Gathering Information About Student Learning

Your primary role is to determine if the student’s learning is college-level. Your first task is to gather information about the student's learning. The learning description, supporting materials and degree plan will give you initial information about the student’s learning. You will use the interview to probe deeper and get a sense of the depth and breadth of the student’s knowledge.

Gathering information about student learning involves:

  • Reviewing the student’s learning description and supporting materialsThe student provides a learning description to introduce her/his learning and may provide additional supporting materials to augment your understanding of that learning. You may request additional supporting materials at any time during the evaluation.
  • Reviewing the student’s degree program planEvaluating the student's learning is done within the context of the student's degree program plan. You need to review the student’s degree plan to ensure that the learning that you are evaluating is not redundant with other learning identified on the degree plan.
  • Interviewing the student: Engage the student in a dialogue about the learning, how it was acquired, and ways in which she or he has used the learning.

You are an expert in your field and we depend on your skills to identify the college-level learning that the student has acquired in your discipline. Keep the college’s principles on the nature of college level learning in mind as you gather information on the student’s learning.