Submission of Sponsored Programs Proposals Policy

Submission of Sponsored Programs Proposals Policy


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As the college seeks to expand its opportunities and grow its programs and research endeavors, more people are submitting grant proposals.  Some have done so independently unaware of the requirements within the college that must be met to protect itself and the applicant fiscally and legally. This policy requires review by the Office of Sponsored Programs, prior to submission, all grant proposals.  The Office typically, as a support to faculty and staff, will submit the proposal as well.


To legally, programmatically and fiscally protect the college and those individuals receiving the funding, it is required that proposals for sponsored programs be centrally vetted and approved prior to submission.


Sponsored programs refer to those grants for projects within the college that are at least partially funded by external sources (including government, foundations, and/or corporations).  Where the college, the Empire State College Foundation or the Research Foundation of SUNY is the legal awardee, a deliverable such as a product or report is required by the sponsor and use of college resources are necessary, such projects are sponsored programs.  Sponsored programs do not include gifts.


Proposals for sponsored programs must be reviewed by the Office of Sponsored Programs.  The Office is responsible for ensuring that: prior to submission, proposals meet all sponsor, college and possibly Research Foundation requirements; that the use of any college resources for the program is approved; any regulatory issue such as human subjects is addressed; and all college administrative approvals are obtained.

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