chelsea Elizabeth Lattanzio
Gloria Lavenberg
Derek Michael Lenz
Adam Littleboy
John Andrew Locascio
John Lundon ††
Marc-Andre Massena
Jogy Mathew
Rebecca Blue McCranie †††
Kymberly L McDougle
Jeffrey McSkimming
Jamie Ann Melendez
Alexandria Rose Merlis †
Puok Moon
Christopher F Moore
Jose Enmanuel Munoz
Karthik Narasimhan
Tehreem Naz
Nancy Nazzaro
Rebecca Nealon
Daniel M O'Connor
Anthony Oehler
Elizabeth O'Reilly
William Orty
Douglas E Pack
Kathleen Paravano
Daniel Parrella
Oksana Pecheny
Alexander Michael Pester
Noelle Platt
William J Polakowski
Michael C Pyzikiewicz
John Quevedo
Sharon Ramsay ††
Christopher Joseph Raymond †††
Denise Richards
Steve Romero
Carl Edward Root †††
Christopher Rownd
Haleema Sajjad
Steven Santorelli †††
John Paul Sauer
Adam J Schultz
Mina M Shafik
Cody Shaw
Jeremiah Skellie †
Ethan Smith
Joseph Stormont
Leah Sugar
Ryan Tiano
Douglas Tisdale
Jorge D Valverde
Willard Veeder
Vy Hoang Vu
Patrick Warren
Mary Anne Woodman
Hayley Yager
Shane Lee Yarbrough †
Sonya Zielinski
Alisha Virginia Zink

School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Associate in Arts

Denise Acosta
Amen Adio
Laura Alfieri
Naomi Ambrosino
Cinderella Bailey
Richard Balkonis
Flore Baptiste
Catherine Barbato
Richard Barisciano
Mandy Lynn Barrett
Glenaisa Dominique Bookard
Ricardo Bowens
Ann Sela Bramson
Vinner Brooks
Hao Chen
Heath Clements
Ricky Colbert
Luis Corchado
Gianna Costanza
Jodi N. D'Andrea
Janine DeGeorge
Yajaira Delgado
Kimberley Theresa Deputron
Mary Dougherty
Abigail Essandoh
Toni Ann Federico Diaz
Ann Ferrisi
Candace Kay Fisher
Evelyse Fung
Brittany Galvin
Kaylie Gardner
Gayla Greene
Jeanette Horwat
Mandy Maria Ives
Kerry Jackson
Lavaughn Jackson
Cynthia Janniere
Gabrielle Alexis Lobosco
Alyssa Lowray
Kristen A Lubeck
Kayla Mahoney
Karrington Major
Ashley Margillo
Michelle Marie Marlow
Kiyonna Marte
John Mazzaro
Theresa McAuley
David McGoy
Lynette B Mills
Toniann Miraglia
Aaron Neil
Amma Lisa Oloriwaa
Ifeoma Onwuka
Esteban Padilla
Cristina Pagan
Maria Paladino
Christina Paone
Brianna Marie Piccirillo
Jennifer Ray
Christopher Regina
Kiiana Reyes-Campbell
Ryan Richardson
Samantha Robinson
Victoria Dianna Russell
Destini Salanardi
Faoziyat Sanusi
Nancy Scarpaci
Samantha Ann Scheiner
Joseph Sehne
Omar Karriem Shabazz
Justin Israel Smalls
Alexandra Sorrentino
Bradley Squires
Joan Struthers
Jerrell Tate
Sule Thompson
Gregory Tyner
Alyssa C Volks
Aldrea Williams

Associate in Science

Lisa Anderson
Jacqueline Avery
Donna Barresi Grillo
Luz Bayter
Sara Botta
Georgia Brewster
Shanelle Cristal Brooks
Michael Brown
Allison Burr
Marjorie Catalano
Sofia Colacurto
Albert Culler
Elizabeth D'Arrigo
Dawn Del Buono
Nicholas Deluca
Carolyn Deluise
Maria DeMeo
Johanna Derks
Franklin Diaz
Joseph Matthew Donato
Tamer Elmaadawy
Deanna Enea
Michael Flynn
Heather Frampton
Daechaun Freeman
Brianna Rose Gabamonte
Salverina Gallo
Sabrina Garuc
Jillian Ann Giacalone
Lawrence Gisser
Alexandra Rose Giuliano
Tyler Goodrich
Jessica Grant
Franscesca Hidalgo
Samuel Joseph
Mary Kliethermes
Rashida Lashelle Latney
Christian Ledan
Carianne Lewandowski
Michele Lynott
Deborah Magnotta
Marvin David Maldonado-Padilla
Debra Malone
Victoria A Mattera
Denise Matuza
Melvin Mayberry
Anthony Mignano
Valerie Elizabeth Millard
Patrick Moore
Suada Muslli
Callie Oherin
Omaya Andrie Ortiz
William Ortiz
Nicole Paolino
Nicholas Petroski
Natasha Philpot
Rebecca Politzer
Alexis Elaine Ragusa
QuaTara Robinson
Brian Roemer
Andres Roman Jr.
Jennifer Seccafico
Alexander Siaw
Meghan Sierp
Matthew Robert Smart
Paula Stewart
Zachary Sussman
Meghan Thomas
John Osa Uyi
Rossana Velasquez
Adrienne Zettle

