SUNY Empire Summer Commencement 2020

A Message from Officer in Charge Nathan Gonyea

To the Graduating Class of 2020,

Each and every year, our graduating class is a unique one. Whether it be achieving a life-long dream, the desire to take a monumental step in your career, or simply pursuing your passion - whatever the reason - your determination to make it happen is as unbridled as it is inspiring.

Given the challenges the Class of 2020 faced - and overcame - it will always be a special one to all of us here at SUNY Empire. While this is not the celebration you expected when you began your academic journey with SUNY Empire State College, it is still one we are overjoyed to share with you. With your degree, you join the ranks of nearly 90,000 fellow alumni.

Commencement represents the completion of your hard work and perseverance. It is a culmination of your years-long effort to reach an important milestone, which for many of you began even before you enrolled. The manner in which we celebrate does not diminish your accomplishment nor its significance, and we are cheering for you, even from a distance.

You made it happen. Congratulations!

On behalf of the SUNY Empire community, I hope the coming year brings you much happiness and good health. 



Signature of Nathan Gonyea

Nathan Gonyea
Officer in Charge

Traditions in Higher Education

Forty-nine years ago, then SUNY Chancellor Ernest L. Boyer envisioned a new model for higher education, one to serve the state’s growing population of working adults and nontraditional students. In collaboration with other like-minded, forward-thinking academics, the idea of a personalized and flexible education came to life as SUNY Empire State College.

Today, SUNY Empire is SUNY’s leading online college, with campuses and learning hubs in more than 30 communities across New York state where students can learn and collaborate in person. SUNY Empire provides motivated students at every stage of life with innovative, flexible, quality academic programs that build upon students’ diversity, work and life experience, and personal and professional goals.

As the 50th anniversary of its founding approaches, SUNY Empire is proud to be a premier public college in New York state and around the world. We remain committed to relevant, affordable education that is responsive to the needs of society by continually improving and reinventing the higher-education experience.

By The

Alumni by Age Group


Alumni age
39 and under


Alumni between
age 40 and 60


age 60+




College Council

John Maggiore, Chairman
Arlene González-Sánchez
Colleen West Hay
Donna Luh
James W. Lytle
Sheila Poole
Roberta Reardon
Molly Reilly
Patricia E. Salkin
Mark Schroeder ’82

State University of New York Board of Trustees

Jim Malatras, SUNY Chancellor
Merryl H. Tisch, Chairman
Cesar A. Perales, Vice Chairman
Joseph W. Belluck
Courtney E. Burke
Eric Corngold
Marcos Crespo
Robert J. Duffy
Christy Fogal
James Haddon
Bradley Hershenson
Gwen Kay
Eunice A. Lewin
Stanley S. Litow
Camille Joseph Varlack
Richard Socarides
Edward M. Spiro
Cary Staller

Foundation Board

Sue Epstein, Interim Executive Director of the Foundation
Lexie Bonitatibus, Treasurer of the Foundation
Theodore Bunch ’94
Phillip B. Catchings
Marian Conway ’01, ’04
John J. Corrou ’94
Susan L. Dake
Tina L. Evans ’97
Christopher J. Feeley ’86
David A. Fullard
Nathan Gonyea
Scott T. Johnson
James G. Karcher ’79
Althea Luehrsen ’02, ’10
David J. Mazzetti ’10
Colonel (Ret.) James D. McDonough
Susan H. Turben ’72, ’05 H
Ann S. Turner ’86

Alumni Student Federation Board of Governors

Kelly DiCarmine ’18, President
Lori Jiava ’12, ’13, ’16, Vice President
Jawana Richardson ’16, ’18, Secretary
Lainie Kitt ’03, Parliamentarian
Keith Amparado ’88, Past President
John Corrou ’94
Christopher Duffy Jr. ’19
John Kane ’17
Sammie Maitland
Ada Martinez ’14
Eleni Moraites ’16, ’18
Anthony Paganucci ’16
Jennifer Pettis ’12, ’17

College Leadership

Nathan Gonyea, Officer in Charge
Tai Arnold, Interim Vice Provost for Student Success
Meg Benke, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
Lexie Bonitatibus, Chief Financial Officer, Interim Chief Operating Officer
Frances Boyce, Presidential Fellow
Elliot Dawes, Chief Diversity Officer for Institutional Equity and Inclusion
Sue Epstein, Interim Assistant Vice President for Advancement
Andrea Hennessy, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management
Tracey Meek, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources and Chief of Staff
Bridget Nettleton, Dean, School of Nursing and Allied Health
Anastasia Pratt, Interim Dean, School for Graduate Studies and Harry Van Arsdale Jr. School of Labor Studies
Nikki Shrimpton, Interim Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Solomon Syed, Assistant Vice President for Communications and Marketing
Nicola Allain, Dean, School of Arts and Humanities
Desalyn De-Souza, Dean, School of Human Services
Julie Gedro, Dean, School of Business
Mary Mawn, Dean, School of Science, Mathematics and Technology
Frank Vander Valk, Dean, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Student Leadership Institute

Susan Alvarado
Ramzi Butler-Kelly
Elaine Caruso-Roberts
Evelyse Fung
Heather Gaebel
Emmanuel Gbogboade
Tracey King
Gabrielle Lerner
Amber Lopez
Valerie Matthews
Kimberly Marigh
Julie Miller
Dianna Ortiz
Liza Rochelson
Shawn Wallace
Tricia Wilson

Student Affairs Committee

Sheri Brown
Nayury Farber
Patricia Kessler
Shermane Maitland
Richard Martinez
Carly Masula
Nan Eileen Mead
Taryn Michalak
Liza Rochelson
Lynn Saum '18, '19

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Degree Candidates

✝ = Cum Laude
✝✝ = Magna Cum Laude
✝✝✝ = Summa Cum Laude

** = 2020 Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence Winners

School of Arts and Humanities

Associate in Arts

Miranda Ackerley
Brenna Brown
Kyna Eleazer
Jessica Fitzgerald-Mahler
Jared Fitzpatrick
James Grecco
Samantha Hackborn
Tiffany Howard
Deborah Kearns
Brianna Lafluer
Mary McGarrity
Tara Michaels
Ellyn Okvist
Rylee Peacock
David Peters
Joshua Rodriguez

