Commencement Winter 2021

A Message from Officer in Charge Nathan Gonyea

To the Graduating Class of 2021,

For many of you, commencement is a day you’ve long dreamed about. And for some of you, it’s a day you may have thought would never arrive.

Yet here you are — a college graduate, a role model, a change maker. You knew your degree was within reach, and you dug deep within yourself to earn it — despite the obstacles and, sometimes, despite all odds.

What you didn’t know when you started your journey was that you would complete your degree during a global pandemic. Collectively, you juggled work, school, family, financial challenges, health challenges, and personal losses. You persevered, and you are an inspiration to us all.

Today you join more than 92,000 SUNY Empire alumni who live in every U.S. state and more than 96 countries around the world. We hope you stay connected to one another and to SUNY Empire as you move forward in your careers and communities.

On behalf of SUNY Empire, I wish you success, happiness, and good health in the years to come. Congratulations!


Signature of Nathan Gonyea

Nathan Gonyea, Ph.D.
Officer in Charge

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Traditions in Higher Education

SUNY Empire State College was founded in 1971 at a time in our nation’s history when challenge to convention was the norm. SUNY Chancellor Ernest L. Boyer seized the moment and began creating an innovative new model of higher education, one that catered to adult and nontraditional learners who often had to balance academic pursuits with job and family responsibilities.

Fifty years later, SUNY Empire has established itself as a top-notch global institution whose commitment to innovation and flexibility attracts students at all stages of life. With locations across New York and at seven international sites, SUNY Empire today offers more than 110 online degrees and certificates in fields as diverse as nursing, accounting, and cybersecurity. Students work with faculty mentors to create individualized degree programs that fit their busy schedules, whether learning online, in person, or a mix of both.

SUNY Empire takes pride in all that it has achieved in its first half century. We remain steadfast in our commitment to offering a highquality education that is affordable, flexible, and relevant. As we embark on the next half century, we look forward to building upon our successes while meeting the needs of an evolving economy and ever-changing world.

By The

Alumni by Age Group


Alumni age
39 and under


Alumni between
age 40 and 60


age 60+



Empire State College Council

John Maggiore, Chairman
Albert Culler
Arlene González-Sánchez
Donna Luh
Sheila Poole
Roberta Reardon
Molly Reilly
Patricia E. Salkin
Mark J.F. Schroeder ’82

State University of New York Board of Trustees

Jim Malatras, SUNY Chancellor
Merryl H. Tisch, Chairman
Cesar A. Perales, Vice Chairman
Joseph W. Belluck
Courtney E. Burke
Eric Corngold
Marcos Crespo
Robert J. Duffy
Christy Fogal
James Haddon
Bradley Hershenson
Keith Landa
Eunice A. Lewin
Stanley Litow
Richard Socarides
Edward Spiro
Cary F. Staller

Empire State College Foundation Board

Sue Epstein, Interim
Executive Director
Marian Conway ’01, 04, Chairperson
David A. Fullard, Secretary
Lexie Bonitatibus, Treasurer
Ted Bunch ’94
Phillip B. Catchings
John J. Corrou ’94
Susan L. Dake
Tina L. Evans, ’97
Christopher J. Feeley ’86
Nathan Gonyea
Scott T. Johnson
James G. Karcher ’79
Althea Luehrsen ’02, ’10
David J. Mazzetti ’10
Colonel (Ret.) James D. McDonough
Dora Cervantes
Ann S. Turner ’86

Empire State College Alumni Student Federation Board of Governors

Kelly DiCarmine ’18, President
Lori Jiava ’12, ’13, ’16, Vice President
Jawana Richardson ’16, ’18, Secretary
Lainie Kitt ’03, Parliamentarian
John Corrou ’94
Christopher Duffy Jr. ’19
John Kane ’17
Eleni Moraites ’16, ’18
Jennifer Pettis ’12, ’17
Jan Gajdusek ’19
Catherine Roberts ’16
Albert Culler’20
Ann Sconiers

Empire State College Administration

Jim Malatras, SUNY Chancellor
Nathan Gonyea, Officer in Charge
Tai Arnold, Acting Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
Seana Logsdon, Acting Vice Provost for Student Success
Lexie Bonitatibus, Chief Financial Officer, Interim Chief Operating Officer
Frances Boyce, Presidential Fellow
Audeliz Matias, Interim Chief Diversity Officer
Sue Epstein, Interim Assistant Vice President for Advancement and Executive Director of Partnerships
Andrea Hennessy, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management
Leigh Yanuzzi, Chief of Staff
Jalisa Williams, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources
Kim Stote, Dean, School of Nursing and Allied Health
Anastasia Pratt, Interim Dean, School for Graduate Studies
Maria Figueroa, Dean, Harry Van Arsdale Jr. School of Labor Studies
Deborah Amory, Interim Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Solomon Syed, Assistant Vice President for Communications, Marketing, and Government Relations
Nicola Allain, Dean, School of Arts and Humanities
Desalyn De-Souza, Dean, School of Human Services
Julie Gedro, Dean, School of Business
Mary Mawn, Dean, School of Science
Frank Vander Valk, Dean, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences and Interim Dean of Digital Learning, Innovation and Strategy
Francesca Cichello, Executive Director, Center for International Education

