Unique offerings for artists and students in the New York City area

The Arts NYC program at SUNY Empire State College is a collaborative series of classes designed to connect students with unique resources only available in New York City. Artists can take advantage of specialized training, field study, and partnerships with arts organizations in the Metropolitan area and apply credits toward their bachelor’s degree.

With the help of a faculty mentor, students can design a curriculum that aligns with their personal interests and academic goals, while taking advantage of the rich, cultural, and artistic community synonymous with New York City.

Currently, we offer four NYC Arts coursework options to support student degree plans in specific concentrations:


“More than just a degree, SUNY Empire State College helped me convert my life and professional experience into a career with academic possibilities.” — Paula Heredia ’05, Emmy-Award-winning filmmaker

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Performing Arts

"Through the patient and attentive guidance of its remarkable educators, the college allowed me to reinvent myself. After 25 years in theater, I am now an artist/scholar pursuing my doctorate in Shakespeare studies.” — Simon Fortin ’03, Chancellor’s Fellow, English department\CUNY Graduate Center

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“This is one of the most important photography workshops in the Metropolitan area. It brings together a diversity of accomplished and interesting working photographers and scholars to create programs that offer an extraordinary educational resource and opportunity for students.” — Professor Bob Rogers, director, photography program, Queensborough Community College

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Visual Arts

“The professors and my mentor were instrumental in the pursuit of my artistic craft and scholarly work. This collaborative engagement of experienced professionals promotes an exciting and motivating environment that resulted in endless possibilities — academically and creatively.” – Dennis Lee ’11, assistant adjunct professor, Fashion Institute of Technology

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