Associate in Science

John Manzi

Bachelor of Arts

Mohammad Aboshi
James Alexander ✝✝
James Allen
Leonor Alvarez-Perez
Karen Anderson ✝✝✝
Constance Armstrong ✝✝✝
Tricia Balsan
Lesanka Barbuscakova
Winston Benons Jr. ✝✝✝
Durga Toni Bernhard
Michelle Bremner
Aaron Brendze-Brownlie ✝✝✝
Alexis Bruno
Joyce Butler
Brandon Cabassa
Frank Cagnetto
Alexander Calitri
Tyler Chapman
Hozan Chomani
Michael Ciszewski
Madison Crandall
Amber Cruz
Tina Daddona
Alexandra Davidson ✝✝
Catherine Davis
Tania Day ✝✝✝
Amber Dean ✝✝✝
Kerry Dickinson
Rebecca Dunne
Liana Ellegate ✝✝✝
Marysabel Flores-Gutierrez
Jean Freebury ✝✝
Christine Gardinski ✝✝✝
Sarah Gates
Todd Gdula ✝✝✝
Kirstyn Geercken
Yaakov Gelb
Joseph George ✝✝
Emanuele Gilioli ✝
Ariel Gioia
Kurt Godigkeit
Linda Greenberg
Chezky Greenberger ✝✝✝
Skyler Halloran
Malissa Harrison ✝✝
Shantol Haye
Christopher Hill ✝
Joseph Hollander
Brittany Houchin
Tisha Hulburd ✝✝✝
Parker Hunstiger ✝✝✝
Valerie Iannucci
Infinee Jacobs
Brandon Kane
Patricia Kantzos
Benjamin Katz
Cayce Kennedy-Brabson
Michelle King
Michael Lally
Amanda LaPell ✝
Leah Lear
Dovid Levine ✝✝
Grigory Lifanov
Erin Logan
Martina Malarova
Vincia Maloney
Patricia Marasco ✝✝✝
Jose Martinez ✝✝✝
Danielle Mazziotti
Lizzy Medrano ✝
Rebecca Mehan ✝✝✝
Darlene Mohlmann ✝✝✝
Nicole Moricca ✝
Rosannie Murillo Acevedo
Janey Murray ✝✝✝
Batyr-Zhantai Narbekov
Alexandra Neuber
Joseph Noto Sr.
Dagmar Nunez
Danel Nurlybekova
Justin Olson
Colleen O'Reilly ✝✝✝
Holly Patrone
Ricardo Paul
Anastasiia Peleshenko ✝✝✝
Mikhail Popkov
Robert Potter
Susan Rassekh ✝✝✝
Peter Reid ✝✝
Desiree Roundtree ✝✝
Diana Rozboril ✝✝
Shamsi Ruhe
Samantha Russo ✝✝
Teresa Rutan
Khadijah Salaam-Gill
Brian Schifferdecker
Emily Schilling ✝✝✝
Danielle Scott
Christina Sheehan ✝✝
Daniel Smith
Pamela Sorani ✝
Christopher Sorrentino ✝✝✝
Andisha Steele
Rachael Stickle ✝
Katelyn Sullivan
Giavanna Sylvester ✝✝
Manoella Taunton
Anne Taylor ✝✝✝
Emily Thompson ✝✝✝
Tanya Toppin
Cristina Valentin ✝✝✝
Adam Vegh ✝✝✝
Kristina Velez ✝
Aleksander Vernold
Steven Vicino
Christine Viola
Josef Vostry
Matthew Waligora
Molly Watson ✝✝✝
Florence Westergard ✝
Jeffrey Wilber ✝
John Winters
Brianne Zink ✝✝
Natasha Zloccowick
Yaakov Zulberg

Bachelor of Science

Yisrael Bitton
Thomas Cadley ✝✝✝
Kristian Comer
Nicolas Jarjoura
Panayiota Kane
Andrew Kovac
James Kravchuk ✝✝
Autumn Lake
Amelie Lamont
Martin Mansour
Joseph Mekhdessian
Matthew Philie
Teresa Schopfer ✝
Victoria Taber ✝
Dimitrea Tokunbo ✝✝✝

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School of Business

Undergraduate Certificate

David Blackman
Nathan Davis
Shaneya Mauldin
Sabrina Pehlic
Soukhaphet Souannavong
Melissa Valenti

Associate in Arts

Zalika Deberry

Associate in Science

Brenda Abramowitz
Brandy Adamczyk
Jessica Archard
Chico Balram
Tara Banks
Aaron Behr
Nicholas Bello
Ann Berryann
Ashley Blando
Rachael Brown
Dorinda Bryant
Stephanie Carbonaro
Tina Chapman
Paige Charland
Jeffrey Conklin
Sara Cook
Tammy Cummings
Daquan Davis
Ola Dawodu
Alexander D'Emic
Tristan D'Emic
Ryan Dischner
Joseph Distefano
Charles Geraci
Martha Gomez
Tammie-Jo Graf
Tammy Gray
Victoria Hansen
Katie Harrington
Darwin Haughton
Stephanie Hayes
Jordin Herrera
Leah Hults
Danielle Jack
Pushpa Joseph
Denise Keith
Barbara Kennish
Joann Kilmer
Jeffrey Kotzen
Tracey Kwiecien
Gabrielle Lerner
Anthony Martinez
Melissa Martinez
Suzanne Mascle
Latonia Merricks
Marisa Moriarty
Tracy Morse
Stephanie Nugent
Audra Olsen
Iris Perez
Ann Power-Hall
Nicole Prince
Jona Quiles
Rosemay Ramsay
John Rosati
Kareen Rostant
Erica Sands
Courtney Schneider
Kathina Simon
Brittany Smythe
Michalina Soares
Emmanuel Sorrento
Elizabeth Spector
Martin Stark
Kelley Stier
Tayrin Tapia
Tabitha Travis
Nickolas Tulp
Carmenlydia Viruet
Scott Walz
Melissa Waters
Malachi Williams
Erica Young
Vincent Zaloom