Student Leadership Institute

Susan Alvarado
Ramzi Butler-Kelly
Elaine Caruso-Roberts
Evelyse Fung
Heather Gaebel
Emmanuel Gbogboade
Tracey King
Kimberly Marigh
Julie Miller
Dianna Ortiz
Liza Rochelson
Shawn Wallace
Tricia Wilson

Student Government Association

Ann Sconiers, President
Asia Moore, Vice President
Ronald Freeman, Secretary
Yasmine Oehm, Treasurer

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Degree Candidates

* = Cum Laude
** = Magna Cum Laude
*** = Summa Cum Laude

✝ = Anticipated Cum Laude
✝✝ = Anticipated Magna Cum Laude
✝✝✝ = Anticipated Summa Cum Laude

‡ = 2021 Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence Winners

School of Arts and Humanities

Associate in Arts

Jeanette Brown-DeLee
Samantha Hackborn
Naybell Hernandez
David Joseph Peters**
Carol Werner

Bachelor of Arts

Noah Abel
Miranda Charisa Ackerley
Amanda Nicole Ayala
Raymond L. Ball
Benjamin Bauer†††
Tyler Bessinger
Melissa Ann Brimacomb**
Anthony Bubbico
Catherine Anne Calle***
Pamela N. Capriotti***
Ashley Caroway
Patrick Coniff
James Dean Conklin**
Cynthia Edman††
Madalyn Anne Fiala†
Soula Finelli
Dana Andrea Fuchs***
Kimberly Lanette Gainer***
Lisa L. Gill
Leondria Gordon
William T. Grace III**
Africa Tyhesia Gray
Jonathan Parkhurst Herbert***
Courteney Alexis Hill†††
Lynelle Kuhn***
Daniel Ledda
Barbara Amy Malagraph***
Makaelin Miner††
Jacqueline Carina Molina
Keillor Matthew Mose**
Elizabeth Navarrete
Maria O'Brien†††
Ebi Pauline Onwe
Samantha Rose Pearce††
Jeanette Perez Colby†††
David Joseph Peters**
Lucy Postell-Alkilany***
LaQuet Sharnell Pringle**
Mark S. Ramin
Christian Reeve***
Reut Regev***
Tammy Reniff
Skyler J. Rubottom
Sandhya Selmon†††
Ania Sepulveda*
Joanna Young Shubart***
Melinda Marie Smalley
Jared Stone-Rigg†††
Kenny R. Stover*
Emily E. Strong**
Stephanie vandenBogaard
Becky Wheeler
Avraham Zucker

Bachelor of Science

Alice M. Gilbert***
Jacqueline Graziano
Elizabeth Navarrete
Maria I. Patarroyo V.††
Madelyn Annette Ruiz
Gabriel James Stallman
Nancy Vega***

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School of Business

Undergraduate Certificate

Danny Denton
Tania Henriquez
David McCoy
Kacie Pierce
Vojsava Toma
Autumn White

Associate in Science

Robert Baker
Gregory Bartlett
Jacqueline Bryant
Siddiqa Burks
Gabriella Cohen
Salena Dabbs
Jordana Dawkins
Paul Del Favero
Stacey Demme
Austin Duffney
Mercedes Alexis Figueroa
Madison Guma
Tonya N. Herring
Saima Houqe
Leah Hults
Tiffany L. Hund
Francesca Kelly
Tara Patricia Mapes
Jessica Marcucci
Amy Matyjasik
Shonda Merrill
Lanre Mohammed
Zachary Haralambos Papadopoulos
Patricia Rafferty
Joseph Clark Rickard
Anthony William Romeo
Mary Elizabeth Schadel
Deborah Ann Schulbaum
Anthony Signore
Abella Stambuli
Michele Sullo
Stephanee Surabian
Carsandra Yanne Walker

Bachelor of Arts

Filip Nozica

Bachelor of Professional Studies

Demitria Cook
Jessica Lynn Countryman†††
Lauren Hitchcock
Daveed A. Ramesh
Carol Francine Rivera
Migdalia Santos
Deborah Karen Smith
Rita M. Sumakis
Gary Wagner††

