• Special Condition/Professional Judgment: Have you recently become unemployed? Is your income from last year unrepresentative of your current financial situation? Find out about financial circumstances that allow the Office of Financial Aid to reconsider your eligibility. Link to a special condition form. Complete the form online and submit it electronically to the Office of Financial Aid.
  • Dependency Review: Link to information and print an application for review of your federal dependency status. 
  • Parent FAFSA Refusal: A dependent student whose parent(s) has ended financial support and refuse to file the FAFSA may be eligible to receive Unsubsidized Stafford Loans to assist in funding their education.  
  • Mitigating Circumstance: Occasionally, students do not meet the good academic standards for reasons beyond their control, such as serious family problems or extended illness.
  • Unusual Enrollment History Appeal: If review of your unusual enrollment history, as determined by the federal processor, has resulted in your ineligibility for federal financial aid, you may review the policy and follow the procedure for appeal.