Bachelor of Arts

Taramattie Bachan
Caitlin Cook ✝✝
Ronald Presti

Bachelor of Science

Christy Abend
Donna Ackerman ✝✝✝
Harlie Adams
Ethan Addison
Stephannie Addo
Victor Adepoju
Raksha Adhikari
Nicole Agnello
Ahmed Ali
Luca Amarca
Douglas Ambrose
Jessica Archard
Nicole Arcuri
Meagan Arteca
Anya Asamoah-Wade
Justin Athans
Nicole Ayala
Julie Azierski-Dickson
Rafal Baczewski
Alistar Baker
Laura Baker
Darelle Banks
Yongning Bao
Rosa Barker
Tisha Barraco ✝✝
Timothy Baumgartner
Chenda Beers
Susan Belak
Teresa Belin
Grace Bianchi-Dyjak ✝
Debbie Biggs
Crystal Black
Corey Blackler
Paul Blanford Jr.
Michele Blaustein ✝✝
Rebecca Blotzer
Dylan Boccardo
Sanar Bolds
Crystal Bolling ✝
Paul Bonelli
Desiree Bouchard ✝✝
Richard Bourbonnais ✝✝
Russell Boynton
Sasha Bragg
Shante Branch
Dawn Brand
Kelly Breslin ✝
Amanda Brinkerhoff
Elda Brito
Tiffany Brock
Leah Brockmyre
Deon Brown
Adam Bruculere ✝✝✝
Krystal Budnik
Jessica Burnham
LaToya Caesar
Jarod Caiola
Eduardo Calderon
Charlye Calizare
Carlecia Carney
Shannon Carpenter ✝✝
Catrinea Carr
Tammy Casey ✝✝
Alexander Castillo
Michael Catalano
Anais Celini
Corinne Chadwell
Chantel Chambers ✝✝✝
Stephen Chamot ✝✝✝
Kristine Chauncey
Jun Ji Chen
Minhua Chen
Ting Chen
Haemi Cho ✝✝
Hafiza Choudhry
Kyle Christopher ✝✝✝
Josephine Coco ✝✝✝
Noha Constantine
William Cooper
Laura Coppola
Jill Cordts ✝✝
Gregory Cornelius
Samuel Corrigan
Mark Cummings
Kasey Cupp
Lucas Da Silva
Judy Dahoda-Taylor
Jingyi Dai
Angela D'Atena
Sydney Daurio
Adrianna Davis ✝
Joy Davis
Sylvianne Davis
Tenesha Davis
Victoria Davis
Jessica Dean
Scott Dean
Darrel Degiule ✝✝
Matthew Dellavalle
Desireah Delucca ✝✝
Alexander D'Emic
Jeremy Demong
Peggy Denis
Noelle Derbyshire
Michele Deschamps ✝
Ileana Diaz
Trinidad Diaz
Brandon Dice
Johnna Difazio
Gudelca Dijol
Caitlin Dimola
Jessica Dixon
Gina Dowd
Andrea Drummond ✝✝
Philip Dudek
Michael Duffy ✝
Tom Dullaghan
Alexander Durning
Patrick Eckborg
Sarah Edinger ✝✝
Arthur Edouard
Careena Eggleston
Daniel Ermisch
Jennifer Esau
Jocelyn Estrella
Dylan Evans
Jill Evans
Anthony Faison
Catherine Falcone ✝✝
Eric Farahani
Elizaveta Fedorova
Teresa Fergus
Nancy Ferraro
Albjon Fezollari
Tiffany Fields
John Finnegan ✝
Diane Finocchio
LaToya Flood
Danelle Florio
Lucie Fojtova ✝✝
Melissa Fone
Lottie Fox ✝✝
Thomas Fraioli
Arnetta Frazier ✝✝✝
Alexa Freed
Dorothy Freije
Christine Frye
Deja Funderburk
Paul Gabner
Christine Gabrynowicz
John Garcia ✝✝
Carrie Gardner-Winecoff ✝
Jamie Genovese
Giavanna Giamatti ✝✝✝
Michael Giannico II
Dylan Gilbert
Rebecca Gillis
Dalia Giron
Latrica Gissendanner
Roxanne Gonzalez
Jeffrey Goyer
Elizabeth Grabinsky ✝✝
Jennifer Grech
Jessica Green ✝✝✝
Leba Green ✝✝✝
Katie Grillo
Seth Grupa
Peter Guastella
Margaret Gubbins
Baylee Hall
Wendy Harbour ✝✝✝
Stanley Hardter ✝✝
Douglas Harper
Rachel Harrington
Kathleen Mary Harrison ✝✝✝
Colleen West Hay ✝✝✝
Michelle Hayes
Rebecca Henry
Diana Hernandez
Christopher Holley
Chanel Hollingsworth ✝✝
Tracy-Ann Hopkins
Jessica Hulihan
Christopher Hurley ✝✝
Md Hussain
Paula Iacono
Garret Jacklitch
Abigail James
Mohammed Jawad
Anna Jenkins
Janice Jenosheck ✝✝✝
Michael Jerkowski
Brianni Johnson
Ransford Johnson
Rosemary Johnson
Kristin Johnston ✝✝
Dwayne Jones
Pamela Jones
Rory Jones
Michole Jones- Smalls
Sherry Joseph
Michelle Jourdan
Lissette Joza
Christine Julian ✝✝✝
Xheni Kapidani
Angela Kasse
Anna Katz
Harpreet Kaur
Amy Keegan ✝✝
Jennifer Kennedy
Nakeesha Knight
Jason Kocot ✝✝✝
Michelle Korec
Alexander Kovacs
Rachel Krajewski ✝✝
Ashlee Krebs
Kate Krebs
Sean Kremer
Malika Kudaibergenova
Christopher Kwilas
Jessica Lackie
Christopher Laiacona
CarolBeth Lambert
Earl LaMora
Tracey Landahl
Takhmina Latypova
Debra Lawrence
Dennis Lawrence
Jaymi Lederer
Jamie Lee ✝✝
Michele Lee ✝
Mary Ellen Leo
Kelly Leonard ✝
Mikhail Levak
Wei Li Liang ✝✝
Yujun Liang
Jessica Liepke
Lurdanys Linares
Joanna Lipiro
Besar Llapashtica
Casie Loiselle
Loretta Longo
Sue Lowe
Ana Carolina Macanhan
Darcy Machia ✝
Samantha Mackay
Waqas Mahmood
Krystal Maisonet
Vivian Maldonado-Monsanto ✝✝✝
Alyssa Mammano
Caylee Mangroo
Adnan Maqsood
Francesca Maresca
Joseph Marmet
Bibiana Marquez
Olivia Marsh ✝
Lessy Martinez
Rebecca Martinez
Candice Masesie
Maria Mastropasqua ✝✝
Tyler Mattoon
Edward Maturo ✝
Nicolette Mazzarella
Daniel McCarron ✝✝
Irene McCarty ✝✝✝
Jeffrey McCullagh
Kristen McDevitt
Carmen Mcdonald
Taj McDonald
Susan McGreevy
Aubrey McGuire
Elizabeth McGurk
Emma McIlwaine
Clifton McLaughlin
Savannah McLean
Erica Mclennon
Monica McNeice
Lisa McNeight
Tracy Mead
Ninoska Medrano
Kerri Mertz
Rebecca Messore
Heather Micha
Kevin Michelitch
Michael Middleton
Andrea Miles-Cole ✝✝
Garrett Miller
Markese Miller
Margaret Miner
Ana Mingeli ✝✝
Kurt Mohammed ✝
Harry Moliere ✝
Alicia Molloy ✝✝
Keith Molloy
Jennifer Montes
Christopher Montgomery
Joseph Moriarty
Laura Morin ✝✝
Melinda Morris
Michele Mundie
Sean Munns
Linden Murray ✝
Richard Murray Sr. ✝
Mendel Nachfolger
Nicholas Natoli ✝✝✝
Zachary Nejeidi
Marie Neubert ✝
Kaytlyn Nevelizer
Julia Nevodcikova
Phong Nguyen
Amanda Nicholas
Ruth Nieves ✝
Vivian Nieves
Joanna Ojada
Alisha Oliver
Morgan Orlando
Migdalia Otero
Frederick Overall
Heather Palmer ✝✝✝
Joseph Paniccia
Motaza Parrish
Sugey Peralta
Laura Perfetti ✝✝
Regan Persaud
Mary Pfeiffer ✝
Timothy Pierce
Vincent Pinela
Deborah Powell-Lapi ✝
Elaine Powers
Dean Prentice ✝✝✝
Lilah Prestia ✝✝✝
Michelle Provenzano ✝✝✝
Norma Ramos
Dawn Randall
Darron Ranger
Brian Rashbaum
Gina Reese
Francine Reffell
Jennifer Regan
Breanna Rehberg
Rebekah Reilly
Claudia Reuben ✝
Levi Ribacoff
Radcliff Richardson
Sonja Rivera
Adina Rivera-Towell
Joanna Rizzo
Susan Robillard
Cherise Robinson
Gina Robinson
Gregory Robinson Jr.
Elsie Rodriguez
Sharlee Rodriguez
Tiffany Rodriguez
Maria Roman
Carlee Rotondo
Jennifer Rowe
Jason Rundle ✝✝✝
Maria Saad ✝✝✝
Kimberly Sala
Edward Salisbury
Franklin Sanchez Fermin ✝
Ladonna Sanders ✝
Joseph Santangelo
Wendy Santiago
Salvatore Santorelli
Matilde Saravia
Christina Sargent ✝✝✝
Alexzandra Sarmiento
Kacey Sawicki
Jacob Schacker
Elizabeth Schatz
Justin Schiske
Laurie Schlossberg
Caitlin Schlottman
Andrea Schneider ✝✝
Nicholas Schultz
Valentina Semkin
Joshua Shainberg
Kelly Shaw-Hewes
Joseph Shelters ✝✝
James Sherwood
Kathryn Shisler
Casey Siegel
Suzanne Sikorski
Kristy Simonetti ✝
Melissa Slomka
Robert Small
Conant Smith ✝✝
Scott Smith
Valerie Sobolewski
Davis Soto
Jason Spivak
Steven St Clair ✝✝
Sarah Staib
Zachary Stanco
Caitlin Statler ✝
Suzanne Steffen
Terra Stone ✝✝
Colin Sweeney
Joseph Sweeney
Paul Sweeney
Jaimie Tai-oy-yong Sampson
Ellen Tam
Sara Tamer
Annie Taylor
Kristin Tetlack
Terry-Ann Thomas-Brown
Chelsey Trombley
Judith Truesdell ✝✝
Kim Tucker
Alci Vadenja
Migdalia Valenzuela
Ryan Vance ✝✝
Katrina VanDerveen
Raven Varela
Steven Vassallo ✝
Portia Venson
Candy Vidulich ✝
Cecile Vielle-Cherry
Victoria Vigliotti
Lynn Waicul
Alicea Walker
Petra Wanka ✝✝
Thomas Waterman
Sherman Watts
Abby Werth
Michael Whelan
James White
Shamilla Wiley
Tami Wilkinson ✝✝✝
Kassandra Willette ✝✝
Martin Williams ✝✝
Ryan Williams ✝✝
Jerushah Williams-Gracey
Melissa Winans
Susan Wlazlak
Jeannie Wright
Mark Wright Jr.
Chunmei Wu ✝
Ashley Yacobucci
Stacey Young ✝✝✝
Steven Yox
Patricia Yusaitis ✝
Angela Zakers
Michelle Zglinicki
Jing Zhang
William Zizzo
Frank Zochol