Bachelor of Science

Brenda Abramowitz††
Reno Achmad Domenech***
Latisha Adderley†
Latisha Adderley†
Matthew Marc Allard**
Sylvia Rosa Anglin
Mark Apostol
Carlos E. Araujo
Stefanie Avery
Lucinda Ballard
Emily Barry
Michelle Basilone†††
Michael Beiter†
Alicia Ann Bell*
Ivorie D. Bell*
Laurie A. Bellocchio
Raymond Bernard
Daniel Beyer
Deborah Joyce Bobb
Catherine M. Booth†††
Moshe Eliezer Borvick***
Dawn Lydia Hicks
Anne Marie Brant†
Marie L. Brito***
Justin Clifford Buell**
Odell Buggs
Thomas John Bushnell††
Karen L. Call
Christina Callahan
Stephanie Camino
Ramon Anthony Cannon
Emily Rose Canty
Caroline Nicole Capece**
Matthew Cazeau
Guangye Chen**
Liling Chen***
Kim Lombardo Cohen
Elizabeth Grace Wainwright
Milagros Colon
David Matthew Comstock
Samuel C. Cook**
Morgan J. Cooper
Emily Nicole Cuipylo
Kaitlyn Ann Culbertson
Nicole Cummings
Cvetozar Antimov Cvetkov
James Bartholomew DeJesu
Jelaine Delossantos
Christopher Denfeld
Xiang Ding††
Tamerea L. Downey
Colleen Edwards-Stallings
Angelina M. Estevez†
Katril Ann February Evans
Cristal Renee Farrington***
Elizabeth Anna Fides
Stacy L. Flaherty**
Lenita Fletcher
Jason Frohberg**
Yuan Gao
Monica Gaspo
Thomas Gillespie†
Susan J. Gould**
Lauren A. Greco
Marcey C. Gromling
Laura C. Guerrero**
Richard Earl Gunnerson Jr.
Rubiela Guzman
Sarah Jean Haley
Elisa Hambartsoumian
Amanda Nichole Hannan
Steven Hannon
Eugene Hartawan
Anders Otway Harth††
Julie M. Heller
Amanda Marie Hilliard†
Abigail C. Hoffman
Trevor J. Hough**
Erin Patricia Hunter**
Joan Jachowdik
Daniel Jacobson
Gizzelle Gomez
Nadjia E'lon Jones
Michael Jon King††
Roger R. Konecny Jr.***
Akkil Alex Kurian††
Jaime A. Ladouceur
Ruby E. Lantigua
Rachel M. Law
Angela D. Leavy
Adina Lerner†††
Sophie George Les
Jonathan Levi**
Joshua Licciardo†
Zhenhua Lin
Adeline J. Lopes
Amber Lopez
Nicholas Anthony Lord
Rosemarie Margaret Lorenti
Gerald Losee
Amanda Machuga††
Lorna Maria Mahoney
Lessy Rosalia Martinez*
Nereida Martinez-Arias
Lukasz J. Maziarz
Jennifer A. McCallum***
Paula McKenna††
Erica Marie McLeod
Robert C. McNair
Cerise C. Meisel
Alexandra Meleco
Jarri Machelle Melton†
Danyu Meng
Meredith Anne Mercier
Heather Lynn Micha
Lanre Mohammed
Edith S. Morgan
Landin Alain Murphy***
Jennifer Namdar
Neel Nayak
Brandon Julian Nazario
Gina Marie Nevone-DeBlanco
Stephanie Niles
Felix Chiemeziem Nnadi††
Kathleen Nolan*
Stephanie Nicole Nugent
Francine Lynn Otty
Jylan Patterson
Dayanara Lenielka Perez††
Myra T. Peters
Michelle Petrozza
Charles Cole Pflegl†††
Kacie Pierce†
Kaushik Pilar
Tabitha Pilecki
Almira Radmilovic†
Shaharazade Ramkumar
Rosemay Ramsay
Francis M. Razzano**
Maria Razzano
Macarena Real de Azua
Stacy L. Sperl
Evelyn Rivera
Madeline Rivera††
Yvette Roberson
Donny Rodriguez
Michael Aaron Rodriguez
Sharlee L. Rodriguez
Aaron Dean Rorick
Fagie Chana Rubinoff
Lisette Ruiz
Peter Ruotolo
Melissa Marie Rutter***
Linda Belice Schawalder Hassan
Jason Scibelli
Kevin Seche
Lauren Ann Seminerio
Justin Paul Shade
Nicholas Charles Sinatra†††
Baljinder Singh
Theresa Sodano
Emmanuel J. Sorrento
Joseph A. Spadavecchia**
Jennifer Sperling
Valerie Rachel Spiwak
Judi Steckler**
Barak Steika
Sandra Kay Beaton†
Chance Corbett Sullivan
Michael Anthony Sullivan Jr.
Suzanne Sully-Pniewski
Daniel Suttner
Jay Tarnacki
Brianna Tarolli†††
Joseph Tartaglia
Thelma Taylor
Laura A. Tesch
Bernadette Camille Walker
Magaly Del Carmen Torrez Hernandez
Alan Varlack††
Jasmine Vega
Louise N. Vella†††
Marc Vellake†††
Angele Welch
Bryan William Wiley
Patrick Woomer
Fallon-Grace Alessandra Wynkoop

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School of Human Services

Associate in Arts

Alicia Bostrom
Jennifer Marie Decker
Shaina Desapio
Sarah L. Dowdy
Christina Marie Doyle
Ephriam Osei Fosu
Eleni Wager Liff
Lisa Speranza
Benjamin Werfel