Bachelor of Arts

Maryhan Abdelazim †††
Kimberly Lou Adams †††
Vicki-Ann E Aman
Hannah Andrews
Alexandra Antigua
Kiley Marie Ardison
Felicia Astacio
Clare Axton
Ebony Aytch
Mariah E Baker
David Bakst ††
Brionna Ball
Rikkel Baron
Sarah Basilio
Tara Laura Bassegio
Stacy Beardsley
Jennifer Ann Bello
Jacqueline Bennett
Matthew Steven Berge †††
Dawn C Betke ††
Julee M. Blackwell
Samantha Blackwell
Denise A Blanco ††
Elena S Bologna
Samantha Bosco
Rosie Boucard
Shannon Brady
Lindsey Branche
Jacob Breen †††
Andre Breton ††
Sabrina Lynn Bromsey †
Sara C Brown-Zaprowski
Kaitlin Burachalk
Tomasina Rose Burch ††
Yoseph Burnstein
Amanda Rose Caiazzo
Kerri Carpenter
Candace Nicole Carrasquillo ††
Yleana Cascio
Kayla Castellano
Kimberly Castile
Yetzirah Castro
Wanda Maria Catala †††
Allan Chapman †††
Stacy L Chase
Ivy S. Chatanow-Epstein
Jamie Christensen †††
Stefanie Lauren Cimei
Anna Leigh Codick †††
Raymond Collazo
Peter Collier
Terrence Conklin †
Ingrid I Connor ††
Kelly Conroy-Scott
Charity Couch
Margaret A Cozzo
Tristin Croce
Alyson Marie Crowley
Jafel Danyel Cummings
Chelsea Loretta Currier
Lisa Cusick
Andrea C Daley
Avraham David ††
Laura Decosse
Krystal Ann Delluomo
Theodosia T Dempster
Amanda DeSalvatore
Michel Desgrottes †
Karen DiSomma †††
Amber Rene' Noël Dixon
Kaitlin Donnelly-Ferraro
Pamela Doran ††
Alyssa Driesbaugh
Susan Duplechian
Bridget Ebenhoch
Gabriella Edell ††
Michal Enakar
Julia Endres
Vanessa Jean Evans ††
Emine Evren
Helen M Fahy †††
Rossella Fanizza ††
Ashleigh Farrell
Jacob Fellows
Kristin Ferguson
Pablo Figueroa
Jennifer Marie Fink
Jaime Fischer
Jaime Alana Fisher
Amanda Flood
Joel Fraga
Jasmine Galarza
Brittany Galvin
Casey Garner †††
Luigi Gassoso
Dorena Gaudino †††
Emmanuel Gbogboade
Jasmyn Gervais-Cierniak
Jeana Giacobbe
Kadeem Gibson
Julia Christine Gilfillan
Meaghan Elizabeth Giovannetti ††
Kendra Dee Goff
Maria Gonzalez
Desiree Griffin ††
Jacob Gundersen
Robyn Lerebours †
Rachel M Haag
Tristan Ann Hall
Gregory Halpen
Zeesel Halpern ††
Augustina Hardaway
Claudia P. Zamarippa
Rebekah Hinton †
Rachel Lynne Hogle †††
Rakhshanda Iftikhar
Doreen Ingenito
Linda Bouton Jacobs
Molly Jacobs
Kelsie James
Adrienne Jensen ††
Noah Johnson
Ursula Jones ††
Mikhael Joseph
Alexander Kack
Esti Kerzner
Tywanda Kippins
JoAnna Klampert
Eliyahu Klein
Emily Rose Krompier ††
Kristina Lamagna
David Michael Lang †
Geneva Rubas Lang
Jessica Catherine Lanoue
Taylor Lepp
Nicole Elizabeth LeRoy
Deena Levinson
Michael Levy
Yvonne L Logan
Lauren Lordi
Abigail Lowin
Allison Lubrino
Megan Irene Lumsden ††
Jacob Mack ††
John David Maldonado
Amanda Concetta Malone ††
Patricia Dianne Maloney
Janet Lorri Manning ††
Nichole Martin
Sean Martin
Marcella Martinez
Latrisha Maynard
Marilyn B McAvoy
Megan Meany
Gloria A Mendez
Jessica Danielle Merkle †††
Leonard Larue Merritt
Susan Meza
Lynette B Mills
Shoshana Mittelmann
Victoria Fanya Morales
Shawn Michael Moran
Thomas Murdolo †
Kiana Neyenhouse ††
Meagon Nolasco
Latelle Norville
Heather Leigh Oefelein
Kathryn E Olmstead ††
Michele Lynda Olsen-Lardou
Ashleigh Elizabeth Ormanian
Caitlynn C Osborne †
JoAnna Lee Osborne
Ann Marie Palmieri
Alexis Louise Parks
Rashawna Paul
Paul Perodin †
Shante Pierson
Kenneth Pollock
Rebecca Pringle †††
Rosanne Ramirez
Bianca Ivonne Ramirez Espertini
Arthur Ramsay
Rachel Ranieri
Marcello Reale
Amy Rigano
Jamie Roberts
Aisha Roberts-Grant
Opal Robinson White
Elissa Rocle
GinaMarie Romano ††
Tiffany Rookwood
Halie Beth Roschwalb
Yocheved Rosenberg ††
Nicholas D Rosone
Maria Rothaupt
Alexa M Rubin
Sierra R Runfola
Victoria Ryan
Sajeda Akter Salma ††
Angelica Sanchez
Jasmin Santana
Bunnie Schiller †
Jennifer Schmidt
Shawn Shannon-Missal
Nicole Sharp
Marrissa Margaret Peters
Janele Slater
Maranda A Sloan
Shantoll Annmarie Smith
Shelley Spielman
Jonathan Swarthout
Brandi Swift
Jeffrey Tan
Jimmy Temkin
Caelynn Collette Thomas †
Janet Tings
Rechel Travis
Nakiba Tuggle
John Osa Uyi
Jonathan Michael Valencia
David Andrew Valle ††
Marianna VandenBogaard
Sarah VanSlyke †
Hannah Marie Vermilyea
Amira Virgo
Ashley von Hagn
Jennifer Lynn Wade
Ashley Waite
Tamar Elisheva Walfish
Jillian Wallace
Stephanie Way ††
Amanda J Weir
Kristy Wells
Melinda Elise Wiant
Juliana Wiggers
Jaquan Daniel Williams
Charlene A Willis
Lindsey Rachel Wolfson ††
Krystal Precious Woodruff-Pitcher
Claire Wrazin
Whitney Jaye Yannacci †††
Kathrine Yerdon
Jessica York
Tara Young
Victoria Zaccari
Kevin Ziesenitz
Michelle L. Zilak †††

