Eskişehir, Türkiye Program

Our partner institution in Türkiye is Anadolu University (AU). This partnership is one of many that State University of New York campuses have with public and private universities in Türkiye. Anadolu is a public institution which consists of a campus-based program, serving approximately 22,000 students, and a distance learning program, having well over one million students. 

The Empire State University program in Türkiye serves students who attend the campus-based program and is a dual-degree program. Students complete approximately three years of study toward their bachelor’s degree with AU and one year of full-time study with SUNY Empire State University. The credit earned at both institutions is mutually recognized, and each issues its own diploma for the degree. The Anadolu courses are classroom-based, while the SUNY Empire courses combine face-to-face residencies with online learning. 

The diploma earned from Empire State University is a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. 

For more information, please contact Academic Program Coordinator, Zulal Balpinar at or contact the Center for International Education at

Anadolu University has its main campus in Eskişehir, a city located in a highly populated industrial region that includes high-tech manufacturing. The city is beautiful with stunning parks and its famous river walk which rivals San Antonio’s.

A bullet train connects Eskişehir to Ankara. Soon there will be a connection to Istanbul, one of the great cities of the world and approximately 200 miles to the north. There is also an excellent bus service.

The Anadolu campus is large and nicely landscaped. The university has high-tech classrooms, an excellent library, hotel facilities for visitors and its own airport with connections to Istanbul, a thirty-minute flight.

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