Associate in Science

Amanda Avis
Jillian Nadara Beam
Jennifer Lynn Blackmer
Abbigail Tanae Chambers
Danalynn Doyle
Sasha M. Garcia
Toni C. Guarno
Andrea Hodges
Michael D. Karpf
Robin Keister
Michael Kenific
Prisca D. Laplante
Kimberly Lee
Anthony Lopez
Cynthia Marie McCann
Antonietta Milito
Maria Molina
Jacqueline Cynthia Osuna
Melissa Papeo
Michaela Phillips
Steven Torbert
Maya Wilson

Bachelor of Arts

Sasha Avril
Dorenda E. Batts
Donna Marie Biuso
JTreme Boyd
Junisa Carr
Jill Chmielewski**
Sabrina Marie D'Amato
Richard C. Douglas*
Sandra Fanelli*
Ashley Lynn Gannon
Alexandra Rose Giuliano
Lambrina Gournelos
Shawna Graves
Sonia Hamdan
Glodean Tamara Holder
Caren Linea**
Loretta Lynn Mann
Kristen Marie McCormack*
Rachael McGraw
Lissette Mayuri McLean
Seamus Lockley Murphy
Derrick Earl Penn
Ashley Marissa Pusey
Antonia Marie Spadaccino
Amanda Christine Testa
Anna Marie Van Natten
Julie E. Wetzel
Autumn Learn White†††

Bachelor of Professional Studies

John Anthony Hillmann
Jude Y. Pierre

Bachelor of Science

Deanna Abbatiello††
Dawnmarie Acri
Shatrill Aki
Jessica Hope Alvarado
Ashley M. Barclay
Veness M. Clarke
Bonnie A. Bee
Louisa Katherine Benimoff
Heather Marie Beschler
Ajaleah Zayrah Bobowski*
Melissa Boni
Michael Robert Bornt††
Donnamarie J. Bracey
Melissa D. Burns
Chantalay Cain
Christina R. Camburn††
Josselyn Dhayana Carias Rodriguez††
Jennifer Marie Carley
Kisha Monique Carter†
Jessie Lynn Charles††
Randall J Cheeseborough
Jennifer Christensen††
Karrie Ann Christman
Jessica Collins
Sherry M. Connelly
Darrell Cox
Lisa M. Crandall††
Kathleen A. Cronin†††
Timothy Czelusniak-Serviss†††
Deborah Ann D'Addio***
Verna Denise Holt Darby
Janel Vanessa Davidson
Bianca Toni Dean
Lynda Ferguson**
Carmine Fiore
Adele Flores
Camille Forbes††
Carole Marie Costanza Forsmith**
Lorinda Kathleen Gallivan
Eva Gaskin
Shaciema Goldson
Michael J Goodrich
Allison Goulet†††
Kayla Marie Greene
Berlinda Gregoire†
Deborah Ann Grose††
Donna M Harris
Rebecca Ann Henkle
Rayniece Shaundell Hill
Jeanine Hoeper
Devon K. Hofmeister†††
Michele Holcomb
Ashley Fiona Hoppie
Jennifer L. Horst***
River Kai Howell***
Bridget S. Hyde
Amber Stephania Richardson-Iannotti
Maria Elena Iglesias
Tjesa Jacobs
Julie Ann Jensen*
Christopher Johnson
Myisha Johnson
Andre J. Jones
Koyoa Jones
Joshua Kapczynski††
Louis Kenny
Laure Lachaud†††
Andreya Lamb
Suzanne Michele Lane
Christina Latorre
Ryan Law
Heather Leddick***
Andrew Lenane
Joshua Lopez-Espinal†
Patrice Louis
Ashley Elle Lowe***
Paula L. Lucas
Brandi LaAnn Lyons
Mary F. Keith
Robert Joshua Majewski
Sonia Manas Casado
Kayla Rachel Mann
McKenzie Marie Marcellus
Samirah A. Mayfield
Ronan Mc Guigan
Michelle Margaret McCardle
Ronnie M. McCaughey**
Jacqueline Margarita McClary
Lasha McIntosh*
Mary McKinnon***
Thanya P. McKinnon***
Brianna Marie McNair**
Nicole L. Meeker
Johane Doris Michel
Tasha L. Molnar-Roof
Christopher Daniel Morganelli††
Jessica Morton
Lana Nastari**
Heather Ann Nichols
Stephen E. Nurse
Catherine Orlando
Shawana L. Peele
Rosalie Pelz†
Carline Penal
Richard Carl Perkins†††
Diana Smith-Polanco
Evonne Darlene Pomerantz*
Rachael Anne Pulinski
Maryann M. Rainey
Mary Raymond
Patrick Reilly
Shanele Rivera
Susan Robertson†
January Rodriguez*
Nicholas Stephen Russo†††
Stephan Patrick Saint
Jennifer Santiago
Emily Saumier
Tyle Thomas Scherpich†††
Lynette Elizabeth Schlicher
Alanis Sears
Mary Sims
Karen Susino
Aliece Tanzini††
Roslyn E. Truitt***
Danielle Vaccarella-Skarberg
Teare VanDenburgh
Anthony Vargas
Stephanie Velzy†††
Tyeasha Monique Walker
Dawn Williams
Delishia M. Yantin
Stacy Michelle Zamchick
Lauren Nichole Zibura

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School of Science, Mathematics, and Technology

