Graduate Liberal Arts and Science Programs

The School for Graduate Studies offers several degree programs within the liberal arts and science area. The policy programs (M.A. in community and economic development, M.A. in social and public policy, and M.A. in work and labor policy), the M.A. in liberal studies, the M.S. in applied analytics, the M.A. in public history, the M.S. in information technology and the MPA in Public Administration. Prospective students should submit an application during our Application Review period.

Master of Arts Community and Economic Development (online) 

The M.A. in Community and Economic Development integrates the development of social capital and community capacity with the economic development of the community. The program incorporates the public policy process, theoretical development concepts, as well as approaches that real communities use to produce positive economic outcomes and improvement in the quality of life.

Master of Arts in Social and Public Policy (online)

The M.A. in Social Policy is designed for practitioners, managers and administrators in public and private, for-profit and nonprofit organizations who want to learn more about how to make either governmental or organizational policies more effective.


  • Public Administration
  • General track

Master of Arts in Work and Labor Policy (online) 

The M. A. in Work and Labor Policy focuses on current problems and policies caused by changes in the global economy, technology, the work force and the workplace. It is designed for unionists, human resource professionals, arbitrators, educators, activists, lawyers and individuals involved in government or private industry.


  • Workforce Development
  • Work and Labor Policy
  • General track

Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (online with virtual residencies)

The Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) provides the freedom to design a highly individualized, interdisciplinary program in a focused area of interest. Students can pursue an intellectual or creative interest and develop theoretical understandings by approaching that interest from a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives. The disciplines must be drawn primarily from liberal arts (e.g. the humanities, social sciences, and/or natural sciences).

Master of Arts in Public History (online)

The Master of Arts in Public History (MAPH) is designed to serve the needs of historical consultants, museum professionals, government historians, archivists, oral historians, cultural resource managers, curators, film and media producers, historical interpreters, historic preservationists, policy advisers, local historians, community activists, and teachers of both history and social studies. Students in the program will have the opportunity to learn to use and organize archives, to conceive and erect museum exhibitions, to use historical artifacts and texts as teaching tools within historical organizations, to conduct oral histories and thus co-create historical documents, and to work with various community and historical groups.

Master of Science in Applied Analytics (online) 

The Master of Science in Applied Analytics provides students with strategic approaches to decision making within public and private institutions. These strategic approaches will be used to develop frameworks for solving analytical problems, decisions on data collection, what information systems can be effectively used to collect the data, and what analyses should be performed in order inform institutional decision making. Six core courses will enhance students’ mathematical and technology skills and the core curriculum is supplemented by four concentration courses in decision making and management, in which students will apply the skills learned in the core courses to their industry of choice, such as healthcare, marketing, business, or education.

Master of Science in Information Technology  (online)

The Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT) degree is designed for IT professionals in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields who wish to advance their careers and broaden their opportunities in information technology industries. The program provides an in-depth understanding of information technology and cyber security as well as social, legal, and managerial issues in the field.

Concentrations in:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Web Technology

Master of Public Administration in Public Administration (online)

 New in Fall 2023

The MPA in Public Administration is designed for civil servants and others who aspire to career advancement in public service or the not-for-profit service sector. Providing students with advanced skill sets that are necessary for supervisory and managerial positions, the MPA will introduce students to the historical development of the field, as well as to recent trends in Public Administration.