Bachelor of Professional Studies

Ronda Bronson
Vickie Eberth
Irene Lomurno ✝
Anne Lyons
Lisa Marcellus ✝✝
Kendra Miller
Jill O'Hare
Kory Rawleigh ✝✝
Amber Stevens
Tina Trybalski
Sammy Williams ✝✝✝

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School of Human Services

Associate in Arts

Ebony Aytch
Arly Barros
Deena Boyer
Junisa Carr
Stephanie Clack
Sherry Connelly
Monica Gassman
Jazmyne Giraud
Julizann Gomez
Maxine Love
Chavin McDonald
Tressie Meredith
Nakia Peterson-Recai
Brian Potvin
Johnathan Robinson
Erin Slomka

Associate in Science

Jessica Alvarado
Susan Alvarado
Ashley Barclay
Jessica Barreto
Natasha Bevens
Jamie Bonner
Sheri Brown
Madelyn Bryant
Jessie Charles
Kelly Clark
Shavon Davis
Hunter DeSantis
Amy Ditta
Yesenia Endara
Kelly Falkner
James Farrell Jr.
Jessica Fissel
Symond Garvins
Cassandra Gentile
Berlinda Gregoire
Roland Hasbrouck
John Hillmann
Melanie Hlapatsos
Dedrick Hutley
Shavonte Jennings
Harpreet Kaur
Masha Kossivi
Lisa Kretz
Kristen Lamberty
Megan McCabe
Dennis McGraw
Michelle Meehan
Tabitha Mims
Krystal Morales
Thomas Morgan
Jessica Morton
Jessica Moser
Lindsey Novakovic
Stephen Nurse
Shakala Royal
Kyette Royster
Callie Saddlemire
Ana Santiago
Marie Shanley
Lori Shen
Joshua Silverman
Christopher Tassa
Stephanie Tejada
Myvette Thurmond
Steven Torbert
Andrea Tufano
Keith Watson
Takyma Wegley

Bachelor of Arts

Jennifer Ambridge ✝
Julia Baggiano
Felicia Baxter
Misty Becker ✝✝✝
Megan Beeley
Kevin Berta
Gracie Borrometi ✝✝
Gabrielle Brecker
Michele Buono
Christin Butcher
Denise Butts-Chapman
Naomi Charles
Louise Clark
Josephine Cockfield
Colleen Cook
Penny Deere
Heather Deets
Kwasi Deitutu
Elaine Devine ✝✝✝
Bethanni Donaldson
Angela Echevarria
Mildred Esquilin
Richard Evolluos
Larry Franke
Stephanie Frickenstein ✝
Patricia Gallagher
Melvin Gaye
Rebecca Glorioso
Ariana Harrison
Rocco Hollenbeck
Krista Knoblich ✝✝
Tonya Lacey
Keithie Lawrence
Wykenna Legare
Lisa Marinaro ✝
Chantea Mitchell
Philtrice Mixson
Natasha Mooney
Katlyn Nerone
Lisa Nuzzi
Ibtisam Omar
Michael Pascucci ✝✝
Edwina Powell
Alexarae Quintigliano ✝✝✝
Susan Ralph ✝
Emily Seymour
Colleen Sheridan
Velveda Springer
Shawn Stenquist
Grace Tartamella ✝
Jennifer Taub
Lisa Thrash ✝
Jennifer TRUE
Anna Marie Van Natten
Ahmed Veknach
Carmen Velez
Kyle Wagner
Janna Walsh
Tina White ✝✝✝
Paulette Young

