Computer Use Statement Policy – Faculty and Staff

Computer Use Statement Policy – Faculty and Staff


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Chief Information Officer and Vice President for Information Technology Services


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Approved: 4/1/1995, Revised 3/1/2003, Corrected: 4/1/2003


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  1. Members of the Empire State College community are accorded the privilege of using computers and networks administered by the college solely for academic or college purposes. College purposes are broadly defined to include activities which promote collegiality and a sense of community. With this access comes a number of responsibilities which are described below.  The routine use of two procedures assists in this.
    1. changing your password regularly
    2. using file protection measures.
  2. Any unauthorized use of the college's computer networks will lead to the termination of the authorized user’s account. Unauthorized use includes but is not limited to:
    1. using the computer systems for personal profit
    2. using the computer systems for other than academic or college purposes
    3. attempting to interfere with the performance of the systems
    4. damaging any ESC computer hardware or software
    5. attempting to access computer files belonging to another user without permission.
    6. Interfering with the legitimate work of another user
    7. allowing someone else to use your account
    8. copying, without authorization, software that is protected by copyright, patent or trade secret law
    9. abusing specific computer resources, such as the Internet
    10. attempting to circumvent system security
    11. releasing or otherwise providing access to confidential/nonpublic information to others.
  3. Authorized users should conserve system resources. All activity on the system uses a portion of network and computer resources and should not be wasted. Use disk storage space efficiently by deleting files no longer needed and by purging old versions.
  4. The college reserves the right to monitor or restrict computing activity on its system. The college is not responsible for loss of data or service interference resulting from efforts to maintain the college's computing facilities.
  5. The college provides employees with materials and equipment in order to execute academic or college purposes. Employees are required to return all college materials and equipment in their possession upon termination of employment with the college.

Empire State College promotes the use of its computing facilities and seeks to improve the computer literacy of its students, faculty and staff. Every user is expected to adhere to the guidelines above to further these goals.



The college’s computer resources provide authorized employees with access to protected information about both students and employees, as well as other nonpublic/confidential information. The responsibility for protecting the confidentiality of that data rests with individual users of college systems. Receiving an account is a privilege extended only to the person assigned the account. Under no circumstances should anyone else be allowed to use the account. Employees must take all reasonable precautions to prevent unauthorized use of their account.

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