Bachelor of Science

Erin Marie Adamson
Ashley D Allington
Pamela Aprilliano
Elizabeth Marie Ashworth
Steven Auerbach
Jessie Baldassari †††
Aiyana Shy'Quell Barnes
Mandy Barrett
Sylvie Barthelemy
Meilyn Batista
David N Beckstrom
Imene Benkada
Vanessa Bigam
William Edward Blendermann
Michael Boero
Melissa Boxer
Mary Riley Brown
Christopher Burke ††
Samantha P.K. Burke
Kimberly Butler
Darcy Buza
Alexander Caropelo
Christopher Catt
Paul J Colacicco
Daniel P Concannon
Anisa Cortez
Kayla Daly ††
Elissa Marie D'Angelo ††
Joseph Michael Demma †††
Gina Denunzio
Stacy M Dimon †††
Jenna T Dragoon
Daniel Durinick ††
Jacqueline Dygert
Sandra Lynn Dysard
Alexandra Briana Ferrigno
Maria Fitzgerald
Douglas Foy
Ronald Freeman
Jessica Frost
Claire Marie Garcia †††
Wayne Allen Gentile Jr.
Dena Gittens
Mattingly Marie Gleason †
Jennifer C Gong
Andrew E. Goodlander
Richard Arthur Grimaldi †
Cody Hakimian
Melissa L Hallenbeck
Cheryl A Hamilton †††
Cabrina Jo Hasty
Amanda Hayes
Wei He
Daniel Herlihy †††
Angelica Hernandez
Catherine Hoblin
Deana Holness
Salisha K.B. Hope-Ledgister
Carolann Hundert
Tahucha Jean
Diamonique T Jeffries
Patrick Alexander Johnson
Kacey Joyce
Sujaya Khadka
Samuel Kille
Michael Kless
Alethea Kohilakis †
Valeriy Kolomoiets
Diana Krymskaya †††
Erik Kubis
Gregory James Kurowski
Mary La Creta ††
Monica Lamb †††
Hadassa Landau †††
Thomas LaRose
Brittany R. Law †††
Jackie Lee
Brooke Alynn Levely
John Lewis
Danna Libbey †††
AnnMarie Loboccetta ††
Melissa Lynn Lovstrom †††
Zoya Lucas-Griffith †††
Ryan Magnell
Louis Mandel
Suzette Veronica Marine
Matthew David Marshall †
Maureen Martin
Elizabeth A Maxwell
Virginia Mazzarella ††
Sherman Mc Donald
Deborah Tameka McFarlane
John McNamara
Francesca McQuade
Tina May McQuillen
Evelyn C. McQuiller
Caitlin Minton
Jodi Montwill
Chandler Moran
Kelly Rose Moranz ††
Chandrawattie Morgan †††
Kathleen Murray †
Christine Joan Nickel †††
Camile Nika
Jose Ortiz
Heather M Page
Matthew Palmer
Stella Parashis
Gina M Persico
Rachel A Petroccitto ††
Jeffrey Piestrak
Jillyn N Pottle
Matthew Pysnack
Tzvi Reifer
Amber Rindfleisch
Angela Rizzi
Liza Beth Rochelson †††
Madeline Rosario †††
Tyrell Rumble
Jahmel K Samuels
Jesus Santiago
Pamela Sawa
Mark Richard Schiele ††
Fran Schmitter
Mikayla Susan Schneiter †
Beth Scholomiti
Ofelia Seminario
Robert Serviss
Roslyn Simmons
William Michael Simurra
Chhuong So
Jennifer Sojka
Steven Spinicchia †††
Lance Turner Stark †††
Gabrielle Rae Stephens
Tammy D Strand
Natasha Tatar
Abbey Elizabeth Temple
Tracy Ann Theal †††
Kristen Thornton
Anthony M. Turchetti
James Valenti ††
Laura Wait
Myra Warm
Hyrum Chauncey Willard
Christopher Yarnall

