Becoming an iPLA Evaluator

Who Are Our Evaluators?

Evaluators for iPLA are either SUNY Empire faculty or external experts in their fields, who are hired as independent contractors on an “as needed” basis.

External evaluators have equivalent qualifications to the SUNY Empire adjunct faculty.

Once hired, evaluators become part of a collegewide database of available evaluators, which includes their specializations.

See the iPLA participants webpage to learn more about the evaluator's role.

Essential Paperwork

Potential evaluators must provide a current resume and documentation of an earned Master’s degree (or equivalent credentials from their field).

These documents, as well as Human Resource forms, are submitted to your local center’s assessment specialist.


Compensation for PLA evaluations is based on the number of credits and/or components requested by the student.

Contact your assessment specialist with any questions regarding compensation.

Feedback About Your Work

The assessment specialist is your contact with the center.

The center assessment specialist reads your evaluation report and gives you feedback about your work.

Accepting an Assignment and Continuing Assignments

Information about accepting an assignment and continuing assignments is available on the Using PLA Planner webpage.


Feel free to contact your assessment specialist with any questions you may have.