Bachelor of Science

Caryle Ackermann
Kojo Addai
Bassa Agouda
Crystal Alesio ✝
Yvonne Allen
Jacob Anderton
Carline Aspervil
Jordyn Avery
Lindsey Baranyk
Sheri Barnes
Tracey Baron
Mariama Barry
Briahna Batchelor
April Beardsley
Brandon Beaupre
Kyle Bentley
Joshua Berman ✝✝✝
David Bernardez
Marcia Bowes
Rebecca Bowman
Caitlin Braine
Elizabeth Bray ✝✝
Eliza Brewer
Sharon Brookes ✝✝
Elizabeth Brown
Kimberly Brown
Sarah Brown
Lindsey Bushey ✝✝
David Bushnell
Chanell Cambridge
Mirtha Candiotti
Barbara Capwell ✝✝✝
Gabriella Carducci ✝
Luz Casanova
Michelle Casler
Claribel Castillo
Rachelle Chambers
Kimberly Clark
Coleen Clarke
Fabienne Clermont
Kelly Clookey ✝✝✝
Audrey Coady ✝✝
Chamaine Collazo ✝✝✝
Jenifer Colleton ✝
Eileen Connelly
Stacey Convery ✝✝✝
Aedan Cool
Lorraine Cooper
Lori Corcoran ✝✝✝
Melissa Cosman ✝✝
Kathryn Cossu
Karen Crane
Tamara Crane ✝✝
Amber Crapo
Christina Crawford ✝✝✝
Bernadette Crehan
Ann-Marie Cutter ✝✝
Anthony D'Amato
Miranda Damiano
Taylor D'Angelo
Tracy Davenport
Sarolta Defaltay
Krysten Delaney
Joseph Denoyell
Heather Dery ✝✝✝
Jacqueline Deveaux ✝
Daniel Dewolf ✝
Suzanne Diaz-Torres
Joanne DiGiuseppe ✝✝✝
Fawn Dix ✝
Michael Donovan
Sarah Dunham
Paul Eagleston
Martha Echols
Henrietta Edgar
Paige Eganski
Bradley Eisner
Natasha Eldridge
Michele Esparza
Lisa Fascio
Mary Fay ✝✝✝
Charlene Felix
Medeka Ferrer ✝
Kelly Feuer
Anastasia Fielitz
Lizaida Figueroa ✝
Yolanda Flack
Carole Forsmith ✝✝
Jessica Foskolos
Christina Foster
Lisa Fox
Kayla Franchina ✝
Heather Fredericks ✝✝
Dionne Freelove
Rafaelina Garcia ✝✝✝
Caterina Gelardi
HaiLee Gennings ✝✝
Alicia Genovese
Frank Giglio
Joy Gooch
Kimberly Gordon
Katherine Gorey ✝✝
Robert Graham
Christopher Grandy
Katrina Grant
Brian Greening ✝✝
Brian Grosse ✝✝✝
Zachary Guthrie
Erin Hall
Jasmine Hall
Jennifer Hall ✝
Carrie Hallnan
Nicole Hambric
Karinne Harney
Donna Harris
Bibi Hassan
Sabrina Hawkins
Shabrea Heartfield
Ryan Heinrich ✝✝
Marisa Hernandez
Kym High
Deborah Hildreth
Jasveer Hira ✝✝✝
Leticia Hooks
Dieu Huang
Keith Iekar
Saba Iqbal
Tiera Jackson
Dawn Jacoby
Bincy John ✝✝
Andre Jones
Aneisha Jones
Sandra Jordan
Bianca Kadrmas
Victoria Kammer ✝✝✝
Philip Kibbe
Stephanie King
Jainai Kranwinkle
Christine Krause
Colleen Krempl ✝✝
Marjorie Lafond
Taylor Lambertson
Jacarra Larkin
Jessica Laveroni
Brenda Lee ✝✝✝
Amy Leininger
Emily LeVeque
Margaret Licari ✝✝✝
Devan Liebener
Gina Lombardo
Angelina Lopez
Steven Lopez ✝
Guy Louissaint
Laquita Love
Taylor Loy
Elizabeth Luparelli ✝✝✝
Angelica Mackey
Patricia MacLeod
Randy Mangini ✝
Syndia Mathew
Patience Mattice-Colvin
Gloria Mays ✝
Kelly Mazzio
Dennis McGraw
Andrea McIntosh
Tiffanie McLean ✝✝
Jenna McNally
Carmen Mena
Marset Messam
Nancy Miedema ✝✝✝
Katrena Miller
Shenae Miranti ✝
Nichole Mitchell
Michael Monaco
Jose Moncayo
Jacob Monkelbaan
Jenna Monroe
Cassandra Montanez
Donna Montesano ✝✝
Eric Moore
Thomas Morgan
Jacqueline Moynihan ✝
Christopher Munoz
Susan Murray
Katarina Myers ✝
Sharon Newman
Sean Niles
Andrew Nobles
Briselly Nunez
Lucinda O'Dett
Tara Oldfield
Heather Owens ✝✝
Franklin Padilla
Massiel Pages
Dillon Palmer ✝✝
Charita Parker-Falbru
Lecia Parmer
Judy Parsons
Joshua Partridge ✝✝
Keasha Passe
Merlyn Paulino
Deborah Phillips
Aron Pickett
Lindsay Plymel
Kristen Porter
Caitlin Powers
Alexandra Primus ✝✝
Hazel Proper
Kathleen Pugliese
Jade Purdy ✝
Belynda Raminger
Alicia Randall
Laverne Randolph
Teri Reed
Dawn Rivera
Leilani Rivera
Marisol Rivera ✝✝
Leah Roberts
Rodina Roberts
Leylanie Rodriguez
Ashley Rogers
Roberta Romano ✝
Chad Roose
Amanda Rosario
Dusty Rubaine
Kyle Ryan
Alyssa Salvesen
Anthony Samuel
Karen Sanchez
Weena Sanchez
Steven Sansone ✝✝
Debra Santiago
Laurie Santino
Doreene Scott ✝✝
Daphnee Seymour
Carole Sheehan
Saba Shuler
Orlita Simmons
Kasey Slater Burch
Erin Slomka
Katherine Smith
Natalia Smith ✝
Pauline Smith
Candice Smith-Jones ✝✝
Katelyn Smolcnop
Lisamarie Soudelier
Dianne Spelter
Leslie Stevens
Shannon Stockwell
Emily Stringham
DanEL Suarez
John Tait
Nancy Taylor
Latisha Terry
Debra Thompson Rosenberg ✝
Tammie Trombley
Jennie Tyler
Juan Urquhart
Jessica Valcik ✝✝
Rachel Van Avery
Paul VanSlyke ✝✝✝
Christina Vedder
Jennifer Vigliotti
Dawn Vilord
Farida Virji
Darion Vogt
Matthew Wagner
Karen Wales ✝
Rebecca Weiss
Christina Wells
Christopher Wescott
Derrick White
Alishia Whitman
Denise Wieber ✝✝
kameo williams
Melvin Williams ✝✝
Nicole Williams
Crystal Wilson
Edward Young
Haley Youngs
Regina Zito ✝✝✝

Bachelor of Professional Studies

Edward Harrison
Johnathan Marra
Paul Power

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School of Science, Mathematics, and Technology

Associate in Science

Ibtihaj Alawadi
Herbens Bernard
Jaqueline Bienenstock
Lindsey Bond
Jennifer Bordino
Mishel Chan-min
Alejandra Coronado
Wayne Diaz
Stephanie DiSalvo
Bracha Eissenberg
Vaughn Estrada
Roselyn Fernandez-Manickchand
Brittney Ferrari
Chana Freund
Shulamis Friedman
Diyora Gayibnazarova
Alegria Gelernter
Leonid Goltsman
Valerie Hamer
Nikki Haviaras
Garry Hoggan
Hailey Jang
Taylor Jentz
Adil Khan
Rochel Kon
Kelly Larnard
Maribel Luna
Steven Mangione
Michelle Martuscello
Isamaura Mendez Santos
Fallon Meneses
Samantha Myers
Basya Naiman
Daniel Nugent
DeNasha Patterson
Darlene Perez
Michael Powell
Yaroidys Pujols Castillo
Brandon Rivers
Batya Russek
Kaitlyn Schaeffer
Shira Silberberg
Raizy Spiegel
Shaindy Spitzer
Tara Tonnesen
Kristen Toussaint
Gypsy Trent
Leah Unger
Suella Velez
Amanda Ventola
Kaela Vorrasi
Avital Weiman
Brenda Yurowitz
Nataliya Zaletska
Tallie Zaroom

Bachelor of Arts

Tony Taylor ✝✝✝

Bachelor of Science

Oluwaseyi Adegoke
Charles Arnold
Annapoorna Bangalore Satyanaray
Thomas Barrett ✝✝✝
Mason Batchelder
Erica Batterson
Tamar Beard
Kashaka Bedeau
Nahomi Beltran
Alexis Benitez ✝
Bryce Bixler ✝✝✝
Ashley Blando
Tammy Bleyl
Stephanie Bowen
Amber Bowman
Michael Brinkerhoff II
Raymond Bruderman Jr.
Terrance Bullock
William Buzzell
Derek Cacciotti
Juan Diego Carvajal Ramirez
Diana Cassulis ✝✝
Mariammal Chelliah
Shahin Choudhury
Kylie Conley ✝✝✝
Heather Cox
Meghann Cunningham ✝
Derek DeWitt
Kenneth Draper
Joseph Dry II
Stephen Emmons ✝
Zachary Fabiano ✝✝✝
Joseph Farina
Stephanie Folk
Adriana Franks
Sarah Fuhrer ✝✝✝
Christopher Gallello
Jennifer Gascon
David Gobeo
Daniel Gomez
Matthew Greenwood
Gina Gugliuzza
Travis Hadcock ✝✝
Nevro Halo
Jordan Harris ✝
Timothy Hatch ✝
Eni Hatellari
Daniel Helmer
Stephen Hoffer
John Hollenbeck
A K M Kamrul Imam
Sazzatul Islam
Artan Kaba
Serkan Kaya
Jaafir Khan
Mei Kimura
James King ✝✝✝
Catherine Krause
Dylan Lambros ✝✝
Gloria Lavenberg
Derek Lenz
William Lepage ✝
Adam Littleboy
Diana Lucas ✝
James Lundgren
Kymberly McDougle
Joshua McLean
Mohamed Mohamed-Ali
Julian Moya
Tiffany Mui ✝✝✝
William Murray ✝✝✝
Tracey Nautel ✝✝
Bobby Otero
Kevin Pelc
Stephan Pichardo ✝✝✝
Inova Qiao
Harmony Rocourt ✝✝
Allan Roffe
Nicole Rogalski
Jessica Rossler
Franc Rusha
Masaru Sasaki
Ryan Shenk
Christine Single
Blain Smith
Veronica Smith
William Smith
Jason Spatz ✝✝
Jennifer Torres
Casey Walsh
Hannah Walter
Marshall Winters ✝✝
Hayley Yager
Shane Yarbrough
Elias Zehr
Tyler Zehr ✝✝✝
Alisha Zink