Bachelor of Professional Studies

Jason Ashton
Nathan Brant
Steven Lee
James Regan
Raymond Sabourin †††


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School of Nursing and Allied Health

Bachelor of Science in Allied Health

Natalia Barszczewska
Marie Charlotte Jocelyn
Courtney Jones
Deidra Zehr †††

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Sadeta Alemic †
Anyi Natalia Alvarez †
Jessica Marie Barbieri ††
Donna Marie Berry †
Ita Bridget Brennan ††
Bernadette Caligiuri †
Maegan Anne Castle †††
Jo-Ann Chatel ††
Galina Chernobylskaya
Jeanne Marie Collins †††
Donna M. DeLuca ††
Daina Theresa DiPinto ††
Cassandra M Dohan
Desiree Marie Fedor ††
Ryan Fortune
Loretta Garbarino
Andra-Mia Dominique Gillard
Christine A Goodwin
Jessica Ann Gorman †††
Steven Holcomb †††
Samantha Jasmin Khellawan
Kali King
Thijs Martijn Kolet ††
Ashley Nicole Kroetsch
Belge B Labaze
Alayna Lori Laranjo †
Kristin M Makrin
Martika Martin †††
Carly Frances Serro-Masula †††
Kaitlin McGuire †††
Joanne M. Mejia
Allison Joy Moore
Miezra J Moore
Bethany Nasby †††
B. Karen Nieto †††
Rochelle Marie Padak
Cynthia Jean Parr †††
Sarah Ramos ††
Shaneza A Ramsay
Colleen M Reale ††
Charles Saikum ††
Amanda Marie Sanchez
Nicole Marie Schenck
Madelyn Joy Smith
Amanda C Talbot †
Meredith Wood Tanner †††
Kattia Yolanda Vasquez-Lee †††
Sara Lynn Weidman
Cheryl Annette Whitlock
Shanice M Wilson
Kristen Joelle Joanna Wizzard ††

Master of Science

Liliana Borrelli
Kenya Clinton-Coles
Pamela M Courtney
Kyle Drehmer
Maggie Elizabeth Ellithorpe
Lisa Sande Gonzalez
Inge R Haensch-McKie
Eileen A Hagan
Julia Hainsworth
Tara Koutsouras
Darryl L Lahon
Shauna Maureen Larsen
Temuera Shannon Lawson
Pamela M Levering
Michelle Anjeanette Melendez
Barbara Moore
Deborah Lundin Pezzolla
Cindy Gwen Smith
Tonia Melanie Stewart
Jillian Suri-Finn
Danielle Ellen Synborski
Athena Mary Thomas
Jessica Lynne Urtz
Michele Yvette Ward


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School for Graduate Studies

* Dean's Medal Recipient

Advanced Graduate Certificate

Abdul Rabb Alamin
Lawrence Paul Allen
Rachel Andersen
Kirstyn Applin
Alexandra Celina Avendano
John Azar
Christopher Michael Besozzi
Evan C Bowker *
Kostanda Tejeda
Eduardo David Calderon
Cheryl Jeanne Campbell *
Krystal Carlton
Ivana M Casilio
Michael Castelluccio
Diana Cerecki
Shuyi (Suzy) Chen
Cherry Tsz Ling Ching
Matthew Christ *
William Costello
Djuana Davis
Abbey Diabo
Michelle Katherine DiCarlo
Lucas James Dodge
Ann Dowsey
David Michael Dreidel
Gregory Wayne Duggins
Timothy J Dunn
Abubakr Elkinani
Aaron M Fregeau
Fruitasia Life-Essence Shabazz Gause
Prabin Raj Gautam
Katherine Gilbert
Christine Marie Glynn
Alexis I Gooding *
Roseanna Grega
Justyna Grzyb
Ebonie Hainsworth
Elissa Marianne Hannon
Lucilla Harrell
Kaydien Kimone Harrison
Ruthanne Harrison
Teri-Ann L Hawley
Constance Lee Holland
Shantia Sharon Hylton
Taylor Jones
Amanda Leigh Kellett-Ciani
Alyssa Kerber
Alex Lanz
Judith Lopez
Cinnamon Coco Ludlow
Erica Lynne Ludwick *
Kyle Malewicz
Alyssa Francis Marren
Caitlyn-Marie Martin
Jason T. Martin
Rashawn Lamar Mayweather
Nicole McNally
Jason J. Miller
Leonardo Monti-Gomes
Maria Delfina Mora
Mohammad Mohaimin Ali Nahian
Timothy Irving Norton
Gustavo N. Pacheco
Irvin Phanord
Assad Pharr
Fatima Marie Preston
Jawana Carter-Richardson
LeShawn Renée Coleman
Denise M. Robinson
Jamel Robinson
Raul Rodriguez
Rafael A Roger
Adrienne A Rossetti
Zosia A Skiff
Criste Lynn Staples
Yvette Kim Stone
Todd Strelow
Wendy Marie Surdej
Kostanda Tejeda
Andrew J Vail
Ashley Ann Vanderhall
Jacqueline Elizabeth Varone
Gina I. Velez
Christopher Stephen Walczak
Angela M Wallace
Samantha Meder Watson
Katelyn Marie Welytok
Angela Wessels-King
Cheryl L White
Margaret Wright

