Comprehensive Transcript Policy for Undergraduates

Comprehensive Transcript Policy for Undergraduates


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Implementation History:

Sept. 1, 2015, approved by CUSP, April 30, 2014


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Background Information:

This policy implements the decision by the president in May 2014, upon advice from the college senate and CUSP.  


The proposed policy creates a separate and appropriately named policy on transcripts that subsumes information currently embedded in the undergraduate grading policy. The proposed policy puts the university into compliance with Section 52.2(e)(6) of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education, which states, "The institution shall maintain for each student a permanent, complete, accurate and up-to-date transcript of student achievement at the institution. This document will be the official, cumulative record of the student's cumulative achievement." The university had been granted an exemption to this regulation but the exemption has been revoked. As a result, we can no longer present transcripts that record only successfully-completed study. The transcript must document all study attempted, regardless of grade/outcome.

The policy also recognizes new demands and opportunities in the areas of prior learning assessment and competency-based degree programs in which students meet degree requirements through the direct assessment of competencies. The proposed policy enables the university to provide a transcript of individualized prior learning assessments prior to degree program concurrence; since the introduction of the iPLA fee, students have asked for a transcript at the time that they undergo the assessment. It also supports the university's efforts to become more recognized as a leader in prior learning assessment through such activities as SUNY REAL. The proposal also specifies that the university provides a transcript of credit assessed and awarded by sources external to Empire State University only in the context of an approved degree program.



Empire State University maintains for each student, matriculated or non-matriculated, a permanent, complete, accurate and up-to-date transcript of student achievement at the institution. The transcript includes grades/outcomes for all Empire State University learning contracts and courses for which the student enrolled. It also records all learning evaluated and granted credit through individualized prior learning assessment, direct competency assessment, and professional learning evaluations for matriculated and non-matriculated students.

Any learning transferred in and evaluated by sources outside the university will be recorded in a university transcript only as part of an officially concurred/approved degree programs.

All credits to be applied to an undergraduate degree program must follow applicable degree planning and approval policies and procedures.

An undergraduate transcript will include the following, if completed:

  1. Empire State University summary of all studies in which the student enrolls, including learning contracts and courses, which are listed with the title, grade, credits awarded, and level of study.  The summary sheet includes the GPA and specifies the studies on which it is based.
  2. Empire State University summary of successfully completed, assessed, and approved credits from individualized prior learning assessment and professional learning evaluations.
  3. Empire State University summary of competency assessments in competency-based programs.
  4. Concurred degree program listing all transfer credit, credit based on prior learning assessment and Empire State University credits approved for the degree.  The concurred degree will provide the source, title and credit amount for each component included in the degree.

Applicable Legislation and Regulations

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