March 2, 2021


by Amy Mirabelli, Student Success and Development Coordinator

I know it’s difficult to believe, but yes, we are fast approaching midterms. And not all midterms are exams. Sometimes a course may have a midterm project, essay, or presentation. Be sure to review your learning contract and course schedule to avoid surprises. Organize your course materials at least one to two week(s) before the exam/assignment due date. If you have a question, reach out to your professor sooner rather than later. Getting clarification can help you successfully complete the assignment or better process information while studying for the exam.

Other times, a midterm grade may be based on your first few graded assignments or course activities. A midterm grade is not a final grade. A midterm grade is a snapshot of where you currently stand and provides insight into what you need to do the remaining weeks of the term. 

Many times, midterms are associated with being stressed out, but this does not have to be the case. Take the glass-is-half-full approach and ask yourself:

  • How am I doing in my courses? (If you’re not sure, reach out to your professor.)
  • What study strategies are working well for me?
  • What could work better?
  • Is there an area that I need to improve upon?

If you like what you see and if your study strategies are working well for you, keep going. You’re halfway there…only eight more weeks to go. Persistence is key! For support and encouragement, feel free to reach out to Student Success and Development. If you are hoping to do really well on a future exam or paper, connect with Academic Support to reinforce what you are learning in class or to discuss that paper you are writing.

If you get a grade and don’t like what you see, push forward. You have eight more weeks to bring your grade from where it is to where you would like it to be. Again, persistence is key. Connect with Academic Support and find a tutor or register for an online Academic Support workshop that can help you to learn a variety of strategies for success. Be sure to check out available writing resources, and connect with the SUNY Empire State College Library for additional support. All of these resources and support services are free and available to you. Take advantage of them during the second half of this Spring 2021 term!

Like Punxsutawney Phil who saw his shadow and predicted six more weeks of winter, you can use midterms to assess where you are and what you need to do the remainder of the Spring 2021 term. Feel free to reach out to Student Success and Development with questions about who to contact for help, academic issues you are having, or to talk with someone about learning contracts, course concerns, or help connecting with a mentor or instructor. We are happy to help.



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