School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Associate in Arts

Andreanna Abbate
Andrea Althiser
Cheryl Attardo
Patricia Baughman
Theresa Belcastro
Andrew Benjamin
Mary Blocho
Glenaisa Bookard
Elizabeth Bosco
Monica Caesar
Courtney Cammarata
Jennifer Carley
Kim Cook
Sylvia Cooper-Brown
Valerie Cottone
Cynthia Crescenzi
Jodi D'Andrea
Angela Donzelli
Alisia Eichwald
Amber Ferguson
Ann Ferrisi
Candace Fisher
Kaitlyn Fitzgerald
Chevar Francis
Jennifer Fusco
Karen Galati
Brittany Galvin
Dellon Garraway
Cecilia Gonzalez
Dana Haertel
Stephanie Harper
Joan Hays
Carlos Hernandez-Sosa
Glodean Holder
Mykell Holloway
Richard Isaacs
Asia Knight
David Land
Rosa Larkin
Marisa Lugo
Peter Mackie
Niamarie Magliocco
Paula Mazza
David Meyers
Casey Millwater
Alexis Ortiz
Ramel Page
Tiffany Pannese
Paraskevi Parthenis
Shaniqua Paucar
Victoria Petrocelli
Lynette Ronchaquira
Lashawanda Rosser
Jo-Ann Ruggiero
Yvan Ruiz Quispe
Victoria Russell
Paul Sanders
Katherine Sausville
Corina Sehn
Isabel Sepulveda
Laneisha Shannon
Paul Steinhauser
Stacey Thompson
Lisa Tooker
Amanda White

Associate in Science

Rahkiah Abdullah
Brittany Abtey
Jodie Amato
Santina Anderson
Herman Barnes
Jacob Bearden
Robert Brady
Shanelle Brooks
William Brower
Patricia Brown
Theresa Caponi
Marjorie Catalano
Ronald Claude
Sofia Colacurto
Albert Culler
Shirley Cumberbatch
Casey Deleon
Franklin Diaz
Brittany Dorney
Kyrone Doyle
Sharon Gallaway
Suzanne Gardner
Camryn Harrison
Kaeyla Hyatt
Rachael James
Ralph Jean-Louis
Janet Keeler
Ishmam Khan
Maria Krajnakova
Dennis Kramer
David Lang
Cornelia Major
Maureen Martin
Melvin Mayberry
Mary Ellen McDermott
Cerise Meisel
Suada Muslli
Leyla Mustafoski
Soukay Ndiaye
Emily Nesbitt
Ramon Rodriguez
Andres Roman
Fran Schmitter
Alexander Siaw
Meghan Sierp
Barbara Tonrey
Samuel Whitney

Bachelor of Arts

Kimberly Adams
Tessa Albert ✝✝
Angelo Amato ✝✝✝
Amarlan Amgalan
Yelyzaveta Andreyuk
Bethany Aspinall ✝✝
Felicia Astacio
Christine Baker Marriage
Jonathan Bang ✝✝
Tara Bassegio
Daniel Bialozyt ✝✝✝
Jan Bina ✝✝
Nur Farizah Binte Mohd Sedek ✝✝
Denise Blanco
Catherine Boehme ✝✝
Marissa Breault ✝✝
Jacob Breen
Karen Breslin
Kelly Briem ✝✝
Chaim Bronstein ✝✝
Stacy Brown
Matej Broz
Jaroslav Brtek
Michael Calderon ✝✝✝
Yessica Campos
Margaret Capers
Allan Chapman
Michael Childs ✝
Vanessa Chonou
Anna Codick
Taylor Costello
Shauna Darling
Melissa Dawkins ✝
Michael Derasmo
Jillian Devries
Karen Disomma
Brennan Doxtater
Latasha Dudley
Jacqueline Eckelmann ✝✝✝
Francine Edmonds
Jennifer Edwards** ✝✝✝
Eduard Elshani
Helen Fahy
Ticia Fareed-Cole
Elizabeth Figueroa
Jennifer Fink
Christina Fiorino
Jarron Foster ✝✝✝
Alec Frampton-Strickler
Daniel Fridel ✝✝✝
Loretta Gagraj
Ilija Gajic
Maxine Gayle
Brittany Giarraffa ✝✝✝
Megan Gilfoy
Meaghan Giovannetti
Kelly Gjoka
Ilish Glann
Dorothy Grant
Desiree Griffin
Robyn Guzman
Rachel Haag
Sherri Hare ✝
Rivka Herman
Shannon Higgins
Denise Hill
James Hobbs ✝✝✝
Mary Hoens
Randall Hogans Jr. ✝✝
Kyle Honan
Svetlana Ince ✝✝
Ariel Jones
Elizabeth Kamola
Artur Klamm
JoAnna Klampert
Ashley Kogel
Alyssa Kruppenbacher ✝✝✝
Melissa Lamere
Omar Lammie
Jenna Lepage ✝✝
Nicole LeRoy
Hope Light
Joanne Lockley
Yvonne Logan
Jeanmarie Lombardi
Victoria Lombardi
Sarah Lopez
Lauren Lordi
Ellena Ludtke
Jacob Mack
Ashley Maiorana
Amanda Malone
Erin Maloney
Justine Mangino ✝✝✝
Jennifer Manns
Katherine Maria
Robert Matoney III
Julisa Matos Soriano ✝
Hailey McBride
Gloria Mendez
Diego Mendoza
Adil Merzlov
Natalija Molodcova
Danielle Moore
Naina Morgan
Anastasia Nagaytseva
Sharon Nazarian ✝✝
Katema Nelson
Carly Nest ✝✝✝
Kowone Nevith
William Nicholson ✝✝
Patrick Noecker ✝✝✝
Richard Nogueira ✝✝
Kathryn Olmstead
Christopher Parathyras
Alexis Parks
Aimee Pauquette
Shamequa Payne
sabrina pehlic
Jennifer Perry
Piotr Podstolski
Kenneth Pollock
Claire Post
Joana Prifti ✝
Tomer Raanan
Kenny Ramos ✝✝
Arthur Ramsay
Kaitlyn Reed
Lizarelis Rivera Fonseca ✝✝✝
Elissa Rocle
Odanys Rodriguez Ramos
Maria Romagnano
Tiffany Rookwood
Alexa Rubin
Megan Saile ✝✝✝
Warda Sheikh ✝✝✝
Malgorzata Siatkowska
Alyssa Sikora ✝✝
Justin Silver
Kelly Sixt ✝✝
Ariel Solomon
Melissa Spence
Zuzana Starustkova
Samuel Tavarez
Jennifer Thomas
Tia Torrey
Lorissa Urtz
Stefanie Vaccaro
Jonathan Valencia
Carla Valenti ✝
Juljana Vela
Ioannis Vlachou
Iva Vukovojac
Britta Wallace ✝✝
Terence Ward
Stephanie Way
Janine Weed ✝✝✝
Amanda Weir
Erica Whitten
Andrew Wiest
Amber Wulf
Natalia Yulfo
Nina Zahorova

