Faculty Checklist for Teaching Online

Offering a course online requires preterm planning and engagement throughout the term. The checklist below is intended for faculty members teaching in a virtual environment at SUNY Empire.

(login; SUNY Empire faculty and staff only)

Preterm Planning

At the start of student registration period, faculty members begin to plan for the courses they will teach.

Access Course Director to Order Course Materials.

Contact bookstore@esc.edu for assistance.

Associate Department Chairs are responsible for ordering materials for adjunct taught undergraduate sections.

Check all learning contracts to confirm accuracy.

After confirming, publish the learning contract.

Update Learning Contracts

Associate Department Chairs will confirm and publish all learning contracts for adjunct taught undergraduate sections.

Confirm that you have the correct course materials.

Confirm Materials are listed correctly on the bookstore site.

SUNY Empire Bookstore

Associate Department Chairs select the materials for adjunct taught undergraduate sections.

If you would like to teach a course master, do nothing. The course will automatically be added to your Moodle course list approximately 3 weeks before the term opens. (This is the only option for adjunct faculty.)

If you are a faculty member with your own course master, this will be your assigned course shell. If you would prefer to teach from a different source, request a course shell modification on our internal site linked below. 

Empire Online

Course Setup

SUNY Empire online courses open to students one week before the official start of the term. This is referred to as Preview Week. Courses must be set up before Preview Week. 

SUNY Empire Online Courses use Brightspace as our primary learning management system.

Access your Online Courses in Brightspace

Adjunct Permissions in Brightspace (PDF 60kB)

Each term follow the steps outlined below to prepare your online course for your students:

Confirm Course Readiness

Welcome your Students

Engagement through the Term

SUNY Empire Online instructors are expected to be engaging, supporting and assessing students throughout the term.

Finalize the Semester

Follow the steps in the link below to meet end-of-term expectations.

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