Associate in Science

Habiba Diaa Abdelhalim
Vanessa Acosta
Alana Allen
Lauren Amaya
Allison Victoria Beattie
Kevin Ryu Beaulieu
Carmelisa Bennett
Daniella Bodoff
Nura Burks
Marielly Castillo
Stephen Chalone
Gina Como
Chaya Danzger
Bethann Colleen Deshaies**
Galen John Ferrara
Grace Friedman
Hannah Marie Hemingway
Amber Hurd
Lillian Lati
Johnathan Malinowski
Elihu Mazo
Nicolette Merlino
Oluwatoba Odueyingbo
Emily Catherine Parks
Kiley Perry
William Phillips
Natalie Katherine Pombrio
Samantha Lynn Reif
Dakia Riley-Dunn
Jeanne Roberts
Priscilla Schrodt
Rebecca Vatch
Epiphany Jean Washington
Michael Weissbach
Tiffany Young

Bachelor of Arts

Samantha Colombo

Bachelor of Professional Studies

Damilola O. Amuda

Bachelor of Science

Ellen L Ancowitz††
Amanda J. Arevalo
Michael Thomas Asencio
Roman Babushkin†††
Omar Baddad
Allison Victoria Beattie
Fatima Zohra Boudaa
Joshua Chase††
Anisah Noor Chauhdry**
Joseph Court
Carla Cunningham
Jeremiah Curtis-Shanley
Bethann Colleen Deshaies**
Hadar Elyovich†††
Naasik Ferdous††
Brittney Ferrari
Brandon Fillingham†††
Eva Gallimore
Jenny Garcia-Espinosa
Jake Giani
Gaitree Graham
Todd C. Haviland
Mandy Hunter
Andrew Hylton
Barnatus Isidore
Anum Jamil
Mahmudur Rahman Khan
Zoia Krasteva
Katherine Anne Leo
Batsheva Levin†††
Jamie Ann Melendez
Alexander Thomas Mevec
Erik Midtskogen***
Rebecca Mund†††
Anthony Oehler
Kevin Park
Natalie Katherine Pombrio
Steve Romero
Courtney Lynn Schlosser†
Joseph Stormont
Iqra Syed
Carisa Tirman
Celinez Valenzuela**
Diana Sheba Warner

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School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Associate in Arts

Denise Acosta
Laura Alfieri
Nathan Anderson
Mandy Lynn Barrett
Victoria Beddoe-Colella
Bernadine Ann Bolt
Susan Campbell
Amanda Catherine Clark
Ophelia Collins
Tyler Carron Corke
Melissa L. Diaz
Jonique Jamille Doll
Iesha Marie Gardner
Mary Gordon
Barbara Ann Greer
Mary Hasson
Carlos Ceferino Hernandez Sosa
Shurla Julien
Allison Keleman
Maria Kerr
Corinne Magliocco
Katlyne McIntyre
Jennifer Meagher
Stephanie Mitchell
Norrine Monferrato
Taylor Brooke Oconnor
Stacey Elizabeth Perrone
Kristina Noelle Pierce
Deborah L. Sadallah
Dillon Carter Secreti
Tonya A. Smith
Shyma Aboo Al Tareb
Sule Thompson
Manuel Paul Wade
Rose Gloria Williams

Associate in Science

Orasthina Abreu
Tasha Lyn Amey
Shelby Marie Briar
Amanda Lynn Burt
Jeanine Caruvana
Christina Catalfamo
Elijah Collins
Karen Connelly
Cheryl Fran Coogan
John James Culmine
Danielle Delorenzo
Genesis C Estrada
Faiyaz Habib
Shameika Joseph
Wayeedah Jasmeen Kelly
Danylo Kobyleckyj
Tori Lane
LaShea Lewis
Otto Rojhan Madsen
Derrick Maher
Alissa Rose Rivaloro
Thomas Ryan
Gina Salazar
Hoshi Salcedo
Patty Shorter
Shawna-Kay A Sitcheran
Morris Terry
Angela Tirone Tubiolo

