Graduate Time Limit for Program Completion Policy

Graduate Time Limit for Program Completion Policy


School for Graduate Studies and School of Nursing and Allied Health


Director of Graduate Student Services


Graduate Studies



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Implementation History:

Approved July 2011, Revised and Senate approve June 2022


Graduate, Time, Limit, Completion, Degree, Certificate, Waiver

Background Information:


To specify the time period for the completion of a graduate program and how to request a waiver.


Graduate Program: An advanced certificate, master’s degree, certificate of advanced study or doctoral degree. 


A graduate program must be completed within six years of initial enrollment. If a student exceeds the six-year time limit, they may be permitted to continue if a waiver is granted.

A waiver of the six-year rule is granted by the dean or designee of the appropriate school. The student needs to make this request in writing and in consultation with their academic advisor and the head of the student’s program. While waivers are rare, the dean or designee will consider the request based upon factors such as special hardship, excellence of work and closeness to completion.

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