Bachelor of Science

Charles Acosta
Erin Adamson
Jaquana Alford
Shawn Allen
Michael Andrews Jr.
Pamela Aprilliano
Jose Arrunategui ✝✝✝
Ashley Ashford ✝✝
Iosifina Aslanopoulou ✝✝
Erica Auty ✝✝
Sofia Balali ✝✝
Robert Basedow
Marissa Benton Luciano
Brandy Berdeaux ✝
Natasha Bleyl
Miriam Bogomilsky
Regina Borowiec ✝✝✝
Antoinette Borriello
Eleni Bosinakos
Marcus Braithwaite
Sandy Brooker ✝
Kayla Brown
Paul Bucher ✝
Jennifer Cartolano ✝✝✝
Cheryl Castro
Kari Cayton
Cecelia Clark
Cara Clouthier
Taylor Cohen ✝✝✝
Michelle Condello
Anisa Cortez
Terence Cumberbatch
Juliet Dacres
Brenda Demartine ✝✝
Nikoleta Demcakova
Joseph Demma
Siudith Diaz
Anthony DiLeonardo ✝✝✝
Stacy Dimon
Jennifer Dixon
Daniel Durinick
Marie Elliott
David Enslin
William Fajen ✝✝✝
Akash Fernando
Ronald Freeman
Matthew Galano-Kennedy
Calvin Garvey
Mattingly Gleason
Brytnee Glover
Jennifer Gong
Erdene Greene
Cecelia Grenga
Nicole Gudselak ✝✝✝
Jill Hannah-Vega
Allison Hansen
Steven Hatchell II ✝✝
Isaiah Hawkins
Rosemarie Hayes
Stacy Hill
Christopher Holley
Salisha Hope-Ledgister
Wendy Innes ✝✝✝
Rachael James
Diamonique Jeffries
Erin Kazanjian
Zachary King
Shelby Kislowski
Michelle Kiszka
Liane Kloster
Kathryn Langdon ✝✝✝
Ashlee Lasher
Ryan Lathrop
Julie Legare ✝
Madelyn Louis
Melissa Lovstrom
Zoya Lucas-Griffith
Hannah Marzano
Virginia Mazzarella
Oberne Merisier
PhyllisAnne Millus ✝✝✝
Tara Miskovsky ✝✝✝
Lori Mistretta
Bryan Monacelli
Jennifer Moore ✝✝
Angela Mowry
Christine Nickel
Junious Nielsen
Anthony Nuñez ✝
Uchechukwu Onwubalili
Heather Page
Sara Panico
Chrysovalantou Papadopoulou
Tzar Parson
Bethany Patterson
Judiann Paz ✝
Cherrilan Perryman
Elizabeth Phillips
Rosanna Piccolo
Joseph Pisanti ✝
Karen Pohorecki ✝✝✝
Jillyn Pottle
John Randolph
Kelly Redden ✝
Aldo Remice
Janetlynn Remy-DeCastro
Amber Rindfleisch
Liza Beth Rochelson
Yamilet Roman
Madeline Rosario
Ciara Sanders
Tanya Santiago
Mark Schiele
Eric Simpson
Alexis Smith
Heidi Smith
Lucy Smith
Chhuong So
Kyle Solis ✝
Shaunece Solomon
Natasha Sookhoo
Joann Spinelli ✝✝
Carrie Sullivan
Ashley Tallarida ✝✝
Mark Taylor
Tracy Theal
Victoria VanAlstyne
Brian Vaughan
Michelange Viaud
Julie Vilinsky ✝✝
Maryann Viola ✝
Ryan Von Dietsch
Judith Wachsler ✝✝
Rachel Ward
Keron Watson ✝
Tamara Widrick
Kami Woodhall ✝✝
Matthew Zita

Bachelor of Professional Studies

Ian Holzmacher
Darrell Honkala ✝✝
Gregg Magi ✝✝
Jason Portnoy
Deborah Schneider ✝✝✝

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School of Nursing and Allied Health

Bachelor of Science in Allied Health

Melissa Catalano ✝✝✝
Ashley Clarke
Daina DiPinto
Andrea Fairhurst ✝✝✝
Marie Charlotte Jocelyn
Alicia Millhouse
Marcelyn Neree
Liza Orsini
Mariana Serrano
Rachel Shannon ✝✝✝
Kevin Torrens
Judith Wince
Jerin Zachariah

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Sandra Barrios Reyes
Emily Bearer
Victoria Boldi ✝
Angela Bove
Anne Camp ✝
Kathleen Campanella
Alison Cato-Lee
Victoria Chavez
Joyce Cioffi
Julia Clark ✝
Ellen Criscione ✝
Jessica Cronin ✝✝
Elise Cummings
Taylor Damato ✝✝
Dakota Darin
Paige Deitz ✝
Nicholas DeLuca
Samira Egloff ✝✝✝
Veronica Ellithorpe ✝✝✝
Amannda Erato
Fernanda Faria ✝✝✝
Laura Farrell ✝✝✝
Monica Fox
Jenna Gagliano
Sharon Gainsburg ✝
Francis Garcia
Sadhana Gayadin ✝
Michelle Gordon
Ryan Granville
Alaina Graziano
Raeven Harkness
Angelique Haughney
Laura Herd Cunningham
Linda Herron
Kristine Hilsmann
Rebecca Himmelfarb ✝✝
Daisy Inojosa
Brooke Jalowiec ✝✝✝
Cara Johnson
Lisa Karalazrides ✝
Colleen Kent ✝✝✝
Mosammat Khatun
Doreen Korniewicz ✝✝✝
Teresa Korta ✝✝
Erik Lajoie
Brenda Lavan
Michele Lippl ✝✝
Marie Louis
Kerline Lucien
Mary Lynch
Lisa Lyng
Patricia Maloney
Carly Masula
Lucas McDermott
Samantha McFarlane
Amy McKay
Ana Mendez
Amy Meyer
Patricia Miranda ✝
Alexandria Mitchell
Miezra Moore
Samantha Moore ✝
Jennifer Morison
Stephanie Mustone
Meghan Nelson ✝✝✝
Joan Noel ✝✝
Amy Novak
Bernice Ofosu-Amankwah ✝✝
Bukola Osikoya
George Pahalan
Katarina Paley ✝✝
Jean Pendergast
Velvet Philippe
Josh Picard
April Plummer
Tara Polilla ✝✝✝
Angela Quirino ✝✝✝
Naomi Ramsey-Stewart ✝✝
Jessica Rawson
Patricia Rolston ✝✝
Claire Rosen ✝✝
Brian Rothstein ✝✝✝
Emily Rynd ✝
Christopher Sailsman
Jillian Sauer
Lawrence Schieber ✝✝
Tenzin Shakya
Jessica Smith ✝✝✝
Richard Sniffen Jr.
Mallory Stearns
Shannon Thomas
Kara Traver
Julie Tresco ✝
Nakesha Vines ✝
Lauren Wallace
Kristen Wizzard
Abby Wohl
Tina Woode
Cynthia Zimmelman ✝✝
Julie Zimmerman

Master of Science

Gabrielle Acosta
Shelby Brabant
Judith Brown
Helen Brugger
Jessica Butler
Reginald Charles
Laura Chin
Rebecca Conigliaro
Lidia Cross-Amador
Anisa Davis
Maria Cristina Balasoto De Silva
Regina Diblasi
Kristina Donaldson
Natasha Evans-Singletary
Anaximenes Gonzalez
Melissa Graham
Monique Graham
Haley Holcman
Jessica Holcman
Kaitlyn Jackson
Christine Kropf
Dana London
Di Luo
Gemma Martini-Mahon
Nicole Matos Astor
Kayla McCormick
Mary McGovern
Victoria Mekker
Diana Mendez
Tanya Mercurio
Lorita Mitchell
Maria Lira Morrison
Azra Muminovic
Catherine Murphy
Kenichea Nichols
Carol Nivens
Jennifer Olmstead
Katrina O'Rourke
Lavita Payton
D'Juna Peters
Cheryl Reynolds
Maria Richardson
Zakiyyah Saleem
Sarah Sattler
Kimberly Seabolt
Benjamin Springer
Ecki Stern
Scott Stevens
Rosemary Strumpf
Shelifa Vasta
Stephanie Weigand
Robin White
Amy Wilkinson
Sarah Williams
Jenifer Wygant