Master of Arts

Abdul Rabb Alamin
Kirstyn Applin
Pamela Araya
Alexandra Celina Avendano
Dusty L Baker
Evan C Bowker *
David M Brick
Torri Lynne Brouhard
Ivana M Casilio
Adam E Clayton
Wendy L Cummings
Gregory Wayne Duggins
Francine Edmonds
Donna D Erno
Jamie E. Forbes
Prabin Raj Gautam
Christine Marie Glynn
Joseph Thomas Golden *
Alexis I Gooding *
Roseanna Grega
Lystra Harrigan
Constance Lee Holland
Deborah Gayle Ingles Schwalbach
Jena Nicole Iversen
Taylor Jones
Patricia A Kessler
Christopher Gregory Kichton
Elinor Lenhart Kolbier
Judith Lopez
Erica Lynne Ludwick *
Oscia Anjeana Miles
Kaitlyn C Nowicki
Steven Patrick ONeill
Vanessa Petrossian-Pahucki
Lisa I Persons
Vincent James Petrone
Michelle Pugliano
Jamel Robinson
Raul Rodriguez
Charlotte R Russell
Katie Lynn Segrue
Andrew C. Shaw
Janice Snipes
Yvette Kim Stone
Albert R Tablante
Tianna Leanora Tettis
James Richard Tracy
Jackeline Marie Vazquez
Angela M Wallace
Samantha Rose Watson
Cheryl L White
Shannon Eileen Woods
Margaret Wright

Master of Arts in Teaching

Ashley Acevedo
Maggie Hanafin Araya
Lara Armstrong
Katharina Basta *
Sarah J Black
Michael Jon Bourdeau Jr.
Harrison Adam Colandrea
Molly Matott Clock
Myriam L Cruz Morante
Adam William Cummings
Amanda Depew
Tabetha M Donohue
Irina V Farrell
Jose E. Garcia
Erin Nicole Gillott
Jessica Grottanelli
Christopher Ray Jones
Nicole Kathryn Kane
Christopher Koepplin
Meghan A Krug
Samantha E. Leonardo
Michael Jeffrey Loson
Dylan Lukowski
Jennifer McGuinness
Alana Evelyne Nadeau
Julissa Nieves
Alyssa R Palladino
Francesca Isabella Palladino
Tyler Owen Vest
Brett C. Vetterlein
Christopher Michael Woska

Master of Business Administration

Josiah Oladimeji Alade
Lawrence Paul Allen
Briana Pinky Amos
Marlea C Andolora
Anthony J Aragona
Michael Thomas Arce
John Azar
Jalila Benlali
Christopher Michael Besozzi
Narcissis Brown
Kostanda Tejeda
Eduardo David Calderon
Diana Cerecki
Joseph Chiarenza
Cherry Tsz Ling Ching
Mei-Wah Choi
Matthew Christ *
Rebecca L Clarke
William Costello
Brittany M Cuomo
Djuana Davis
Abbey Diabo
Loundesse Dimanche
Costas Diamantis *
Michelle Katherine DiCarlo
Lucas James Dodge
Timothy J Dunn
Aaron M Fregeau
Victoria A McCarthy
Fruitasia Life-Essence Shabazz Gause
Kathryn V Giovinazzo
David Goodwin
Elissa Marianne Hannon
Kaydien Kimone Harrison
Amy Jo Henry
Shantia Sharon Hylton
Matthew Keller
Alex Lanz
Bernard Leavitt Jr
Heidi Lehmann
Cinnamon Coco Ludlow
Kevin R Maiello
Kyle Malewicz
Weiwei Mao
Caitlyn-Marie Martin
Ariana Leigh Mastrangelo
Alicia McGrath
Jason J. Miller
Michele Montroy
Devin Andrew Muha
Maureen Elizabeth Nolan
Gustavo N. Pacheco
Suzanne M Patriarco
Irvin Phanord
Assad Pharr
Elena Adela Pop
Brian K Ramnath
Marlon Anthony Roberts
Denise M. Robinson
Rafael A Roger
Adrienne A Rossetti
Andrew Floyd Sanford
Jacqueline Selva
Satonya Serrano
Danielle A. Sestito
Beth Huizenga Shaz *
Gail Loretta Shepey
Marcus D Shepherd
Courtney Catherine Simonick
Zosia A Skiff
Criste Lynn Staples
Kostanda Tejeda
Nicholas Louis Turdo
Andrew J Vail
Ashley Ann Vanderhall
Jacqueline Elizabeth Varone
Gina I. Velez
Edward Vera
Samantha Meder Watson
Katelyn Marie Welytok
Master of Education
Rachel Andersen
Patrick John Barry
Monica Bernal
Breanna Burrows
Taylor Marie Campanelli
Vernelle Cetoute
Danielle Nicole DePalma
Kyle Rebecca Dunlap
Jacquelyn Frey
Adam Nicholas Hill
Matthew George Kenny *
Marsilio Marcus Langella
Alyssa Francis Marren
Mindy Maryhugh
Gregory Matthew Matkosky
Elizabeth Mayforth
Cynthia C Molina
Olivia Carmela Papale
Michael Patrick Raynor
Corrie Ann Rombaut
Karyn Seymour
Lisa Wilson
Erin Woodworth

