Faculty Chair Description and Operational Guidelines

Faculty Chair Description and Operational Guidelines


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Faculty chair, faculty chair appointment

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Faculty chair: experienced full-time faculty member who has demonstrated the potential for academic leadership and organizational effectiveness

Faculty chair appointment: the appointment is for a two-year term


The faculty chair provides leadership for the following, under the general direction of, and in collaboration with, the center dean and associate dean, and in consultation with center faculty:

  • academic program quality: promotes student learning and academic success through the quality of academic documents, programs and processes
  • faculty development: assists with orientation of new faculty, provides guidance and developmental support for individual faculty, provides leadership for faculty development programs, collaborates with the associate dean on Center for Teaching and Mentoring initiatives, other teaching and learning projects and supporting the intellectual and cultural life of the center
  • center governance processes: co-chairs center meetings with the center dean; sets the agenda for those meetings in cooperation with the center dean, associate dean and others; provides leadership and refers tasks and projects to center committees as established locally; identifies linkages among university and center governance issues and fosters connections among center governance representatives
  • advocacy for faculty concerns and participation in center planning.

The faculty chair is responsible for tasks as agreed upon by the center dean and faculty chair, as well as for maintaining contact with other faculty chairs and participating in university-wide meetings, as appropriate.

The faculty chair is appointed by the dean, following nomination by the center faculty and after consultation with the provost/VPAA.

The faculty chair receives a .33 reduction in mentoring and teaching responsibilities and an annual stipend of $4,000.

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