Bachelor of Arts

Eid Alrabadi
Alise Anghel
John Arden
Angela Astuto
William Backman
Karley Rae Baker
Laura A Balbo†††
John Barclay-Morton***
Richard James Barisciano
Jasmine L Barreto
Amanda Lynn Beatty***
Heather M Benjamin
Danielle Benninger††
Shayna Berkovits†††
Patricia Lynn Birdsall
Emily Ann Brodie
Alexandre Efrain Burgos
Travis Burkholder†
Christina Cartaginese
Jamie Christensen***
Amanda Catherine Clark
Kristen Marie Coggio
Emily Cooper†††
Gianna E Costanza
Nicole Faye Cunningham**
Takima Chantel Darnell
Brittany Lee Dorney
Megan Elms
Jeanette Espinal
Rachel Essandoh
Dhaijanel Essue†
Candace Kay Fisher††
Stephanie Sullivan Foard
Katelyn Nicole Foss
Oliver Gertner
Marielena Olivia Gomez
Kathryn Haggerty
Beth Haley
June F Hanley
Jennifer Hickman***
Nicole Huasta†††
Doreen A. Ingenito*
Joy Jones
Alexander Gunnar Kack
Jacklyn Kashi-Kasendorf**
Rachel Keohane†
Haylie Beth Kinsler††
Maxwel Madison Kroll
Julia Natalie Langman
Shirley Lassiter
Emily Rose Arlo†††
Anna Lundgren†
Joseph Mangano††
Lisa Ann Marin
Rachel Nichol McFarland††
Emily Mead
Gloria A Mendez
Sarah Elizabeth Murdie***
Megan J. Murray
Ildiko Eva Nadler***
Kayla Nefedov
Alvin Northern
Brianna Jade Ohringer
Amy Ortiz
Anne-Marie Pagliaro Sabatini***
Marissa Palleja
Nicole Paolino
Paraskevi Parthenis
Kelvin Paulino
Sarah Lynn Peck††
Stephanie Peploski††
Megan Maureen Piechowicz
Taylor Pivarnik
Taylor Pivarnik
Mandell Pratt
Yitzchak Rayman†
Alphonse Vincent Renzi
Shirley Angela Rice**
Sarah Rosenbloom
David Walter Rupp II
Fletcher Sadler†††
Charity Saleem
Yocheved Deena Tannenbaum
Daisha Sen
Carissa Julia Serralta
Tara Sharpe
Victoria Elizabeth Shavers
Elaine Marie Shields††
Renee Elizabeth Simone†††
Charles V. Sorrese***
Marissa Nicole Spinosa
Nicole Ann Stowell
Robin O'Doherty Succar
Andrew Terrell Tate†††
Sarah Marie Thesier
Brienne Megan Thornton†††
Tywanda Kippins
Abbey Updike
Vanessa C. Vitadamo†
Vy Hoang Vu
India Ware-Caraballo
Courtney Sarah Wetherbee†
Luanne Whitbeck†††
Amanda L. White
Erica M. Whitten
Ianna Williams
Monaisha Williams
Shaquoya S. Johnson
Amy Wilson
Christine Jude Winus
Tara Young
Victoria Zaccari
Meagan Zareno***

Bachelor of Professional Studies

Robert M. Picciano*
Kevin Russell

Bachelor of Science

Lateef Wole Akeredolu
Victor Joseph Arena††
JoAnne Marie Beaudry
Rimon Bekhet
Danielle Biro
Donald Bode***
Autumn Brenner-Vigliante
Mary Riley Brown**
David K. Carey††
Amanda Marie Carter
Brian Clayman
Errol Clive Creary
Etai Davidson
Michael Marcus Delgado
Onielo Louis DeLuzio
Catherine S. DuShane***
Ruth Elie
Erin Diane Ewain-Cruikshank†††
Jeana Fanelli
Lillian Fernandez
Ronald Lael Sherman Freeman II‡
Dellon Garraway
Shannon Lyn Gayhart†††
Gabriela S. Gilmore
Richard Arthur Grimaldi*
Alyssa Hand
Cabrina Jo Hasty
Ivan Alejandro Hoyos
Samuel Kille
Karen M. Kleyle
Mary E. La Creta**
Christina Maria Lang-Nejelski
Brooke Alynn Levely
Steven A. Marrero
Matthew David Marshall*
Theodore R. Maxey
Adelle Miro
Hazel Miura
Stacey Noteboom
Samantha Pagan†
Christine Pandohie
Jazmine Idalise Paulino
Chrystal Perry
Samantha Peterson†
Jillian Marie Pew††
Tzvi Ira Reifer
David L. Reisfield†
Raeven Ricks††
Wyatt Kelley Roberts
Tyrell Rumble**
Giovanna Ryan*
Corine Sarkol
Anthony Phillip Scuderi
Fahad Shahid
Madinah Shuail††
Matthew Robert Smart
Danielle Ward
Isaac Wieboldt†††
Lauren Wogick
Jeremy C. Yost

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School of Nursing and Allied Health

Advanced Certificate

Emrylde Jayde Taylor
Melody Sardella

Bachelor of Science

Danna Lynn Carlton
Ojorumi Tunika Evans††
Donna Katherine Germuga††
Sabrina McNeal
Yocheved Peikes
Mariana Serrano
Sally Nassir Shannak†††
Katherine Torres†
Melissa Valenti
Jessica Welyczko*