Master of Education in Teaching and Learning

Derek Thomas Bushnell
Alyssa Marie Cole
Anthony Steven Corona
Danielle Barone
Peter Kelly
Allysa J Knaack
John Steven Thompson
Patricia Arielle Victomé

Master of Science

Phillip Alvin Ashby
William J Brunner
Cheryl Jeanne Campbell *
M'Kaila Janey Clark
Amanda Leigh Kellett-Ciani
Jeremy W. LaForest
Kimberly Lynn Manookian
Michael A Mendez
Maria Delfina Mora
Daniel Joseph Motto
Mohammad Mohaimin Ali Nahian
Kevin Pudlo
Willie L. Robinson Jr.
Samantha Simmons
Roxana Sullivan

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Harry Van Arsdale Jr. School of Labor Studies

International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers

Bachelor of Arts

Matthew Allan Hanson ✝✝✝

International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers

Bachelor of Science

Rick A Mickschl ✝✝✝

International Brotherhood of the Electrical Workers Local 3 - Apprentices

20-Credit Program

Nolan Abrams
Joseph Acierno
Kevin Baker
Kenneth Balzafiore
Ian Barrett
William Berju
Joseph Cali
Andre Campbell
Rosario Caputo
Nick Castello
Fernando Castillo
Anthony Cintron
Raymond Cioffi
Anthony Contino
Joshua Conway
Anthoni Cristallo
Vincent Danca
James Dromm
Brian Dron
Jonathan Elsalam
Alexia Filpo
Daniel Galea
Louis Gambino
Kerin Gernon
Matthew Gruber
Meghan Hines
Nicholas Kluepfel
Kleanthis Kuklis
Benjamin Leon
David Liang
Antonio Lujan
Ryan Mahoney
Ryan McCarthy
Patrick Moore
Michael Murray
Sean Nokelty
Anthony Novelli
Christopher Odle
Joseph Patella
Timothy Pavlacka
Baron Plaza
Robert Port
Anthony Puglisi
Michael Raszka
Peter Rivera
Ian Rousseau
Joseph Rubino
Nicholas Russo
Anthony Santigate
Michael Savage
Nicholas Sekula
Carmelo Sottile
Matthew Spataro
Matthew Stoger
Eric Tassiello
Natalee Taub
Jubelyn Then
Kevin Torres
Richard Williams
Jimmy Wong
Eugene Zakowski
Jon Zelli