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School for Graduate Studies

Advanced Graduate Certificate

Chelsea Ann Ahearn-Feketa
Briana Amos
Aimee Bacher
William Barton
Chris Besozzi
Omar Blagrove
Evan Bowker
Talin Boyadjian
Beverly Browne
Timothy Canevari
Jeri Castelluccio
Nicola Chanecka
Adeline Crosby
Fredyn Danso
Lindsay Decker
Kimberly Demchak
Margaret Dems
Costas Diamantis
Kelly DiCarmine
Sarah Diller
Michael Disotelle
Lawren Dolland
Shilpa Dudi
Elizabeth Ellsbury
Noura Embabi
Elisa Escalante
Allyson Faroni
Debra Federation
Federica Federzoni
Evelyn Ferris
Mary Jane Fisher
Amanda Gallipeau
Ruth Garland
Emily Geider
Tarlon Gibson
Lisa Giordano
Deborah Glover
Alexis Gooding
Amika Gopee
Nikia Gordon
Jessica Guerrero
David Haig-Nicol
Michelle Hallmark
Justine Hanai
Jill Haskell
William Herrera
Christina Holst
Allison Howell
Jason Isaacs
Dreylan Johnson
Laurie Katz
Kathleen Kilfoil
Kaitlynn Kujawa
Sarah Laite
Holly Laubenheimer
Marissa Lien
Kelsey Lowth
Jessica Marrone
Evita Marrow
Brian McArdell
Paula McConnell
Karoll Melendez
Iann Miller
Jason Miller
Joseph Moore
Rubisela Morales-Cano
Paula Ohlhous
Gabrielle Olszewski
Rosemary Ortlieb
Katie Oursler
Gustavo Pacheco
Debra Pangrazio
John Pettit
Robert Piurowski
Thomas Porter
Charis Quick
Mary Remsburg
Denise Robinson
Lynette Rossello
Janelle Serritella
Alexandria Seymour
Sabina Singh-Samaroo
Donna Trainor
Bill Tshimanga
Jennifer Unser
Nancy VanBrocklen
Adrian Vielhauer
Erin Walling
Ryan Willard
Lana Wolcott
Daniele Young
Michael Zimmelman

Master of Arts

Erica Abbott
Abdul Alamin
Lauren Arsenault
Aimee Bacher
Cortney Ballou
Juliene Bell-Smith
Jennifer Bentivegna
Lakshan Bibi
Jahne Bolden
Jason Borgen
Evan Bowker
Talin Boyadjian
Crystal Burchim
Timothy Burke
Stephanie Buto
Allen Castaneda
Michael Castelluccio
Nicola Chanecka
Adam Clayton
Roberto Colangelo
Richard Connors
Fredyn Danso
Lindsay Decker
Sarah Diller
Lawren Dolland
Scott Dolphin**
Francine Edmonds
Evelyn Farris
Evelyn Ferris
Jamie E. Forbes
Rodney Freeman
Amanda Gallipeau
Gail GaLusha
Tarlon Gibson
Mariya Gluzman
Alexis Gooding
Amika Gopee
Ian Grugan
Marissa Guarino
Jessica Guerrero
Nicole Gustafson
Andrea Heroux
William Herrera
Regina Innocente
Derek Jefferson
Precious Kaliku
Edward Lacinski
Kelsey Lowth
Evita Marrow
Miles Marsh
Jessica Mayo
Laura Mikus
Fabio Montella
Bradley Montroy
Elizabeth Mosier
Paula Ohlhous
Debra Pangrazio
Ruth Parsons
Kathia Pilier
Todd Plymale
Jaquanna Preville
Oliver Riley
Jessica Robles
Rachel Sabella
Kevin Sapere
Annette Schediwy Mackrel
Emma Schmitt
Samantha Seeley
MacKenzie Shannon
Rosemarie Shufelt
Richard Simmons
Toi Smith
Janice Snipes
Joelle Spencer
Stacie Stuart
Robin Thornton
Jennifer Unser
Roy Wilms
Donna Yager
Timothy Zeszutek

Master of Arts in Teaching

Djabir Adam
Brian Anderson
Jonathan Augi
Jacob Brode
Renae Comulada-Vonderheide
Colleen EL-Bejjani
Erica Falcone
Chelsea Fremont
Lauren Getting
Heather Gorman
Megan Gray
Shauna-Rae Haley
Darlene Hapka
Jamie Herman
Kelley Howard
Fatima Hussain
Thomas Janda
Nicole Jenkins
Jacqueline Kahman Esq.
Jennifer Kirchherr
Ron Klopfanstein
Anastasia Korenka-Robinson
Andrea Kouroupos
Kelsey Lair
Deborah Lee
Anna Makovik
Heather Mautz
Jacqueline Mazariegos
Thomas O'Dowd
Hillary Osborne
Roderick Perry
Elissa Portela
Lisa Quinn
McKenzie Regan
Louis Rosato
Caitlin Sanford
Lucas Santiago
Jhimly Sarkar
Sarah Schembri
Megan Smith
Jeffrey Spradlin
Emily Staychock
Thomas Stratton
Amanda Tallcot
Gianna Valiante
Kathryn Wentworth
Zachary West
Andrew Winkler
Nathanaelle Yoshimura

Master of Business Administration

Briana Amos
Anthony Aragona
John Azar
William Barton
Omar Blagrove
Krystal Brown
Stacey Cabildo
Rafael Cario
Patrick Clark
Eileen Clemons
Greg Colella
Rene Dantona
Lavern Dean-Moulton
Kimberly Demchak
William Dennis
Costas Diamantis
Robert Dodoo
Shantel Douglas
Shilpa Dudi
Shannon Dunn
Elizabeth Ellsbury
Allyson Faroni
Debra Federation
Megan Fitzpatrick
Audrey Fossett
James Fox
Deborah Glover
Billie Goodson
Michelle Hallmark
Allison Howell
Jessica Johnson
Regine Jose
Jason Juliano
Laurie Katz
Matthew Keller
Mary Kittle
Kaitlynn Kujawa
Darlene Lewis
Sin Man Li
Laura Major-Roberts
Jessica Marrone
Paula McConnell
Jason Miller
Taalib-Din Muhammad
Anne O'Keefe
Gabrielle Olszewski
Katie Oursler
Gustavo Pacheco
Janelle Pagan
Natalie Pitts
Angela Przybysz
Charis Quick
Maria Reed
Mary Remsburg
Denise Robinson
Thosman Robinson Jr.
Hannah Ruiz
Dawn Sampson
Jacqueline Selva
John Stucko
Michael Veitch
Jeremy Whorf
Ryan Willard
Jennifer Willmann
Monica Windley
Master of Education
Christine Bischoff
Deborah Bobian
Natasha Cucinella
Camara Destine
Kelly Furgison
John Garcia Jr.
Kaitlin Langdon
Amy Malo
Dawn McBride
Jessica McCormack
Kevin Meyer
Stephanie Mullen
Kimberly Remington
Evan Rosenberg
Kezia Stephen
Janel Stevenson
Judy Weakley

Master of Education in Teaching and Learning

Mia Largo
Michelle Marci
Nicholas Richards
Alexandria Seymour
Amy Smith
Elizabeth Underwood
Patricia Victome
Dawn Vogelfang
Emily Weigand
Lianna Weissman
Shannon Wood

Master of Science

Shuaib Bhamji
Mpenzi Campbell
Justina Farris
Amanda Kellett Ciani
Tanya Slater
Norma Wilson
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