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Elzbieta Adamek
LaKisha Alverest**
Dianne Alves**
Kathryn Aquino***
Joshua J. Bartholomew**
Brittany Barton†††
Nicole Bellmon**
Vilma Benavides-Naranjo†††
Frantasia Crystal Lee Benson†††
Roseline Saintilma
Chitra Vidya Bhagwandin*
Mary Margaret Bonneau
Glendaliz Brighton
Joanna Lynn Brock†
Mark Caccavale***
Christopher L. Campbell
Frederick W. Capobianco
Amy Lynn Chapman
Emily Beth Crimmins†††
Emily Hough Daby†††
Mikayla Kelley Darrah†††
Gloria Lanise Dickinson††
Diana Marie Failla†††
Gina Fiorini**
Alicia Galgano††
Valerie Anne Germanakos††
Shelby Giamei
Joannalee Campbell Gilbert***
Claudia Goren
Julia M. Gorman†††
Alexis Carmen Gorsuch†††
Kerren Paige Graf†††
Jennifer A. Guy
Robin Lynne Haas†††
Brianne Harman†††
Kerry S. O'Hare Harrison
Bridget Lorraine Haug†††
George Andrew Heitzmann††
Melissa Beth Hicks†††
Kristine Elisabeth Hilsmann
Jennifer Hovanec***
Adriana Maria Huggins
Cynthia Kelleher
Constance Kisicki†††
Travis John Larche†††
Melissa M. Lawler
Mary Lynch*
Christina Maria Marcano
Heather Victoria Martin†††
Melissa Martin***
Karissa R. Matis††
Jennifer McDonald
Kristyn McGoff
Ana Mendez
Cathy Midence*
Joanne B. Miller
Julie Ann Moore
Shaynee Brook Moore†††
Leigh Mucci
Melissa Murphy
Shannon Marie Noce
Lydia O'Connell†
Rochelle Marie Padak**
Gianna T. Papa
Natasha A. Parr**
Stacy Nicole Patterson**
Deborah A. Peart
Katherine Pepitone***
Shana Phelan**
Melissa Port
Colleen M. Priest***
Roseann Prisco
Megan Leigh Probst***
Susan Lucille Robertson
Bridget V. Rooney
Rachel Patricia Saccenti***
Roseline Saintilma
Jennifer Marie Salas†
Merry L. Sheets
Brittany Anne Sias***
Yen Vu Sidoti†††
Brittney Marie Slater†††
Melissa Sloan-Vogt†††
Tina Stone***
Jenna Marie Tompkins††
Kimberly Ann Traudt**
Shalyne Nafula Chwala**
Elizabeth Weaver***
Jennifer Bingyu Wen
Stacy A. Whitmore
Suzanne Lee Wischerath***
Carol A. Wyant

Master of Science

Lena Theresa Buckley
Debra L. Crane
Jennifer Marie Dennis
Kimberly Elizabeth DeRosa
Megan Gawrys
Brenda Anne Gazinski
Rebekah Thomson Gilbert
Lila V. Hageman-Sheehan
Christina McDonald Haggarty
Kaylee Mae Hartley
Natalie DeRario Hernandez
Michele S. Joseph
Emrylde Jayde Taylor
Sara Jane King
Darryl L. Lahon
Caitlin Elizabeth Lainis
Constance Lewis
Jane Magno
Mary Maher
Jacqueline Mailloux
Keyana McPherson
Mary S. Miller
Barbara M.J. Moore
Shelly Parker
Corinne Leigh Peloso
Tara Polilla
Cathy M. Robinson
Melody Sardella
Jennifer Schleier
Jamie R. Schuh
Danielle Ellen Synborski
Patricia Maureen Tichacek
Molly Anne Tratt
Rebecca Vergare
Michele Yvette Ward
Stephanie Marie Zimmerman


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School for Graduate Studies

Advanced Certificate

Kristina M. Adolph
Abdul Rabb Alamin
Anthony J. Aragona
Douglas Philip Bruno
LaToya Monique Caesar
Ivanda Canyon
Michael Castelluccio
Emily Chege
Cherry Tsz Ling Ching
Sean Crespo
Dhanmattie Dayaram
Theresa Dion
Lucas James Dodge
Ryan Evan Dragoon
David Michael Dreidel
Gregory Wayne Duggins
Morgan Earle
David V. Ecker
Allyson Marie Bellinger
Zuri Aracelis Fernandez
Carrie Jean Fishner
Kasie Foulk
Fruitasia Life-Essence Shabazz Gause
Giavanna Giamatti
Christopher Hall
Heather Marie Henry
Christina Jane Holland
Constance Lee Holland
Jessica Tiffany Hoyt
Melissa M. Jensen
Nicole Lynn Johnson
Omar Daine Lammie
Robert LaPoint
Karen LaTerra
Matthew Sean LaValle
Nicole Samantha Liebman
Evette Linendoll
Cinnamon Coco Ludlow
Tiffany Carmen Malabet
Kesi Jelani Marcus
Megan Elizabeth McCabe-Marcell
Jessica Merrill
Sheniyah Mitchell
Kevin Mooney
Spencer Douglas Morgan
Molly Katherine Muller
Sheryl Ann Mullins
Annmarie Nowak
Rasheda Oakman-Morrison
Fatima Marie Preston
Miralem Prijić
Rudolph A Princi Jr.
Seth Thomas Pulver
Nicasio Rios
Jamel Robinson
Raul Rodriguez
Lisa Romain
Valerie Rouse
Elisabeth Chalania Schnitzer
Kayla Snyder
Brittany Kathleen Taylor
Victoria Evelyn Travers
Darren Leland Truax
Nicholas Louis Turdo
Eileen R. Updyke
Erin Kelsey Vallely
Jackeline Marie Vazquez
Gina I. Velez
Alexis Vetro
Joseph Viola
Christopher Stephen Walczak
Samantha Rose Watson
Abby Grace Werth
LiReesa Kay Wheeler
Cheryl L. White
Marize Wilson