Associate in Science

Tyrek Ahmed
Christopher Alvarez
Janack Steven Amarnauth
Anthony Angel
Aron Avizov
Ming Bao Qiu
Aquwan Charles Barfield
Ryan Iannello Beck
Christopher Paul Bilz
Nicholas Brienza
Catherine Jane Brunner
James Bua
Justus Burgos
Thomas Buttermark
William Robert Callanan
David Campbell
James Cappello
Michael Carroll
Domenico Castaldo
Beatriz G. Castro
Julian Castro
Brandon Clarke
Daniel Patrick Cocolicchio
Orlando Jose Colon
Sabrina Coluccio
Angel Corchado
Christopher Cortez
Jorge Cuestas
William De Los Angeles
Lietzkea Dela Cruz
Edwin Manuel Diaz
Charles Diberardino
Tahani Dinchong
Arthur John Doumas
Nicholas James Duggan
Daniel Dunbar
Bruce E Ellison
Adalid Enriquez
Gerard Evans
Joseph Falce
Jayson Christopher Fernandez
Roberto Ferreira
Kevin Flores
Joseph Franco Jr
Alexis Galvez-Flores
Elias Garcia
Johnny Alexander Garcia
Michail Geiselman
Paul Gelormino
Jovan Gill
Michael Giordano
Jedidiah Glass
Hector E Gonzalez
Michael Paul Gottlieb
Alyson Marie Grecula
Daniel Grodzki
Gregory Grullon
Dominick Guida
Linnzi Guischard
Matthew Horton
Abid M Hussain
Joseph Jameson
Michael Jannicelli
Mickel Danone Johnson
Theodore Johnson
Geoffrey Jordan
John Juca
Brente Kelly
Michael Krause
Alec Laino
Robert Lassalle
Joseph Leamy
James D Lebeux
Sean Leonard
Thomas Andrew Leonard
Michael Locascio
Keith Jarod Lopez
Roger Lozach
Sebastian A Lupercio
Eric Manago
Kieran Mangan
Anthony Maniscalco
Jorge Armando Maradiaga
Mark Marinello
Damian Martinez
Dorfi Martinez
Aidan Mcnally
Matthew R McSpedon
Timothy Mena
Patrick Miley
Dominic Minieri
Christian Fabian Morocho
Jose Murudumbay
Joelyne Obermuller
Kevin K Obrien
Patrick James O'Connor
Nicholas Ott
Nicholas Robert Paladino
Justin Perales
Jonathan Perez
Andrew Pfeifer
Kevin Pierre-Louis
Khamesh Prashad
Jason Deva Rambaran
Juvan Ramcharan
Ricky Richard
Alexander Robles
Ryan Rodelo
Christopher Rodriguez
Tyler Rosario
Kristina Rossello
Charles Natale Scotti
Rafael Serrata
Ki H Shin
Brian Alexander Skier
Keesean Skinner
John Soehngen
Marcelo Soza
Joseph Strack
Michael Thalassinos
Jason Tucker Jr
Christopher Urena
Anthony Urkonis
Sean Varrecchia
Susan Viola
Jhamad Waters
Janna Leeann Williamson
Edison Yaguana
Ryan Thomas Yoffredo
Merriah Youmans
Tony Zeng
Blake Thomas Zitay
Christopher Zwikelmaier

Bachelor of Arts

Alexander Abreu
Stanley Kenneth Adecla
Audi Alonzo Perez
Dominick Balsamo
Brendan Burke
Anthony Camillo Caiozzo
Kalin J Callaghan
Courtney Cohen
Lavie Donnell
Christopher Duffy Jr.
Courtney Francis
Kevin Hamablet
Donavan Jones
Rovna-Lyn Tamara Joseph
Irving Krasnoshteyn
Jasmine Lucero
Indhira Marichal
Martin Martinez-Mejia
Joseph Olszewski
Jason Scibelli
Clint Walker
Yuan Zhao

Bachelor of Science

Ryan Campbell
Timothy Kissane
Oliver George Maksa
Ross Mcgarvey
Joyce Smith
Curtis Waite
Martin Joseph Witkowski ✝

International Brotherhood of the Electrical Workers Local 3 - General Membership

Bachelor of Science

Daniel Jacobsen

International Brotherhood of the Electrical Workers Westchester-Fairfield -- Apprentices

Associate in Science

Saleem Albakka
Austin Aviles-Desatnik
Leland Bachmann
Frederick N. Canova
Gaetano Casarella
Gaspare U. Fiorenza
Ryan T. Freyer
Eric J. Green
Eugene Grieco
Thomas J. Jasper
Kevin C. Kozlowski
Matthew M. McGlinchey
Gustavo Ochoa-Rabanales
Liam L. O'Leary
Joseph F. Porcello
Andrew Randazzo
Michael H. Schilling
Raymond A. Seney
Gary Skolnick

International Union of Painters and Allied Trades

Bachelor of Arts

Juan Bernal
Anton Ruesing ✝✝✝

Bachelor of Science

George Boots
Matt Fox
Peter Grillo

United Association of Plumbers Local 1 - Apprentices

Associate in Science

Antonio L Agnello
James Albert
Jessica Arce
Brandon Archilla
Jorge Baez
Luis Barnaby Jr
Raymond Bayer
Douglas C. Bersani
Frank Biscione
Tyquaan Bishop
John Boffoli
Joseph Bonaventura
Patrick Boyle
Royalhiness Brown
Russell Brown
Sean Butler
Joseph Bythrow
Michael Cambi
Simon Cao
Jorge Carmona
Christopher Caruso
Dominick J. Cavallo
Gerard M. Clayton
Robert Colombi Jr.
Thomas Cubita
Anthony Cuomo
Kostyantyn Danylkin
Michael Dileo
Frank Dolengewicz
Nelson Dovale
Daniel A. Franks
James Fuschetto
Dardan Gashi
Maximillian V. Geyler
John Giallorenzi
Justin Goldsmith
Brenden Gonzalez
Joseph Hansen
Sean M. Horan
Christopher Kane
Joseph Kelly
Jake C. King
Kevin T. Kushner
Michael Lobifaro
Damian Lopez
Christopher Lotti
Christopher Lucas
Joseph Malandro
Michael Maloney
Dennis McCoskey
Michael Meany
Henry Montero
Daniel Moore
Ryan C. Mullahey
Stephen Mulvihill
Vincent O'Brien
Kevin O'Donnell
Frankie Pangallo
Michael D. Perinchief
Peter Perpepaj
Christopher M. Pyzynski
Moises Ramos
Daniel Rencricca
Jeremy Rivera
Christopher Rodriguez
Kevin Rodriguez
Kevin Rojas
Frankie Rossomangno
Nicholas Ruggiero
Gretson Russell
Kevin J. Ryan
Corey Shaw
Michael S. Siconolfi
Mackey Sosna
Bari Spahiu
Shaquana Spencer
Louis F. Squiciarino
Charles Stuart
Matthew Sullivan
Dominic Tufaro
Justin Vazquez
Adonna Walcott
Daniel Walsh
Patrick Washington
Michael Waszkiewicz

