Ecology and Earth Systems Field Research (EESFR) Residency

woman in the water with a skimmer

The summer 2023 Ecology Residency is no longer begin offered. If you need the course for graduation, please contact your primary mentor.

Covid-19 Information: For the most up-to-date information, please visit the University's Covid-19 page

  • Learn hands-on environmental sciences research techniques in the field.
  • Meet faculty with dedicated experience in ecology and earth sciences.
  • Explore terrestrial, forest and aquatic systems typical of New York state.

The EESFR Residency is a unique opportunity for students to work closely with experienced faculty to develop field and laboratory research and analysis skills that are invaluable in the environmental and earth systems sciences.

During their time at Muller Field Station, students will gain hands-on experience and become familiar with laboratory equipment and apply this technology to field work and data collection. The residency is of particular interest to students studying ecology, earth science and geology.