Introducing LinkedIn Learning

Empire State University faculty, staff, and students have free unlimited access to LinkedIn Learning’s online educational platform which features of 16,000 courses and content available in 7 languages.  

LinkedIn Learning training resources help users to discover and develop business, technology, and creative skills with on-demand online courses taught by recognized experts in leadership, project management, graphic design, software development, and much more. 


Getting Started

To get started, visit the SUNY Empire LinkedIn Learning portal. You will then be re-routed to SUNY Empire Single Sign On, where you will use your SUNY Empire email account to gain access to LinkedIn Learning.  

When accessing LinkedIn Learning for the first time, you will be prompted to log in or create a LinkedIn profile which will be paired with your LinkedIn Learning account. This is optional and you can access LinkedIn Learning with or without linking it to your LinkedIn profile. Connecting your LinkedIn profile with your LinkedIn Learning account allows you to share your learning with your LinkedIn network. If you link your LinkedIn profile to your LinkedIn Learning account, you may be prompted to login in with your LinkedIn profile login rather than your SUNY Empire single sign-on. 



LinkedIn Learning Pathways

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Employee Training

SUNY Empire employees will take LinkedIn Learning courses on our one-stop-shop for internal employee training: the Employee Learning Hub.

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The upcoming SUNY integration of LinkedIn Learning in Brightspace will allow SUNY Empire faculty and students to access LinkedIn Learning resources within our online courses. Stayed tuned for details on this exciting integration!

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Professional Development 

All current SUNY Empire students, faculty, and staff can login to the LinkedIn Learning platform to pursue their own individualized professional development goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Here is a list of frequently asked questions to help you navigate LinkedIn Learning.  

LinkedIn Learning is available at no cost to all active faculty, staff, and students at Empire State University. 

Alumni, affiliates, and former employees are not permitted access under the current Empire State University contract. If you would like to personally purchase access, please visit for more information. 

Sign-in with your SUNY Empire Single Sign-On on the SUNY Empire LinkedIn Learning portal 

  • If you’ve already logged into the SUNY Empire LinkedIn Learning portal you will be taken to your LinkedIn Learning homepage.  

Sign-in with your SUNY Empire Single Sign-On on the SUNY Empire LinkedIn Learning portal. If you’ve already logged into your LinkedIn Learning account within the browser, you will skip the single sign-on step.  

At the LinkedIn login page, sign-in with your LinkedIn profile email and password. 


LinkedIn Learning is a subscription based educational platform that includes video-based learning available 24/7 to help users develop business, technology, and creative skills. Empire State University purchased a LinkedIn Learning license for all active faculty, staff, and students at SUNY Empire. 


LinkedIn is a free social network for professional networking and career development. A LinkedIn profile is a space to display a resume or work experience, connect and strengthen professional relationships, and search for jobs. 


No, creating and/or linking your personal LinkedIn profile is optional. 


Connecting or creating a LinkedIn profile provides you with a more personalized learning experience because LinkedIn Learning uses your public employment information to recommend courses based on what other professionals like you are watching. Only information you set as public in your LinkedIn profile is tracked by LinkedIn Learning. LinkedIn members have the ability to control what others can view from their profile, via the Settings & Privacy page. 

Connecting a LinkedIn profile to your LinkedIn Learning account gives you the option to display certificates of completion for LinkedIn Learning courses on your LinkedIn profile. 

What information will be shared with my employer if I connect my personal LinkedIn profile account to my LinkedIn Learning account? 

Learning activity such as courses viewed or completed, profile information you’ve set as public like your name, work title and profile photo, and any courses from a personal account that you’ve transferred to your LinkedIn Learning account are tracked by the employer LinkedIn Learning account.  Your employer will not have access to your connections, private messages or email account, any job search activity such as job posts you’ve viewed and any learning courses you’ve viewed in your personal account. See LinkedIn Learning privacy information for more details.  

If you’re a LinkedIn Learning member through Empire State University, connecting your LinkedIn profile to LinkedIn Learning is not required. To disconnect your LinkedIn Learning account from your LinkedIn profile:  

  1. Log in to LinkedIn Learning. 
  2. Click your photo in the top right corner, and select Settings from the “Me” drop-down menu that appears. 
  3. Below Disconnect your LinkedIn account from your LinkedIn Learning account provided by your organization, click Disconnect my account. 
  4. Click Disconnect. 
  5. You’ll automatically be prompted to the login screen to either reactivate a license or access another license and receive an activation email. These automatic prompts related to license activation are not relevant to your SUNY Empire account since that LinkedIn Learning license is controlled by SUNY Empire  list of active employees and students. 
  6.  Use the SUNY Empire LinkedIn Learning portal to log back into your LinkedIn Learning account. You will notice that your LinkedIn profile picture no longer appears above the “Me” section. 


You can add your certificates of completion to the certificate section of your LinkedIn profile to showcase your acquired skills if you have your LinkedIn profile connected to the LinkedIn Learning account. When you complete a course or learning path on LinkedIn Learning, you'll be prompted to add the certificate for the course or the learning path and new skills to your LinkedIn profile. You always have the choice to decline posting your learning activities or certificates on your LinkedIn profile. See LinkedIn Learning Help to learn more about how to add your certificates to your LinkedIn profile.


If you do not have your LinkedIn profile connected to your LinkedIn Learning account, you can download the certificate from a completed LinkedIn Learning course and then add it as a Profile button 

LinkedIn is continuously working to improve the LinkedIn experience by adding new features and making changes to better serve all members. Their Disability Answer Desk is available to help you use your assistive technology with their products and ensure that everyone is enabled to use LinkedIn to advance their professional goals.  

Two accessibility features of LinkedIn Learning include the availability of video transcripts for the majority of LinkedIn Learning courses and adjustable font size on the LinkedIn Learning App. 

There are three content categories: 

  • Business: data analysis, business strategy data visualization, business intelligence, operations management, spreadsheets, career management, personal branding, customer service skills, contact centers, service metrics, corporate finance, cryptocurrency, accounting skills, personal finance, talent management, HR strategy, diversity and inclusion, leadership and management skills, teams and collaboration, meta certifications, self-care, project management skills, sales skills, advertising and promotion, and more! 
  • Technology: cloud computing, artificial intelligence, e-learning software, educational technology, instructional design, database development, DevOps Tools, client operating systems, help desk skills, operating system distribution, software support, cross-platform development, iOS development, mobile game development, network administration, server administration, network security, programming languages, front-end and back-end web development, software including Azure, Wordpress, Power BI, Microsoft 365 and more! 
  • Creative: online graphic design training, online AEC training, CAD, web design, user experience, 3D and animation, art and illustration, motion graphics and VFX, photography, video editing, UX design, user interface prototyping, architectural visualization, and more! 

Contact the SUNY Empire IT Service Desk for help at or by phone at 888-435-7009 for help with: 

  • Logging into the SUNY Empire LinkedIn Learning portal  
  • Completing required LinkedIn Learning trainings on the SUNY Empire Employee Learning Hub  

To find answers to any other issues with LinkedIn Learning: 

  • Use the LinkedIn Learning Help Center. They frequently update answers related to new features, updates, FAQs and troubleshooting tips in the help center.  
  • Contact the LinkedIn Learning Support Team. Their customer support teams help learners with any issues that they aren’t able to resolve using the help center.