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Center for International Education

Bachelor of Arts

Sandra Mishell Armas Navarrete
Mouin Atrouni
Kamila Babaeva
Valentina Bergerova
Masha Bhatia
Zdeněk Bíza
Theodora Bonova
Soma Ako Jangi Burhan
Elizaveta Burmistrova
Marcela Červenková
Rosa Diamana Da Costa Neves De Lima
Michaela Dachovská
Panagiota Drakopoulou
Angelina Fedorova
Apostolos Fournatzopoulos
Alessandro Gerosa
Valeriia Govorchenko
Viktorie Havláková
Dziyana Kacharhina
Asliyakhon Khodjakbarova
Napawon Khumthong
Miriam Klučincová
Ondřej Kocziszki
Evgeniya Eduardovna Kononova
Vasiliki Konsolaki
Andrea Kucharová
Veronica Igorevna Levykina
Luka Liparteliani
David Lee Mann
Natalia Matulova
Francesca Mendolia
Evanthia Michaloutsou
Tomáš Mládek
Julien Montbroussous
Ali Argun Okumusoglu
Rebecca Ormandyová
Anastasiia Pappa †
Eleftheria Pappa
Ivana Karla Pejic
Lujza Pobjecká
Michal Podrasky
Petra Prpic
Tereza Půstová
Gloria Resuli
Lucie Riedererová
Michaela Saloňová
Jolana Samii
Victoria Charlotte Schuma
Anna Špilarová
Ekaterina Starodumova
Zoran Šukurma
Dariia Tereshchenko
Elie Tshitala Mpoyi
Michaela Tvrdá
Jan Ujčík
Vladislava Vaverová
Simona Víglaská
Lindsey Robin Wala
Kathrin Yaromich
Ioanna Markela Ziso

Bachelor of Science

Sooin Ahn
Tady Al Agha
Konstantinos Alexandrou
Bilgehan Aytekin
Pavlos Baltzoglou
Deni Barhani
Elisa Barni
Xhoni Basha
Taned Bllako
Louis Bou Monsef
Brandon Samuel Britto
Milena Budek
Daysi Estefany Castillo Almonte
Oliver Kilburn Collins
Eleftheria Damala
Ahmet Ozan Degirmen
Despoina Deligianni
Hygerta Dida
Besar Djonbaljaj
Furkan Durmaz
Irdjan Elezi
Wassim Ezmerli El
Shawn Jose Fernandes
Valbona Fezollari
Rima Frenn
Naldi Gega
Nikolaos Gkaniaris
Alexis Grigoris
Natacha Emilia Guilamo Pión ††
Rami Hajj Chehade El
Amanda Hala
Raouene Hammami
Terézia Hetešová
Pavel Hollovič
Jan Hrnčiřík
Michelle Janine Janssen
Kesi Jaupaj
Mihal Kaso
Hassan Kassar
Ji in Kim
Laert Kokona
Barjam Koro
Dominika Kouřilová
Klára Kruková
Tereza Kutalová
Emma Kvevik
Minh Tam Le
Katharina Letsch
Olga Litovkina
Reynaldo Martinez
Alexandra Maruščáková
Leevan Naidoo
Walid Zikar Nehme
Hadil Noureddine
Ioannis Noutsis
Helena Olejčeková
Rezarta Papajorgjiu
Maxim Pecsora
Tomáš Pracna
Anna Pryanishnikova
Jakub Pszczolka
Veronica Quinto
Sara Renovica
Fabjo Roci
Steven Rosario Paulino
Dhimitrios Rucaj
Hera Rustemi
Polad Safaraliyev
Tariq Salhani Al
Omar Sharafeldin
Enisa Shehu
Fjona Shehu
Ina Shehu
Michal Šimeček
Ioannis Stefanopoulos
Eleni Steriopoulou
Kiko Sugita
Anastasiia Sutula
Thomaidha Thana
Evangelia Tikopoulou
Dieu Linh Tran †††
Dimitrios Tsavaris
Sara Tuku
Umut Tutar
Andi Ulqinaku
Nina Vacková
Karolína Vasilčáková
Marek Večeřa
Fabjo Velaj
Adam Vilimovsky
Almina Yildizova
Maria Zafeiri

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