About Empire State University Information Technology Services

Empire State University Information Technology Services (ITS) provides technology infrastructure and systems, administrative and academic computing applications, and technical support services to the university’s students, faculty, and staff. Organizationally, the division is composed of four groups: Enterprise Architecture and Applications (EAA), Enterprise Systems and Infrastructure (ESI), Project Management (PM), and User Technical Support (UTS). These four groups compose a service organization that reports to the chief information officer.

Enterprise Architecture and Applications

The ITS Enterprise Architecture and Applications Group selects, supports, integrates, and maintains enterprise and departmental level software applications through all phases of the system development life-cycle process. Working to advance the technology value proposition of data to information to knowledge, this group is responsible for the university's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and ancillary transactional systems. The Enterprise Applications Group is responsible for the implementation of the university's digital ecosystem, integrity of the university's Information Systems Architecture (ISA), and system integration. Moreover, the group serves to improve the efficiency of university-wide academic and administrative business processes through re-engineering and automation of workflows.

Enterprise Systems and Infrastructure

The ITS Enterprise Systems and Infrastructure Group designs, constructs, and maintains the physical components of the university's wireline and wireless networks, data center, telecommunications, and hybrid cloud computing infrastructure. Working to achieve a reliable, available, sustainable, scalable, and secure hosting and computing environments, this group also is tasked with networked systems security and administration. Additionally, the group works to improve the use of business intelligence platforms and tools to enhance decision support and data-driven decisions.

Project Management

The Project Management Group provides project intake and life-cycle management of university technology-related projects. This group works with university stakeholders to conduct project planning, build requirements, design solutions, guide development, ensure testing, and management implementations of strategic projects. The Project Management Group works across and in concert with enterprise systems and infrastructure, enterprise applications, user technical support, and educational and emerging technologies to accomplish project goals.

User Technical Support

The User Technical Support Group serves as a single point of contact for technology support needs for students, faculty, and staff. The group works with stakeholders university-wide to achieve optimal computing experiences, resolve technical issues, and complete technology service requests. Moreover, this group provides client services to university stakeholders that strive to consistently improve technical support and the end-user computing experience. Technology purchasing and logistics reside as a function of this group, as well as coordination with university asset and inventory management. Additionally, this group coordinates and provides training opportunities for students, faculty, and staff as required to support the release of new and existing applications and systems.