Master of Arts
Abdul Rabb Alamin
Chiara Alteri
Michelle Bodnar
Torri Lynne Brouhard
Ivanda Canyon
Ivanda Canyon
Emily Chege
John Michael Dann
Steffani Jude DiPierro
Gregory Wayne Duggins
Morgan Earle
Ericka Yvonne Condon Ericson
Kasie Foulk
Rose Loren Geer-Robbins
Sara Beth Heuser
Constance Lee Holland
John Edward Holmes
Liesl VonGruenigen Hull
Nicole Lynn Johnson
Anjeza Kondura
Omar Daine Lammie
Matthew Sean LaValle
Nicole Samantha Liebman
Elena Nicole Marrone
Mitchell Alan McCormick
Vanessa Petrossian-Pahucki
Michael L.S. Parks
LaTonya Parsons
Serge Petchenyi
Jeffrey M. Piestrak
Miralem Prijić
Rudolph A Princi Jr.
Jamel Robinson
Raul Rodriguez
Elisabeth Chalania Schnitzer
MollyBea Scott
Andrew Shaw
Kizzy Smallwood
Andrew James Smith
Janice Snipes
Kayla Snyder
Carlleen Delia Taylor
James Richard Tracy
Eileen R. Updyke
Erin Kelsey Vallely
Jackeline Marie Vazquez
Samantha Rose Watson
Marize Wilson

Master of Arts in Teaching

Michael Bordeau
Santiago Buigues
Jessica Elizabeth Dauer
Julie C. Miller
Shelby Nair
Melissa Rosenthal
Christopher Young
Andrew Joseph Zonin

Master of Business Administration

Anthony J. Aragona
Puran Bheamsain
Narcissis Brown
Douglas Philip Bruno
LaToya Monique Caesar
Samantha Calabrese
Charlye Calizare
Cherry Tsz Ling Ching
Rebecca L. Clarke
Dianna L. Connors
Sean Crespo
Lisa M. Darius
Willijah Dawson
Abbey Diabo
Jakari Diaz
Theresa Dion
Lucas James Dodge
Nicola Dowling
Ryan Evan Dragoon
Jessica Lynn Engram
Deneane Estrada
Zuri Aracelis Fernandez
Carley Elizabeth Foland Townsend
Fruitasia Life-Essence Shabazz Gause
Giavanna Giamatti
Dylan Gilbert
David Carl Goodwin
Christopher Hall
Heather Marie Henry
Danielle Hiller
Jessica Tiffany Hoyt
Melissa M. Jensen
Marcia Jones-Blake
Svitlana Kovtun
Karen LaTerra
Bradley Alexander Lewis
Darlene Angela Lewis
Evette Linendoll
Cinnamon Coco Ludlow
Kimberly S. Marigh
Michael Marner
Maryann Joseph Mathai
Kevin William McCully
Kylie McKenna
Sheniyah Mitchell
Kevin Mooney
Sheryl Ann Mullins
Maureen Elizabeth Nolan
Gustavo N. Pacheco
Marshea Perez
Alessandra Piquero
Elena Adela Pop
Seth Thomas Pulver
John G. Reilly
Jawana Carter-Richardson
Rafael A. Roger
Lisa Romain
Valerie Rouse
Gina Russell
Daniella Rutner
Lynnell Susan Schreiber
Veronica Sellers
Satonya Serrano
Marcus D. Shepherd
Fatat Sleiman
Racquel V Smith
Petrona Solorzano
Brittany Kathleen Taylor
Donna H Trainor
Audrey Unson
Gina I. Velez
Joseph Viola
Christopher Stephen Walczak
Edward T. Waldron
Ladd Andrew Warwick
LiReesa Kay Wheeler
Master of Education
Rebecca Anne Camacho
Janelle Allison Campbell
Jaimie Lynn Carl
Vernelle Cetoute
Richelle I. Cyrek-Walters
Christina DiFinizio
Kyle Rebecca Dunlap
Miranda Eberhard
Keneisha Ennis
Laurajean Flynn
John Garcia
Alisyn Guttilla
Bridget Humphrey
Kevin Michael Kilb
Erica Rene Kramell
Treavor LeBlanc
Taylor Rose Liberatore
Elizabeth Mayforth
John Thomas Mulcahy
Aline Musel
Athneale E. Rodney
Jonah Romanitch
Gloria Santander
Kara Smith
LaDonna N. Smith
Brady Talbot
Holly M. Tauber
Alexander Tiberia
Heather Lynn Vincent
Thaddeus Wronka
Emily Nicole Yeager
Angela Dawn Yordy Slechta

Master of Science

Wilson Cely
Inger M. Christensen Dorney
Dhanmattie Dayaram
Taryn Danielle DeRubertis
Kevin Lawrence Gelb
Kemar G. Gooden
David F. Juda
David Kene
Jeremy W. LaForest
Robert LaPoint
Kyle Ramage

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